Polaris - Your Guiding Star

Polaris - Your Guiding Star


" You can not control how people think about abuse"

" You can not control whether people believe in you or not"

But 🤷

" You can control how you respond to abuse"

" You can control whether you believe in yourself" 🌟

So, Be a stronger version of yourself, who doesn't require approval of others to believe that you were abused. Start with believing in yourself and stop second guessing abuse.

Our vision is to provide confidential, affordable, and personalized mental health services in the twin cities of Islamabad & Rawalpindi. Life Coaching

The aim of POLARIS is to offer life coaching (hire a coach to help you with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions) to improve mental health, well-being and interpersonal skills of our clients. We also provide online services to our clients. Our services include:

1. Family Therapy
3. Depression, Stress & Anxiety Management
4. Emotional Intelligence
5. Behavioral Counselling
6. Family Therapy
7. Personal Development

Operating as usual


👉Signs You Have a Victimhood Mindset!

It’s normal to be unsatisfied in some parts of your life. But it’s important to look at the bigger picture. If you notice similar patterns across different areas of your life, you might have a victim mentality.

🌟The first step to solving a problem is to identify and acknowledge it.

🌈Look for these signs in yourself to see if you might have adopted a victim mentality:

‌You blame others for the way your life is

‌You truly think life is against you

‌You have trouble coping with problems in your life and feel powerless against them

‌You feel stuck in life and approach things with a negative attitude

‌You feel attacked when someone tries to offer helpful feedback

‌Feeling bad for yourself gives you relief or pleasure

‌You attract people who blame others and complain about their life

‌It’s difficult for you to examine yourself and make changes

Remember you can choose to live a better and happier life 💫


"Dear younger self,

👉When you are a child, you seek validations from everyone you have ever loved. You give and give and make it a habit because you believe somewhere that if you are just more—more pretty, more cool, more intelligent, more funny—then maybe, they will fall in love with you the same way you have fallen in love with them. You try to be as interesting as possible. You try to be the way your Mother wants you to be, you try to wear what your friends would like you to, and you live your entire life according to everyone else. When you grow up, you realize how much you hate the way you had to be. You despise how they changed you and turned you into someone you are not. You remember how toxic they were, how they hurt you and you wait for that apology that you know in your heart you are never going to get. Your Mother says a half-hearted sorry, but she still believes that you have ruined your perfect self just because you haven't turned out the way she desired. Your best friend thinks you have turned too cold because they no longer have access to you the way they used to. You try to be far away from them, but you know that they are still your family. And all the love that you have carried for them turns into bitterness. You want to prove that you are right. You want them to apologize to you, to say that they were wrong to hurt you, and that you are just beautiful the way you are. Somewhere, you still seek validations that you know you are never going to get. And when years pass by and you become older, you realize that sometimes it's better to accept the truth and move on with your life. You learn that it doesn't matter if they are your family or your life-long friends, sometimes being alone is good for self acceptance.

It will feel unfamiliar, and you will want to return. Some days, you will even regret your choices so much that you will be desperate to call them and hear their voices and tell them that you hate to be this lonely. But you will realize that choosing yourself is never easy. It's unfamiliar because you have never made yourself a priority, because you have never learnt to make yourself happy all on your own. And it will be hard at first, but it will be necessary. You will learn to protect your space and your energy if you need yourself to grow into the version that you desire the most. And you will stop looking for validations and love elsewhere because you will finally realize that there's nothing people can offer you that you cannot eventually give yourself.
And you will be okay again.

“Your older self."
(Copied extract)


The reality of conflicts?

First of all accept this that conflicts 🤷‍♀️ "can not be resolved",

👉The only thing that you can do is "manage a conflict".

💫One key point to managing conflicts:

👉Remember the reality of a conflict is not what you see instead the real reason is hidden in the minds of the parties to the conflict. Quite often it is related to the self in one way or another. Example: fear of loosing control, low self esteem, paranoia e.t.c

💥To manage a conflict is to identify the real root cause of the conflict and only then you can come up with a win-win situation.


Lessons I intend to carry in year 2022
1. Let yourself make mistakes because then you allow others to make mistakes
2. Forgive yourself, so that you can build capacity to forgive others
3. Love yourself, so that you can feel the love of others
4. Do not stop negative thoughts, instead embrace them and rationalize them
5. You are what you believe, so believe in yourself
Happy new year 2022 ⭐🥳
Stay Strong
Stay Happy


If you are having a hard time
👉Managing your negative thoughts
👉Managing your mood swings
👉Living a productive life

It can be possible that you are facing personality disorder.
Give yourself time!


Registration link: https://forms.gle/hpteY8tWKn4XHt449

✨Is this training for you?
"Do you want to be successful but you Lack public speaking skills? or you feel socially awkward? "
" You want to deal with clients and influence people but your lack of confidence is troubling you?
💁💁Then this is your chance to learn these skills and be successful!
We understand,
"To be successful in current times you need skills to build a stronger and more influential personality"
👉These cutting edge workshops are designed to train the individuals overcome their fears and build a strong personality.
These series of workshops take into account the insights into human behaviours to help you understand
- What you are doing wrong?
- How to develop a skill?
- How to Practice Mindfulness?



5 simple ways to start living in present

1. Let go of Past
2. Forgive yourself and love yourself
3. Appreciate what you have
4. Work towards achieving daily goals
5. Practice mindfulness

💫If you need help to learn mindfulness and techniques to let go of past,
contact us: 03225193565


Do you believe in this?💁

💫I love this analogy!

You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and bumps into you or shakes your arm, making you spill your coffee everywhere.

Why did you spill the coffee?

"Well because someone bumped into me, of course!"

Wrong answer.

You spilled the coffee because there was coffee in your cup.

Had there been tea in the cup, you would have spilled tea.

*Whatever is inside the cup, is what will spill out.*

Therefore, when life comes along and shakes you (which WILL happen), whatever is inside you will come out. It's easy to fake it, until you get rattled.

*So we have to ask ourselves... “what's in my cup?"

When life gets tough, what spills over?

Joy, gratefulness, peace and humility?

Or anger, bitterness, harsh words and reactions?

You choose! 💁🌟👏


Rishtay kyo nakaam hotay hain?

Your journey to happiness starts from you!
Only you have the power over your emotions


Do you ever wonder 🤷
Why your apology is never considered true?
Learn the art of emotional intelligence with us!

👉-Build strong interpersonal skills
👉-Learn effective communication

contact us: 03225193565



💫Develop cognitive flexibility to:

-👉Build strong relationships
- 👉Enhance learning capacity

Contact us: 03225193565


💫Characterized by compassion, gratitude and generosity, Eid-ul-Adha demands sacrifice and resilience. May the impact of the occasion impart strength and courage in us all.

🌟Amidst these celebrations, we should also remember those in need, by extending a hand of friendship and compassion.

Eid Mubarak!💐🎉


🌟Forgiveness is not a tool to control others but a means to let yourself get controlled by others.

"The longer you hold on to it the more pain and suffering will it cause".

Release yourself from this torment and start believing in your power to grow into a better version of yourself 👍

👉Learn the art of assertiveness to stand for your rights and start forgiving without an apology.


🤔Why didn't you tell me?

👤I would have supported you!

" We all hear this, once our issues are resolved and people get to know about it."

But why didn't we look for support?🤷

- The supporter will assure you for the support and yet consider it an obligation to judge you.

- You will be given support on the condition to hear them second guessing you.

- Although he/she is your supporter yet you will be advised constantly to consider yourself wrong.



🌟When you are a mother, its not about what you get but more about what you give!

- " Your heart skips a beat if your child is not well"

- " You forget about your grief to support your child"

- " You become stronger than you ever thought you could be"

- " You are never alone in your thoughts because your child is always there"

- " You become the strength of your child no matter the age"

- " You let your child fly away no matter how hard it must be"

- " Your love is unconditional that doesn't expect repayment"

Happy Mother's Day!


"We all make mistakes" 🤷

But it doesn't mean 🗣️

"You have to keep blaming yourself"
"You can't change your present"
"You no longer deserve happiness"

Forgive yourself and live to make a better version of yourself 👍


"Your strength increases with every failure."
So keep getting stronger untill you emerge from the ashes as a phoenix


🙇"Living a life with a narcissist"
can make you suffer from narcissist victim syndrome.


I lost it! 🙇

🤷I lashed out...But why?

🗣️I forgot:

👉"I am responsible for my own feelings."

👉"I am responsible for my own behaviour."

👉"I always have choices about how I respond to situations, to events and to people."

👉"No-one can make me upset, angry, happy or experience any other emotion unless I choose to allow them to do so."

👉"Identifying my choices empowers me to take a fresh look at my behaviour."

👉"I can practice and I can learn new and more effective behaviours."

👉"I can fail but I will not give up, I forgive myself and practice again".


🧠Food for thought!
"Eventually you become who you hate the most"
Is hating worth it?


The ever increasing trend of General Anxiety in Population of Pakistan!🗣️

What is General Anxiety?🙇

1. Experiencing excessive worry about past events (ruminating)

2. Repetitive thoughts of events that went wrong or can go wrong

3. Physical symptoms like irritability, fatigue, restlessness, sleep deprivation or muscle tension

4. Distress and difficulty controlling worries

5. Symptomatic for 6 months or more


There can be many factors that might have resulted in general anxiety disorder.

We are looking at two common reasons:

a) Sociocultural pressures: 🌀

"General Anxiety can develop as a result of prolonged feelings of unfairness and injustice due to threatening environment".

These feelings can start to develop at any age. For example a child raised by parents who believe in corporal punishments, will start developing feelings of unfairness at a very early age and can suffer from general anxiety disorder.
An adult struggling to survive in a competitive environment

b) Repression or Suppression of emotions has also been a major cause of increasing trend in general anxiety.


What is Emotional Intelligence?💁

👏"It is understanding ones own emotions to control the triggers,

💫 in order to produce intelligent reactions.

👍" It also provides an insight into the emotions of others and ability to influence them".

🌟Why is Emotional Intelligence necessary?

- If you are a business then EI helps you understand your customer needs and helps to fulfill them effectively⚡

- To grow yourself and emerge as a leader that is the need of the world today.⚡

- EI is the need and it gives you competitive edge⚡

- You dont need high IQ if you have EQ (emotional quotient) ⚡

EI involves four major skills:
👍The ability to perceive emotions to act right
👍The ability to reason with emotions
👍The ability to understand emotions for resilience
👍The ability to manage emotions to succeed

Groom yourself as a professional!

read here for more info:


Polaris - Your Guiding Star

I say, "I know that you are hurting"! 🙇

I want to tell you, " I understand you feel sadness and hopelessness".

I know, "You have been hurt and betrayed countless times".

👤I understand, "you do not trust anyone with your feelings anymore".

No doubt, "Its getting tedious for you to bear this all alone".

🧠 You feel trapped inside yourself, No matter how much you scream or cry but still no one seems to understand you.

Let me tell you, " I understand".

" I can see you and hear you". "I respect you".

But please, 🤷

You shouldn’t give up on yourself, you want to try to learn the strategies to make your life better.

Let me help you!

Polaris - Your Guiding Star The aim of POLARIS is to offer life coaching (hire a coach to help you with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions) to improve mental health, well-being and interpersonal skills of our clients.


🌟 and for Bipolar Individuals
💫Diversity in the workplace means that an organization employs a diverse team of people that’s reflective of the society in which it exists and operates.
⚡ The concept of inclusion is however the implementation of the concept of diversity,“the achievement of a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to the organization’s success.”

👉Are Organizations in Pakistan Inclusive?

Bipolar disorder causes extreme and unusual shifts in mood, energy, and activity levels. About 2.4 percent of the global population suffers from this disorder. According to a study conducted in various institutions in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, it was found out that 14 percent of young people have bipolar disorders.

What can we do to build an inclusive society?


Bipolar awareness week! 🗣️
Support the cause👍
He stares into the black sky with hopeless eyes and says,"Yesterday I had a great idea. I was certain that it would give meaning to my life. I worked on the idea all day and night. The feasibility came out well. I was amazed to see the potential. I knew this was my ultimate goal. I wanted to yell eureka!
But today I think ,Life is too short and who knows if I even live long enough to fulfill it.Does it really matter what I achieve or how successful I become? Or maybe I am doing it only to be remembered after I die. I will be forgotten eventually, so why waste life on meaningless worldly desires?I Feel lost! "
👉The mind of a bipolar undertakes a never ending journey of highs and lows. Although they face a fight with themselves every day but still these minds are the most innovative.
🌟Earnest Hemingway and Vincent van Gogh are two notables who were diagnosed with Bipolar.
A large number of people suffer from Bipolar from mild to severe and choose to stay silent. A majority is never diagnosed because they never seek help. ⚡🌟👉Let us stand to support all those suffering from Bipolar for and


👉Test yourself for symptoms of depression:
Generally we have a misconception that depression means extreme sadness and crying spells. This is the reason most of the times depression settles in our lives without being detected.

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