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So i am posting my 2nd success story today.
Allhamdullilah by the grace of Almighty i am becoming successful in my own field with zero cheating.
This was a C section client and one of a consistent client of my career.
Slowly and steady wins the race.
Book your appointments now.

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So here comes my client who loses 20kgs. It was a journey of months not days.
My brilliant and obedient client.
Dr MahGul
Alshafi hospital, lahore
Weight kam karna asaan nahi hai isay safe tareekay sy lose karain..


Working hard to reach to my destination.
Dr MahGul Mustehsan.
Contact details.
+92 308 1713642
[email protected]
page. Drmahgul
Tiktok drmahgul
Snack video drmahgul
I deal with every kind of patient.
Weight loss , weight gain, diabetes mellitus, CKD, kidney failure, hypertension, hypotension, atherosclerosis, heart issues, dialysis, small and large intestine disorders, stomach dysfunctions, fever, dengue, typhoid, covid, skin disturbances, thyroid issues, vomitings, pcos, menstrual irregularities, pregnancy


روٹی کھائیں وزن گھٹائیں ۔ وزن کم کرنا ہوا اب بہت آسان ۔

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Weight loss is no more a problem.
Say Goodbye to weight gain.
This magical tea contains no chemicals and have no side effects.
All age group people can consume.
Get this "MAGICAL TEA" and gets slim in just 15 days.
Is it soo?? Yes its real with no scam.
DM to order.

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Lose weight with
Diet is a lifestyle.


Diet is not only to lose weight only. Its a lifestyle. I always say "Dont diet eat right"


Finding for a person to lose weight rightly??
Wait is over. Contact now.
Weight loss
Weight gain
Gluten intolerance
Lactose intolerance
Stomach issues (heart burn, vomiting etc)
Liver issues
Large and small intestine issues
Hair fall or hair loss
Skin problems
Feel free to contact.
Contact to never regret.

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Malnutrition is a condition from which we all are suffering.
⭕Indications are kwashiorkor and marasmas
⭕Get yourself nutritive from this condition.
Prevent yourself from this condition and get the healthy diet plan today so you may suffer healthy. ⭕ Mothers are on risk.
⭕Children are on risk.


I am happy to announce that I am soon launching my new herbal and chemical free product.
I have prepared a product for my friends who have been suffering from hair loss problems and hair thinning problems.

I am very excited to tell you all that I have finally found a solution to numerous hair problems.

Launching soon


Popcorns contain soluble fibre in it. Enrich in fibre too.
Dr MahGul Iqbal
Lifeline health hospital gujranwala
Expert aesthetics gujranwala
Contact to get the best diet plan.
Diet plan of your choice and it will lose your calories too.


Popcorns are the best snack to consume.
3 cups of popcorns is equal to one starch.
Popcorns contain soluble fibre in it. Enrich in fibre too.
Dr MahGul Iqbal
Lifeline health hospital gujranwala
Expert aesthetics gujranwala
Contact to get the best diet plan.
Diet plan of your choice and it will lose your calories too.


A request to all who cannot pay for health but can compromise on health.
Please donot compromise on health atleast and consult to a nutritionist before its too late.


Topic: childhood obesity
Book your appointments today.
Expert aesthetics dc colony gujranwala
Childhood obesity is one of the leading cause in developing gealth issues in children.
Dont get upset and afraid.
Contact today


Now what is vacuum therapy?
Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive treatment to combat severe cellulite. It is carried out using suction devices that drain the adipose tissue and move the fat towards the lymphatic system. Vacuum therapy also helps to eliminate fat, it has an exfoliating effect, provides elasticity to the skin and relaxes the muscles.
⭕️Only expert aesthetics in Gujranwala have introduced this therapy yet.
⭕️Grab this opportunity instead of going towards liposuction and make yourself look more pretty and gorgeous.
Through this therapy you can reduce the fats of face, buttalks arm fat and part of every kind without any pain

Doctor Mahgul - Nutritionist updated their phone number. 28/03/2021

Doctor Mahgul - Nutritionist updated their phone number.

Doctor Mahgul - Nutritionist updated their phone number.


Every place have its unique breakfast.
Here comes the fenugreek mix with condiments and fresh butter and lasi (yogurt juice) unsweetened.



Diet plays a vital role in making you healthy and far away from diseases.
Get the diet plan and start a healthy life.


Weight loss is 80% depends on ypur diet
20% exercise
100% effort
But unfortunately no one is ready to do effort and wants the result in ome night. So effort is the key to your journey.


This is my breakfast which i modified little. Instead of i used and with coffee.
Anyone having use this yogurt with apple and you will find your stomach healthy.
is best in loding tummy fat.



Stop running behind free of cost things. If you are blessed with everything then why and how you can conpromise on health?? Stop taking yourself towards diseases and start contacting a nutrition because this is a nutritionist who will help you to get rid of
Renal diseases
Heart diseases
Depression and stroke
Stomach issues
Hypo and hypertension
Muscle gain amd weight gain
Stop thinking that google have every knowledge because what knowledge and things we have inside no one other can have that.
Contact today.
Doctor Mahgul - Nutritionist
Snapchat: MahGul Iqbal
Hospital: Lifeline health hospital Gujranwala
Online consultation is also available.


Finally some hope.
Nutritionists are not the "hakeems" nor the "morning show buggers" nutritionist is who have the complete knowledge and degree in Nutrition sciences


Throw a comment
Because food is mood!! 🍎🍌🍏



What you eat literally comes to you.
Don't diet eat right.


Get the dietary guidelines and stay fit and healthy.
All diseases actually started from not eating healthy. eating healthy is the major key role in our life. What we have to do? we have to go to a nutritionist and get the healthy dietary guidelines that can help us in sustaining a healthy life and the life that cannot lead towards diseases which is as there is a proverb that education starts from home so as there is a proverb the diseases start from an healthy eating.


It looks like a chemistry lmao.


Touch this👇🏽to receive positive energy.

👉🏽 おめでとう👈🏽

If it works, leave a 💜


Food Masti to thanks healthy and delicious. I always says don't diet eat right. Eat healthy and eat wisely.


Corona isnt finished yet.


All homemade sandwich.
I added olives, capsicum, kabab, crushes cabbage, origano, white pepper and cheese


اگر آپ موٹاپے سے پریشان ہیں اور اس سے چھٹکارا پانا چاہتے ہیں۔ تو آج ہی ہم سے رابطہ کریں۔ ہمارے ہاں ہاں دل کی بیماری ، ضیابطیس، انتڑیوں میں خون کا جم جانا، بانچپن، گردے کی پتھری، جگر کے امراض، ذہنی بیماری اور سوکڑے پن کا بھی علاج کیا جاتا ہے۔ اگر آپ یا آپ کا کوئی عزیز ان بیماریوں کا شکار ہے تو آج ہی ہم سے رابطہ کریں۔
پتا لائف لائن ھاسپیٹل گجرانوالہ۔


Location: lifeline health hospital gujranwala
Care your health


Dont diet eat right
Its nit a slogan its a habit which everyone have to develope.
Selection of food is an important topic. Healthy mother leads a healthy family so lets start educating ourselves about right selection of food by taking our children away from junk food and processed foods and takes them to healthy food (home made healthy food). What we need is a little lifestyle change.



So wait is over. Lets get registered yourself and get a chance to earn. Volunteers of all fields, age, gender are allowed to apply.
Last date of registration is 1st august.
For registering yourself follow the link given in the bio.
انتظار ختم ہوا۔خود کو رجسٹر کریں کریں اور گھر بیٹھے کمانے کا موقع پائیں بھائی بس سٹیشن کے لیے لنک ملک بائیو میں موجود ہے ہے وہاں جا کر کلک کریں کریں اور خود کو رجسٹر کریں۔

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