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I am Dr. Amber’ s Mother-in-law. I have had chronic lower back pain for at least 15 years. I’ve tried many ways to get relief. One day , I walked into Dr . Amber’s office and as she usually starts our session with the question” How are you feeling?” I told her, Remarkably WELL!!!” I have not said that in 15 years and now I am getting relief. It’s tricky as I’m on my feet a lot in my job but, I never said I am getting relief!!! Wonderful!!! I attribute much of my success to Dr. Amber’s adjustments and knowledgeable suggestions! It’s important to your good health success to use Chiropractic. Thank you to my great daughter-in-law , Dr. Amber! She can help you too! Anne Vanden Avond

We provide chiropractic adjustments and teach the tools to have better energy, strength, coordination, sleep, ease of movement, and joints with less pain.

'A Healthy Nervous System: Understanding dis-ease from another perspective' by John Marc is available in the new issue of Pathways Magazine. Order your copy today: — with Amanda Crist.

[07/18/20]   We CANNOT control what others DO or DON’T DO. We do have control though: WE CONTROL OURSELF! If taking control of your health is something you want do you also consider this??? You have control to wear or not wear a mask and to keep a respectful distance and to put GOOD FOODS in your body and to AVOID the TOXIC FOODS and TOXIC DRUGS. You have control over there amount of TECHNOLOGY you consume. You have control over getting a chiropractic ADJUSTMENT to support your body’s IMMUNE SYSTEM. You have control to think what you want and to THINK HAPPY and to look at the GOOD. Are you considering what really makes you sick or healthy???? There’s a lot MORE to your HEALTH than just masks. I take you and your health SERIOUSLY. Do you take your health seriously?????

Real Self-Care for Mothers by Sarah Rudell Beach, M.Ed.

"When you think about the idea of “training” your child to not need you in the night anymore, keep in mind that they are wired to need you to ensure their survival." Read 'No Sleep Training Required' by Zelma Tolley

Read 'Transforming Anger' by Scott Noelle

Read 'The Transition to Fatherhood' by Jay Warren, DC

Read 'Communication and Connection' by Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS

Are you an athlete utilizing chiropractic care? Find an ICPA chiropractor for you and your family:

Read 'Too Much: Why Adults Resist the Exuberant Nature of Children' by Vince Gowmon

'What Do We Know: Anthropology and Birth Activism' by Robbie Davis-Floyd, Ph.D. is included in the Special Edition issue of Pathways - out now! Order your copy today

Read 'Rereading How Children Learn' by Peter Gray, Ph.D.

The Acuity Flagpole | Acuity

Happy Flag Day! Learn more about the Acuity flagpole. Get facts, directions, viewing hours, and more! Acuity is an award winning personal and business insurance provider.

Read 'What If...?' by Katherine Thornalley

Algoma Area Chamber

The Algoma Community Wellness Center is initiating Phase 1 of reopening beginning June 15, 2020.

During Phase 1 of reopening, the Algoma Community Wellness Center will require you to be an active, paid member, be at least 18 years of age, and schedule your workout time at least 48 hours prior to your planned visit.

Please visit the school district's website for details and instructions:

Chiropractor, 91, still loves job

So cool! Jean Koffel recently celebrated her 70th year of business and her 91st birthday.

"Finding and fulfilling your purpose can be a lifelong endeavor" Read 'Purpose' by Madisyn Taylor

Read 'Bliss: Knowing Everything is Okay' by Karen Brody

17 Things I Wish Every Woman Knew by Beth Bridges

Do you experience rib and low back pain? Were they helped by receiving chiropractic care? Learn more about chiropractic and rib and low back pain:

Happy Memorial Day Memories play a significant role in our lives. It reminds us of our root, our aim, and set goals in

Has your child been diagnosed with asthma? Were they helped by receiving chiropractic care? Learn more about chiropractic and asthma:

Home Sweet Homebirth by Anne Marolis, C.N.M.

Read 'Chiropractic and Night Time Bedwetting: Kelsey's Story'

A Grateful Mind Opens Up a Loving Heart' by John Demartini, DC

In this new crazy world we're living in, make sure you try to laugh as much as you can! No matter your current state, you will feel better!😁

Read 'How to Ruin Children’s Play: Supervise, Praise, Intervene' by Peter Gray, PhD


"Outbreaks can be stressful. Some days I feel fine. Other days are really overwhelming. Most days I seem to oscillate back and forth between Zen master, Eyore and the Tazmanian Devil in rapid succession." -This is said by a wonderful colleague of mine, Dr. Goldi, which I feel I can identify with as can many.

This is a great FREE book a colleague of mine shared with me last week. It is for anyone (kiddos and mature adults) affected by worries, fears, discomfort, or nagging thoughts. This is a scary time in the world, full of uncertainty and changes. But the good news is, there are things that we can do to take good care of ourselves.

This FREE book explains what you can do to keep your mind and body calm now and during any hard time. You can download the book, a coloring book and even listen to a narrated version of the book. It's perfect to share with your kiddos so they can be exposed to some of the Self-Care Strategies I’ve been talking about.

Teachers: please consider reading to your students!!…

[04/24/20]   Here to serve anyone who needs it today 😃

Also sending virtual hugs💛

Would you ever eat this???? What about your kids????

Want to be able fight coronavirus? You need to be healthy. Appearing healthy from the outside does NOT mean health on the inside!!!
You are what you eat!
Get your 4 cups of veggies each day to help get healthy inside!
Now, more than ever you need to get those veggies in and reduce eating empty carbohydrates! Goldfish crackers are not a food group! Veggies though will help to get the nutrients needed to build a strong healthy body! How do you get your veggies in? There are many ways- What are your favorites?

[04/19/20]   What good have you been able to accomplish while at home more?

Lighthouse Chiropractic, LLC

Doctor Amber Vanden Avond is a chiropractor at Lighthouse Chiropractic, LLC in Algoma, WI. If you are struggling with neck or back pain, headaches or migraines, carpal tunnel, sciatica, or any other health condition please call us today or visit our website and take advantage of our new patient special.

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