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these days it kind of feels like the world is ending 😅
how do you think the world will end? 🤔

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Spring Special!

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Deep breaths. Spring is coming.

The skies are quite busy in March! Who's having their Saturn Return?

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And I ope




𝚃͌͋̍̿͐𝚑̳̦͓̓̏𝚒̟͚͔̃̎𝚜̘̇ͪ͐ͬ ̞͎ͣ̇͊𝚕̜̯͋̋̇𝚒͕̱͕͑͂𝚐͕̲̙̇͛𝚑̺̤͊̑̂𝚝̳͕ͥ̃͂ ̳͓̂̀̐𝚜̩͚̤͂̒𝚑̺̏͋͐ͤ𝚒͍̟͛ͮ̐𝚗̜̺̐̂̓𝚎̪͌̑ͤ͌𝚜̦̜̊̂̈́ ͍͊̽ͥ̄𝚏̲̳̾̒͋𝚛̜͓̣͐͒𝚘͎̙̾ͧ̌𝚖̙̙͓͋ͅ ͖̅̒̓̍𝚠͚͈͔͈̾𝚒͔̀͌̓̄𝚝̤̲̲͂̌𝚑̙̬̄̈́̎𝚒̰͒ͭͣ͌𝚗̳͙̮̐ͦ

Dark Dragonair + Darkrai

People need to stop with the idea that just because something is that, that it must be evil.
Sure there are things in life that are dark AND evil, but assuredly, you can have one, and not the other. The two things are not synonymous.

Dark Dragonair is honestly one of my absolute favorite card designs, and has been since it came out all those years ago, so pulling this card is always gonna hit me right in the nostalgia department.

Darkness can be many things, ranging from beauty, to fear, a lesson in hate, a lesson in how far you’re willing to go.
When you grow and feel hopeless and confused, it’s not called the ‘happy go lucky’ night of the soul, it’s called The Dark Night of the Soul. Because more often than not, we don’t see the lessons in the good times, because we’re focused on living them. It’s when we feel lost that we again begin the journey for something greater.
We dream bigger.



Gastly has no true form, due to 95% of its body being poisonous gas. However, it consistently appears as a black, spherical Pokémon surrounded by a purple haze. The toxic gas surrounding the main body can induce fainting and suffocation. The anime suggests that Gastly has a playful personality, often frightening and playing pranks on people for fun. However, it has shown a willingness to preserve or pass on the memories of departed humans. It has further been shown changing form and creating illusions, and it is capable of phasing through solid objects. Gastly is based on the Japanese yōkai sōgen bi, the decapitated head of a monk whose head is doomed to wander the Earth, consumed by fire. Its Poison type is most likely a reference to poisonous or polluted gases.
Gastly represents ongoing battles, fatigue, drained of energy, courage, persistence, perseverance, learning from past failure, gathering your strength, being guarded, expecting trouble, holding out, setbacks, strength of will, mischief, prankster mentality.

Staryu, the star shape Pokémon
Type: water
Abilities: illuminate-natural cure-analytic
Staryu is a golden brown starfish shaped Pokémon with a star ruby core in the center. It can regrow most of its body as long as the core remains intact. When the sun goes down, the core glows its brightest. Many Staryu will float from the seafloor to the surface and align themselves with stars of the night sky as their core flickers, displaying a connection with the celestial bodies of space, where it is rumored to have originally come from.
Staryu represents hope, connectivity, higher powers, ancient knowledge, self healing

Hope and connectivity are there if you seek it. If you feel like you are above such things, it’s a silly notion. Don’t be such an edgelord that you refuse to embrace beautiful things. Go out and have some fun today. Do something subversive. Hail yourself.

“Turn up the radio” — a brief primer on the divinatory practice of Radiomancy! 02/27/2020

“Turn up the radio” — a brief primer on the divinatory practice of Radiomancy!

Ever been singing a song in your head and then find it on the airwaves? 🔮📻

“Turn up the radio” — a brief primer on the divinatory practice of Radiomancy! Despite various religious proscriptions against it, I love divination. And just so we’re on the same definitional page here, by “divination,” I mean the practice of using some in…


The Coronavirus! 🤔 hmmmm


😅 how ya feelin during all this ♓️ Pisces energy? What’s your sun sign?


And I ope

But also
I’d love to discuss any and all concepts woo-related! I’m nice, I promise 😅💖


This is my twin flame right?! 😍❤️


I’ve tossed around the idea of writing about children’s Chiron signs for awhile now. As a children’s astrologer, Chiron is one of the most pivotal points (and yes, I do this for adults as well) that I address within the natal chart of a child. As a Chiron square Sun (5th house) person, I kind of see this as a very strong responsibility that I hold in the position that I am. Save the children, save the world 😛

When discussing Chiron within the natal chart of a child, the most important thing to stress to a parent— is that just like us adults, all kids have their own path to follow. They, just like us, are here for it. There are experiences to be had, lessons to be learned, mountains to tackle— and the best that we as parents can do, is support them through the process. Cushion the blow, and show compassion for their sensitivities. Especially this generation.

The Chiron in Pisces generation of kids, is my weakness. I actually firmly believe that I steered myself away from my original college major, elementary EDU/special education, because it truly would have been too hard for me to work with these kids in a class room like setting. Not with Neptune conjunct my Sun, my compassionate heart would explode.

When considering these kids, and their pain. When I say these kids, I’m talking any little ones born between: we’ll say 2010-2018. That’s accounting for RX periods, but it’s a rough estimate.

These children, the ‘dreamers’ I like to call them, fit the quintessential portrait of the Indigo/Crystal child. They may even recall life times in far away places, and have distinct memories of things that are fairly unbelievable to most. My theory is, that these children were greatly wounded in the days of Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt. This theory isn’t tested, as most of my theories are. But it is based on my experience with my own Chiron RX child. Typically what my intuition says with this bunch, is often accurate.

Within this generation of kids, we’ve seen a wide array of mysterious disorders emerge. Often correlating to inattention, overstimulation, sensory disorders— interpersonal skills. Things like Autism, Aspergers, I’ve seen a link to non-verbal children as well.

But at the very root sits over-sensitivity. In one way, shape, or form. These beautiful souls, so desperately need to be honored for their highly unique and very needed gifts. These children will be the ones to promote holistic healing methods, the forerunners of paranormal and psychic research. The ones with Neptune in Aquarius catapulting us into the future of modern-everything. Given that a large number also bare that lovely square between Pluto and Uranus— they are going to shake things up, like it or not, here they come!

But it is so incredibly important, that we recognize these little humans for the future-mystics that they are. Chiron conjunct Neptune, again, which many of them have— is such a beautiful gift to bring into the world. But in order to use that gift, and in order to exercise that ability. It might hurt a little.

Children born between these years need to be supported in their psychic gifts, intuition, over compassion, softness, and idealism. They need to be taught how to protect themselves, and how to draw boundaries between ‘what is mine’ and ‘what is yours’. And, how to honor their intuitive gifts. Whatever those may be.

Creativity should definitely be supported, and when I say creativity I don’t mean they need crayons and paper. They need the ability to explore life outside of the lines. They aren’t here to fit into boxes, these children are here to heal. This is especially true on a mental level if your little one has Chiron in the third house, or in aspect to Mercury.

I believe that many of these children are lucky to have supportive parents. The Pluto in Scorpio generation can see them. Any highly Neptunian person, can understand them. And, with the collective experiencing Neptune in Pisces right now as well— these kids are serving as an example. One that will assist in ushering in a more compassionate, intuitive, and spiritually supportive new age.

For that, we should insure that we take extra care with these little dreamers. I have said so many times that my child, has been my greatest teacher. There’s something to that, and it’s something we should all explore through them 💜


A great summary of the signs by Brundige

TL;DR the first four signs rule the self, the elements as they relate us to our existence. The second four rule our relationships with each other interpersonally. The last four signs rule the collective--all of us.
Cancer rules the water of birth
Ta**us the ground beneath us
Gemini the first breath
Aries the fire of first creation

Leo the fire between two people
Virgo the earth or grounding between two people
Libra the breath of a kiss
Scorpio the saliva, bodily fluids shared between two people

Sagittarius rules the fire of the collective, the passion and education
Capricorn rules the earth of our collective, the stability and rules for us as a group
Aquarius rules the collective mind, the air above us, expansion
Pisces rules the collective unconscious, the water that flows through us all and dissolves the boundaries of collective emotion.


Morganite and Quartz

Light descends
love ascends
in the dance dimensions collide
in breathing
in being
°Woodlights Woudlicht

After all this time...after all this time...and we bow.


Me when people ask me questions about tarot or astrology in normal-public 😬✨ gotta have faith, fam!

Or something!



So it's ♓ season; what are some traits about people with Pisces placements that you love the most?💖💫

For me, I think that evolved Pisces energy can be very genuine, empathetic, creative, and very dreamy. Unevolved Pisces energy, however...

...thats some thing to be discussed on a different day...😂✌🏻





My rising is funny and my moon is all the nice bits sooo


If you don’t know your mercury sign/house and how that shapes your communication style, it’s an interesting dive 👩‍🎤

Do you know your Mercury Sign & Mercury House?


Synastry special! Base of $45 for a comprehensive chart reading for you and yours, plus an in depth tarot pull! Pm me.
Happy almost-Vday!

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I meeeeean


Being a Cancer rising Capricorn dominant: “I’m just gonna sit here and do nothing!! And then, when I calm down, I’m gonna do everything perfect!”




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