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Our staff are committed to providing a Physiotherapy and Acupuncture service of the highest quality. No surcharge treatment under the ACC.

Our staffs are committed to providing a Physiotherapy and Acupuncture service of the highest quality. Free treatment under the ACC.

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Modern Manual Therapy

Excellent post by @physiomeetsscience!!! More lean muscle mass has a very strong positive correlation with improved health markers of various kinds!

[03/23/20]   Dear PhysioLink patients, due to the Level 4 announcement made by our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today, we have been requested to close the clinic until further notice. We hope to be of service to you all very soon again. If you have any questions or concerns please email Lee De Beer at [email protected]
We wish you all the very best. Please take care.

Physio Network

Great rehab video with progressive exercises for anyone returning to sprinting post hamstring injury.

Want to learn more about managing hamstring injuries? Then you should read this fantastic blog from England Athletics Physio and Medical Lead Stuart Butler:

Exercises in the video consist of:
🏋🏽‍♂️One Leg Strength (Hip Extension)
🧠⛽️Neuromuscular Control
✂️Scissor Motion
🏃🏽‍♂️Running Drills
🛷Sled Push Training
👟💨Push the Ground Away

Video made by: Jose Luis Estévez. Twitter: @ Joselu91estevez

Physio Network

💥Achilles Tendon Loading💥
📚 Today's post is from the May 2019 issue of @physionetwork Research Reviews. It highlights a study titled "Achilles Tendon Loading During Weight Bearing Exercises", reviewed by Stephen King.

The information summarised here is easy to apply in the clinic. A big shout out to Dr. Caleb Burgess DPT, OCS, CSCS for making such a useful resource🔎
💥 Background/Objective:
🔘 Achilles tendon injuries are common, particularly in male runners 30-50 years old
🔘 Conservative management involving exercise and mechanical loading of the tendon is commonly recommended. However, excessive loading can lead to tendon injury
🔘 The purpose of this study was to examine the relative stress on the achilles tendon during several commonly used exercises and to categorize them appropriately, helping clinicians to more intelligently prescribe these exercises during the rehab process
💥 Methods:
🔘 Each participant in the study had their achilles tendon cross-sectional area imaged via ultrasound in a neutral position
🔘 46 markers were placed on the participants for visual analysis and 4 force plates were used to record the impact of each exercise performed
🔘 Differences in peak achilles tendon stress, stress rate, force, and impulse as well as ankle range of motion were measured
💥 Results:
🔘 See graphic, which shows the order of exercises with the lowest loads to the highest loads of the achilles tendon (row 1 to row 2)
💥 Clinical Implications:
🔘 The relative load ranking of the exercises used in this study provide the clinician with some simple exercise strategies for progression or regression when rehabilitating an achilles tendon injury
🔘 They may provide a valuable guideline for exercise prescription outside of standard progressive resistance exercises isolated to the calf/ankle

Do you want research summaries delivered monthly? 📆 We offer a monthly review service featuring the latest and most clinically relevant research in physiotherapy, click the link below to learn more 👇

Physio Network

Here’s a circuit for runners/triathletes who suffer an ankle inversion injury (sprain).

Some may need it as rehab, others may need it as a prevention following previous injury.

Give them a go a couple of times a week for 10-15 mins.

Learn more about all things Physio at 👇

🎬 and post by The Endurance Physio.

Managing Hamstring Injury in Track & Field | Physio Network 15 years in track and field has resulted in an unhealthy obsession with Hamstring Injuries (HSI), and unfortunately I have had plenty of experience in...

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Our staff are committed to providing a Physiotherapy and Acupuncture service of the highest quality. We offer free physio under an ACC claim.

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