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Hajo Healing Hajo Healing biedt Reconnective Healing en de Reconnection, een energiehealing die balans terugbreng sessies op afspraak

Over slechte raadgevers.....

Over slechte raadgevers.....

Music is a world without itself.  Happy easter

Music is a world without itself.
Happy easter


Have you transcended your perceived limitation of your senses?✨You will find that if you can enhance your awareness of sensation, it will accelerate the Reconnective Healing experience. That can be for a healing for yourself or another person. The sensations people experience are tangible and often synesthetic. Sounds can be tasted or pictures can be smelled.💜 RH sessions are experienced uniquely by every single person, still we do find there are similarities of it being waves of love, pleasurable sensations, or tingling sensations.💫🤲

People commonly transcend the perceived limitations of their senses. By opening our awareness in new ways, we come to understand that no one can give us bad energy in a healing. Whether as the facilitator or as the person who receives the Reconnective Healing, we find our balance in a RH experience simply by allowing ourselves to open up to the ways the frequencies work through and with us and by letting go of trying to address a specific problem. This openness allows the RH frequencies to work where they know they are needed the most.🌟🎉

Have you ever tasted sound or time?💗How does your Reconnective Healing experience express itself through you? Share with us in the comments!👇

Of hoe malende gedachten als sneeuw voor de zon verdwijnen.

Of hoe malende gedachten als sneeuw voor de zon verdwijnen.


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