Dr Shah Medical and Diagnostic Center

DR SHAH MEDICAL AND DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE is a new, state of the art medical center established under the supervision of Dr Syed Ishtiaq Ali Shah.

MEDICAL DIRECTOR Dr Syed Hassan Raza. BRIEF INTRODUCTION Dr Ishtiaq Shah has vast experience in the management of hospitals and health organizations in Punjab. He remained as Medical Superintendent District Headquarters Hospital and Govt TB Sanatorium Samli Murree. He has been serving the ailing community of Rawalpinidi District for last 30 yrs. He is a renowned General Practitioner in the local area with special interest in paediatrics and chest diseases. Dr Syed Hassan Raza S/o Dr Syed Ishtiaq Shah takes on his father's mission of serving the community and committed to provide latest healthcare standards to the community. He is privileged to have great contribution in transforming an OPD based clinic to a modern healthcare centre. LOCATION and CATCHMENT AREA Uniquely located, the DSMDC serves both urban and city population round the clock. (24/7). The hospital is situated in a prime locality, away from congested and heavily populated area, where 24 hr public and private transport is readily available. Due to its central location, it is easily approachable from the main city covering vast population of: Morgah, NewLalazar, Adayala Rd, Behria town, Gulraiz, DHA, Gulistan colony, along with GujarKhan, Sihala, Chakwal, Chakbaili, Rawat and Mandera. A large number of patients from far areas of Murree, Rawalakot, Muzaffarabad, Kotli and other areas of Azad Kashmir seek health care services in the centre. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES > To assure quality medical and nursing care to both the rural and urban population. > Special care to chronic and terminally ill patients > Provide and promote maternal and child health > Promote the highest level of rehabilitation and independence through restorative nursing care using a team approach. > Provide quality management through continuous evaluations of patient’s care through review processes. > Provide quality care by teaching and monitoring patient’s response. > Provide high quality health care services in a cost-effective manner. > Provision of latest machinery and technology for patient care. > Provision of highly trained staff for the patients. > Our staff is dedicated to serve the community with the latest technology and professional working attitude round the clock. The centre provides following facilities to the both outdoor and indoor patients. MEDICAL FACILITIES GENERAL OPD CONSULTANT OPD DENTAL CLINIC DIABETIC CLINIC PHYSIOTHERAPY VIP ROOMS PRIVATE/ SEMI PRIVATE ROOMS GENERAL WARD OPERATION THEATRE EMERGENCY THEATRE RETENSION ROOM INJECTION ROOM LABOUR ROOM DISPENSORY PHARMACY DIAGNOSTIC FACILITIES RADIOLOGY ULTRASOUND LABORATORY ECG COMMUNITY WELFARE PROGRAMS > The centre is working hard on the community awareness and welfare programs for the general public. > Some of our main achievements are mentioned below: > Free medical checkup and treatment to needy and deserving patients from our monthly funds and charity. Start of Diabetic clinic Focusing on both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, providing health care to diabetic patients from the diagnosis to the treatment regimes. A success in the area, we are providing complete facilities for the diabetic patients in maintaining records, proper balanced diet chart, exercise, use of insulin and drug treatment. Free Orthopedic camp Organized by the centre was a huge success. Renowned Orthopedic surgeons, neurophysicians and physiotherapist were invited to check large number of outdoor patients nearly 400, the centre provided them with free medical checkup and free medicine. Free Eye camp Was another success treated nearly 300 patients Covering all problems of vision, cataract, chalazion etc. With the help of an NGO 15 cataract operations were done free of cost including medicine. Medical workshop For the nursing and para medic staff in order to upgrade them from the recent advancements in medical profession. Medical workshop On emergency management and acute life support program. UPCOMING EVENTS AND PROGRAMS > Free maternal and child health care program focusing all aspects of maternal and child care including antenatal, prenatal, post natal and new born care. > Free diabetic camp for the diagnosis and treatment of new and old cases. > Free ENT camp for diagnosis and treatment of all the diseases. > Upgradation of centre building for more OPD and private rooms. > Addition of a new color Doppler ultrasound facility. > Inaugural of a new psychiatric unit under the supervision of renowned psychiatrists. CONTACT US 051- 5487116 0343-4159525 0321-5175180 0321-5175181 E mail: [email protected].

Operating as usual

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Free medical camp at Meena bazar 1st April 2017.
Nearly 450 patients were given free consultation, free medication and free sugar, cholesterol and bone density testing.

Timeline Photos

Health and recreational event..ARL Meena Bazar
1st April 2017 Saturday.

Meena Bazar 2016

Participation in Meena Bazar organized by Attock Sahar Foundation.
Free blood pressure, sugar and bone density tests performed with free medication and first aid services.
Special thanks to ARL officials for their continuous support.

Participation in Meena Bazar organized by Attock Sahar Foundation.
Free blood pressure, sugar and bone density tests performed with free medication and first aid services.
Special thanks to ARL officials for their continuous support.

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StyleCraze Health Tips

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Dr Shah Medical & Diagnostic Center is well reputed for its charity programs for the last 30 yrs.
Every year In the month of Holy Ramadan we prepare special packages for our poor community.
This year special funding is provided for our poor patients in terms of following facilities..

Free medical checkups and medication for all poor patients

Free Eye consultation and free cataract surgery

Free ENT consultation and free related surgeries

Dental checkups and surgeries on 50% discount

Great discounts on All laboratory tests and other diagnostic procedures.

Feel free to contact us:

Timings: Daily Morning 9:00 Am to 12:00 PM

Contact No:

Dr Shah Clinic near police station Morgah Rawalpindi.

Our Hospital Panel of Respected Doctors..

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Salaam !

Dear members, after the Ramadan Project, now the very next project we will be working upon is the ' EID PROJECT ' which aims at distributing the Eid Gift Packets and Souvenirs among the Poor children so as to make their Eid memorable and worth-while :) Insha'Allah*
Each Gift Packet will contain Sweets, Mehndi ( Henna ), bangles, toys and Eidee.

You all are Welcome to contribute a minimum donation of Rs 200 into this Project !

Following are the Bank Details:

Account # : 0413-7900206901
Account Title: Syed Hassan Raza.
Bank Name : HBL, Services Branch, Rwp Cantt.

(All Contributions should be made till 25th of Ramadan)

You can also Inbox us for further details or any type of query !!

Thank You :)
Stay Blessed**

~ Golden-Spoon~
( Feeding The Poor )


[07/16/13]   https://m.facebook.com/#!/GoldenSpoonCharity?__user=100001016771571

Kindly Like Our Cause Related Page By The Name Of ' Golden Spoon ( Feeding The Poor ) '

Thank You**

If You Need A Medicine, Then Consult Us ;)
LoL :p

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May this ramadan be month of blessings, a month full of forgiveness and guidence for all of us..
Ramadan mubarik to all..

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Visit: www.way2medicare.blogspot.com

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