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Because of the generosity of all our patients at Jim Wells County Chiropractic, Calallen Chiropractic, Kingsville Chiropractic, and Portland Chiropractic we were able to donate $5,520.00 to the Boys & Girls Club of Alice. Also, today is the Coastal Bend Day of Giving so the money we donated will be doubled making a huge difference in the lives of so many children. Thank you again to our amazing patients!!!! Without you all, this would not be possible!!!

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For the months of June through September we will be donating to The Boys and Girls Club. When you refer a family member or friend, we will give you a charity card to use on your first visit. The card entitles you to an initial exam and x-ray for the donation of $30. When you get involved, you’re doing two great things. Helping your spine long-term and helping the community!


Emotions and Your Spine

alicechiropractor.com When we explain that physical, chemical and emotional stress is the underlying cause of subluxations, many wonder how emotions can cause spinal misalignments. Yet, our language reveals some common connections.


Headaches Are Common – But Not Normal

alicechiropractor.com You may believe that everyone gets headaches. After all, they’re normal, right? Some are dull; others are throbbing. Some occur on only one side; others produce nausea or light and sound sensitivity.


The Deceptive Slipped Disc

alicechiropractor.com The intervertebral disc is a special type of cartilage found between each of the 24 bones of your spine. Bands of fibrous tissue surround its jelly-like center. The disc provides space so pairs of nerve roots can exit the spinal cord from between each spinal bone.


June 2018 Newsletter | Jim Wells County Chiropractic

Are We Overly Caffeinated? Find out if you are in our June 2018 Newsletter......

alicechiropractor.com Natural health news published monthly by Jim Wells County Chiropractic | June 2018 Issue

It’s time again for our 4th of July Great Gas Grill Giveaway!!!! 🇺🇸 Here’s how to enter:
1 Entry for every appointment
3 Entries for liking our page
5 Entries for referrals


Screening Your Children for Scoliosis

alicechiropractor.com If you don’t trust your judgement or want a second opinion after checking your child, don’t hesitate to contact our practice.


April 2018 Newsletter | Jim Wells County Chiropractic

April 2018 Newletter

alicechiropractor.com Natural health news published monthly by Jim Wells County Chiropractic | April 2018 Issue


What's Bringing on Your Back Pain?

alicechiropractor.com What many folks don’t know, or understand, is that it’s not always a case of what you did five minutes ago, or what you did yesterday, or even what you did last week that’s causing the current problem; it’s more a case of “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” no pun intended!


Why You Should Sit Up Straight

alicechiropractor.com Find yourself sitting too close to your computer screen? Not only is this perpetuating poor posture, it’s also bad for your eyes!


The Truth About Germs

alicechiropractor.com Why does it seem that some people go from one cold to the next, getting all the bugs that “go around” and others don’t? In 1895, it was this very question that prompted D. D. Palmer to pursue what we call chiropractic!


March 2018 Newsletter | Jim Wells County Chiropractic

March 2018 Newletter

alicechiropractor.com Natural health news published monthly by Jim Wells County Chiropractic | March 2018 Issue


5 Reasons to Stay Away from Sugar


alicechiropractor.com Sugar, in its many forms, is an increasingly common ingredient in processed foods. In fact, many of us eat the equivalent of 53 heaping teaspoons of white sugar every day! Many experts now agree that reducing sugar intake is an essential ingredient for natural health.


February 2018 Newsletter | Jim Wells County Chiropractic

February 2018 Newsletter

alicechiropractor.com Natural health news published monthly by Jim Wells County Chiropractic | February 2018 Issue

Tomorrow is the last day to come on in and share some love with our office! ❤️ Fill a heart out letting us know why you LOVE Chiropractic and we'll put you in a drawing to win dinner for two. Schedule your appointment today!!

Jim Wells County Chiropractic


January 2018 Newsletter | Jim Wells County Chiropractic

January 2018 Newletter

alicechiropractor.com Natural health news published monthly by Jim Wells County Chiropractic | January 2018 Issue


The Key to Health

alicechiropractor.com Drinking more water, eating nutritious foods and regular exercise produce even bigger dividends when you have a properly working nervous system.


So You Want to Live to 100?

Want to know how to stay young for the first 100 years of your life? This is a must read to find out.

alicechiropractor.com Doing your best to stay naturally healthy doesn’t just add life to your years…it can add years to your life. And with so much to see and do across the globe, who doesn’t want to live longer and happier?


4 Steps to Improved Immunity

alicechiropractor.com A properly functioning immune system is necessary for optimal health. But how do you get one? Follow these do’s and don’ts to help your body fend off sickness and make room for health.

We have the sweetest patients here at Jim Wells County Chiropractic!!


Ease into Your New Year Fitness Resolution

With the New Year approaching, not only do we need to make a resolution for fitness and weight loss, we also need to make a resolution to take care of our spines. Taking care of our spines can improve our overall health.

alicechiropractor.com With the New Year quickly approaching, many will rush to renew their commitment to physical fitness, and that is to be commended. One of the most important factors in natural health is participating in a regular exercise program.


December 2017 Newsletter | Jim Wells County Chiropractic

Show Your Body Some Love this Holiday Season

alicechiropractor.com Natural health news published monthly by Jim Wells County Chiropractic | December 2017 Issue


Does No Pain Really Mean No Gain?


alicechiropractor.com How often have you heard the expression, “No pain, no gain”? It can apply to many life situations, including exercise to shape up, tone or drop weight. But when pain is severe or prolonged, you gain nothing and stand to lose a lot!

Newsletter Archived Issues | Jim Wells County Chiropractic

Don't forget to check out our November 2017 Newletter.


alicechiropractor.com News and information published monthly by Jim Wells County Chiropractic


Are You Over-Sitting?


alicechiropractor.com It’s commonly accepted among experts that lower back pain is related to prolonged sitting. And let’s face it, in today’s world we spend plenty of time during our day doing exactly that—we sit in the car, we sit most of the day at work and we even sit to watch television after our workday is over.


Is Your Head Posture to Blame for Neck Pain?


alicechiropractor.com You feel exhausted at the end of the day. Your neck always hurts. You have frequent headaches, and maybe even fibromyalgia. Have you wondered if head posture could be the cause?

Congrats to our winner of our "Pumpkins give you Gas" contest for guessing the correct weight of the pumpkin. Enjoy your gas card!!


What Type of Care Do You Choose?


alicechiropractor.com We often hear the words “health care” in the news. But usually, they’re talking about “sick” care—care that is administered to someone who already has symptoms of an illness or injury. Often, “health care” refers to the heroic efforts we see in the media and on television to save a person’s life usi...

JWC Chiropractic October 2017 Newsletter


Why Good Posture is Important


alicechiropractor.com Spend a lot of time sitting? Practice good sitting posture by keeping your feet flat on the floor in front of you instead of tucked toward your chest.

Timeline Photos


A Sigh of Relief for Sciatica

Dealing with sciatic nerve pain? Give our practice a call to find natural relief.


alicechiropractor.com If these symptoms sound familiar, you’re likely to be in your 40’s or 50’s and have pain when coughing, sneezing or any kind of movement. Simply put, you probably have sciatica.

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Waiver, Non-Waiver, CAS, Family Care, and Respite Care services are covered by Medicaid.

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WE INVEST IN YOU!!! Located in central Alice, our new and beautiful office building provides our patients an exceptionally comfortable atmosphere.