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Our approach recognizes that each person has a unique set of circumstances that influence their current and future health.

9 Grounding Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Center Yourself

Today yoga was on my grass in the backyard This in-depth science-backed guide includes effective grounding techniques and exercises to reduce anxiety, quiet your mind, and heal yourself.

Spring Cleaning for Your Fridge & Pantry

Happy Mother’s Day!!!
Great article on spring cleaning that your family can do for you today ❤️ Just like your body needs a spring clean up, so does your kitchen. Learn more about simple ways to detoxify your kitchen fridge and pantry!

Skip the Fabric Softeners

Great reasons to stop fabric softeners and dryer sheets 😮 In-wash fabric softeners and heat-activated dryer sheets pack a powerful combination of chemicals that can harm your health, damage the environment and pollute the air, both inside and outside your home. Learn more about laundry products and other home cleaners in the 2016 edition of EWG’s Guide t...

8 Air Purifying Plants to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Great plants for your office building where you can not control your own environment Learn about eight indoor plants to purify the air in your home or office. Some plants can serve as great home decors and natural air purifiers.

Diet | A Squirrel in the Kitchen

Great information about Paleo and Autoimmune Paleo I believe that we all have a powerful potential for self-healing if we give our body a chance to repair itself. In order to reclaim your health and overall wellness, you will need to shift your relationship with food and reconnect with your body. I would strongly recommend you, if possible, to work....

Natural D-Hist

Are your allergies starting ? Call the office today and we can ship you this solution The Natural D-Hist formula includes optimal support for nasal and sinus passageways for individuals who anticipate seasonal changes. Also available in convenient blister packs.

Human Bartonellosis: An Underappreciated Public Health Problem?

Bartonella, it's everywhere.....
Fantastic work by Tulane University Bartonella spp. bacteria can be found around the globe and are the causative agents of multiple human diseases. The most well-known infection is called cat-scratch disease, which causes mild lymphadenopathy and fever. As our knowledge of these bacteria grows, new presentations of the disease have be...

So many benefits !

This study was on 1,000 middle aged firefighters. Very interesting statistics
Participants able to complete more than 40 push-ups were associated with a significant reduction in incident cardiovascular disease event risk compared with those completing fewer than 10 push-ups.

Do you know the Environmental Working group ? They rate every product for its toxicity. We love using their app

Brain may flush out toxins during sleep

Sleep is so important!!!! NIH-funded study suggests sleep clears brain of damaging molecules associated with neurodegeneration.

Homemade Taco Seasoning

Get ready for taco Tuesday:) Making Homemade Taco Seasoning is so easy to make with spices you probably already have in your cabinet. You'll never need to buy packets again!

3-Ingredient Brownies (Whole30 & Paleo) | Delightful Mom Food Healthy

Looking for a sweet treat ? 3 Ingredient brownies are moist, delicious, healthy and made with only THREE healthy plant-based ingredients! The perfect chocolate dessert recipe for anyone - especially if on the Whole 30 diet or Paleo diet. Easy gluten-Free brownie recipe

It’s spring !!! Please use this for your weeds

Tick Season in Pennsylvania: 11,900 cases of Lyme Disease reported in 2017 YORK COUNTY – Tick season is here in Pennsylvania and the Department of Health has a warning. They say the mild winter did not kill off the bugs and you could start seeing ticks right away. In PA the number of cases of lyme disease is one of the highest in the country, with ticks carrying lyme dis...

We would like to welcome Jessica Scalzo our new Nurse Practitioner
Jessica Scalzo is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She graduated from Villanova University in 1996 and served in the United States Navy as an Emergency Room nurse in San Diego. As an Institute of Functional Medicine certified practitioner, she collaborates and empowers patients to achieve their best health by addressing the underlying causes of chronic disease. She has completed an Environmental Medicine training series with Progressive Medical education and is certified in Chelation Therapy with ACAM. Jessica’s focus at the Virginia Center for Health and Wellness is thyroid and adrenal management, detoxification, gut dysfunction, nutrition and using the Metabolic Code to generate a personalized wellness plans. Jessica was awarded the Loudoun Now 2018 Loudoun County’s favorite Nurse Practitioner. She won runner up for 2019 Loudoun Times- Mirror best Alternative Medical Provider. Jessica lives with her family in Hamilton, Virginia and enjoys clean eating, exercising and traveling.

The clinic follows the Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) weather closing policy.
If LCPS is operating on a 2-hour delay or closed, the clinic will follow their schedule.
Office staff will contact patients who have appointments if necessary to reschedule.

Breakthroughs in CIRS Houston 2019 | A4M

Dr. Heyman and Jacki Meinhardt, FNP will be lecturing on CIRS with Dr Ritchie Shoemaker and Dr Jim Ryan March 7 in Houston. Sign up for a workshop dedicated to new insights in Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, and breakthrough clinical advances in biotoxin illness.

It's Not Lyme, It's Mold - Dr. Andrew Heyman #557 In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, our guest is Dr Andy Heyman, who is the Director of Academic Affairs for A4M. Andy is also the Medical Director of Integrative Medicine at George Washington University and is someone who has been studying, at a crazy deep level, Lyme disease and toxic mold and w...

What Exactly Is Brain Freeze and How Do I Make It Stop?

We all love frozen treats, especially in the heat of summer -- but nobody loves brain freeze! Also known as ice cream headache or sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia, the pain can almost make you regret that triple scoop of mint chocolate chip.

Paleo Lunchbox Roundup - Nom Nom Paleo®

As back-to-school dates approach, it's time to start thinking about packed lunches! These are essential for students who suffer from food sensitivities or have special dietary needs -- take a look at some of these great paleo lunchbox ideas: (UPDATE! Click here to see my epic roundup post of ALL my Paleo Packed Lunch ideas from years’ past! Book mark it because I will be updating it every year!) Who says Paleo lunchboxes have to be boring? After combing through all the Paleo meal ideas on my blog (and in my cookbook and iPad...

Forget Toxic 'Health' Bars - These Snacks Are the Real Deal

Are you searching for some healthy snack options that aren't processed and full of sugar? Take a look at some of these homemade recipes that will satisfy your appetite and nourish your body: Here are 100 of my favorite (healthy) snack recipes.

8 Signs You’re Suffering From a Vitamin B Deficiency

Do any of these symptoms sound like you? There are some great options for correcting B vitamin imbalances, including dietary sources, methylated supplements, and IV solutions (like the Myers Cocktail): Chronic exposure to pesticides reduces your ability to make B vitamins. B vitamin deficiency may lead to a host of health problems in the long run.

Healthy Choices XM-Live Radio Show with Ray Solano

Our Nurse Practitioner, Jacki Meinhardt, will be on a radio show this weekend discussing mold and lyme -- check out the link to listen! LIVE radio show each week that covers new topics ranging from healthcare news, trends, seasonal remedies and healthy options. Host and Clinical Pharmacist, Ray Solano, interviews leading physicians, researchers and authors from around the globe on the hottest topics in health and medicine.

8 concerning things that happen to your body if you're constantly dehydrated

It's hot out there...are you drinking enough water? Say yes to H2O!

The Best Thing You Can Do for You Gut

We all know fermented foods are full of health benefits...but how are they made? And why are they so good for us? Take a look here: What is fermentation? It's the process that can enhance the shelf life and health benefits of fermented foods thanks to their probiotic content.

What Is Dragon Fruit Good For? -

Dragon Fruit is a tropical fruit that usually has a pretty pink color, and adds an attractive look to any smoothie bowl -- but what benefits does it provide? Learn more about dragon fruit nutrition facts, health benefits, healthy recipes, and other fun facts to enrich your diet.

Platypus Venom May Help in Battle Against Diabetes

Interesting article...Researchers are saying that platypus venom may support insulin production: An Australian researcher says the venom of the strange duck-like mammal contains a hormone that helps the pancreas produce insulin.

The benefits of MCT oil

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are just one more reason to go crazy for coconuts! They're antimicrobial, among many other benefits: You may have heard of the many benefits of coconut oil, especially to your skin. But what you may not know is that coconut oil also has potent antibacterial properties, thanks to its medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) content. Clostridium difficile is a hardy bacteria known to survive even the onslaugh...

Great Reasons to Drink Coffee Everyday

You've heard the good and the bad about everyone's favorite morning beverage...but new research seems to be supporting the positive benefits of coffee, over the negative: A new study shows 4 cups of coffee a day may help protect and repair heart muscle and protects cells against heart attack damage better than having no caffeine.

If You Have a Stink Bug Problem, Science Says You Should Be Planting This Flower

Milkweed is a very common plant in the fields of Virginia that may help provide a much needed environment for monarch butterflies, while naturally controlling the stink bug population: See which species is best for your location.

7 Surprising Uses for Castor Oil

What do you know about castor oil? Did you know it can help sore muscles and joints, skin, and gastrointestinal health? Take a look here for some surprising benefits: Use castor oil as a natural remedy for these seven common issues.

This Compound is Why Blueberries and Strawberries Help Protect Your Heart

Cyanidin is a powerful antioxidant found in brightly colored blue, red, and orange fruits and vegetables. What can it do for your health? Cyanidin is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant; consuming cyanidin-rich foods may help reduce your risk of arthritis, diabetes and malignant disease.

Red Meat Allergies Caused By Tick Bites Are On The Rise

Another reason to be diligent in checking for ticks after spending time outside, especially in this summer season: If you are bitten by a Lone Star tick, you could develop an unusual allergy to red meat. And as this tick's territory spreads beyond the Southeast, the allergy seems to be spreading with it.

[07/03/18]   The clinic will be CLOSED tomorrow, July 4th, and will reopen on Thursday morning at 9AM. Have a safe and happy holiday!

13 Tips for Staying Hydrated in the Summer Heat (Op-Ed)

Summer weather is here to stay, and we need to hydrate accordingly! Here are some tips for staying fully hydrated in this heat, along with information on why water is so important for our functioning: As summer heat gets intense, be sure you understand the root symptoms and causes of dehydration -- and how to stay hydrated.

[06/14/18]   For the clinic's summer schedule, IV hours will be changing -- beginning next week, June 18th, IV's will be administered from 8AM to 4PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; and 10AM to 6PM on Thursday.

Please call 703-327-2434 for scheduling! Thank you!

[06/14/18]   **Special Announcement**

Dr. Andrew Heyman is opening up 5 days in June and July to see both new and current patients with in-office appointments. The following dates have availability:

June 26
June 27
June 28

July 2
July 3

Take advantage of these new summer dates to get on his appointment schedule without the standard wait time. Call 703-327-2434 today to schedule an appointment!

**Summer Promotion!**
We are offering the IV Myers Cocktail and IV Myers/Glutathione at a bundle savings price when you prepay for treatments. Wondering what a Myers or Glutathione can do for you? Take a look at these flyers, and call today for more information!

*You must be a current patient to receive IV treatments*

7 Benefits of Cherry Juice: Inflammation, Immunity, and More

Who doesn't love a bowl of nice ripe cherries? Turns out, those tasty fruits are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that may help inflammation, immunity, and even help you sleep: Cherry juice is a delicious drink that provides solid health benefits. Read on to learn how it helps fight inflammation and block cancer growth, among other things.

USDA Unveils Prototypes For GMO Food Labels, And They're ... Confusing

The USDA has some proposals for a required GMO label on foods containing genetically engineered ingredients...What do you think of their designs?

They're asking the public for comments through July 3rd here: The labels use the letters BE, for bioengineered, not GMO, which critics say could baffle consumers. One design features a smiling sun that a skeptic calls "essentially propaganda for the industry."

Best & Worst Meat Substitutes for Your Health

Many people report feeling better health when eliminating animal proteins from their diets -- the only way to find out how it affects you is to try it! But with so many meat substitutes on the market, how do you know which ones will benefit your health the most? Here's some good information to consider: Several meat substitutes are high in health-promoting properties that may not be found in meats, such as probiotics and fiber, while others do more harm than good. Here's how to tell the difference.

12 Healthy Nutrients Baobab Powder is Loaded With

It's time to learn about a new fruit: Baobab! Take a look at this article to find out how its nutritional profile can help support your health: A healing tree with fruit that's been feeding people as far as Madagascar and Australia, the citrus-flavored fruit of the baobab has earned superfood status thanks to the high amount of nutrients and antioxidants it contains.

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