Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Rawalpindi

The hospital mainly consists of three Blocks, accident & emergency block, O.P.D block and Indoors block Benazir Bhutto Hospital is a 750 bedded tertiary care hospital, affiliated with Rawalpindi Medical University,located at main Murree road Rawalpindi.

the hospital was made functional as district head quarter hospital in 1957 with bed strength of 150 beds. In 1960 it was taken over by federal government and announced as central govt. hospital with increase in bed capacity to 250 beds. This name oh the hospital got famous and still the hospital is renowned as central hospital by general public. In 1980 the hospital was handed over back to provinc

Operating as usual

Photos from Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Rawalpindi's post 30/01/2021

Final list of admitted candidates in 4 years genric BSN programme . Classes will comence from 1st Feb 2021.

Photos from Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Rawalpindi's post 11/11/2020

Tentative list of 4 years BSN candidates. If any correction or grievances of any any kind are needed to be addressed, please contact the under signed with in one week positively. Otherwise it may be considered as final list of the candidates.


اے وطن پیارے وطن
تجھ سے ہے میری تمناؤں کی دنیا پُرنور
عزم میراہےقوی، میرے ارادے ہیں غیور
میری ہستی میں انا ہے، مری مستی میں شعور
جاں فزا میرا تخیل ہے تو شیریں ہے سخن
اے مرے پیارے وطن اے وطن، پیارے وطن، پاک وطن،
پاک وطن اے مرے پیارے وطن اے وطن پیارے وطن
تُو، دل افروز بہاروں کا تر و تازہ چمن
تُو مہکتے ہوئے پھولوں کا سہانا گلشن
تُو نواریز عنا دل کا بہاری مسکن
رنگ و آہنگ سے معمور ترے کوہ و دمن
اے مرے پیارے وطن اے وطن، پیارے وطن، پاک وطن،
پاک وطن اے مرے پیارے وطن اے وطن پیارے وطن
میرا دل تری، محبت کا ہے جاں بخش دیار
میرا سینا تری ،حرمت کا ہے سنگین حصار
میرے محبوب وطن تجھ پہ اگر جاں ہو نثار
میں یہ سمجھوں گا ٹھکانے لگا سرمایۂ تن
اے مرے پیارے وطن اے وطن، پیارے وطن، پاک وطن،
پاک وطن اے مرے پیارے وطن اے وطن پیارے وطن


بے نظیر بھٹو ھسپتال میں جشن آزادی جوش و خروش سے منایا گیا۔ ایک پروقار تقریب میں پرچم کشائی کی گئی۔ اس موقع پر ایم ۔ایس ،ڈاکٹر رفیق احمد صاحب و دیگر نے قومی ترانہ پڑھا اور ملک وقوم کی سلامتی و سربلندی کے لیے دعا مانگی۔ تمام اھلیان وطن کو پر مسرت جشن ازادی مبارک ھو۔


A dedicated HDU & Ward for management of Novel Corona Virus infected patients if any, along with separate round the clock operational filter clinics for screening of suspected cases, is established at Benazir Bhutto Hospital Rawalpindi, in accordance with the directions by the Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education dept. Govt of the Pinjab.


Honorable Health Minister paid visit today of BBH. The HM expressed satisfaction and applauded the efforts of MS and the whole team.


Worthy DCO, Rwp, Visited dengue ward of the hospital to assess the facilities provided to dengue patients and expressed complete satisfaction.


Visit of BBH, Rwp by worthy secretary health specialized healthcare and Medical education dept to assess the dengue patients management facilities, provided by the hospital.


Holding rally to show solidarity with the people of Kashmir.


Visit of BBH, Rawalpindi by worthy federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad to see the arrangements made for management of dengue fever patients.


Visit of various depts. and specifically Dengue unit of Benazir Bhutto Hospital by worthy health Minister, Dr. Yasmin Rashid on 26th August, 2019. She expressed satisfaction over the facilities made available by the hospital administration for management of dengue fever patients.


Anaugration of Plantation activity held at BBH, Rawalpindi by chairman PHA on 1st March, in collaboration with Punjab group of colleges for clean and green Pakistan.


Farewell party hosted by the management of Benazir Bhutto Hospital in honor of Dr.Khalid Islam, the man of words , dedicated and devoted to his profession and always in action. BBH well always remember his commendable services and well benefit from professional experience as and when required. Salute to you sir.


عید میلاد النبی کے سلسلے میں بے نظیر بھٹو ھسپتال کی سٹاف ویلفیئر آرگنائزیشن کی جانب سے انتھائی پروقار تقریب کا انعقاد کیا گیا۔


Visit by Federal Minister for Health by Mr. Amir kiyani accompanied by MNA, Mr.Rashid Shafique on Sunday 9th December, 2018.


Anaugral ceremony of Police khidmat counter at Emergency Dept. of BBH, Rwp by worthy Medical Superintendent & R.P.O Rwp


A meeting chaired by the honourable M.S,Dr. Tariq Masood Khan Niazi with Senior Registers of the hospital. The worthy M.S requested all the participants to ensure their physical presence at duty places and put maximum efforts for better delivery of services to patients under their care.


A wellcome party by the adminstration of BBH, in the honour of worthy MS Dr. Tariq Masood Khan Niazi on 16.11.18.


Wellcome and anaugral ceremony hosted by the department of Dermatology, BBH in the honour of worthy M.S, Dr. Tariq Masood Khan Niazi on 15.11.18.


A very warm welcome party arranged by the department of Othopaedics, BBH, Rawalpindi in the honour of worthy Medical Superintendent Dr.Masood Khan Niazi on 14th November, 2018.


Public awareness walk on SMOG walk held at BBH, Rwp, lead by honorable Minister Raja Rashid Hafeez and worthy M.S , BBH, Dr. Tariq Masood khan Niazi .


A seminar on SMOG, chaired by the worthy M.S, BBH, Rwp was arranged in the conference Hall of BBH. The knowledgeable lecture was delivered by Dr. Arshad Rabbani.(Dept. Of Medicine), BBH.


Seminar on seasonal Influenza, organized at the conference Hall of BBH, Rwp led by the honorable M.S, BBH and lecture was delivered by Dr. Mujeeb Khan(Assist. Prof), Dept. Of infection diseases, HFH, Rwp on 12.11.18.


Wellcom party arranged by prof. Dr.Rai Mohammad Asghar in the honor of worthy M.S , Dr. Tariq Masood Khan Niazi in academic hall of Dept. Of Paediatrics, Benazir Bhutto Hospital Rawalpindi on 9.11.18.


Meeting chaired by worthy M.S Dr.Tariq Masood Khan Niazi , regarding preparedness about Influenza management on 8.11.18 in conference room of Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Rawalpindi.


Dr.Tariq Masood khan Niazi taking over charge of the Medical Superintendent.


Detailed visit of the dept. Of Psychiatry and indoors dept. Of hospital by the worthy health Minister, Dr. Yasmin Rashid on 5th September 2018.


Visit of dept. Of Pediatrics, Bbh, by the worthy health Minister. Dr. Yasmin Rashid on 5th September 2018.


Visit of worthy health Minister, Dr. Yasmin Rashid to Bbh, emergency dept. on 5th September 2018.


نرسنگ کے ایڈمشن کے لیئے درجہ ذیل طریقہ کار اپنائیں۔


Distinguished dignitaries expressing their views in connection with inauguration ceremony of Paediatric department.


Inauguration ceremony of new 20 beded Peadiatrics emergency block by honorable vice Chancellor Rawalpindi Medical University, Prof. Mohammad Umar, accompanied by Deen and head of Dept of Peadiatrics, Prof.Dr. Rai Mohammad Asghar , Medical Superintendent Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Dr. Khalid Mehmood Rhandhawa and other dignitaries.


Farewell ceremony arranged by ministerial staff of Benazir Bhutto Hospital, in the honor of outgoing mdical superintendent .A great man , a Nobel asset and excellent planner was honored with was seen off with dignity and full respect that he deserved.


2nd Regional meeting and workshop on
UROLOGY & ENDOUROLOGY held at BBH Rawalpindi Urology department on 15th & 16th December 2017 for sharing innovative and advanced developments as well as experiences for provision of better health care delivery to the people .


Celebrations of Eid Milaad Un Nabi (SAW) at BBH.

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The Hospital has Departments of :
• Medicine
• Surgery
Diabetes & Liver clinic
• Gynecology & Obstetrics
• Ophthalmology
• Pathology
• Orthopedic Surgery
• Urology
Dialysis Department
• Radiology
• Cardiology
• Dermatology
• Pediatrics
• Institute of Psychiatry
Department of Rehabilitation.
Department of Dentistry.
Anesthesia Department
Neurology Department



Madopur Road

General information

there are 18 various departments operational in the hospital, giving quality care to the population of Rawalpindi division and people of the adjacent areas of Islamabad capital territory and neighboring province of K.P.K.
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