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Dr. Lanett is in a great location right on the North Berkeley/Albany Border on popular San Pablo Ave. The Atrium Plaza building is one block north of Solano Ave. 510-644-4414 / Gentle Chiropractic Care / Orthotics / Digestive Nutrition

510-644-4414 / Gentle Chiropractic Care / Orthotics / Digestive Nutrition / Pregnancy related back pain

According to the VA, non-pharmacologic care, such as chiropractic, should be considered a first-line approach for patients with acute pain. #ThinkChiropractic

According to the VA, non-pharmacologic care, such as chiropractic, should be considered a first-line approach for patients with acute pain. #ThinkChiropractic


VA Secretary praises department’s model path to ending opioid addiction - VAntage Point

Did you know that the VA will refer Veterans for Chiropractic Care?

blogs.va.gov Over the past six years, VA’s Opioid Safety Initiative (OSI) has reduced opioid dispensing more than 50%.

All YMCA’s are free and open to the public Memorial Day...


Thermography Detects Breast Cancer Years Before Mammography Can


juicing-for-health.com By the time a mammogram detects a lump, it would have taken five to eight years to develop.


8 Simple Things That Have a Big Impact on your Joint Health & Mobility

Daily morning stretches can make an impact on muscle flexibility!

rd.com Most of us don’t think about our joints often, but it’s these parts of the body that form the connections between our bones that are critical for doing the most basic thing: move. So it’s important to protect your joints. Here, the eight things you can do that could have a positive impact on y...


Don't miss The Toxic Mold Summit January 28 - February 3, free and online!

Register for the FREE Toxic Mold Summit Jan 28- Feb 3 which is held online and may answer the many questions about living with mold in your environment.

invitebox.com Don't miss The Toxic Mold Summit January 28 - February 3, free and online!

The Low Force chiropractic technique, Activator Methods, utilized by Dr. Lanett is perfect for seniors to help maintain balance and mobility!

Prevention is key to preventing falls in older adults. Chiropractic care represents a safe and effective option for older adults to help improve balance, which improves health and decreases risk. #ThinkChiropractic

Chiropractic care alleviates many arthritic pains by keeping joint motion intact

Seek arthritic pain relief with chiropractic care.

Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year 2019!

The office is open through the 22nd

Dec 21 is the new last day to sign up for coveted California health insurance

ALERT: There's still time! The deadline for signing-up for health insurance starting January 1 has been extended to midnight on December 21. Don't wait, act now and get covered!

Take the pressure off with some self-care time for yourself!

[11/24/18]   Congratulations, Americans! The 2018 ACA (Affordable Care Act) enrollment period is just 45 days and began Nov. 1 (through Dec 15). You're not seeing advertising about the enrollment window online or on TV because the Affordable Care Act’s advertising budget was cut. Trump doesn't want people to sign up for the ACA, because then he can claim it's a "failure." Fortunately, people are posting this and using the word "congratulations" so it gets posted more frequently in News Feed by FB algorithms.

Please copy and paste (don't share) on your own timeline, if you want to help spread the word. We NEED affordable care. Richest country in the world, and people use Go Fund Me or die because they cannot afford health care. Pass it on.

Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

Roughly 80 percent of individuals will experience back pain in their lifetime. Chiropractic can provide a safe, effective and drug-free approach to manage pain. #ThinkChiropractic


Does chiropractic care help with lower back pain?

"Adding chiropractic treatments to one's usual medical care may help relieve it, at least a little, according to a study done with military personnel." https://abcnews.go.com/Health/chiropractic-care-lower-back-pain/story?id=55261105

abcnews.go.com About 1 in 5 Americans endure lower back pain, and adding chiropractic treatments to one's usual medical care may help in relieving it, at least a little.

Have your feet been checked to see if you need orthotics? Once you get used to them you won't want to go without them.

Taking care of your feet is an important part of keeping your back feeling good! We stand on our feet all day. "The foot bone is connected to the leg bone, is connected to the hip bone... "

If you're suffering with low back pain, do not ignore your feet! Your feet influence your health.

Have pain in the neck and upper back from looking down at your device? Come on in for an adjustment for relief.

Did you know that staring down at a mobile device places 60 pounds of pressure on your neck? Ouch!


Sleeping on your left side is beneficial for your body, and here's how

Sleeping on your left side is helpful for digestion

dizzyturtle.com This simple hack can really improve your health

Interesting seminar on Osteoporosis today with Dr Simpson, DC, C.C.D., a certified clinical bone densitomitrist. How good is your bone quality? I recommend her book if you want to learn more.

Computer use got you feeling tight in the neck or upper back? Come on in to get relief, and, learn how to strengthen your upper back to prevent this.

Neck pain is the third most common chronic pain condition in the U.S. and the fourth leading cause of disability worldwide, representing a substantial burden to society, which doctors of chiropractic can help alleviate.


Avocado: Scientists Reveal Groundbreaking Discovery

"So in addition to its super-food status proclaimed a few years ago, studies keep discovering more benefits. A 2015 study discovered that a specific type of leukemia cancer cell, AML (acute myeloid leukemia) is killed by converting its infinite or non-death status to apoptosis (self destruction) without harming the healthy biological and biochemical environment." http://realfarmacy.com/avocado-cancer/

realfarmacy.com .

The low force, Activator Method technique, used in the office is perfect for seniors or anyone looking for an alternative to being manually 'cracked'.

Chiropractic care offers patients a safe approach to spine and joint-related pain as they get older. #ThinkChiropractic

Covered California

Fellow Californians: Please note that the deadline for enrolling in a health insurance plan via CoveredCA has been extended to Dec 22! That's one more week to sign up for coverage to begin January 1st. And, to start coverage Feb 1st, you need to sign up before January 31st.

ALERT: There's still time! The enrollment deadline for coverage starting January 1 has now been extended to December 22.

Act now: http://bit.ly/2jOFxht

At work with one of my adorable senior patients... he gets a lot of benefit from the low force Activator Method chiropractic care provided. A very safe technique for seniors to keep mobility as long as possible.


Antimicrobial Activity of Bee Venom and Melittin against Borrelia burgdorferi

Treating Lyme Disease with Bee Venom therapy just got validated in a peer reviewed medical journal. A research paper was published that establishes Bee Venom as BETTER than the antibiotics available to treat Lyme. Graph B is the best. It shows that by actual count, Bee venom kills Lyme in "all" of its forms and after 7 days there is ZERO GROW BACK FACTOR unlike the 3 antibiotics and combo's tested. Please share with anyone you know with Lyme disease. http://www.mdpi.com/2079-6382/6/4/31

mdpi.com Lyme disease is a tick-borne, multi-systemic disease, caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. Though antibiotics are used as a primary treatment, relapse often occurs after the discontinuation of antimicrobial agents. The reason for relapse remains unknown, however previous studies suggest the...


FDA Finds Majority Of Herbal Supplements At GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, And Target Don’t Contain What They Claim – Instead Cheap Fillers Like Wheat And Soy Powder

Buy your supplements at a reputable health food store to avoid getting a bottle not containing what it says.

hlf-team.com Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and GNC are taking full advantage of the lack of regulation in regards to herbals products and selling the public supplements that do not contain the herbs on the label.

Stay inside as the heavy fire smoke continues. Here are natural remedies to help: (can be found at BioFuel Oasis in Berkeley)

*Burn a beeswax candle. Beeswax actually cleans the air.
*Propolis Tincture - propolis (resins collected by honeybees) boosts your immune system and will help you overall deal with the smoke and stress.
*Local Honey in your tea - Honey will help soothe your throat if it's irritated from the smoke.
*Nettles Oxymel - nettles is great for your sinuses. An oxymel is an herbal remedy made with vinegar & honey.
*Allergy Support Tincture - from Steadfast Herbs, this will help your allergies.
*Anxiety and Trauma Support - from Steadfast Herbs, this will help those directly affected by the wildfires.


Dr Lanett's New Office Location, coming soon!

Appointments at the South Berkeley office are still available until Oct. 19th. The office will be relocating to Albany/ North Berkeley - appointments will start Oct. 26th!

us2.campaign-archive.com The new location is in Albany, just north of Berkeley, inside the Atrium Plaza building.  It is on the west side of San Pablo, and is one block north of the intersection of Solano Ave and San Pablo Ave.New Address:  828 San Pablo Ave, Suite 107, Albany CA 94706.  Open for patient visits Thursday Oct...

Healing Through Movement

The hip flexor muscle attaches to the lower spinal vertebrae and if tight, contributes to spinal misalignment. Don't forget to stretch it!

Loosening the hip flexor is one of the most important things many people aren't doing.
Hip flexors are the engine through which our bodies move.
EVERYTHING goes through the hips.
And when they're tight, they can lead to a host of problems.
Learn about a step-by-step program designed to help loosen hip flexors, enhance strength training, and improve overall health.

Gout is an acute disease of the joints. Many who have it are diabetics, and also some of these patients are eating a high acidic diet with meats, dairy and grains. It is caused by the chalky crystals developing around the joints, and tendons It is usually characterized by a high uric acid in the blood.
It usually affects the big toe first, but can affect other joints. There are many conventional medical treatments such as allopurinol, colchicine, and uloric.

There are many natural ways to try to relieve the attacks and even treat.

1. A raw apple and cucumber juice will help severity of attacks
2. Drink plenty of cleaning infusions especially with nettle tea
3. Rub a few drops of lavender and frankincense on the affected joint
4. Pine and juniper oil to increase circulation
5. See your chiropractor for a spinal and extremity adjustment to enhance nerve root function.


This is What Happens to Your Body 10 Hours After Putting on Nail Polish

Did you know that traditional nail polish in a salon is toxic to your body? It needs to be disposed of, just like paint cans, in a recycling center that takes hazardous waste. Healthier nail polish alternatives do exist...read on! http://www.healthy-holistic-living.com/natural-nail-polish-alternatives.html

healthy-holistic-living.com Even the most health-conscious people can fail to consider how nail polish is affecting their bodies. But a recent study found that many of the most popular nail polish brands in America are much more harmful than they would seem. What The Research Shows Researchers recently tested for signs of...Mo...

What are the "unrelated" conditions that improve as we inprove our health habits around food? To name a few . . .
Asthma, 82% improved or resolved, migraines 57% resolved, heartburn/ GERD up to 98% resolved, menstrual cramps associated with PCOS 100% resolved . . . .


Gardasil: The Decision We Will Always Regret

Did the vaccine trigger a dormant lyme disease tick borne infection? I agree its possible it could have.

healthimpactnews.com We deeply regret consenting to the Gardasil vaccine. We had no idea of the severe side effects some experience post vaccine. Every day, we wish we had been more informed. Parents beware of blindly following your doctor’s recommended vaccine schedule. Do not rely or expect your doctor to know everyth...


Progesterone is also for Men | Natural Progesterone – How it can help you

Estrogen dominance syndrome in men? Learn how supplementing with natural progesterone can reduce the chance of prostate cancer! https://www.natural-progesterone.org/progesterone-can-help-men/?utm_source=US+-+boxing+day+campaign&utm_campaign=cc53d94dd5-July_Education&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0aca2df7e4-cc53d94dd5-348920321&mc_cid=cc53d94dd5&mc_eid=f9f37a277c

natural-progesterone.org Progesterone is also for Men Leave a reply Researchers, including the noted John R. Lee, MD, have found that estrogens and substances like them contribute to many modern health ailments. This state of excess estrogen is called “estrogen dominance” and negatively affects both sexes. Dr. Lee hypothesi...


World Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease

"The cholesterol theory led to the no-fat, low-fat recommendations that in turn created the very foods now causing an epidemic of inflammation. We now have an epidemic of arterial inflammation leading to heart disease and other silent killers."

dailyoccupation.com We physicians with all our training, knowledge and authority often acquire a rather large ego that tends to make it difficult to admit we are wrong. So, here it is. I…


6 Little Known Signs of Adrenal Fatigue | The Healthy Home Economist

A great easy to read article what may be causing your hair loss or overwhelming fatigue!

thehealthyhomeeconomist.com Weird and unusual signs that your adrenals are struggling. Plus, steps to take right away to soothe these important glands and stave off burnout.


How Coffee Enemas Helped Save My Life! | HoneyColony

The main purpose of a coffee enema is not irrigating the colon to alleviate constipation, as one could think. Rather, it is to support the liver in eliminating toxins and to cleanse the blood.

honeycolony.com Coffee enemas offer many health benefits if you can get over the taboo. They can improve energy levels, gut motility, and the frequency of bowel movements.

Local Clinical Studies

If you have knee pain or hip pain that isn't responding to over the counter medication, you may qualify for a clinical study on arthritis (and get paid) - don't forget to also try Chiropractic care for knee and hip pain beforehand! http://localclinicalstudies.com/arthritis/?h=1377629493&s1=201545&v=3

localclinicalstudies.com *In a clinical research study, the participants may receive investigational study product or may receive an inactive substance, or placebo, depending on the study design. Participants receive study-related care from a doctor/research team for the duration of the study. Reasonable payments will be ma...


Vitamin D Council | How much vitamin D is needed to achieve optimal levels?

How much do we need? How much Vit D is too much?

vitamindcouncil.org A new paper found that most individuals need at least 6,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily to achieve vitamin D levels of 40 ng/ml.

[05/21/17]   Here's an opportunity to order some bloodwork that you might have been wanting, especially if your doctor won't order those tests you've asked for. Take charge of your health!


Things you must know if you don’t have a gallbladder

Taking a digestive enzyme is one of the things you can do. The gallbladder has so many functions including enabling fat digestion!

liverdoctor.com Removal of the gallbladder is one of the most common surgeries performed in the USA and Australia to...


Bee venom therapy used to treat Lyme disease

Treating Lyme disease with Bee Venom Therapy -
a natural and effective therapy for Lyme.

fox2now.com ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – David Seyers was infected with Lyme disease while helping a buddy build a hunting cabin in northern Missouri. Two tick bites changed his life. “I would have testicle pain, I would have seizures…throbbing pain, headaches, fatigue; major, major fatigue with it,” Seyers said.


How to properly remove a tick

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Do you know how to properly remove a tick if one attaches to you? Save yourself exposure to lyme disease and other tick borne diseases.

Use tweezers, get it as close to the skin/head as possible and pull straight out, do not twist that tick. Put it in a baggie with a damp cotton ball and send it off for testing. Tick season has already started with a bang, many have found ticks embedded in them already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27McsguL2Og

University of Manitoba tick expert Kateryn Rochon explains the proper way to remove a tick. Find out about the blacklegged tick and what makes it unique: htt...

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