River Light Community Physical Therapy

A physical therapy setting offering one-on-one expert care from Lynne Carpenter, doctor of physical therapy, as well as Skype PT visits and personal yoga sessions.

A small locally-owned physical therapy office in downtown Albuquerque with direct access, 1 on 1 expert care, and a variety of weekly classes.

Operating as usual


How is Your Sleep?

How is Your Sleep? - https://mailchi.mp/e2f8245478df/how-is-your-sleep



Foam Roller Release from the comfort of your own home

Foam Roller Release from the comfort of your own home - https://mailchi.mp/8b833a469c15/foam-roller-release-from-the-comfort-of-your-own-home



Responding to stress in healthy ways

Responding to stress in healthy ways - https://mailchi.mp/ab12d23489ec/responding-to-stress-in-healthy-ways

mailchi.mp Stress has gotten a bad rap recently, but perhaps it is not such a bad thing. Stress has been defined in countless ways, though mostly with a negative connotation. Hans Selye, who is credited with first defining stress in 1936, described it as "the non-specific response of the body to any demand fo...

Foam Roller Class! Videos now available. Email glitch 6/10-6/15 - https://mailchi.mp/e194cbd21318/foam-roller-class-videos-now-available-email-glitch-610-615

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Introducing Video Consultations

Introducing Video Consultations - https://mailchi.mp/90318e65ff8e/introducing-video-consultations

mailchi.mp During these trying times, for those that wish to avoid in-person therapy, I am instituting Skype consultations with reduced sliding scale rates of $50-100 per hour, at your discretion.  With these video consultations I can assess your progress, answer your questions, update your home program, ...


COVID-19 Safety precautions

COVID-19 Safety precautions - https://mailchi.mp/6e10fd595fca/covid-19-safety-precautions



Upcoming foam roller class at Studio Sway is cancelled

Upcoming foam roller class at Studio Sway is cancelled - https://mailchi.mp/b25d16378d4e/upcoming-foam-roller-class-at-studio-sway-is-cancelled

mailchi.mp Studio Sway has closed due to the COVID-19 protocols and consequently, the foam roller class will not be happening Saturday March 14th.  I hope to resume next month and will keep you updated.


The Benefits of Foam Roller Therapy

The Benefits of Foam Roller Therapy - https://mailchi.mp/f1505f668256/the-benefits-of-foam-roller-therapy

mailchi.mp With benefits similar to massage therapy, surrendering ones weight to the foam roller brings pressure to an area of the body. The amount of pressure is dependent upon the weight of the person, the density (firmness) of the foam roller, and the core strength needed to control movement. As weight ...


March Foam Roller Class

March Foam Roller Class - https://mailchi.mp/ff35b3ad128d/march-foam-roller-class

mailchi.mp Do you have a foam roller, and want to know how to safely relax problem areas?  Do you have recurrent neck, shoulder, Jaw, back, hip tightness that just keeps coming back? Do you love getting massages, but can't afford them as often as you need?  Lynne has 3 decades experience in body work, 10 y...


How Massage and Stretching Differ

How Massage and Stretching Differ - https://mailchi.mp/edbe28a72b1f/how-massage-and-stretching-differ

mailchi.mp Stretching and massage (or foam rolling) each have unique benefits and should be applied in differing circumstances for best results. Stretching works to lengthen all the tissues, but massage and foam rolling can be used to target specific areas of constriction.   Although stretching can be an eff...


Heart Healthy or Toxic?

Heart Healthy or Toxic? - https://mailchi.mp/91983acfe0d1/heart-healthy-or-toxic

mailchi.mp The so called "vegetable" oils are pervasive in modern diets as they have been relentlessly pushed on us over the past 100 years or so.  The US population has heeded these recommendations and the vegetable oil consumption has skyrocketed.  For 99.9% of our existence humans have been eating anima...

February 22nd! Save the Date. Self-care Saturday at Studio Sway!


Fats are Necessary and Healthy

Fats are Necessary and Healthy - https://mailchi.mp/05fa8fc5a1a4/fats-are-necessary-and-healthy



The benefits of increasing protein consumption

The benefits of increasing protein consumption - https://mailchi.mp/8b49b1977866/the-benefits-of-increasing-protein-consumption

mailchi.mp      Protein is a macronutrient that is under-appreciated and  under-consumed in modern diets. The components of protein are called amino acids and we can manufacture some of them within our body but there is a group that must be obtained through diet, known as the essential amino acids (EAAs...


New Year's Resolutions: How to Stay on Track

New Year's Resolutions: How to Stay on Track - https://mailchi.mp/29beecf65270/new-years-resolutions-how-to-stay-on-track

mailchi.mp      New Year's Resolutions fail at an alarming rate, with 80% not reaching their goal.  Overly zealous expectations are a major reason but incremental, small changes can help to make the goals more achievable.  If your resolution is a long term goal, then social support can be a helpful fra...


Hydration is More than H20

Hydration is More than H20 - https://mailchi.mp/e84a1ff9e5e1/hydration-is-more-than-h20

mailchi.mp      Hydration is more than drinking water.  Whether you're drinking tap water or filtered water, both have relatively low levels of remaining minerals.  Most water sources have under 10% of your recommended daily intake of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, leaving most people defici...


Preventing Osteoporosis and Keeping Bones Strong

Preventing Osteoporosis and Keeping Bones Strong - https://mailchi.mp/82d26e9abdd7/preventing-osteoporosis-and-keeping-bones-strong

mailchi.mp      Osteoporosis and related bone deterioration is rampant in modern society.  1 in 4 women and 1 in 8 men have evidence of low bone density and the rates are rapidly increasing.  So what can be done to reduce progression or even achieve the coveted reversal?  Weight bearing exercise is known...


Ice vs Heat: A comparison of therapeutic potential

Ice vs Heat: A comparison of therapeutic potential - https://mailchi.mp/eb4718f20539/ice-vs-heat-a-comparison-of-therapeutic-potential

mailchi.mp We've all been told to rest, ice, compress and elevate (RICE) injuries for best recovery outcomes but is this truly the best strategy?  A research review of available randomized controlled trials showed that there was insufficient evidence to support icing, compression or elevation. There was, howe...

This is the one body you will ever have in this life. Treat it well, and the reward is feeling great. There is no separation between body and mind; they are intimately connected through the nervous system. The way you hold yourself in space, a.k.a. posture, has a direct response on the limbic system of the brain, which functions to interpret emotional responses, store memories, and regulate hormones. Lifting the gaze, the head, the heart, taking a deep breath in, lifts the energy and the mood, as well as improving circulation and decreasing musculoskeletal stress. Slumping down into your chair, succumbing to gravity, drooping the head and gaze downward increases fatigue and depression. So! By simply being aware of this, you can increase your energy by lifting the body, engaging the deeper muscles to stay upright, taking a deep breath...letting it release fully.

When you notice yourself drooping like a dying flower, you can always FLIP IT! Take a drink of life-giving breath, expand the heart, lift the gaze upward, and let oxygen and energy into your body.

How, you ask? The longer and more severe one allows sloppy posture, the more difficult it is to reverse, and the more unconscious body position becomes. Yet the bright side is: it is ALWAYS possible to improve and make progress.The exercises in this book will teach you step-by-step methods to find and train the muscles needed to have efficient and healthy posture.

Start by gently pulling the lower belly inward- it doesn’t matter how much belly you have, find the muscles just below the belly button and draw them backward toward the spine, at the same time bringing the pelvic bones at the waist forward, the tailbone backward, heart lifted and forward, shoulder blades coming a bit toward each other and down the back. Let the chin drop slightly, lengthening the neck, drawing the head backward of the collar bones. Feel the wave-like circular motion of inhale lift the front body, exhale relax the back body down, inhale lifting the front body from pelvis to collar bones to head, exhale relax the shoulders down the back. This postural exercise can be done standing, kneeling, or sitting, as long as the trunk is upright.

You may think your head is directly over your body, but is it really? You can ask a friend or co-worker to take a photo of you from the side, to really see your position.

Laptops tilt freely. Use this feature often to check the tilt of the chin, length of the neck, and downward rotation of the shoulders. See yourself in your mind’s eye: lifting your sternum forward and up, as the collar bones open outward, shoulders relax down the back. There are many muscles that need to engage, need to work- but not too hard. They are trained by practice. These are postural muscles, and they are designed to keep us upright all day long.

Strengthen the muscles in the middle back to relax the shoulders down, to lift the sternum. How, you ask? Well, the simplest way is: PULLING THE HEAD BACKWARD IN SPACE. Draw the head back in relation to the rest of the body, and your neck, your shoulders, your back will thank you.

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Backyard yoga with Ivor, Olive, and the baby chicks. Multi-tasking: relaxation, exercise, communion with nature, sunlight!


Breathing to Alleviate Stress

Breathing to Alleviate Stress - https://mailchi.mp/b6f987c3a30c/breathing-to-alleviate-stress



Strategies for improving and optimizing sleep

Strategies for improving and optimizing sleep - https://mailchi.mp/290f3e899da4/strategies-for-improving-and-optimizing-sleep


[09/03/19]   River Light PT is now offering targeted red light therapy! Near infrared light at 850 nm is beneficial in optimizing mitochondrial function and thereby creating more ATP energy. As our mitochondria are continually berated by every-day assaults, damage is incurred and begins to slow energy production. Fortunately, applications of certain wavelengths in the near infrared spectrum work to break down these chemical blockages and restore normal mitochondrial function.


[08/23/19]   Did you know...?
Chronic inflammation is the leading cause of disease in the this country and around the world, encompassing the most common pathologies such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, etc. Diet can have a huge impact on systemic inflammation and certain foods contribute significantly to this process.
Sugar, specifically added sugars in processed foods and especially high fructose corn syrup are the worst offenders (with trans fats and vegetable oils as a close second) and have been shown in research in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition to increase markers of inflammation and compounds that trigger immune responses such as pro-inflammatory cytokines.
Comparable to sugar, refined grains have been shown to cause increased levels of plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 (PAI-1) and C-reactive protein, which indicate elevated levels of inflammation. Most of the inflammatory foods are contained in highly processed and refined products, so shifting towards a diet consisting of whole foods, radically reduces the inflammation and the likelihood of suffering from chronic disease.
Also, certain certain additions to the diet, such as omega-3 polyunsaturated fats from seafood along with polyphenol-rich foods (berries, cruciferous vegetables, green tea, turmeric) appear to reduce inflammation.

Keeping chronic inflammation low contributes to health and well-being throughout the body. But if you have an injury that keeps you from enjoying life fully, Dr. Lynne can guide you down the path of recovery toward a balanced body and optimal physical functioning.





First Choice Community Healthcare, Inc.

Drop in classes around town! What can you learn for a few bucks? This time we checked out a Yoga class offered by Lynne Carpenter at the Westside Community Center in the South Valley. I went, I saw, I only embarrassed myself a little. Classes are every Wednesday:
Class Schedule
9:00-10:00 AM *All Levels Yoga ($8)
5:30-6:30 PM *Vinyasa Flow ($10)
Bring a yoga mat, if you have one. A blanket is also helpful. Extra mats are available.
Lynne also teaches a Foam Roller Yoga Class once a month, on the second Saturday 2:30-3:45, same location. ($15) Call: 505-200-027, or email: [email protected] with questions.

Thoughts by the fireside:

In the long nights of this Solstice season, may you rest and digest 2018, give yourself the space to dream new life into 2019.

Blessings for vibrant health, greater balance, abundance, and Love!
Be well,
Dr. Lynne Carpenter

[11/23/18]   Feeling Gratitude for my practice today!
For the courage it took to break out on my own a year and a half ago... for the opportunity to practice the way that feels truly right in my heart, helping people achieve greater balance, and do what they love.

[11/04/18]   Dream Builder Group this Monday November 5th! 8:30-9:00 AM Qi Gong practice to build energy. 9-10 focused dream work. Bring a journal, your favorite pen, and an open mind. Donations appreciated. Will repeat every 1st Monday of the month! Questions? ...

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Integrative, personalized, attentive Physical Therapy. Dry Needling for trigger point release. As well as natural therapeutics including: Thai Massage, myofascial release, core synchronism, and ecclectic bodywork.

[02/14/18]   added a coupon: 20% Off 1st Visit


[02/14/18]   added a photo: Healing from the Inside Out


Healing From the Inside Out

A small locally-owned physical therapy office in downtown Albuquerque with direct access- no need for a physician’s referral. Individual expert care plus a variety of weekly classes. Dr. Lynne understands your desire to get back to the activities you love, the need to maintain productivity, and your time constraints. She will listen attentively, and work with you to quickly find solutions and meet your goals.

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