Sarana Community Acupuncture

affordable acupuncture ($25 - 45 sliding scale) and acupressure massage in a relaxing community space

We offer affordable acupuncture at $25 - 45 sliding scale in a peaceful community space. We also offer affordable acupressure, cupping and Chinese herbs. Our goal is to provide quality care and make it widely-accessible to folks of ordinary incomes. We help create social change by providing relief from pain, suffering, stress and isolation. We envision a world where acupuncture is part of everyday life for people of diverse social, cultural and economic backgrounds. We are a co-operatively-run 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a proud member of People's Organization of Community Acupuncture Co-op (

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We are open all weekend with some reduced hours, so remember to take care of yourself and come in for a relaxing acu-nap! #communityacupuncture #acupunctureworks #affordableacupuncture #holidaynaps

[07/02/19]   Attention folks! Last min schedule change for tomorrow (WED 7/3): We have a practitioner out unexpectedly, and Tatyana will work from 1-5pm. If you have a scheduled appt before 1pm, keep an ear out for a reschedule call! Sorry for the inconvenience!

We are OPEN on the 4th! Pam works 11-3 and we have a few openings still!

We love this part of our job 💗

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Consider joining POCA today to help support sustainable, accessible health care for underserved communities. It’s only $25/year, and you’ll get great perks at member clinics worldwide ☺️✌🏼

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Blessed summer solstice! 🌸🌞🌻 Enjoy the longest day of the year and make some time to catch a relaxing acu-nap 😴. #summersolstice #communityacupuncture #stressrelief

So good, & so needed for me today.

Thank you for posting @rochestercommunityacupuncture illustration by @stacieswift - check out her other work!

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Dads need naps too! Looking for something relaxing as a gift for Father’s Day? Give dad a gift certificate for some acupuncture, so he can come and take a sweet acu-nap 😴 #acunap #naptimeforgrownups #fathersday #communityacupuncture . . . #Repost @vskafandre with @get_repost
• afternoon nap • illustration by Soosh

Acupuncture helps💜
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🎨@kath.nash 😎
The nice emotions you wish they could stay, the uncomfortable ones you wish they never came.
Here's what I noticed happens to me.
I'm feeling happy, hopeful, content being in the moment. Everything feels just 'ahhhhh, life is good' I remember to be grateful I feel it. ❤
another moment inevitably arrives, maybe the next day, or the next 'oh I'm feeling, I'm feeling. I don't know how I'm feeling but I feel errrrr, maybe sad, angry, scared, I'm not sure. Ahh. Now what? How do I fix this?'.
I USED to need to fix/block them,
'Will this take over?'😣
'Can I function like this?'
'People may wonder what's wrong & I'm not even sure'
'I don't feel like doing or saying anything'
'I don't like these thoughts & feelings, I feeling scared, worried about them'.
The uncomfortable feeling stayed & became scary like this. Could It be how I'm thinking?
NOW I'm trying to change how I think about these, how I speak to myself, it's helping.
🌿I'm human emotions do come & Go.
🌿A day can hold so many emotions, feelings thoughts in 1 day. I can look back to yesterday, last week, last year & see I feel different. It's proof they don't stay.
🌿Negative emotions only stay when I focus on them, become scared of them, block them, no compassion, & stay focused on them.
🌿So now when I get a feeling that's uncomfortable. I'm trying to say to myself.
🌿It's ok.
🌿Its an emotion, they don't stay, but I honor it, I'm feeling it.
🌿It feels damn uncomfortable but it won't stay. So I'll get present.
🌿I do notice you, hello👋, but you won't cause my actions to change, not because of a temporary mood.
🌿Im not going to focus on you, im going to let you pass on your own.
🌿I have this next action I'm set to do, & I'll keep on focused on it.
🌿But maybe make it a bit more fun, reconnect to my favorite memories, songs, people. Etc.
🌿& it does pass, without focus, without thoughts that scare me & keeps me out of anxiety circles.
I'm ok with uncomfortable, & it passes.

Our clinic has been in existence for over 11 years and, despite continually rising overhead costs, the low end of our sliding scale fees for acupuncture has remained at $20 or less (for a little while it was even as low as $15).

We have waited as long as we could, but the time has come to raise our acupuncture fees to help us keep up with the increasing expenses.

The details:
✅New acupuncture fees as of 7.1.19 will be $25-45 sliding scale.
✅All other service fees will remain the same.
✅We will continue to offer offer $10 acupuncture treatments to veterans or active military, as well as"kids pay their age" treatments for anyone under 18.
➡️All clients are welcome to pre-pay for up to 🔟 acupuncture sessions at the $20 rate during the month of June.⬅️
If the low end of the new sliding scale presents a hardship for you, please discuss it with your acupuncturist during your clinic visit, and they will help you come up with an alternate payment arrangement. #communityacupuncture #affordableacupuncture #acupunctureworks

Sound Healing & Acupuncture Event: THIS THURSDAY 6/6, 2-4 pm.

Join us for a live sound healing session by Evelie Posch in our treatment space while you receive acupuncture!

Regular acupuncture fees apply and donations to Evelie are welcome but not required.

Evelie Delfino Såles Posch is a Certified Sound Therapist, Pranic Healer, multi-instrumentalist, music teacher, sacred song composer, and ritualist. She has been singing all her life. Evelie seeks to inspire in all Beings compassion, joy, loving-kindness, peace, in intention, speech and action. She has led chant, drum & singing circles for over 35 years worldwide. She has a private practice as well as bringing sound healing & her music ministry to assisted living & rehab centers, hospitals, retirement homes, yoga centers, and prisons. Evelie’s daily practice includes breath, chant, sound, silence, Tibetan and kundalini yoga.

Please connect with her through evelie511 at gmail dot com. #soundhealing #communityhealing #meditativesounds #communityacupuncture

Timeline Photos

Meet our new substitute acupuncture, Carolyn Mayo! She will be filling in for Ines Monday and Saturday mornings starting next week through mid-August while Ines is in Europe. Please come meet Carolyn in person by booking an appointment soon. More about Carolyn in her own words: “I was first drawn to the study of medicine as an undergraduate student of psychology and neuroendocrinology at UC Davis. It was fascinating to learn about the scientific basis of the relationship between mind and body. It wasn’t till years later that I became interested in Chinese medicine. I began using acupuncture and herbal medicine to treat my chronic migraine headaches and digestive issues and found profound and lasting relief from these symptoms for the first time in my life. I was amazed and grateful to have a better understanding of how to take care of my health. I went on to pursue a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine from the Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, CA; and eventually, I completed my doctorate in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco.

I’ve had the pleasure of working in several community acupuncture settings, including Lifelong West Berkeley Primary Care Clinic; the San Francisco Prenatal Clinic; and the Bay Area Veteran’s Acupuncture Clinic (BAYVAC), a grassroots community acupuncture clinic that provides acupuncture services to veterans and their families. I am continually inspired by what Chinese medicine can achieve and find great joy in helping others benefit from this medicine as I have. I strive to increase access to such an invaluable resource and am delighted to be a part of the community at Sarana. When I’m not in the clinic, you can most likely find me walking with my sweet, lazy dog, Luna; making herbal tinctures; and hosting pot lucks.”
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[05/31/19]   We are closing a bit early today, last appointment is at 5:20 pm. The later hours are pretty full, but our new sub Jenny Lee is working 12-2 pm, so we have extra openings available in the early afternoon -- please come meet Jenny and get your weekend started with a delicious acu-nap!

Handy self assessment tool!

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We are open this holiday weekend, so make some time for an acu-nap! 😴 #naptimeforgrownups #pocaclinic #affordableacupuncture #stressrelief

Courtesy of our resident acupuncture-illustration enthusiast NOTE: we do not perform animal treatments at our clinic 🦆
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[05/21/19]   Sean will be out tomorrow, Pam will be working 9:30 am -2 pm, and our new sub acupunk Joyce Kwok will be working 2-6:30 pm -- come and meet her and get a nice acu-nap!

[05/15/19]   Our online scheduler is glitchy this morning, please call us to book or walk in - we have openings available on this rainy day!🌧

A great little post on the subject from @guelphcommunityacupuncture
Chronic pain can be so overwhelming that it’s hard to tell if acupuncture is helping. Regular treatment will often slowly chip away at issues that are chronic, but sometimes progress is less straightforward. How do you tell if acupuncture is working even though you’re still in pain? Here are some questions to ask yourself ... Am I taking less pain meds? If you forgot to take your meds, or you didn’t need them, that’s progress even if you’re still in pain. ✨Has the pain changed? Sometimes acupuncture shrinks the area of pain before it changes the intensity of the pain. Likewise, if the pain was very intense all day every day and now you’re getting windows of all the milder pain, that’s progress as well. ✨ Are you able to walk further or do more physical activity? We often see people doing more in their lives once they start acupuncture, sometimes before we even see the pain itself decrease. ✨ On a related note: did you feel so good after your treatment that you overdid it and re-injured yourself? It’s not uncommon for people to get excited when they feel better, overdo it and then have the pain set in again. That is a sign that the acupuncture is helping.✨Are you sleeping better or longer? Chronic pain often interferes with sleep. If you’re still in just as much pain during the day, but your sleep is better, then the acupuncture is most likely helping. Hopefully, you’ll experience daytime relief as well. ✨ Is your mood and focus better? Chronic pain demands a lot of our brains’ bandwidth. Acupuncture can help clear up mental fog, forgetfulness, anxiety or low mood. Sometimes peoples mood or focus improves before their pain does. #chronicpain #acupunctureinrecliners #guelph #slowlybutsurely

Mama needs her (acu)nap too! 😴 if you are looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift, consider picking up a gift certificate for some acupuncture! #communityacupuncture #relaxation #pocaclinic

Join POCA this month to enter our ⭐️ raffle ⭐️ for a pack of free treatments! Visit POCA's website to learn more about the organization and to sign up:

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The Cooperative Acupuncture Clinics Popping Up in Middle America

If you need some inspiration for joining POCA this month, look no further than this wonderful article with a shout out to our comrade Cait of Lincoln Acupuncture Project (formerly of Oakland Acupuncture Project fame): With skyrocketing healthcare costs, residents of Middle America are turning to acupuncture.

May is POCA Co-op membership drive month!
Our clinic is a proud member of POCA and relies on the co-op for valuable resources and support. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Join POCA (People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture, as a patient / community member for as little as $25 / year (or renew your lapsed membership) and receive:

One entry per current POCA member to win one of our 3 prizes of FREE acupuncture in our POCA drive raffle!
🔸1st prize is a 3-pack of acupuncture treatments
🔸2nd and 3rd prizes are one acupuncture treatment for each winner
PLUS All current POCA members are invited to purchase additional raffle tickets for $5 each or 5 tickets for $20 to help increase their chances of winning!
POCA members have many other perks available to them, please see this link for more information: #pocacoop #pocaclinic #joinpoca #communityacupuncture

[05/01/19]   Our online scheduler is running really slow this morning - if you are trying to book and having trouble, please give us a call! ☺️

Sign of a good treatment! ✅
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Ever get so relaxed that you catch yourself snoring? Yeah, it happens- you’re not the only one!

Love this 💜
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Because acupuncture does not have to be expensive in order to be effective ❧ Because military budgets balloon while health care is cut ❧ Because nothing breaks through the isolation of pain, illness and depression like healing in a room with other humans ❧ Because our favourite way to spread the word about how well acupuncture works is to make it available to people ❧ Because we are pleased to challenge the notion of value being attached to price ❧ Because there aren't enough spaces where strangers switch off cell phones and slumber side by side ❧ Because for thousands of years acupuncture has been practiced in groups ❧ Because returning acupuncture to its roots makes us the happiest of humble radicals ❧ Because the vast majority of us love our work so much we couldn't imagine doing anything else –
We are a part of the community acupuncture movement.

#liberationacupuncture #community #acupunctureforeveryone #selfcareisradical

Just three more days left for our tax time acu-pack special! ➡️ get 3 acupuncture sessions for just $50!!!!
⭐️ Available to buy through Sunday, 4/21 ONLY! ⭐️

🔸Valid for either initial or follow-up visits, no 1st visit paperwork fee required
🔸Two 3-treatment packages per person maximum, buy as gifts for others, gift certificates available
🔸No other discounts apply
🔸Prepaid sessions do not expire
🔸Purchase in person or over the phone with a credit card (please do not leave card numbers on our voicemail)

Also, we will be OPEN Easter Sunday, 4/21 🐰💐

This is an amazingly comprehensive summary of how community acupuncture fits into treating pain and its various root causes sustainably, please read and share widely! Thanks, Boise Acupuncture Cooperative, Inc.!

Updated info board, check it out. A #sustainable approach to treating #pain. It's not just about controlling the distribution of #opioids. Image text below!

A Sustainable Approach To Treating Pain
Left Column:
The opioid epidemic has highlighted our overdependence on pharmaceutical pain relievers. Many regulations are being put in place to restrict the overuse of these drugs.
But, if we just focus on eliminating access to painkillers we completely miss the bigger picture.
Left Bottom Image: a small plant with two leaves and roots underground. An arrow pointing to the plant above ground says "the opioid epidemic". An arrow pointing to the roots below ground says "stress, insecurities, isolation and pain"
Middle Column:
1. An image of a brain with the title Stress and Trauma. When the body is under lots of stress, our nervous system becomes more sensitive to pain signals.
2. An image of an imbalanced scale with the title Social Insecurities. Our most underserved communities endure systemic inequalities that impact mental, emotional and physical health.
3. An image of stick figures holding hands with the title Isolation. Living in pain can lead to isolation, but isolation also affects our mental-emotional health which decreases our ability to cope with pain.
4. An image of spine and hip bones with 4 lightning rods shooting out of joints and the title Physical Pain. Despite the crack-down on opioids, folks are still suffering from acute and chronic pain. Being in pain makes our nervous system even more sensitive to pain.
Right Column:
How Does Community Acupuncture Fit In?
1. Acupuncture helps to bring the flight-or-fight nervous system into balance, alleviating stress and trauma.
2. Our mission is to make acupuncture accessible for everyone in our beautifully diverse community. We are here to partner with you to achieve the outcomes you seek.
3. Nothing breaks through the isolation of pain like healing in a room with your community. We love seeing folks reading, drinking tea, and hanging out in our lounge area.
4. Acupuncture takes a holistic approach to treat pain. It reduces inflammation, releases natural pain-killing hormones, increases blood flow and helps to desensitize the nervous system.

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