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This page has made been made to aware common people in health related matters. As it will be updated by Professionals who are expert in their respective field.


A silent message


Congo Virus


Anti aging


Insulin and Glucose Regulation

Blood glucose

8 Subtle Signs Of Lung Cancer Every Woman Needs To Know 02/08/2017

8 Subtle Signs Of Lung Cancer Every Woman Needs To Know

Listen to your pain

8 Subtle Signs Of Lung Cancer Every Woman Needs To Know When it comes to health, I think that one of the best ways we protect ourselves is by always “checking in” with our own bodies. After all, only a doctor can diagnose an issue, but no one knows your body better than you. You’ll be the first to know when something is wrong, even before...

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Eat veges to stay fit

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Stem cells

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Healthy portions

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To***co kills nearly 6 million people a year and will kill up to 1 billion people globally during this century.
Don’t let to***co destroy your life!
***co ‪‎ ‪

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A simple Check

Detecting nutritional deficiencies.

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A diet for Gluten Intolerance

Gluten free menu list.

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High Fiber Foods are Healthy

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Dengue Fever

Alarming rise in genetic diseases in Pakistan 09/07/2016

Alarming rise in genetic diseases in Pakistan


Alarming rise in genetic diseases in Pakistan GENE IS a unit of inheritance in a living organism. These are inhabitant of all information that is necessary to build up a cell, maintain its normal function and pass down genetic information onto the next generations. According to Human Genome Project, it is estimated that there are 20,000 to 25,0...

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Gteat Art

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Thalassemia ..test first

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Fertility phase

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To fight against

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Fertility news

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Some facts on Fatty liver

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Malarial Parasite

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Still.more Research is required

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Hair loss ..

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Health Benefits

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If a Bad Dream




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