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Speak To Me is a paediatric speech & language therapy clinic located in Milford. We work with families to achieve their child’s communication goals.

Speak To Me is a North Shore based private speech and language therapy practice. Speak To Me offers a variety of speech and language therapy services for both preschoolers and school aged children. Speak To Me endeavours to help all children develop the tools needed for effective communication. Rosie Dwyer graduated from the University of Auckland with a Masters in Speech and Language Therapy Practice. Rosie has experience working with a wide range of communication needs both in the public (New Zealand Ministry of Education) and private (Dubai Community Health Centre) sectors. Rosie will assess your child, identify their communication needs, and then tailor the therapy to suit your child. Rosie works with children who may present with speech delays, speech disorders, language delays, language disorders, learning difficulties, an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, developmental delay, developmental disorder, hearing loss, Dyspraxia, Downs Syndrome, stuttering / stammering, voice difficulties, and auditory processing difficulties. It is encouraged that parents and family members are active participants in the therapy process. This will ensure that your child makes maximum progress and generalises learnt skills into their everyday life. Referrals for Speak To Me are accepted by parents, caregivers, teachers (with parental consent), general practitioners and specialists.

⭐️ Sensory Play ⭐️ This guy turned 4 in lockdown. Along with turning 4 we’ve had a dude who wants to exert his independence and dare I say it get his own way ALL THE TIME. Big emotions are causing big meltdowns. So today I made sure to give him some sensory play. These kinds of activities are wonderful calming activities and best of all he can play this game his way! This is fake cocoa mud and a wash bucket. Throw in some PJ Masks and voila, simple! #emotionalregulation #speechiemum #speechiemom #learninghowtobebig #speaktomenz

⭐️ Lockdown Literacy, more than just books... ⭐️

So I have been HUGELY missing the library in lockdown 😭 But today on a mini (round the block) mission astride a pink trike, Miss Elle and I had a great accidental literacy adventure. We started to look at signs and road markers to see if they had her favourite letter “E” (for Elle) 🧐 🚸

It is amazing how many you can find on typical items that, as adults we often wouldn’t pay more than a passing glance to, but it can fast become a literacy treasure hunt - especially if you can add personal meaning e.g. ➡️ letters of your name ➡️ Can you find a capital letter AND a little letter? ➡️ Let’s find 3 S’s!

What letters can your children find in your lockdown bubble? Gems 🔎🔡🤓
#literacyfun #literacydevelopment #isolife #speechiemum #speechiemom #speechtherapy #speechpathology #speaktomenz


Our Speak To Me Therapists Are Loving Teletherapy

How do we teletherapy? Why we love it! Check out our new blog up on the website ☺️

speaktome.co.nz Teletherapy has been front and centre here at Speak To Me. Read more to find out how we do it and what we love about it.

When your client brings their guitar 🎸 to teletherapy, so you improvise and get to use your core pictures on the white board 🙌🏼 Also NZSL works so great in helping to get kids to use short phrases!

Practising CVCVCV (peekaboo, banana) words using speech signs and a little bit of NZSL in teletherapy today 😄

⭐️ Music ⭐️ My Mr Two would seriously be happy every lockdown day as long as he can sing and dance to his favourite tunes. I only need his little guitar, drum, and piano and he’s set. Listening to heaps of music has helped our whole family keep their sanity during lockdown. It’s also a great way for your kids to strengthen their auditory discrimination and auditory memory skills (e.g. figuring out what the singer is saying and remembering the words). Little man comes up with some beautiful lyric replacements 😂 You can also encourage your kids to write their own song, take a favourite tune and put your own lyrics to it. It can be funny or silly too. Also big tip here, if your kids need to be kept busy for a good 20 mins, get them to watch all of the @okgo music videos they will blow their little minds! #musicistherapy #auditorydiscrimination #auditorymemory #lockdownlife #speechiemum #speechiemom #speaktomenz

We are still open for service and operating at Covid 19 levels 4 & 3 via teletherapy. Here is a brief insight into what that may look like for your child...

#makingateletherapyvideo #starwarsmrpotatoheads #teletherapy #mrcute #speechtherapy #speaktomenz

⭐️ Little Friends ⭐️ Embracing the new normal 👩🏻‍💻 but missing our little clinic buddies #littlefriends #facetoface #speechykids #speechtherapy #speechpathology #toycupboards #speaktomenz

⭐️ TeleTherapy ⭐️ Practising my screen sharing and doing a mock session with my Mr three. He loved it! Thanks @cliniko for rolling out your new Telehealth platform #isolationlife #teletherapy #speechtherapy #speechiemum #speechiemom #speaktomenz

⭐️ Get Crafty ⭐️ My Mr Three has an insatiable appetite for arts and crafts. When kids are being creative their language blossoms and it’s wonderful to watch. We are at day #5 isolation and working our way through a huge list of arts and crafts activities (thank goodness for friends who share ideas and Pinterest!). Here is a selection of what we’ve done so far... first up is nature wands, felt Mr Potato Heads, emotions eggs, and pick up the pom poms. #artsandcrafts #becreative #creativityforkids #isolationlife #developinglanguage #speechymum #speechymom #speaktomenz

⭐️ Organization During Self Isolation ⭐️ So I woke up this morning and panicked as I’m now a stay at home Mum and Teletherapist all at the same time. My eldest is a kid that thrives from knowing what’s happening at each stage of the day. I quickly knocked together a visual schedule that we can use by organising the day into blocks (eg. breakfast - morning tea) and this helped to give me ideas as to what we can do at home during this time and also some comfort for them. I made it with two lines so sometimes they can see that while they sleep 😴, Mum will work, and while they scoot, Mum and Dad will work out 💪🏼. You can make your own schedules at home using a whiteboard, chalk board or even just draw something on pen and paper. This morning we had a book corner, play dough monsters, duplo and climbing frame on offer. It will take time for everyone to figure out their new normal. Best of luck! #selfisolation #visualschedules #whattodowithkids #teletherapist #workingmumma #speaktomenz

⭐️ Books: Gateways to our Imagination ⭐️ Even though our kids aren’t able to have any exciting adventures of their own at the moment, we can take them on exciting adventures with books. We plan on having a huge book day today, and then using some arts and crafts to portray what we’ve read. My boys are loving this book about Sir Edmund Hillary and Mr 3 even built a raft at Kindy to be like Sir Ed. Let’s keep trying to foster fun, imagination, creativity and of course language even while we may be social distancing or in quarantine. #adventuresthroughbooks #exploringnewworlds #climbingmountains #makeitfun #getthemcreating #speechtherapy #speechpathology #speaktomenz

🦠 Go Away Coronavirus 🦠 New hand washing visuals for the kids in the bathroom at the clinic. Using visuals like this help to teach the children with even severe language difficulties about good hygiene practice. #alwayswashyourhands #promotinggoodhealth #preventingcoronavirus #lookingafterourtamariki #privatepractice #speechtherapy #speechpathology #speaktomenz

⭐️ Visuals all day long ⭐️

⭐️ GUESS WHO...can think of 4 different ways to use this game? ⭐️

It isn’t a secret I adore this game, and this week it’s been a great motivator for some completely different targets and age groups during my school visits...

~ social skills - learning to identify and take turns with a friend

~ fluency - practising our new strategy in our toolbox “stretchy speech” when asking and answering questions

~ articulation - keeping our tongues behind our teeth for /s/ and /z/ sounds (There are so many hidden ones in this game! Can you think of any?)

~ remembering auditory information - holding the question (and the other person’s response) accurately in our heads while we put down all of the corresponding pictures

*as you can see down the bottom, once again we’re using visuals alongside the game which were super useful for all four of these goals

Next week in my bag Jenga... any ideas what we could target with this one? ♥️ Gems.
#guesswho #schoolbasedspeechtherapy #speechtherapy #speechandlanguagetherapy #speechpathology #slpeeps #speaktomenz

⭐️ Climbing Frame ⭐️ Took my boys awesome climbing frame into work today to get all ready for a session on Monday. It’s really great when you can incorporate physical activity into therapy sessions. Really looking forward to this, it will be so much fun! We plan on working on verbs; climb, slide, push, and may throw in some opposites; up / down, high / low too. #keepingtherapyfun #therapysurprises #climbingfun #speechtherapy #speechpathology #speaktomenz

⭐️ Talking About School / Friends Programme’s ⭐️ I’ve been using this awesome @blacksheeppress resource with quite a few kids lately. It’s so great to target #pragmatics and teaching scripts for what kids can say in certain situations. It also covers what’s right and what’s wrong and leaves this open to the child to decide. I throw some questions and narrative activities into the mix too! We love coming up with our own speech bubbles of what each character should say. This is thanks for Mr Eight this afternoon ☺️ #languagelearning #talkingaboutschool #talkingaboutfriends #whatcanisay #speechtherapy #speechtherapyideas #speechpathology #speaktomenz

⭐️ Block Play ⭐️ You can use blocks in lots of ways to encourage communication. We find we are often encouraging parents to use block games to help their little communicators. These games offer themselves up for a whole bunch of core words like ‘up’ ‘fall’ ‘push’ ‘make’ ‘more’ ‘help’ ‘finished’ ‘tall’ ‘big’ ‘tower’ and so many more. Here is my Mr Two with his #skytowerauckland Mum had a to help a bit 😜 #buildinglanguage #buildingblocks #towercity #speechtherapy #speechpathology #speechiemum #speechiemom #speaktomenz

⭐️ LEGO ⭐️ A wee ode to @lego You work so well as a reinforcer in therapy sessions, and your fold and go packs work a treat for traveling sessions. At @speak_to_me_therapy we ♥️ you and all our clients do too!

⭐️ Outings with Kids ⭐️ Over this summer we have tried getting out and about as much as we can exploring our city and beaches nearby. You can use these little outings with your little ones to promote language. Try taking some pics on your ph or even letting your little take the photos. Then once your home or even the next day make a point of checking out the photos and trying to get your little one to talk about the experience. What do they remember? What was their favourite thing? How did they feel? #developinglanguage #getkidstalking #howdoifeel #speechandlanguagetherapy #speechtherapy #speechlanguagepathology #speechpathology #speechiemum #speechiemom #speaktomenz

⭐️ Baby Shark 🦈 ⭐️ It’s been so hot lately at work and so most afternoons we’ve busted out my kids old baby bath for water play. This baby shark which swims and sings has been such a hit. Great to see the kids motivated to talk, even if it does mean I’m humming that tune all day long! #babyshark #speechandlanguagetherapy #speechlanguagepathology #speechtherapy #speechpathology #keepingthekidsinterested #speaktomenz

⭐️ Sensory Session Prep ⭐️ Snuck into work this long weekend to do some session planning and of course to dye some rice for Sensory play. I’ve hidden my teeny tiny animals from the @aucklandzoo and @sealifekellytarltons 👍 You can use sensory play to encourage your child to use their words, build vocabulary or just as a reinforcer. #sensoryplay #gettingthejumponabusyweek #speechandlanguagetherapy #speechlanguagepathology #privatepractice #speaktomenz

What Are Feelings? Usborne Books & More

⭐️ Book Recommendation ⭐️ I love books for kids about emotions and feelings. This @usborne_books What Are Feelings? book has cute illustrations, pop ups and plenty of animals to keep the kids interested. Check out the vid to see what feelings it covers. #teachingfeelings #kidsfeelings #howdowemanageouremotions #namingemotions #kidsemotionaldevelopment #speechtherapy #speechpathology #pragmatics #speaktomenz

⭐️ Handwritten Cuteness ⭐️ When the kids think they are coming to Speech Language Therapy to play games 😂 #handwrittenthankyounotes #kidsarethecutest #speechtherapy #speechpathology #slpeeps #speaktomenz

#officeblooms #flowersfor2020 #flowerappreciation #speaktomenz

⭐️ Let’s Go 2020 ⭐️ We are back in the clinic this week getting everything ready for clients starting back on Monday. Looking forward to a happy balance of client work and time with my boys! After a busy holiday I am super happy to be starting back with my lovely clients! Looking forward to a wonderful 2020 smashing goals for all our clients! Thanks heaps for your continued support of me, Gems and Speak To Me ♥️
#bringon2020 #worklifebalance #smashinggoals #renovationontheside #teachthemtotalk #speaktomenz

⭐️ Advent Calendars ⭐️ I’ve been using advent calendars both at home and for work this December 🎄 At home the boys get something small (normally arts and crafts) and we use it as an activity to get us excited for Christmas. At work some of my speechie clients are using the word of the day, where the child finds a picture (of their target articulation sounds) and has to use that word as many times as they can over the day. It’s working really well! The kids are loving it. The reality does mean that I find myself outside with my kids at 7am drawing Christmas pictures with red and green chalk in my pjs 🤦🏻‍♀️
#christmastime #adventcalendars #prettybrave #wordoftheday #speechtherapy #speechpathology #speechiemum #speechiemom #speaktomenz

⭐️ Morning Survival ⭐️ Okay so coffee can only do so much to help us Mums with the morning rush 🤯 Ours were getting frantic so I fell back on what I provide to my families to help them create routine and independence for their kids - VISUALS. So now my kids have a help Mummy in the morning chart with all the things we need to do before we can leave the house. They seem to like it and for the 3 year old he can take some responsibility for some of the tasks. Should I make one for the hubby too 😂 How do you survive the mornings?
#workingmums #speechymum #speechymom #morningrush #morningcraziness #justtryingtogetoutofthedoor #speaktomenz

⭐️ Commenting ⭐️ This is a great way to expand your child’s communication skills. Think of it like being a sports commentator, talking about what is happening around you and what your child is doing e.g. “You made a car” “Sitting in the car” “Ready to drive” “Let’s go to the shops”. Children absorb language like sponges and by using this approach we can constantly feed our children with beautiful language that they can learn and use. These are my boys with their sandpit car on our last family holiday.
#commenting #buildinglanguage #toddlerlanguage #aucklandtoddlers #speechiemum #speechiemom #speechandlanguagetherapy #speechlanguagepathology #speaktomenz

⭐️ Kids Emotions ⭐️ I’ve been working on emotions a lot these last few weeks both at home - teaching my threenager to label and understand his emotions - and at work. It is so empowering for children to be able to label their own emotions if not verbally then by using pictures or signs. I’ve been brushing up on my #nzsl sign vocab for emotions (thanks #nzsldictionaryapp) and teaching the kids to make visual sentences to explain how others are feeling (using books and flash cards) and to explain how they are feeling too. I still adore the #feelalittlebook by @alittleink and these @mo.willems elephant and piggie books are gold! Why don’t you chat to your littles today about their big emotions.
#emotions #howifeel #teachingkidsemotionalintelligence #speechtherapy #speechpathology #vocabularybuilding #speaktomenz

⭐️ New Zealand Sign Language ⭐️ Brushing up on my describing words sign vocabulary for story time at work today #nzsl #speechtherapist #kidswithspecialneeds #learningnzsl

⭐️ Arts & Crafts ⭐️ Lol 😂 when your Mum is a speech therapist your weekend arts and crafts turn into topical learning. Mr 2 has been biting his brother and Mr 3 has been asking a lot about recycling.
#speechiemum #nomorebiting #visualsforlearning #boardmaker #boardmakerlove #speaktomenz

⭐️ Communication Temptations ⭐️ This gem 💎 of a language strategy is when you gently (lets be honest sometimes not so gently more like a tug of war 😂) hold onto an item (toy or food item) and encourage the child to communicate for that item (they could sign for it, vocalise, name it, or ask for it with a sentence). You can model the communication you want your child to use then observe, wait and listen (OWL) to them. You can also use this strategy for action games like peek a boo, for swings, or even bubbles. Give it a go this week!
#communicationtemptations #buildinglanguage #toddlerlanguage #teachmetotalk #speechtherapy #speechpathology #speaktomenz

Speak To Me Story

Speak To Me is a private speech-language therapy practice located on the North Shore of Auckland. Speak To Me offers a variety of speech, language, and literacy services for preschoolers, school aged children and adolescents. Although the clinic is located on the North Shore, Speak To Me offers roaming services for the Auckland region. We will endeavour to help your child develop the tools needed for effective communication.

At Speak To Me we love what we do and this is reflected in speech therapy sessions. We want your child to love coming to Speak To Me for speech therapy, as this will ensure maximum progress towards set goals and most importantly child participation in therapy sessions! We make sure our sessions are fun and engaging and our toy cupboards help too!

"From our initial assessment with Rosie right through until our four year old daughters final speech lesson I was so impressed with Rosie and the service she offers. Her gentle and kind nature meant she was able to gain our daughters trust quickly enabling her to focus on the lesson. Rosie always made it fun and interactive. So much so that our three year old daughter always asked when was it her turn to play with Rosie. Our daughter is gaining confidence all the time because her speech has improved so much she can be clearly understood. Rosie was also able to provide us as parents with the skills to continue working on our daughters speech development by ourselves. I have no hesitation in recommending Rosie as a speech therapist and I will certainly be returning to her if I have any concerns regarding my other children's speech development."

"We went to see Gemma with our son who was a couple of months off from starting school. He was having a lot of difficulty making certain sounds, which we attribute to countless ear infections and grommets. We had been to a speech therapist before but had limited progress. This was not the case with Gemma, he came on in leaps and bounds. She has the best approach with children, you can tell that she really likes children and enjoys her job. Our son looked forward to his sessions and had no idea that he was working towards speech goals. He speaks so clearly and beautifully now. Gemma cracked it! We cannot recommend her enough." Referrals for Speak To Me are accepted by parents, caregivers, teachers (with parental consent), general practitioners and specialists.

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