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Timeline photos 03/10/2022

Timeline photos

One year, one of my 2nd grade classes was struggling with conflict in a pretty major way. I prioritized conflict resolution in my curriculum map for them, and I also rounded up some favorite books to share with the teacher when she asked me for some resources she could use!

Conflict Resolution book recommendations:



Timeline photos 05/05/2022

Timeline photos

Watch the video here:

Timeline photos 04/04/2022

Timeline photos

Lions and gazelles seem to have nothing to do with trauma and trauma responses. As wild animals, they don’t share any of the same reflexes as humans - right?

Wrong! Peter Levine, a pioneer in the field of somatic therapy, observed lions and gazelles in the wild. Where some gazelles would run and fight off the lions hunting them, others would freeze, hoping that the lion passed over them in favour of another.

After freezing, the gazelle dispels the energy and runs away. In humans, it's not always this simple - the traumatic energy remains trapped in the body, and people struggle to return to homeostasis. This trapped energy can manifest in anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

To find out more about this response, and how you can heal from it, read The Invisible Lion: Flatpack Instructions For Life:



~ Lulu


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We have little choice but to accept uncertainty and insecurity. If we make the choice to accept these, we'll be more likely to find stability and even contentment


Timeline photos 05/03/2022

Timeline photos

"When an incidental event or period in one's life has been too overwhelming to deal with, the body's response is to store the trauma in the body by walling off this energy."


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Your remote control should be in your hand....




Happy World Introvert Day!




The holidays can be stressful for a variety of reasons. If you're feeling overwhelmed, read this fact sheet to learn whether it’s stress or anxiety, and what you can do to cope.


The longest night of the year is upon us: the . While many people feel less happy at times during cold, gloomy days during the winter, these “winter blues” are usually temporary and do not interfere with a person’s functioning. In contrast, some people may start to feel consistently “down” when the days get shorter in the fall and winter and begin to feel better in the spring with its longer daylight hours. Is it just the 'winter blues' or seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? This infographic may help guide you on when to seek professional help.




Photos from Umeed e Nau - Institute of Professional Psychology's post 24/11/2021

Photos from Umeed e Nau - Institute of Professional Psychology's post

Photos from Umeed e Nau - Institute of Professional Psychology's post 24/11/2021

Photos from Umeed e Nau - Institute of Professional Psychology's post


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