Kim Weaver Evidential Medium and Intuitive Coach

Kim Weaver Evidential Medium and Intuitive Coach


What kind of meduim I ? What clars do I have ? Use your visions and feelings .
I had reading from kim today. This is my 2nd visit. I feel she hit right on everything. I had to call a few family to clarify things which all made sense. This time so many of of my family came through. Kim even did a gesture from my grandmother that without a doubt it was real. There is no way she would know that. Also things that I only knew that were trivial to me like I threw away the long feather quil pen I used in my first wedding just recently. I was alone and because it meant nothing so I didn't tell anyone. Well my deceased son said he liked it. Or the fact that we just lost twin grandchildren born way to early which nobody talks about. Thet were brought through with my son. Just to validate they are there. I relayed that to there mom tonight and she was crying. She said she needed that today because its been rough for her. So spirit works in mysterious ways to get the messages to the ones that need it. I always leave there so excited a feeling so much comfort. Knowing with all the validations that our love ones gave me today that they may be gone physically but their spirit is not . Thank you kim I will be back ❤
Is Weaver are you related to Scott Weaver of 1-2
What is your take on finding dimes that are just laying around? Been finding them everywhere nonstop lately!
Rosemary Beenken
I felt immediately comfortable around Kim, and she was able to bring up incrediblely accurate details about a loved one who had passed on, things no one else would know. A handful of things in particular were so spot on and random that I got goosebumps. I highly recommend Kim, and will definitely be going back to see her again some day.
Great show tonight Kim! I found it very interesting☺️
Jenny Degen Eichenberger here it is!
Happy birthday beautiful soul!❤️
Kim so great to see you this past weekend. I had to tell you that they found one of the pieces to my grandsons health puzzle that’s been in Children’s for the last couple of weeks. In my reading you said my dad was helping from the other side and he kept pushing a vibrating pad under him. I mentioned this to the doctor as I was there yesterday when she stopped into consult . They ended up doing a abdominal xray and found his intestines were extremely inflamed😨. Although it wasn’t a vibrating pad the doctor said we had to place a pad under him to X-ray and find this. Now on to fixing it. You are so good ❤️
Being a medium myself I have to say the reading I received from Kim was spot on! Thank you Kim for all your help channeling my mom. I can't wait for another reading! 💕☮️✌️
I had a reading with her and I wanna say it was the best experience of my life and after the reading I had I just felt like some weight was gone off my shoulders love it and I wanna go bak to find out more 😍😍😍😍

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[05/08/20]   It’s been a bit since my last written post and to be honest it is difficult finding the words. A lot has been going on and many wonder what is coming next. Our world as we know it is shifting. It is moving to a 5D reality and the veil is super thin. There are two opposing forces at play and you are being called and pushed to chose which one you identify with. One is the illusion the ego is pulling you into. The illusion keeps you in a state of fear and control. It is a trickster. You may find yourself blindly following like sheep when in reality if you take a moment to ask yourself, “What proof do I have regarding this belief or thought? Is the thought creating fear and panic? Is it controlling me? What do I actually fear that I am willing to follow? Is it illness, death or financial ruin I fear?” If you have any fear of anything, you are participating in the ego’s illusion. The opposition or opposing force is the higher planes of spirituality, God, Source or whatever you desire to call it. It is calling you to look within your heart. To see there is truly nothing to fear. To understand spiritually is to understand love, peace and higher understanding. It does not desire to control anything. Lower level consciousness is all about the self. It tricks people into doing things they have no idea why. They have no proof of why. It is up to you what you choose. You can spend many lifetimes in the illusion the ego is desiring you live within. Or you can look within your heart and say, “I’m over it. I know better than to get sucked in. I no longer desire that. I know all is well and there is nothing the soul has to fear.” Your faith and belief in a higher power will set you free if you ask. And then you can observe and watch from a higher consciousness the games that take place within the illusion and all the craziness that people do. Demanding they are right with no proof. Demanding you follow their beliefs or demeaning you if you don’t. The more you pull away, the more you will be attacked. But that is okay. Nothing can break the spirit of the soul. Keep shining your light! Be of service. Give love and be love.

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Just a reminder, today is the last day for the free download. Snag your copy today. :)

Lots going on in the world right now. Thought I would do something to occupy your free time. :)

[04/13/20]   To some of you, this Corona virus may seem as if time is dragging. For me, I have learned a lot about myself. Some things are more prominent than others. My food consumption has increased dramatically. I am now looking closer at what I eat. I have found some really good shows on Netflix. Perhaps that has contributed to my food consumption. Lol. I have read a couple of awesome books and my texting skills have gotten significantly faster. But a couple of things have really stood out for me. I miss social interaction. I miss my family and friends. I miss a sit down meal with my husband at a restaurant. I have also reflected on how we as a collective consciousness, can come together in times of need to help one another. People are what’s important. Social distancing saves lives. Perhaps it saves lives in several unexpected ways. It has given me time to reflect on my own life. What would I have done differently? What positive changes can I make going forward? And never take people for granted. They mean the world to me. Today, send someone a message or call them and tell them how much they mean to you. Start one positive change in your life and reflect at how far you have come on this journey called life. It’s evident we are all in this together. A nasty virus has shown us that. Healthy thoughts sent to all of you. Soon this will be over. ❤️❤️❤️

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[04/04/20]   We are spiritually beings first and foremost. Our essence is a combination of Mind, Body, Spirit. They work in harmony with each other and when one is out of balance, there is a need to look deeply at the cause of imbalance. The word Spirit is a Hebrew and sometimes Greek word meaning "Breath". Breath is the first thing that we do on our own when we enter this world and it will be the last thing we do when we exit. When we struggle with breathing we are being called to look at the environment we live within. We have become like a fish out of water. It is also well known that our words are spoken on our out breath. Just try speaking on the in breath and you will see it is correct. When our breath is hindered we are also being asked to look closely at the words our Spirit is putting forth into the world. Even your thoughts are unspoken words. When what we mentally put out into the word is of a lower thought process and harmful to others our Bodies, Mind and Spirit become out of alignment and out of balance. When several in our society are affected we are being called to look at the overall consciousness we have created as a group. It is imperative we become in harmony as individuals and as a group collective. We have allowed our bitterness and ugliness to overshadow the beauty and good in all of life. Perhaps we have not taken care of ourselves, the plants and the animals. Perhaps we have only been interested in what we can get and not what we can give. On one hand, no one individual is to blame. And on the other hand, we are all responsible together. The earth is beginning to heal and so will we. In order to make significant changes to our breath, our inner Spirit, we must look deeply at how we can take responsibility for all we do and live from the mentality of everything and all life is beautiful when we shift to the higher thoughts of our being, understanding we are all in this together. Let's stop the bitterness and show some compassion and love for all. Peace and health to you all. Namaste

I’m grateful for all of you!

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[03/20/20]   So much chaos and uncertainty is occurring around the world. Our lives have been turned upside down by a virus and our future is unclear. The winds of change have blown in like a raging storm. If you look at your own life, there has always been rain before the rainbow. Darkness before the dawn. This is a time to pause. To reset your own life. Spending time alone pushes you to reflect. I love meditating and connecting with my higher self, my spirit team and universal consciousness. In these times I am forced to take the time to call family and friends and to really hear them. I can’t tell you how many hugs I have given my dogs in the past week. The material things are nice, but family, friends and pets are top of my list these days. It will be a blessing to cure this deadly virus once and for all so no future generations have to go through this again. I pray for all those affected. I pray for the scientists to find a cure quickly and I pray for all of you. Take time to reflect upon your own life and slow down to smell the roses. The thorns are still there, but so is the beauty that unfolds before your eyes. What can you create? What is important? Who do you love and appreciate? Namaste.

[03/16/20]   Yesterday I attended the movie “I Still Believe.” This movie could not have come out at a more significant time. Fears we have created in our own perceptions of a threat are running rampant. Many are letting their fears affect their lives causing depression and anxiety. Knowledge is power. It keeps us safe. None of us would knowingly put anyone at risk. It is a time to find deep within your inner faith. My son asked me yesterday if I ever remember a time in my life that this much fear among people existed? I had to think for a moment...Yes I can. When the aids epidemic started many people were fearful. We had no idea how to control the spread. Everyone thought it was easily transmitted. People were shunned and shamed if they were infected. And yet today, no one thinks anything of it. At this time we can learn much from wildlife and nature. They only take what is necessary. They share with the pack. They protect the young and the old. They work and do what is necessary to survive. And they do not fear what is to come. I sit and wonder if they are not superior to my own inner thoughts. I told my son yesterday, “I have seen visions of the afterlife. I have no fears of what is to come. If I passed away tomorrow, I had a good life. I do not fear anything coming in the future for my self. I want my loved ones to enjoy a long, rich life.” I still believe that man, as a soul, is good at heart. That they will somehow survive anything that is to come and model their life after our nature friends. Believe it or not, to walk through the fire with another out of love is a great lesson all in itself. Remember those who are struggling with an illness already, or fears that are causing stress. Be patient and kind. Show empathy and compassion. If you do, your life will be blessed. I Still Believe in man and in love. Challenges makes us appreciate the important things in life. Each other. Much ❤️ to you all.

It’s been a year and I’m super excited to be returning to St. Cloud. I hope to see some familiar faces. 😊

We are getting excited about this weekend!
Join us at the St. Cloud River's Edge Convention Center Saturday March 14th!

Speakers will be:
DeEtte Ranae Psychic Medium
Dawn Schulze
Shimen Phelps Averhoff
Sheree Johnson Meier
@Em Scharber
@Teri Gatewood & @Mike Schramke

JOIN US for a day filled with healing, energy and love.

When I first was brave enough to do readings, I followed a medium by the name of Sylvia Browne. In my line of work accuracy is never 💯%. There are a lot of factors that go into it and I won’t go into the details or this post would turn into a partial book. She has since passed and unfortunately she made a statement that was proven false and that is what most people remember her for. I always found her to be very knowledgeable. Apparently my assessment was correct. This page was written in a book published in 2008. Uncanny but very true what is occurring in our world today. A friend of mine shared this on his page. I wanted to share with all of you. Thanks Rene for posting!

I’m finally completely out of the spiritual closet in my small community. Thanks for all your support. It means a lot. 😊.

[02/21/20]   My heart aches every time I do a reading that brings together a living parent and a child that has passed away. I don't think I will ever get comfortable with the overwhelming feeling the child conveys to their parents. I have cried myself. I can't imagine the thought of losing one of my own children. It just isn't suppose to be that way. And yet, too many parents find themselves in this heartbreaking situation. To all of you parents, I send my sincere sympathy. May your heart receive healing until you meet your child again. I pray you find some measure of peace for the remainder of your own life. Much love to you as well.

Life cannot be controlled. That is the illusion. Life is a beautiful set of happenings. All for our growth.

I have received requests about timing for Mankato shows. I will be there the end of the month. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. :)

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