Armed Forces Institute Of Pathology - CMH RWP

Armed Forces Institute Of Pathology - CMH RWP


Margalla Institute of Health Sciences

Admission open
(Spring 2021)

D.P.T & PHARM-D Program

Eligibility: F.Sc Pre - Medical minimum 60% marks

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Mind Reading Technologies, The 10-5 U/Z or 10-6 +A microwave signal and Biblical Tongues 10-5 U-Z - 10-6 +A signal's (118hz, 212-218hz, 312-318hz, 412-418hz and 512-518hz) can connect to your brains internal antenna and monitor the brains decoded wavelength's reading your conscious and emotions using an algorithm and A.I.. They can activate other regions of the brain and show unknown parts of the nervous system under M.R.I.. That you can stimulate the nervous system having the immune system react to heal. People who can hear the satellite communication with their mind talk tongues. That they can communicate by thought. That thought can be translated into many languages. They use these technologies against us. Not informing the world to stay ahead of our civilization. In a attempt to be intelligent as the combined world they record thoughts. They steal ideas, murder, blackmail and use it as a tool for war. Altered emotions and subliminal messaging the calling. You sometimes get a headache when mind reading technologies are monitoring you.

Soul and Spirit - Your soul controls much of the brain and the brain controls the body. Your soul and spirit is located in the brain within the thalamus. Many souls and spirits stuck within skull and casket. Soul transferable conscious. Spirit is body memory and recorded memory.
ہر عمل قرآن و سنت سے کیا جاتا ہے
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آن لائن قرآن اکیڈمی کےذریعے گھر بیٹھےتجوید کیساتھ قرآن پڑھیں اور بچوں کو سکھائیں،ترجمہ

About all laboratory medicine specialities,path experiences for doctor of clinical laboratory medicine/Biomedical Scientist/pathologists/path technicians

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Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute CMH RWP

There is an urgent need of blood in civil hospital hyd and lumhs jamshoro for victims of sehwan blast.
For the areas, near to Sehwan..
Careem is offering free rides to LUMHS Jamshoro and Civil hospital to donate blood for Sehwan Blast victims.
Share it as much as you can

[11/02/16]   Blood needed in PIMS for injured females of IIUI in today's terrible accident on Kashmir highway.
Contact PIMS ICU directly please. As far 50 females are injured. All blood groups required And do also spread the word JazakALLAH khair


Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute CMH RWP

Careers For Fsc Pre-medical students!

Top Medical and non - medical applied sciences careers that MCAT students can choose after FSc pre-medical,

* Medical/Allied Health Sciences Careers:
(Never think field of medicine is only limited to MBBS, your vision and passion matters!)

1) Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery(M.B.B.S)
2) Bachelor Of Dental Surgery(BDS)
3) BS(Hons.) Medical Laboratory sciences or Doctor of Pathology/Medical Lab sciences
4) DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy)
5) BS (Hons.) Medical Image Technology or medical imaging doctor
6) Bachelors of Pharmacy(B.Pharmacy) or
7) BS(Hons.) Optometry & Orthoptics or Doctor Of Optometry
8) BS(Hons.) Emergency & Intensive Care Sciences
9) BS(Hons.) Orthotics & Prosthetics
10) BS(Hons.) Audiology
11) BS(Hons.) Operation Theater Technology
12) BS(Hons.) Dental Technology
13) BS(Hons.) Dental Hygiene
14) BS(Hons.) Cardiac Perfusion
15) BS(Hons.) Occupational Therapy
16) BS(Hons.) Speech & Language Pathology
17) BS(Hons.) Respiratory Therapy
18) BS(Hons.) Nutrition or Doctor of diet and nutrition
19) BS (Hons.) Clinical Psychology
20) BS (Hons.) Renal dialysis technology
21) BS (Hons.) Anesthesia technology
22) BS (Hons.) Radiotherapy
23) BS (Hons.) Cardiovascular technology
24) BS (Hons.) Surgical technology
25) BS (Hons.) Clinical microbiology
26) BS (Hons.) Nursing
27) BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery)
28) B.E.M.S (Bachelors of Eastern medicine and Surgery)

* Plant & Animal Medical Sciences:
1) BS (Hons.) Agriculture medicine
2) Doctor of Veterinary medicine

* Applied Sciences Careers:
1) BS (Hons.) Biotechnology
2) BS (Hons.) Microbiology
3) BS (Hons.) Nanotechnology
4) BS (Hons.) Biogenetics
5) BS (Hons.) Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics
6) BS (Hons.) Biochemistry
7) BS (Hons.) Bioinformatics
8) BS (Hons.) Biology
9) BS (Hons.) Chemistry
10) BS (Hons.) Physics
11) BS (Hons.) Applied psychology
12) BS (Hons.) Virology and Immunology
13) BS (Hons.) Biomedical engineering

** If you don't want to do anyone of these you have an other option to REPEAT F.Sc.
** Good Luck




Combined Military Hospital Tameez-ud-din Road
Rawalpindi Cantonment
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