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We have moved from Dec 2019. Asia Physio is the first and premiere choice of physiotherapy, massage and sports injury management in Niseko. Established in 2005 we also provide premium products for injury prevention and post injury treatment.

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Asia Physio - Tokyo Physio

New Niseko clinic fit out has started! Let’s do this!

Asia Physio - Niseko Physio

Asia Physio - Niseko Physio

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Gong Hey Fat Choy and Happy Lunar New Year from all of us at Niseko Physio!

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we made a short video message to wish you joy & propserity for the year of the dog. Hope you LIKE it & SHARE the joy!
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Niseko Physio

Holiday Rescue! Niseko Physio has been rescuing holidays in Niseko since 2005.

Everyone can benefit from Physio. Welcome to the clinic Winston. Thanks for dropping in.

Niseko physio is a part of the Asia physio group, Asia’s leading chain of physiotherapy providers. Our Physiotherapist specialise in snow-sports injuries and aim to get you safely back on the slopes as soon as we can, or at a minimum improve your function to make your holiday and travel more enjoyable.

Book in now for at [email protected] or call 0136-220-399 for a consultation today.

Visit for more information.

Massage is a great way to promote blood flow and flush out any lactic acid from your muscles. By refreshing your muscles you will be able to feel lighter and looser. To help you get back on the slopes sooner! The ultimate recovery sessions are happening at Niseko Physio 💪💪

We offer deep tissue, remedial massage, sports and relaxation. All the techniques combined will provide your body with overall confidence for the next day.

Call to make a booking today - 0136220399 or email [email protected]

HAVE.. YOU MET IZZY? 😁🙌 Shes one of our amazing of our physiotherapists at Niseko Physio.
Before coming to Niseko Izzy worked in a corporate private practice as well as with elite rugby and soccer players.
Izzy studied a Bachelor of Health Science and a Master of Physiotherapy at Sydney University. She specialises in sporting injuries and enjoys treating all kinds of them.
When Izzy isn't working, she loves cycling, surf-ski paddling and walking her dog. She even has a pair of socks with her dog's face on them 😂


Knee pain or instability can prevent you from enjoying your time on the slopes. We have a technical brace that could be right for you.

Introducing The BREG CX2K!! Knee injury prevention guaranteed!

-Provides stability shown to reduce shear forces following meniscal injures.

-Prevents medial and lateral stress on the knee joint reducing the risk of collateral ligament injury.

-Adjustable range locker to facilitate the healing of MCL injury with the potential of continuing skiing whilst injured.

-External stability to facilitate functional stability in the unstable knee. I. E. Following ACL rupture, meniscal tear and MCL injury.

-Provides knee stability and comfort for those with osteoarthritis of the knee.

If you rupture your ACL while wearing this brace, we refund the cost and pay ¥100,000 cash!!

Come in to see our physiotherapists to help you find a solution to improve and alleviate discomfort on your holiday in Niseko!!

💆 Out with the Old, in with the New! Time to rejuvenate that tired body? We got what you need! #MASSAGE and #RECOVERY

90 MIN FULL BODY MASSAGE- ultimate recovery and relaxation.11,000Y

60 MIN FULL BODY MASSAGE - The perfect remedy to revive whole body. Concentrating on problem areas. 8,000Y

45 MIN MASSAGE - A little bit of everything, condensed into 45 minutes. -
30 MIN LEG RECOVERY - Revitalise your tired legs. 5000Y

Come in and get your treatment today. Find us at 170-5 Yamada, 倶知安町 Abuta District, Hokkaido 044-0081

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Remember THIS friendly face?! 😊 WELCOME BACK ELAINE SEMENOV! 👏👏 We've missed you!! She's back in action at our Niseko physio clinic!!

Elaine has been a physiotherapist since 2013 and is born and raised in Sydney Australia, she studied a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology at UNSW and a Masters of Physiotherapy at Sydney University.

This is her second season working in Niseko and she has been chasing the snow for many years around the world🏂❄

She has a keen interest in treating knee injuries and rehabilitation for various sporting injuries which makes her love of snowboarding and working in a ski town a match made in heaven.

Book in with her today!!

HE'S BACK AGAIN!! Meet our amazing Physiotherapist: 🙌 CAMERON GANT 🙌

Born, raised and studied in Queensland, Australia. Returning now for the third consecutive winter to Niseko. He has worked and travelled as a team physiotherapist for rugby league teams. Recruited as part of the physio team for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup 🏆

Post grad qualifications in sports physiotherapy, acute sporting knee, dry needling and more.

When not in Niseko, he has been living in British Columbia, Canada, after getting addicted to the ski town lifestyle. He has as an unrational addiction to budgy smugglers and may be seen in town or coming down the hill wearing nothing else

Keen interest in knees and their follow up rehab getting people back to the gnar.

💪💪He'll get you sorted!!

NISEKO PHYSIO AND MASSAGE IS BACK!! We are open for the entire season 8am - 8pm everyday! No exceptions. Preventing and managing all your injuries that you might have sustained shredding the fresh powder. Book in today or come find us at 170-5 Yamada, Abuta District, Hokkaido 044-0081.
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No ACL? No worries. Practical, evidence-based advice for clinicians managing ACL tears non-surgically

A very interesting article on the growing trend towards conservative management of Anterior Cruciate Ruptures and dispels several common myths about the ACL. Sports Medicine and rehabilitation experts were sent into a frenzy in 2015 when it was revealed an English Premier League soccer player defied conventions after fully rupturing his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) (Weiler et al. 2015).


Snow's Back and Chook Feed is back!


Rethinking Physiotherapy

Time to start some conditioning!

Just look at this world class knee control from Norwegian alpine skier A. Kilde 💯💯 Olympiatoppen fagavdeling teknikk/motorikk

The big daddy of all knee braces!

Have you had a knee injury? Torn ACL or MCL? Introducing the Breg CX2K knee brace. This is the big daddy of all knee braces. Used by professionals & recreational sports goers around the world, this brace features Diamond Design Lightweight Aluminium Frame, Adjustable hinges and has Internally Mounted Straps (for ideal brace suspension). �The best thing about this brace is that it can be used as a preventative treatment to virtually eliminate risk of ACL, MCL injury aswell as for post injury or surgery injury management. Becoming more popular as a preventative brace- when purchased from Asia Physio- we are so confident that it will hold your knee together that if you suffer a serious ACL or MCL injury whist wearing this correctly we will not only refund you the full purchase cost, but also give you $1000 towards the cost of surgery*.
To learn more or get yourself strapped into one of these braces- contact us now! or [email protected]

Its gettin hot in here! The magic heat pack.

Forget the old school heat packs and wheat bags, when you're on the go and need to protect or manage an injury, these magic heat packs are what you need. Requiring no electricity, no effort, no microwave, they magically heat up at the click of a button. Watch on to learn more about this amazing technology!

Origami story time with shani

Ever wonder what our highly trained physios do in between appointments...? Well, here is a sneak peek!

Check out our BUM... (Pads)!

Check out our BUM... (Pads)! To keep your butt safe and cushioned during your snowboarding trip- you need a set of these bum pads. With slimline fitting design, these pads will give your butt the cushioning it needs when learning to snowboard.

Pre snow trip excercises: Knee bends, twists and squats

Are you about to go on a ski/ board holiday? Then you need to get in shape and prepare your body with some simple "do at home" excercises to reduce chance of injury and get your body in tune so you ski/ ride harder and longer! Today we are with Bevan and Christine from Niseko Physio giving us a quick 2 minute guide to some excercise we can do before our trip.

Happy Birthday to you Joan Porter 🙂; our talented, friendly, bubbly and very knowledgable receptionists who is ready to meet you. "Joany" was born in Australia and has worked in New Zealand, USA, UK & Japan and is actually a qualified Speech Pathologist with her main passion being working with children. Her favourite feed is "those cheese tarts" from Milk Kobo and she loves to chill out in the onsen, especially the onsen near Moiwa, for the relaxation area with massage chairs!
She also finds peace playing in the snow and recently made an igloo (you'll have to get her to show you the pics!).
Something we just learned about Joany is that she used to work work for Cirque Du Soleil in Perth and New Zealand (...AWESOME)
You'll no doubt have time to chat with Joany in the reception next time you're in Niseko Physio (Today is also her Birthday!! Happy Bday Joany).​ Joany Polony

恭禧發財 Chinese New Year video message

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we made a short video message to wish you joy & propserity for the year of the dog. Hope you LIKE it & SHARE the joy!
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Have you been watching the Winter Olympics? We have & we're loving it :) Besides all the wild extreme winter sports, we're also really getting into the curling!
What's your favourite Winter Olympic event?

As part of our "meet the team" series, we now proudly introduce to you.... Elaine Semenov :) also affectionately known as "Yiling" (You'll have to ask her why!). Born in Australia and also having worked in Canada & Japan over the past 5 years, Yiling holds a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology, Masters of Physiotherapy and is ready to help you.
Her favourite Niseko restaurant is Prativo for the ultimate winter veggie fix! When not at work, she loves to binge watch TV shows, fuels her competitive nature by playing Monopoly Deal/ Blokus and loves to EAT! Yiling is also known around town for her very obvious goggle tan. Come & see Elaine at Niseko Physio to learn more and get your body in order! Asia Physio - Niseko Physio Elaine Semenov

Asia Physio - Niseko Physio's cover photo

Are you as excited as we are for the 2018 Winter Olympics? The games begin tonight with the opening Ceremony! Support your favourite athlete, sport and country and cheer them onto GOLD GOLD GOLD. We especially send good luck to our Aussie & Japanese athletes from the team at Asia Physio - Niseko Physio

Asia Physio - Tokyo Physio

It’s important to remember that images are only part of the picture. Many MRIs will show ‘injuries’ that are not what is causing your pain. An in clinic assessment can be just as important as images to get to the bottom of your injury.

Niseko Physio |

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! For your holiday massage, give the clinic a call or book through our website

[03/05/17]   It might be the end of the season but its doesn't have to be the end of feeling great! Come on down for a sports massage with discount rates for local Niseko staff.



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Niseko Physio
The big daddy of all knee braces!
Its gettin hot in here! The magic heat pack.
Origami story time with shani
Check out our BUM... (Pads)!
Pre snow trip excercises: Jumping Split Squats
Basic Knee Brace
Pre snow trip excercises: Knee bends, twists and squats
恭禧發財 Chinese New Year video message
Wrist protection at it's finest!





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Acupuncture&Massage in Rusutsu, Hokkaido during winter by Satomi, a qualified acupuncturist. Great treatment for aches&pains after skiing and snowboard!

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