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Our vision is families in our community enjoying a vibrant quality life free from drugs and surgery. Our team aims to educate, check, and adjust as many families as possible towards optimal health through natural chiropractic care. We use a combination of Drop Table, Activator, and Chiropractic Biophysic protocols to gently correct spinal misalignments (Vertebral Subluxation) Currently we have 4 clinics located in Glenfield, Takapuna, Riverhead and Orewa. Get to know our banches' exact location, contact information and opening hours here:

Got a pinched nerve? Chiropractic care for a pinched nerve includes re-aligning the spine to get you back to optimal health. #glenfield #northshore #nz #chiropractic

Invest in your health. You have only one body and spine. :)

Start your week off right! 😀 An adjustment with Dr Gian Mansell and our team at North Shore Chiropractic can get you feeling great and set the right tone for the rest of the week! #chiropractic #getadjusted

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Just like Rocket we are EXCITED to announce we will be OPEN from this THURSDAY! We are working on contacting everyone. Feel free to message us to fast track your booking.

3 Tips

Struggling to keep focused on your health during lockdown? Lets break it down into 3 areas and provide a couple simple tips for each.

Although Easter 2020 is most likely very different from what many of us had planned we wish you a Happy Easter Sunday. Stay safe everyone.

Norwest Chiropractic

Since we can't do any adjustments at the moment... here's some self-help tips to manage the bulit up tension in your upper back.

How's your back lately? Upon 'virtually' checking up on some people, most of them have reported tension in their upper back, near the base of the neck. This part is where we adjust people frequently, but since we can't do that at the moment... here's some self-help tips to manage the built up tension :)


This made us smile and uses fab kiwi music. Enjoy and stay safe everyone. 😎

Lockdown, a New Zealand anthem 🔊🎺
#lockdown #nz #aotearoa #stayhomesavelives

Dr Gian - Trapezius Release

A non-ergonomic work setup at home can put stress on our shoulders and trapezius muscle especially when using the pc or any gadget. With that, let me teach you a self-massage technique to release all that tension.

Dr Gian - Psoas Release

Keep moving! Today let's do a psoas release exercise for the hip flexors.

Let's not waste the sunshine while it lasts

Here we are day 7 on this lockdown. Hope you guys had an enjoyable sunny day. A quick home work out for you. 5 sets of 10 each alternating between goblet squats and single leg dead lifts. Of course you can sub in anything for the weight, a water bottle, weighted backpack or a stray child 🙂

Dr Gian - Foam Rolling

While we're on a lockdown, It's still important to get exercise to keep our body's mobility and functionality. Here's how I exercise at home using my foam roller.

Another gratuitous exercise post. If you are not lucky enough to have home weights use a weighted backpack. And if you can't be bothered with this, go for a walk 🙂(2M social distancing of course)
Let's start with good habits to get through this with our health intact.

Norwest Chiropractic

Note this update

Latest update.

Sorry but we are no longer able to see emergency cases either while we are in level 4 lockdown. If needed, you will need to go straight to A & E.
Good luck, stay safe.

The best thing we can do during this time is to stay healthy. Let's use the next 4 weeks to continue working on all the important aspects of our health. Here is a short home workout courtesy of Crossfit Iron Paradise. If you want to increase the difficulty try with a cling on child🙂

[03/23/20]   As you are aware, the current Covid alert level forces us to close our doors for 4 weeks. The exception is for emergency care which needs to be assessed on a case by case basis. Call 09 4424310 in this situation.
We will be in contact. Stay safe.

A newly published study shows that chiropractic care may assist with enhanced athletic performance!

The results of this study showed that in this group of athletes, chiropractic care increased strength and cortical drive, and reduced fatigue. The strength findings lasted for 30 minutes and the cortical drive increase persisted for at least 60 minutes1.

1 Lykke Christiansen, T., Niazi, I., Holt, K., Nedergaard, R., Duehr, J., Allen, K., … Haavik, H. (2018). The Effects of a Single Session of Spinal Manipulation on Strength and Cortical Drive in Athletes. European Journal of Applied Physiology

There Is No Such Thing as a Minor Concussion

If you've experienced a concussion, whether it be due to a fall, automobile accident, sport or other cause, take care to self-reflect and watch for psychological and neurological changes. Read Story: Concussions are often dismissed as mild injuries, but they can lead to severe symptoms and lasting damage to your brain.

National Walk2Work Day is celebrated on March 11 but that doesn't mean you can't do this everyday! Walking to work may be the start of a brand-new and health-giving habit. Start it today. #SitLessMoveMore #WalktoWork

Build a Stronger Back to Manage Your Pain

Strategies that can help you build a strong, pain-free back include moving more and sitting less and addressing poor posture. Recommended treatments for low back pain include exercising, avoiding sitting, addressing poor posture, back strengthening exercises and stretching.

Did you know? When the muscles of the neck are in spasm, the nerves can get “pinched” or squeezed by the overly tight muscles resulting in headache or migraines. If you're getting frequent headaches, there's a chance you have a forward neck posture— resulting to pinched nerves on the neck. Chiropractic care is a great way to relieve these nerves and restore your posture.

Call us today to schedule an appointment with our posture and nervous system experts. #ChiropracticForHeadaches #Glenfield #NorthShore #Chiropractor

Since it’s the last two days of Feb... here's some cool info about the ❤

Think differently about feeling good and staying healthy. #chiropractic #getadjusted #glenfield #chiropractor

#makethehealthychoice #hudsonville

What’s the Real Cause of Heart Attacks?

"Most heart attacks are likely caused by an imbalance in your central nervous system (CNS) and your autonomic (or unconscious) nervous system (ANS), which controls the function of our internal organs". Read Story: Most heart attacks are likely caused by an imbalance in your central and autonomic nervous system, which controls the function of your internal organs.

The Importance of Lutein for Eye and Brain Health

Lutein is well-known for its vision-enhancing properties. Research also suggests it has neuroprotective qualities, improving memory and boosting intelligence. READ STORY: Lutein is well-known for its vision-enhancing properties and ability to prevent age-related macular degeneration.

Thanks for the pre WOD adjustment Lan-Ling Mansell. Though I still found this a slog:) #sweatangel

Happy #Valentines! Since this day is all about hearts, here's some health tips for creating and maintaining a #healthy heart. #Chiropractic #HeartHealth

How to Get Rid of a Headache

The good news is you can get rid of a headache without resorting to pharmaceutical drugs— research shows that optimizing your Vitamin d3 intake as well as getting enough dose of sunlight can already do the job. Read Story: Find out what may be causing your headaches and learn about the different ways of getting rid of them.

New research into adolescent back pain » New Zealand Chiropractors' Association

"Although often dismissed as trivial and fleeting, adolescent back pain is responsible for substantial health care usage, school absence, and interferes with day-to-day activities in some children." READ STORY: According to new research adolescent back pain may predict poor overall health, and risk of chronic disease throughout life. The New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association (NZCA) is concerned that chiropractic care is an underused option in the management of back pain and spinal health among New Zeala...

Make the final summer month count by being more active!

If you like cycling, you might want to try the Aotearoa Bike Challenge. Ride anywhere, anytime for just 10 minutes to participate. Prizes will be awarded to the top folks— the more often you log rides and encourage others to log their rides, the more likely you are to win. You've got all of February to do this.

Check out the mechanics here:

Researchers have detected abnormalities in the brains of people with fibromyalgia, a chronic condition whose symptoms include muscle pain and fatigue. READ STORY:

Managing your mental health as you return to work - Takapuna Chiro Blog

Returning to work after the holidays can feel a bit overwhelming. Managing your mental health and improving your body's ability to cope up with stress reduces your chances of getting sick while at work. Read Story: Managing your mental health and improving your body's ability to cope up with stress reduces your chances of getting sick while at work.

If your spine is misaligned, your muscles and joints are subjected to greater stress, causing them to deteriorate more rapidly. #AlignYourSpine #NorthShore #Chiropractic

Be extraordinary

This new year, no matter your personal wellness goals are— to eliminate pain, overcome illness, or improve your overall health — our team would like to help you every step of the way. For appointments call us at ph 09 4424310. For more info visit our site

Sleep Is Critical for Brain Detoxification

Recent research shows that your brain has a unique waste management system when you sleep. By pumping cerebral spinal fluid through your brain’s tissues, the glymphatic system flushes the waste from your brain back into your body’s circulatory system and into your liver, where it’s ultimately eliminated. Read story: Recent research reveals that the brain has a unique method of removing toxic wastes through the glymphatic system.

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3 Tips
Dr Gian - Trapezius Release
Dr Gian - Psoas Release
Dr Gian - Foam Rolling
Be extraordinary
Merry Christmas!
Come and Get a Skelfie.
Are you stressed?
Are You Healthy On The Inside?
Dr Gian - Hip Flexor Demo
Dr Gian - Poor Posture and Headaches
Dr Gian - 3 Tips To Sustain A Better Posture




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