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MSPNG is a non-governmental organisation that works to improve the health and quality of life of PNG women, men and their families. We work with local partners and the Government to provide quality, affordable and accessible family planning services.

We are the leading provider of family planning and sexual and reproductive health services in Papua New Guinea. Our mission at Marie Stopes PNG (MSPNG) is to ensure individual fundamental rights to have children by choice, not chance. MSPNG is part of the Marie Stopes International (MSI) global partnership, which works to improve the health and quality of life of women, men, and their families. MSI is a marketing-focused, data-driven and results-oriented social business that uses modern management techniques and approaches to provide quality family planning (FP) and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services in more than 37countries world-wide. MSPNG works with local partners and the Government of Papua New Guinea to provide quality, affordable and accessible services to over 40,000 men, women, and young people every year.

Mission: Children by choice, not chance

Hi everyone!
If you have family or wantoks living near or within these areas and you think they may benefit from these services, please pass on the message.

Apart from free family planning services, we will be conducting awareness and counselling sessions as well😊

The mobile clinic will begin at 8am and end at 4pm of each day.

If you would like more information on our mobile clinics, please message us or call our toll free number 1200.

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Shout to one of our Facebook followers who sent us a lovely message this morning 💙

Thank you to all our advocates for your support in ensuring quality reproductive healthcare reaches those most in need.

It's the simple things you do like, re-sharing our social media content that helps get the message out.

Thank you for your continuous support!


If you have any sexual or reproductive health issues that you would like to talk about, we are here to help you.

Talk to us for FREE by messaging us or calling our toll free number 1200.

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Running a little low on supply?
Say no more✋ We got you covered 😉

Visit our centres today and get yourself one, two or a dozen - it doesn't really matter, as long as your stay protected⛑️🛡️😎

Our locations 👇
🏥 Third Street, Top Town - Lae
🏥 Satin Street, Hohola - Port Moresby

We are open
🕒 Saturdays: 9am-12pm
🕒Monday - Friday: 8am- 4pm.

We also provide family planning methods such as the pill, implant and IUD including other sexual and reproductive health services.

For more information, you can message us or call our toll free number 1200.

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HAPPY FRIDAY everyone😎

Our Central outreach team will be kicking off the month of June with a four day mobile clinic, visiting various locations in Central Province to provide FREE family planning services.

The locations are:

Please forward this toksave to any family or wantoks, you think can benefit from these services😊

Note: Our outreach teams continue to operate under the COVID-19 guidelines and safety regulations.

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Celebrating Menstrual Hygiene Day 2020

From embarassing first period stories to favourite sanitary products, we're celebrating Menstrual Hygiene Day by sharing our experiences ... or as we like to call it, our #menstrualjourney ... to help end #periodstigma

To all the young girls out there who've just started on your menstrual journey, just remember, periods are totally normal and nothing to be ashamed of!

Happy Menstrual Hygiene Day!

#PeriodsDontStopInAPandemic #MHMDay #EndPeriodStigma

Its great to have men and boys help out in the kitchen, but not by stopping women and girls because they're having their period.

This myth is born from the idea of menstruation being unclean or impure but like we've said before PERIODS ARE NOT UNCLEAN OR DIRTY – so a woman or girl on her period can cook if she wants to or not. Its her choice.

And no, you will not die if you eat something prepared by a woman on her period.

#PeriodsDontStopInAPandemic #PeriodMythBuster #EndPeriodStigma #MenstrualHygieneDay

There is no medical or scientific evidence to prove that scraping coconut whilst on your period will cause any serious harm or illness to your male relatives. However, when on your period it is very important that you practice safe menstrual hygiene practices during food preparation.

#EndPeriodStigma #PeriodMyths #MenstrualHygieneDay

"In the highlands, we grow up being taught that we are superior to women and this has alot of negative consequences on a woman's life especially in terms of family planning. Many women in PNG, sadly do not have a say or choice. That's why I joined Marie Stopes. I want men to understand the importance of family planning and realise that it isn't a women's issue. How can it be when we live in a patriarchal society that gives absolute priority to men.

#HerBodyHerChoice #KnowledgeIsKey

There is a popular misconception that tampons are only for women and girls who have already had sex. THIS IS NOT TURE.

Any girl who has her period can use a tampon. Tampons work just as well for girls who are virgins as they do for girls who have had sex. And even though using a tampon can occasionally cause a girl's hymen to stretch or tear, it does not cause a girl to lose her virginity.

Remember, you are a virgin until after you have had sexual intercourse. Whether you want to use a tampon or a pad is completely up to you.

#PeriodsDontStopInAPandemic #EndPeriodStigma #MenstrualHygieneDay

You shouldn't have to suffer in silence just because of your sexual and reproductive health issues.

Call us today for FREE and find answers to your sexual and reproductive health questions.

We are ALWAYS here to give you CONFIDENTIAL support and counselling on issues relating to pregnancy prevention, family planning, safe sex, STI and more..

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Menstrual blood itself has no smell but when mixed with the natural bacteria in your genitals, it may come off smelling a little less than fresh.

However, if you notice a strong fishy odor, that could be a sign of bacterial vaginosis and you will have to visit your nearest local hospital to have that checked out.

A rotten smell, on the other hand, could be a sign that you’ve left a pad or tampon in for too long.

To ensure you look and feel fresh during your period, always
❤️change your tampon or pad frequently
❤️wear clean and breathable underwear
❤️wash regularly.

A little smell is nothing to be ashamed of, and remember, you’re probably the only one who notices it, anyway.

#PeriodMyths #PeriodStigma #BreakTheBloodyTaboo #MenstruatualHygiene #PeriodsDontStopInAPandemic

The choices you make now can change your entire life.Taking care of your sexual and reproductive health and being smart about birth control are the best ways to help you achieve your dreams😊

Our family planning centres are a safe space for you to talk about sex, birth control and STIs, and to get the birth control that is right for you.

We are open weekdays from 8am-4pm and Saturdays from 9am-12pm.

For more information you can message us or call our toll free number 1200.

You can also visit our website

#SexualHealth #FamilyPlanning #BirthControl #YourBodyYourFuture

Menstruating for the first time is an important step of puberty, however, menstruation is not a sign that a girl is ready for marriage.

On average, girls first menstruate around 12 years old. Marriage at that age can have devastating consequences for a girl’s physical and mental health and also her education.

In fact, complications during pregnancy and child birth are the leading cause of death in 15-19 year old girls globally.

#MenstrualHygieneDay #BreakTheBloodyTaboo #EndPeriodStigma #PeriodsDontStopeBecauseOfAPandemic

“The training gave very specific and detailed information compared to the curriculum. The functions and parts of the reproductive system is often information that young people are unaware of.

“It gave us a lot of confidence. I see a lot of teachers that aren’t confident to share this type of information, but after this workshop everyone was open and felt free to discuss it.”

“I can see big changes in the children, the way they think, the way they tend to respect each other. When a girl is having a period, it is normal. Unlike my previous experience of teaching, respect has come.”

Fiona Gesia is one of the teachers that has been trained under Marie Stopes Papua New Guinea and WaterAid Australia's GAP project to provide menstrual hygiene and sexual reproductive health education to students in Grade 6-8.

#MenstrualHygieneDay #GAP #SexEd #WASH

The whole point of addressing these period myths is to show that menstruation is actually a normal function of the body that, for most women who experience it, is very much a regular monthly event.

It isn’t dirty, and it most certainly doesn’t prevent someone from engaging in everyday activities like playing sport or swimming.

And, just like any other bodily function, periods don’t need to be kept on the down-low and women shouldn’t be made to feel shame because of their periods.

Periods aren’t anything out of the ordinary, and neither is talking about them.

Let’s do our part to change this cycle and ditch #periodstigma.

To all our clients and the general public in Lae, Morobe Province, our Lae center has relocated to Third Street, Top Town.

Our operating hours still remain the same.
We are open weekdays from 8am-4pm and Saturdays from 9am-12pm.

For more information, please call our TOLL FREE number 1200.

#MSPNGCentre #ReproductiveHealth #FamilyPlanning

Menstruation is a natural process and there is no medical need or scientific evidence that shows for girls and women to be confined while on their periods.

However, in some part of the world PNG included, women or girls whilst having their period must live separately from the rest of her family because of the stigma that surrounds menstruation.

#PeriodsDontStopDuringAPandemic #MenstrualHygieneDay #BreakTheBloodyTaboo

#FridayFriendlyReminder that whatever your plans are for the weekend always use protection.

We call condoms the original 3 in 1😎 Why you ask? Because they protect you from unplanned pregnancies, STIs and HIV!

And they're absolutely FREE at our centres!

For more information, you can message us or call our toll free number 1200.

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"I got my period when I was 12 but no one ever talked to me about what to expect. The lessons have helped me alot in managing my period."

Fifteen year old Lovelyn attends Barakau primary school - one of the four schools under the GAP project.

Through the project, her school has been using comprehensive sexuality education modules and programmes to teach her and her classmates about their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

#CSE #SexEd #GAPproject #WaterAid #WASH #MenstrualHygieneDay

Menstrual hygiene is the great taboo in the Pacific

Girls in the Pacific, like in many developing countries, miss up to five days of school every month because their schools don’t provide adequate facilities for girls to manage their period.

Taboos and inaccurate information surrounding menstruation also persists in the Pacific. In the Solomon Islands, for instance, mothers often don’t discuss menstruation with their daughters, as it is seen as encouraging girls to engage in sexual experimentation.

In Vanuatu, one study showed girls have limited or no knowledge on menstrual hygiene at menarche (first period). Timor-Leste men use words such as “disease” and “spell” when describing their wives’ physical state during their menses.

Cost is also another factor. In Timor-Leste, for some women it’s hard to get sanitary materials because they don’t control the family income. Those who can’t afford pads may resort to using rags, paper, or nothing at all. Better menstrual hygiene management is an imperative to empower women and girls in this region.

This is a common belief or myth not only in PNG but also around the world that has a negative impact on young girls and women.

Your period IS NOT dirty blood. Period blood isn’t rejected body fluids or the body’s way of flushing out toxins. Menstrual fluid is made up of blood and tissue, and it is not dirty or harmful.

#PeriodsDontStopInAPandemic #PeriodMyths #MenstrualHygieneDay #BreakTheBloodyTaboo

The Seven: Menstrual Hygiene tips that every woman should know

Maintaining proper menstrual hygiene is vital to the health and well-being of women and girls. This Menstrual Hygiene Day, break the silence around periods and learn to take care of your body, health and mind during menstruation.

Here are some basic hygiene tips every girl and woman should follow during menstruation:

1. Take a shower or bath at least twice a day.
2. Change pads or tampons regularly to prevent infections -
3.Use clean underwear and change it everyday.
4. Do not use soaps or vaginal hygiene products to wash the genital area. Instead, clean the vaginal area using warm water regularly.
5.Make sure that you wash your hands with warm water and soap after changing your pad/tampon/menstrual cup.
6.Never flush used sanitary pad and tampons down the toilet as they can clog plumbing and cause the toilet to overflow. Discard them properly and throw them in the bin to prevent the spread of infections.
7. Wear comfortable, loose clothing, rather than jeans or tight-fitting during periods. This will ensure air flow around the sensitive areas as well as prevent sweating to a large extent. Menstrual hygiene day is being commemorated today, Tuesday 28th of May 2019 with the theme its time for action and with it, here are seven menstrual hygiene tips. Menstruation is a vital process of a woman’s body that deserves caution and self-care. Poor hygiene during your menses can often result...

Sperm can survive within the female reproductive system for up to five days so it is possible to get pregnant if you have unprotected sex especially towards the end of your period.

#ItsTimeForAction #MenstrualHygieneDay2020 #PeriodMyths #BreakTheBloodyTaboo

Having your period shouldn't hold you back | WaterAid US

Girls miss up to 20% of school time due to poor menstrual hygiene information, supplies, and infrastructure at school.

These girls fall behind and eventually drop out, putting them at higher risk of early marriage, early pregnancy, poor health and leaving them unable to break the cycle of poverty.

This Menstrual Hygiene Day, let’s commit to treating menstruation like exactly what it is – a recurring reality for literally half of the world’s population. It deserves our attention, our time, and our unblinking eyes until it’s no longer a barrier to girls reaching their potential.

#MenstrualHygieneDay #ItsTimeForAction Having your period shouldn't hold you back WaterAid/Kate Holt WaterAid Youth Ambassador Vivian Onano weighs in on menstrual taboos, girls' education and more on International Women's Day. Your period. Aunt Flow. That time of the month. Whatever you call it, menstruation is a reality for women and gi...

Period Myth #10
While it’s true that sharks are attracted to blood in the water, there’s no actual evidence that having your period will lead to a share attack!
In fact, far more men have been attacked by sharks than women have. According to Popular Science, you’re just not losing enough blood to make sharks swarm toward you.

#PeriodsDontStopInAPanademic #BreakTheBloodyTaboo #MenstrualHygieneDay #Menstruation #Period #AuntFlo #SikMun #PeriodMyths

#TuesdayTrainings has the office buzzing this week.
Prior to being sent out into the field, our new hires especially clinical staff undergo a comprehensive 3 week induction and training to ensure they are familiar with the Marie Stopes culture and clinical guidelines and procedures. Part of their induction includes a week long family planning teaching clinic.

#MSPNG #Induction #NewHires

MENSTRUATION IS NOT AN ILLNESS- Lets break the silence!

Many people don't talk about periods which is why there are plenty of period myths and misconceptions.

In honor of Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28, we're addressing some of these menstrual myths and misconceptions to help end #PeriodStigma

You too can be part of the celebrations- join in by sharing with us period myths and taboos you have heard growing up 😊
#ItsTimeForAction #BreakTheBloodyTaboo #PeriodPower #Menstruation #AuntFlo #SikMun

Did you know that 70% of PNG schools lack proper menstrual hygiene management facilities and programmes?

On average, girls will miss 4 school days every month because there is no provision of adequate facilities to manage their periods. Being absent from school frequently means girls perform poorly and are more likely to drop out. In some cases, they are forced to end their education as soon as they get their first period to prepare for marriage.

Through the Gender Action Platform project, Marie Stopes in partnership with WaterAid Australia have implemented a pilot water, sanitation and hygiene project in 4 schools in the Central Province. The project aims to keep girls in school by reducing unintended pregnancies and improving menstrual hygiene facilities in schools.

Apart from educating students on the reproductive health system and proper menstrual hygiene management, GAP also trains teachers in providing basic yet comprehensive sexuality education and counselling.

#GAP #MenstrualHygiene #SexEd #CentralProvince

Your Body Your Future

Established in PNG in 2006, Marie Stopes PNG (MSPNG) is the country’s leading provider of safe, affordable and quality family planning (FP) and sexual reproductive health services (SRH).

MSPNG is part of the global Marie Stopes International organisation which works in 34 countries around the world to help women have children by choice and not chance.

For a PNG woman or girl, being able to choose when she has children means having the power to take control of her future. It can mean having the ability to finish her education, pursue a career, look after the children she already has and ensure she remains healthy.

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