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Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program! No Shakes, No Expensive Pre-Packaged Foods! Real Food! Real Results!

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8 Common Myths About the Human Metabolism Are you trying to lose weight? You may have heard lots of talk about how much your metabolism determines your ability to shed pounds. But is it true? The reality is, while your metabolic rate does have to do with how quickly you burn calories, it’s not the only factor contributing to the process. ...

An Obesity Conspiracy: How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat You’ve probably spent a lot of time trying to cut fat out of your diet. But did you know that the true enemy is sugar, not fat? In the ’60s and ’70s, high rates of heart disease among politicians started to call awareness to the unhealthy American diet. However, science didn’t have a clear a...

The Effect Of Sugar On The Body - Total Care Chiropractic That chocolate cupcake has been calling your name all afternoon. Yes, it’s time for your sugar break before you hit “the work wall”, and you know what? It’s fine. There is, believe it or not, an allotted amount of sugar your body can consume each day, but the problem is we love excess, don.....

Eating real food, feeling great, and losing weight!

Eating real food, feeling great, and losing weight!

Total Care Weight Loss

Mary lost 28lbs and 28 inches in just 7 weeks!

What You Don't Know About Heart Disease Angela Bassett gets personal about the connection between Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

13 Impressive Health Benefits of Cucumber - Natural Food Series Cucumber health benefits includes reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, healthy weight management, detoxifying the body, enhancing the skin, supporting eye health, alkalizing the blood, treating cancer, combating bad breath, supporting digestion, and controlling blood sugar level.

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10 Things to Stop Doing If You Want to Lose Weight Many dieters who want to lose weight make one or more of these common mistakes, then don't see results. If you wanna lose weight, check this list.

Acoustic Wave Therapy at Innovations Medical - Cellulite Treatment Tested

Acoustic Wave Therapy at Innovations Medical - Cellulite Treatment Tested Click Now To Subscribe! Host: You know it happens more often ...

I usually don’t post pictures of myself. But I wanted to share these. I have lost over 70 pounds. I’m so excited and proud of myself! I did this in 6 months. A lot of hard work but it paid off. Still got some more to lose! Thank you Dr. Kendall Gearhart and Total Care Weightloss!!

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Stretching Flexibility training is an essential, yet often overlooked health-related component of fitness, offering numerous health benefits when performed regularly. Here are 10 reasons why you should be stretching on a regular basis.

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Foods that fight inflammation - Harvard Health Pro-inflammatory foods include fried foods, sodas, refined carbohydrates, and red meat. Green vegetables, berries, whole grains, and fatty fish are thought to combat the inflammatory process.

9 Signs That You’re Eating Too Much Sugar Sugar tastes good, and everything that contains it tastes even better! The sweet crystalline carbohydrate seems to be everywhere. Most of us love to dwell on the unforgettable taste of our favorite desserts when we’re hungry. However, what might seem to be an innocent pleasure is actually the reas...

How Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally Many studies show that green tea can help you lose weight. It contains bioactive substances that can make you burn more calories, even at rest.

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The Big Benefits of Losing Just a Little Bit of Weight It’s not all about major Biggest Loser-style weight loss. Even just a couple pounds can go a long way toward improving your overall health and well-being.

Total Care Weight Loss

Doctor Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program!
No Shakes, No Expensive Pre-Packaged Foods!
Real Food! Real Results!

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Are you feeling frustrated with your New Year's Weight Loss Resolution? Give our office a call at 859-748-4044 and we'll teach you how to get your body to more efficiently metabolize fat and use it as energy. Lose 20-30 pounds in just 6-weeks.

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Losing weight saves THOUSANDS, especially if you are 50 years old Researchers from Johns Hopkins in Maryland compared someone's body mass index with the amount they spend on health care. People saved thousands of dollars if they lost weight.

12 Foods You Need to Stop Buying—and 17 You Should Eat More The best and worst choices in every food group, according to registered dietitians.

What Really Happens to Your Body When You Yo-Yo Diet Here are eight ways losing weight fast and then gaining it back (yo-yo dieting) can affect your body and mind, from loose skin to making your depressi

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Eating real food, feeling great, and losing weight!
Total Care Weight Loss
Total Care Weight loss




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