Family Health Clinic Holy Family Hospital

Family Health Clinic Holy Family Hospital


I am in holy family hospital.i need help for checkup of my patient.can any body help?
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Ayesha hospital near haideri chowk sadpur road rawalpindi

The institute for provision of high quality Family Planning /Reproductive Health (RH) services as per international standards. The services provided are:
1) Comprehensive Family Planning Services including contraceptive surgery for males and females
2) Reproductive health services including Men Advisory Centers encourage male involvement in family planning by motivating men and providing vasectomy services
3) Preventive obstetric and gynecological services
Maternal and child health (MCH) care
4) Consultation and counseling for infertility
5) Consultation and counseling of Sexually Transmitted Infection (STIs) and Reproductive Tract Infections (RTIs)
6) Treatment of minor ailments
7) Extension camps are arranged for provision of both male and female contraceptive surgery to clients in rural and far flung areas

Operating as usual


Free Medical Camp at UC-5
(Camp organized at UC's Chairman house)


Refresher Training Session with FWAs


Tubal Ligation Surgery performed under local Anesthesia..
Our client, mother of 5 healthy children was nice enough to give us consent to record the surgery on camera. She was very cooperative and calm soul. Procedure took less than 10 minutes.
Now we can answer client's apprehension (when they are worried about what procedure is like) by simply showing them this 4 minute video. 26/05/2016

Afghanistan's New Struggle! All Afghani Women Have The Right To Get Birth Control - BuzzFanzine

And we still take our free and easy access to birthcontrol either for granted or as something unethical. A group of Islamic scholars supported by nonprofit organizations are sending out a clear message Read more


Population Awareness Walk Rawalpindi (Family Planning Week 2016) 22/02/2016

Bimek SLV – The new contraception for men.

A revolutionary product under scientific trial "Contraceptive Device for Men".
When launched, this product will definitely sweep the contraceptive market.
Check more details at The Bimek SLV regulates the flow of s***m cells in the s***matic ducts and does not require additional hormones or medication. 15/02/2016

7 Awesome Benefits of Birth Control Besides the obvious one…



When we say family planning changes lives, we mean it: “I'm no longer anxious. I don’t have to think about anything but my children—caring for them & planning to have a better future for them.”

- Joan Ramona, 23, Philippines


Now you can browse FHC Holy Family Hospital at Google Maps. Making the access via android/ smartphone navigation even easier. We want clients to reach us hassle free.


Women's Rights News

The Notorious RBG

via NARAL Pro-Choice America


Population Welfare Department Punjab

[07/21/15]   #Events and #Seminars 03/06/2015

The Unrealized Horrors of Population Explosion

Food for thought In 1968, a book by a Stanford biologist predicted doom for the planet in coming decades. Whatever became of the population bomb?

Events and Seminars 30/05/2015

Events and Seminars


Happy Mother's Day.
As the advocates of safe and healthy motherhood, we urge you to make wise choices by adopting family planning. This mother's day let's save the mothers for better future of children.

Our Services 25/04/2015

Our Services


District Population Welfare Office Rawalpindi organized a Family Planning/ Primary Health Festival as a part of IEC Plan 2015


We revamped our display board with the latest gigs from our modern day activities. We strive to make our Family Health Clinic better every day and to maintain neat and clean environment so your visit to this place is comfortable and unforgettable.


The Logical Indian

Watch this masterpiece by A.R Rahman and Lata Mangeshkar on the theme of Women Empowerment. - Hit the link below to watch is seamlessly on YouTube - 11/03/2015

The post-2015 agenda must emphasize reproductive rights and robust accountability As states work with the UN to develop a new development agenda, they have an opportunity to fully respect, protect, and fulfill their reproductive rights obligations


Bill Gates

Proof the world is getting better.

More mothers than ever are surviving child birth:


We are extending the range of our services and now offer complete postpartum Family Planning services. From counseling to IUCDs and from Implants to Contraceptive Surgery, the best time to plan the family further is immediately after childbirth. This improves healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy ratio in a community.
#SafeMotherhood #HTSP #HealthyPakistan


New year resolution for all the strong women out there.


The response at Free Medical Camp today was over whelming. 403 patients in 5 hours, I would like to give a shout out to my team at FHC, Holy Family Hospital for being so resilient and showing up for such hard core work on Sunday. Also the staff at Family Welfare Centre for their cooperation beyond bounds. We appreciate every individual for honest work & positive contribution towards our department.
Dr. Nida Ali
Incharge FHC Holy Family Hospital
Population Welfare Department


Orientation/Sensitization session about Family Planning Methods. Event organized by FHC BBH administration


Family Health Clinic Holy Family Hospital


Coverage (by ARY News) of Population Awareness Walk

[12/13/14]   We are celebrating Family Planning week from December 15th to December 21st in Rawalpindi District.
There are various activities organized in this regard including free medical camps, population awareness walks and orientation/awareness lectures. You are all welcome to be a part of this amazing campaign to support healthy/wealthy Pakistan through family planning.
All of you who want to participate with us, kindly inbox us to show your interest. Our administration will contact you.
#FamilyHealth #HealthyPakistan #PublicAwareness #FamilyPlanning #FamilyHealthClinic #RawalpindiDistrict


Vasectomy is a surgical procedure for male sterilization and permanent birth control. Offered to clients who have completed their family size. The safety profile of this procedure has increased many folds as no scalpel or suture is used in new surgical technique that we offer absolutely free of cost.
For more information about Vasectomy and choosing it as your method of birth control, visit our clinic.
P.S: You may post your queries on our timeline, page admin will be happy to answer.


Contraceptive Surgery or Tubal Ligation
Highly effective, permanent and life long protection against pregnancy. It is offered to clients who have completed their family size and do not want anymore children.
A simple and safe procedure done under local anesthesia by specially trained doctors who observe international standard infection prevention practices.
For more information about Tubal Ligation and choosing it as your method of birth control, visit our clinic.
P.S: You may post your queries on our timeline, page admin will be happy to answer. 02/12/2014

What No One Ever Tells You About IUDs

IUDs have a rate of over 99 percent effectiveness.
#contraception Tons of facts about this highly effective birth control option.


Women with unmet need are those who are fecund and sexually active but are not using any method of contraception, and report not wanting any more children or wanting to delay the next child. The concept of unmet need points to the gap between women's reproductive intentions and their contraceptive behavior.
Unmet need is especially high among groups such as:
Urban slum dwellers
Women in the postpartum period


Injectable Contraceptive
Provides contraception for 3 whole months (12 weeks), safe for breast feeding mothers and their babies.
Our trained professional staff provides injectable service with auto-lock/non-reusable syringe for eliminating the risk of infection. The service is free of cost.
P.S: You may post your queries about this method on our timeline, page admin will be happy to answer.

[11/19/14]   Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)

Videos (show all)

Tubal Ligation Surgery performed under local Anesthesia..Our client, mother of 5 healthy children was nice enough to giv...
Population Awareness Walk Rawalpindi (Family Planning Week 2016)
Jadelle Insertion by Dr Nida at FHC, HFH Rwp
A happy sindhi visitor does exclusive dance for us after receiving free medicine at our Health Festival
Orientation/Sensitization session about Family Planning Methods. Event organized by FHC BBH administration
Coverage (by ARY News) of Population Awareness Walk




-Oral Pills
-Emergency Contraception
-Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD)
-Male & Female Sterilization Surgery



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