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Soft Skills for Hard People Problems!

Cultural Apex Coaching helps organizations reach the apex of their breath when it comes to people problems.

Nutritional and Emotional Wellness education for individuals, groups, and worksites.

Mission: Soft Skills for Hard People Problems!

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Kim Laughlin Coaching

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Kim Laughlin Coaching

Kim Laughlin Coaching's cover photo

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Support is key when making changes. Reach out for your helping hand. #kimlaughlinhealthcoaching #health #habits

Making changes is not easy. Habit change techniques are important to implement. #consistency #kimlaughlinhealthcoaching

EQ vs. IQ - What's more valuable? | Kim Laughlin

It's often thought if someone is academically smart they will go far in their career. To a degree, this is true. The other end of the argument is if someone emotionally intelligent, he/she will go far in life. You see, EQ (Emotional Quotient) holds a... emotional intelligence, stress, relationships

I love juicing. Here are some recipes for easy/fast acting nutrition.

Healthy Juices for You

It's always good to seek natural methods vs. drugs.

Overuse of antibiotics can compromise your long-term health. My naturopath told me about some amazing natural alternatives. You should try them too.

Good to be reminded. :)

Foods to Eat To Look Younger


Simple and VERY functional

These refrigerator organization hacks will clear up your kitchen space and keep you more zen ✨!

Hungry For Change

I am the only person who has control over my eating habits. I can always resist something if I choose to. - Louise Hay #affirmations #HFCaffirmations

Amy Myers MD

Check out this blog. Get real with the food you put in your body.

I have seen first hand in my clinic the incredible progress and turnaround people with autoimmune disease can make simply by addressing their gut health.

This is why repairing the gut is the first pillar of The Myers Way®.

So, let's talk about why the gut is the gateway to health!

Organic Life

Here's how to find a good one:

McGill Media

Affording healthier without braking the bank!

If you feel you avoid buying healthier items at the grocery store due to sticker shock, I have a solution. Check out my very short video. Be Well!!!

Beets are amazing. From juicing to roasting - try them!

Health Benefits of Beet Root

Nature has provided it already!

A little bit of each - EVERYDAY!!

We treat others as we, ourselves, are. Know this when you are up against a challenge from others in an effort to improve your wellness. #forgivetheignorance #Healthyhabits

When it comes to breaking bad habits or acquiring good habits it always comes with a challenge. Simple isn't always easy. Small changes + consistency + support = GOAL! #goals #healthyhabits #healthcoaching

New Year's resolutions are going to run their course. If you fall off track, get back on. Don't reverse the progress you made. Restart and remember why you are doing it in the first place. #healthyhabits #wellnesstruth

Anti-Acne Diet | Get Rid of Acne by Eating Healthier | Healthline

Acne doesn't have to be accepted. Here is an article to help prevent it. Acne is a skin problem that can cause several types of bumps to form on the surface of the skin. Learn how your diet can improve your skin.

Corporate Wellness: Employee Engagement | Kim Laughlin

Do you offer a robust wellness program to your employees with less engagement than expected? Are your premiums benefiting from improved employee health? Often the answer to the effectiveness of the wellness program is bleak at best. It's not because th... corporate wellness, engagement, employee engagement

It's about getting better, not being perfect

Making a change is about getting better, not being perfect. Reaching a health goal is not a sprint, it's a marathon (sorry for the cliche and truth). My humble advice is not to dive into the deep end before you learn to swim. Look, even a small step forward is progress. Too much too soon leads to "overwhelm" and abandonment. We tend to make things more difficult than they need to be. Remember - better, not perfect. #weightloss #healthyhabits #nooneisperfect

Remember to hydrate every morning and throughout the day! Start your day with 16oz of filtered water before you eat or drink anything else! You will notice the transformation within a few weeks! #water #kimlaughlin #hydrate

Mealime - Meal Planning App for Healthy Eating

Great app if you don't already know of it! Mealime! Check it out.

Hi Facebook peeps! Listen, just because the holidays are (literally) right around the corner, it doesn't mean your hard work to be healthy has to go to the wayside. Remember to be consistent!

Kim Laughlin Coaching's cover photo

Kim Laughlin Coaching

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Great "no-cook" recipe!
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Tomato Mozzarella Salad is perfect for a delicious lunch and it is a great fresh side to add to any dinner!


Being afraid is OK. Not moving forward because of it is not OK. Courage is moving through the fear to get to your goal. #conquerthefear #courage #kimlaughlin #health

You can't exercise your way out of a poor diet. #exercise #diet #health #fitness #kimlaughlin Contact me to learn more.

Childhood obesity is becoming and epidemic. A diet filled with processed food and added sugar will result in disease. It's not a matter of "if" but "when". #sugar #childhoodobesity #disease #obesity #kimlaughlin

Be kind to yourself. Stop limiting beliefs. #positivethinking #mindful #kimlaughlin

Even if you can't get to all of your goals for the day, do something, Consistency is critical. #goals #kimlaughlin #move #healthy

Be sure to read nutrition labels. Sugar is our biggest culprit. Be careful on how much you eat. #sugar #weightloss #wellness #kimlaughlinhc

Processed food is manufactured to be addictive. The more processed the food, the higher your chances are of having serious illness. Be sure to eat as much whole food as possible. If nature made it, eat it. If humans made it, limit it.
#wholefood #noprocessedfood #kimlaughlin #healthcoach

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Affording healthier without braking the bank!
It's about getting better, not being perfect
Lose Weight with Water!
Whole'd on to Your Health
Whole'd on to Your Health




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