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Dual Board Certified Internal medicine physician practicing in an insurance-free model, thereby improving access to the physician - insured or not.

My name is Dr. Sam and I am a board certified physician, who enjoys to blog, offer humor, share medical tips from experts, and encourage preventive wellness. DISCLAIMER: My posts do not constitute medical advice - always seek care from a physician.

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Allergy Season is upon us...

With COVID and allergies, some symptoms may overlap.

In Western PA, allergies are kicking up.

• Runny or stuffy nose
•Itchy or watery eyes
• Itchy nose or ears
•Post-nasal drip (which can sometimes cause a mild sore throat)
•Mild fatigue

For allergies, they should respond to antihistamines, steroid nasal sprays, antihistamine nasal sprays, and nasal saline rinses.

COVID KEY POINT: Allergies typically make people itchy. Itchiness is not a symptom of viral illness. Fevers are seen with covid, not with allergies.

SINUS INFECTIONS: A bacterial sinus infection does not develop overnight. Usually after 10 days of congestion, with sinus pressure and not responding to over the counter treatments - at that point an antibiotic may be necessary.


Independent physicians and pharmacies should be a part of this process every step of the way!

iMASK Protocol - Reg Page - Dr. Keesha 03/04/2021

iMASK Protocol - Reg Page - Dr. Keesha

There are non-physicians like “Dr” Keesha pushing this nonsense. She is not an expert in medicine.

Medical experts complete medical school/residency/fellowship.

Listen to board certified physicians who specialize as Rheumatologists, Immunologists, Infectious Disease, etc.

Listen to Epidemiologists who do research and are well versed. They have been great during this pandemic.

This kind of information is dangerous from Miss Keesha

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Sign the Petition 02/16/2021

Sign the Petition

We Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh want to expand our reach and be able to receive more First Doses of Moderna. We are being shut out by the state and we want to be able to vaccinate vulnerable populations with our team of physicians, nurses, NPs, PAs, medical students and more.

Please sign the petition here to help us spread the word that we are here for the marginalized, underserved groups as well as the elderly who need this vaccine.

If you’d like to join our voices in letting the state know that what they are doing is out of touch with actual community need and quite frankly, insulting to those of us physicians and small pharmacies who have been successfully doing this from the start, please consider signing our petition here:


Sign the Petition PA DOH, Don't Limit COVID-19 Vaccine Providers


Looking for a nutritionist/dietician?
Check out Laura Cordero, a Nutritionist and a Licensed Dietician. I came to know her through St. Clair Hospital and think she would be a wonderful person to contact.

Many people have struggled with diet and weight pre and post-COVID. Some are looking for better healthy eating habits.

She has my 100% support! Check out her page and Im posting a link to her website in my comments!

Nourish 2 Thrive LLC


From my colleagues and I with the Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh

Breaking News as of 02/10/2021:

The PA Department of Health (DOH) has stopped sending vaccine to smaller, independent medical practices and pharmacies in favor of sending to large health systems.

Please note that UPMC has never yet made any attempt to vaccinate the public (though they have vaccinated their young, healthy corporate employees who are working from home).

From the beginning, Family Matters DPC and Direct Care Physicians of Pgh have bent over backwards to vaccinate members of our community in the Phase 1A category.

Now we are asking for YOUR help! Here's how:

•Contact your state representative and senator.

• Contact the PA DOH.

• Contact the local news media:
Post Gazette
Tribune Review

Links in comments for contacting:

Highpoint Fitness - Bethel Park Gym - Affordable, Family Friendly, Updated 01/23/2021

Highpoint Fitness - Bethel Park Gym - Affordable, Family Friendly, Updated

Living in the South Hills of Pittsburgh and looking to get back to the gym? Check out Highpoint Fitness. A friend of mine is behind this, Mr John Carberry.

Safety during COVID-19 is their priority and they have a counter on their website to indicate their current capacity.

Check it out!


Highpoint Fitness - Bethel Park Gym - Affordable, Family Friendly, Updated Highpoint Fitness is a new full-service Bethel Park gym. We are member-focused, affordable & family friendly.


In the Greater Pittsburgh Area and need Covid testing ?

Certain Market District Giant Eagle stores offer it.

Why pay an urgent care full price for testing + an exam when this is going to save $$
(From what I see there is no charge for the test - double check with Quest)

It’s drive through, self swab.

(1) Have your Primary Care Physician (P*P) or specialist order it through their quest online platform.

(2) Then you can schedule your test with Giant Eagle through a special quest link (below in comments)

(3)watch a video on how to swab yourself properly. Tickling your nostrils won’t help.

Giant Eagle Quest link in comments
Self swabbing instructions in the comments


Looking for COVID testing? Below is a link from PA Dept of Health. Some places require an in person visit with a physician and others do not.

Rapid tests, if positive, are likely to be positive for COVID. A negative rapid test should be followed with a nasal swab send out (PCR testing) - which can take several days.

•Having one (1) of the following Major symptoms should prompt testing: Fever, new onset shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell, shaking chills (rigors)

• Having two (2) or more of the following minor symptoms should prompt testing:

Cough, Muscle or body aches, Headache, Sore throat, Congestion or runny nose, Nausea or vomiting, Diarrhea

If you are not sure, contact your Primary Care Physician (P*P)

The Mindful Wellness Center 11/12/2020

The Mindful Wellness Center

Ginger Martin, PsyD I have know since Allegheny College. For those seeking behavioral health with even a physical component (Yoga and Movement) this would be a great practice to check out.


The Mindful Wellness Center ABOUT US The Mindful Wellness Center, founded by Julie Straub, MPH, RYT and Ginger Martin, Psy.D., is a joining of behavioral health and yoga to help children, adolescents, and families find ways to discover the connections between mind and body. Our goal is to foster present moment awareness. This....


For those who are dealing with anxiety or stress, maybe worsened by COVID times, this is a great option.

wtae.com 05/04/2019

Pittsburgh area doctor defends vaccinations despite online backlash

Yes we take an oath to protect all - including those with weak immune systems, cancer, those too young to be immunized. Vaccinations save lives.

I’ve been threatened, told I hope you get cancer from vaccines, that your children cry when they get vaccinated, that you suffer more febrile seizures as you did as a child after MMR, etc. People that wish death and illness upon you and your family cannot be debated.


wtae.com Dr. Sam Urick III continues to be vocal online in defense of vaccinations.


WTAE now Pittsburghers!

google.com 05/03/2019

Image: May is Melanoma Awareness Month | MaryO'Medical

Kittridge Dermatology can help with screenings not only this month but all year round.


google.com Found on Google from maryomedical.com

stclair.org 05/01/2019

Directory - St. Clair Hospital

I want to welcome Dr Duke Thomas, who has treated me for my back, to St Clair!

New locations should be posted here soon!


stclair.org this is a dummy page


My brother needed surgery on his elbow and he chose Dr Chris Manning with South Hills Orthopedics that operates at St. Clair Hospital . Great surgical treatment from Dr Manning, awesome nurses and aides, updated facilities.

Everyone in my family has been there now - children born there, I’ve been there for pneumonia, dad for open heart and it goes on.
Any questions ask me more!

stclair.patientsimple.com 05/01/2019


If you want to find a superlative hospital in the area, ST Clair Hospital is who I recommend and where my own family goes for care. They also have the best financial tool to help save money on testing. I also can save money for you as well.



kdkaradio.radio.com 04/29/2019

Newsradio 1020 KDKA

Med school Friend and colleague Dr Nish Ghandhi, DO - pain management physician who treats the whole patient - will be on KDKA tomorrow night and tweeted:

So excited to be on @Dr_Conte radio show “Emotional Management” tomorrow 4/29/19 8pm-10pm EST on @KDKA. Listen live tomorrow on kdkaradio.com

kdkaradio.radio.com NewsRadio 1020 AM KDKA - Pittsburgh News and Talk


To my Orthodox friends and the Serbian Orthodox side of my family celebrating their Easter this weekend.. Happy Easter ☦️

Hristos vaskrse!
Vaistinu vaskrse!

Have a blessed day!


This time of year allergies can become worse. Flowers, trees - everything is in bloom.

Be careful of other illnesses too! Wash your hands, if your kids are sick - Do NOT send them to school! This is how infections spread.

These past 6 days me and my wife have been very sick with an upper respiratory infection, terrible cough, dizziness and body aches. (Our 3 daughters all have it now)

We did NOT jump to antibiotics - it’s NOT bacterial! We are using:
• over the counter cough medicine like Guiafenesin/Mucinex to help mucus come up and stop coughing with Delsym
• NyQuil or Benadryl for congestion/sleep
• Nasal saline rinses/Flonase (Fluticasone)
• Sudafed-D to help with congestion and ear/sinus symptoms.

One one twin daughter, Scarlett developed pink eye Sunday evening —-> it spread to her left eye. We saw the pediatrician. Violet then developed it the next day and in both eyes. They BOTH developed temps around 101 and 102. Coughing all night! 😞 🤒Now over 24 hours Lily (our 4 1/2 yr old) has had a bad cough but no fever.

For the babies:
• cool mist humidifier
• antibiotic eye drops for bacterial infection - see a pediatrician/family physician for this. They are the ones who should be diagnosing this- NOT urgent care where they have the highest rate of prescribing antibiotic (according to JAMA 45.7%!!). It could be allergic or viral. We completely trust and love our pediatrician Dr Breslin for this!! Family Medicine physicians are also trained in this!!
• Zarbees for cough (they are 19 months and we cleared with Pediatrician)
• Nasal saline (little remedies) and nasal suction.
• Tylenol suppositories for temps over 100.4

If your child has pink eye- do not take them out please! Keep them home from school. Once they are on antibiotic drops after 24 hours, afebrile OFF Tylenol and Motrin for 24 hours and no more pus draining from their eye.

Hope this helps! Hopefully this viral plague passes through the house soon!

Wash your hands and stay healthy! 🙂


Today is Holy Saturday for us Catholics and Christians as a whole. Jesus has died. He has conquered death for us. For us: He is the way, the Truth and the Life. Tomorrow on Easter we remember that He is risen.

Happy Easter ✝️🐰 🐇🐣


I want to wish a Happy Passover to my Jewish friends! Our faiths - I am Roman Catholic - intersect this weekend with The important celebration of Passover and remembering the Jewish people being led out of Egypt while we Christians remember Jesus returning to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover before his Crucifixion. We all have our eyes on our Heavenly Father this weekend!

May we all have a Blessed Holiday weekend/week!


LECOM Erie COM White Coat 9/20/2014

If you want to become a physician, as I’ve posted this past week, it CAN be done. Here’s a speech I gave in 2014 to the first year medical students at my Alma mater Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine at their White Coat Ceremony. I’m a and AACOMAS if you want it, remember why you want to become a physician. Here’s my inspiration.


My address to the class of 2018 at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine at the Warner Theater in Erie.


As National Physician’s Week comes to an end, please remember there is a national physician shortage.

The American Association of Medical Colleges and American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine AACOMAS have released articles about the need for not only more medical students but also more residency training spots in the US. Americans need access to more physicians. More highly trained P*Ps - Primary Care Physicians. More physicians in general.

Write to your state rep or senator, your US Rep or US Senator. Let them know we need the help!

When someone yells “Is there a physician on this plane” we want to be able to answer “Yes!”.

If my three daughters want to be physicians I want them to have access to the best medical schools and training programs!

I want them to realize that daddy didn’t take any shortcuts. There are no shortcuts when it comes to taking care of patients lives. They will spend 11+ years learning the art of science, medicine, becoming a doctor of medicine but doctors of people as well. They will realize that Dr Philbin taught their daddy “there are just some things you can’t learn in a text book, but only from the book of Life”.
That if your patients don’t teach you something new everyday, you aren’t paying attention. That being a physician is a sacred gift, one not attained by many. That if they walk across a stage after 4 years of college and then 4 long years of Med school - 4000-5000K rotations and 4 years in a fog... they will hear “Doctor Urick” called and every ounce of sacrifice was worth it... but the word “Doctor” is an overused nowadays. In medicine the physician (MD or DO) does not mean anything without the residency that is to follow. It means nothing without respect of the teams they will one day lead, the families for whom they will care and the hands they will hold as they are the last face one may see before they pass and touch the face of God.

Being a Doctor is more than hard work, academics and a decade of sacrifice. it is a calling.


For National Physicians Week I want to recognize my colleagues in Direct Care Physicians of Pittsburgh

Kirsten Lin, MD
Lela Dougherty, MD
Ashley Kittridge, DO

These are three AMAZING women! I truly mean this. They help to further Direct Care in so many ways in our Pittsburgh and Greater Pittsburgh Region.

Dedication to their patients, to finding discounted medicine and testing prices, and reaching out to patients to save them from the high costs of the current healthcare system!

Happy Physician’s Week friends!


National Physicians Week...

This physician was so eager to get in on the action that he began work as a nurses aide/quarterly at the former Aliquippa community Hospital in 2002. From that point through medical school rotations mainly at UPMC Mercy hospital, residency at MERCY HOSPITAL, working at St. Clair Hospital, kindred Hospital and Med Express I encountered so many supportive nurses, pharmacist, physical therapist, speech therapists, Case managers and social workers to show me the way to placing the patients, nurses aids, respiratory therapists and I hope I’m not forgetting anyone else.

In becoming a physician my environment helped me to grow. I am blessed that I was “raised” in supportive and nurturing environments. Nurses who knew when I was sick and made food for me, as a student those in CVICU at Mercy who helped me understand a Chest Tube before making rounds on my first surgical rotation, and so much more.

I have never forgotten where I came from and I always recall such fond memories of you all! Thanks for playing such positive roles as I was coming into my own 🙂


National Physicians Week....

I want to thank several influential Phycisians:

During medical school : Richard Heibel, MD, the late John King, DO,JD; Tom Fotopoulos, DO, Tom Quinn, DO, Kevin Thomas, DO, our Dean Bob George, DO FACOP. In later years I grew closer to our Provost and VP Silvia Ferretti, DO of Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

During 2 years of rotations and residency at Mercy:
Terrence Philbin, MD, Raj Patel, DO, Rajesh Gopal, MD, Tim Campbell, MD, Bob Johnston, MD, Tony Ricelli, MD, Ajit Ahluwalia, MD, Kausik Patel, MD

Critical Care/Pulmonary—> Andrew Perez, MD, Laurie Kilkenny, MD, Patrick Reilly, MD

Renal —> Maureen Lawlor, MD, Joe DeJonchkeere, MD, Ian Wu, MD

Neuro- Marina Zaretskaya, MD
Cardiology - Tom Generalovich, MD, Gur Adhar, MD, Dr Krishnaswami

GI - Mark Cedar, DO, Nick Bellicini, DO, Lisa Olivia, DO, Dave Limauro, MD, Dave Glorioso, MD, Dr Appasamy

Endocrine: Jann Johnston, MD, Bridget Beier, DO

Oncology: Eric Safyan, MD, Lanie Francis, MD, Vince Reyes, MD

Surgery: Sam Simone, MD, Phil Generalovich, MD, Mike Lally, MD, Skip Sell, MD, Ross DiMarco, MD, Alice Pierce, MD, Larry Jones, MD, Roger Barrett, MD

CCM: Lillian Emlet, MD, Holt Murray MD, Linus Mockus, MD

ER: Adam Yates, MD, Tracey Moore, MD, Kaveh Ilkhanapour, MD, Doug Rockacy, MD

IM Residency Clinic: Teri Willochell, MD, Noor Khan, MD, “Rusty” Reese, MD.

ALL of you helped lead me to a love for medicine and helped me to get through a crazy 20,000 hours from rotations through residency.


Physicians for Patient Protection Public

We want to give a shout out to all the physicians in the world.
Thank you. We appreciate you. You are amazing!

It’s National Physicians Week and it’s time to celebrate!

Together we are

If all the physicians who read this share and pass along, we might be able to give people a sense of just how fire we are.

National Physicians Week was designed to celebrate all you do for patients and communities across the country, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Let’s spread the celebration far and wide and see how many physicians we can reach.

Here’s what to do next
Like & share this post to your timeline
In the comment section add: Together we are , join me! @ www.physiciansonfire.com
Tag 5 colleagues
Download and replace your profile picture with the image in post or download image at www.physiciansonfire.com


For National Physicians Week:

Did you know physicians:
-Obtain a 4 Year Bachelors degree
-prepare for the MCAT (medical college admission test) which tests our knowledge of Biology, Organic Chemistry, among writing, English and now Psychology

In medical school on Day 1 it does not matter what past life you have led or previous career, we all start on equal footing. Nothing we have done clinically matters because medical school is a new, difficult game.

-We earn nearly 240 credit hours - in the classroom extensively covering Gross Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Physiology, Immunology, Microbiology, History and Physical Exam, Neuroanatomy

-complete 240 more credits through 4000-5000 hours of clinical rotations during years 3&4 and take exams at the end of most core rotations. We attend daily rotations and then read a few hours each night if one is doing it correctly.

-have to pass 4 licensure exams:
Step 1/COMLEX 1covers basic sciences
Step 2/COMLEX 2 covers clinical medicine during 4th year medical school

Step CE/PE- Filmed as a 4th year examining patients over an 8 hour day and critiqued on their ability to clinically assess patients

Step3/COMLEX3 taking during intern year covering clinical medicine

Without passing these 4 exams one can not earn a medical license!

It’s not done yet!

-we complete a minimum of 3 year residency, directly supervised by attendings and achieving more than 14,000+ hours before we can even practice independently

- in Residency there are 5 1-hr noon lectures during the week, 1 hour of grand rounds, and teaching rounds on core rotations where we present and discuss cases.
- yearly in-training exams to assess our knowledge to make sure we are prepared to move on in residency. Clinical acumen is key

It is only after these 14,000+ directly supervised educational hours that we can even practice independently. BUT it can be cut short if we do not pass rigorous board certification exams through ABMS, AOBMS etc to prove we have the requisite knowledge to practice independently.

Through these 7 difficult years we acquire debt but also deep knowledge and how to practice medicine to become the leaders of healthcare teams.

Yes this is what it takes and I am proud to say I spent my 20s engrossed in education so that I would be well equipped to help my patients.

So thank a doctor for the 11+ years they sacrificed to get where we are 🙂

Our Story

My name is Dr. Sam Urick and I am a dual board certified Internist. I am opening a Direct Primary Care medical practice in Center Township June 2018. I want to be the the type of doctor that your parents and grandparents were used to - one that could offer unhurried office visits and get to know their patients. Direct Primary Care is health care the way it was meant to be - affordable care without interference from insurance companies dictating how care should be delivered. I don’t work for the insurance companies anymore. I work for my patients.

DISCLAIMER: My posts do not constitute medical advice - always seek care from a physician or health care practitioner .




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