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Climate disasters will strain our mental health system. It’s time to adapt. 09/04/2021

Climate disasters will strain our mental health system. It’s time to adapt.

The mental health system in the US is in dire straits and it's going to get worse. This article as a few suggestions about what we can do differently. https://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-solutions/2021/09/04/climate-change-mental-health-hurricane/?utm_campaign=wp_post_most&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&wpisrc=nl_most&carta-url=https%3A%2F%2Fs2.washingtonpost.com%2Fcar-ln-tr%2F34958db%2F613394579d2fda9bb7b16293%2F5972e0169bbc0f1cdcece58b%2F60%2F74%2F613394579d2fda9bb7b16293

Climate disasters will strain our mental health system. It’s time to adapt. As the effects of climate change become severe, more people than ever may experience mental health challenges. To provide solutions, experts say the system will need to evolve.

How to handle the infuriating ‘here we go again’ feeling as the delta variant rages 08/29/2021

How to handle the infuriating ‘here we go again’ feeling as the delta variant rages

These are tough times we're living through. Hopefully, this article will help it be a little easier. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/wellness/anger-frustration-delta-variant-coping/2021/08/23/1b091700-043c-11ec-a654-900a78538242_story.html?utm_campaign=wp_post_most&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&wpisrc=nl_most&carta-url=https%3A%2F%2Fs2.washingtonpost.com%2Fcar-ln-tr%2F3484dd3%2F612a5d769d2fda2f4710b48d%2F5972e0169bbc0f1cdcece58b%2F60%2F72%2F612a5d769d2fda2f4710b48d

How to handle the infuriating ‘here we go again’ feeling as the delta variant rages The variant has brought back masks, restrictions and fear. Psychologists offer seven tips for getting through another difficult time.

theconversation.com 06/12/2020

Still serving guests while your male relatives relax? Everyday sexism like this hurts women's mental health

The 4th of July is coming up. It's important that we think about freedom for ALL and take steps to achieve it. https://theconversation.com/still-serving-guests-while-your-male-relatives-relax-everyday-sexism-like-this-hurts-womens-mental-health-116728

theconversation.com It can happen at work, on the street or at home – even by the people who love us. Everyday sexism might be hard to pin down, but it's pervasive and creates an additional layer of stress for women.

dallasnews.com 05/09/2020

Dallas therapists already seeing ‘pandemic of a mental health crisis,’ and Texas is dead last in fighting back

I keep saying this. Maybe someone will eventually listen. Texas ranks 51 out of 51 (all states plus DC) for overall access to mental healthcare. We need to ask our community and statewide leaders just how long are they going to allow Texas to be dead last? This isn't acceptable or sustainable, especially since the pandemic is severely affecting families and frontline healthcare professionals. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/commentary/2020/05/08/dallas-therapists-already-seeing-pandemic-of-a-mental-health-crisis-and-texas-is-dead-last-in-fighting-back/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Coronavirus+Update%3A+Texas+faces+mental+health+crisis%2C+Dallas+County+reports+10+more+deaths&utm_campaign=CoronavirusUpdate_05082020

dallasnews.com As the coronavirus crisis drags into another month, an Oak Cliff-based nonprofit that’s long been devoted to healing the social-emotional wounds of...

npr.org 02/15/2020

'Shame On Ted': Health Care Protests Greet Ted Cruz In Texas

My recent NPR interview wasn't my first time getting air time from them. A few years ago, I went head to head with Ted Cruz over healthcare. You can hear me in the 4-minute listen spot. https://www.npr.org/2017/07/06/535745469/shame-on-ted-health-care-protests-meet-ted-cruz-in-texas

npr.org At a veterans event Wednesday night, about 150 protesters showed up to oppose the Senate's efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

whyy.org 02/15/2020

A codependent's guide to codependency

I was interviewed for over an hour a few weeks ago for this segment for The Pulse on NPR. See if you can spot my 2 sentences! https://whyy.org/segments/a-codependents-guide-to-codependency/?fbclid=IwAR0xKvLrS5gFcjGdvV-pWOJ7c3KpzlSVRIjaesaiQLcp6rhoqUd6PvzekIc

whyy.org When people are in unhealthy or unbalanced relationships, we often use a term to describe them: codependent. But what does that actually mean?

progresstexas.org 01/18/2020

Texas is last in access to mental health services

This is very frustrating but, quite frankly, not surprising. Mental health always gets the short end of the stick. https://progresstexas.org/blog/texas-last-access-mental-health-services?fbclid=IwAR0HGVQT-n7dDGHUCfNdLoZ6N7MXBku4HyWR6GYCbICMdqet79R64gBQ8aU

progresstexas.org Our society stigmatizes those suffering from mental health issues, but those who should be ashamed are the leaders who have failed to help them.

thepsychologicalhook.com 11/22/2019

Is This Gaslighting?

From the Ask Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/is-this-gaslighting/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: My ex-boyfriend used to constantly accuse me of cheating on him even though he was the one who was being unfaithful. He even called me a w***e and told all his friends that I…

thepsychologicalhook.com 11/20/2019

The Pain Beneath the Bobbitt Case

I watched the docuseries Lorena. It was interesting. http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/the-pain-beneath-the-bobbitt-case/

thepsychologicalhook.com John Wayne and Lorena Bobbitt made a huge splash back in the 1990s when she cut off his p***s. While I remember the case being constantly in the news, I was fairly uninterested in it…

thepsychologicalhook.com 10/26/2019

I’m Free, So Why Am I Depressed?

From the Ask Dr. Hook section of my blog. http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/im-free-so-why-am-i-depressed/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: My father is very controlling. When I was a kid, his word was law and I had no power. In order to not go crazy, I'd just “check out” emotionally. There was never any…

thepsychologicalhook.com 10/26/2019

S*x Education Is a Pure Delight

I could not love this show more and it's educational to boot! http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/sex-education-is-a-pure-delight/

thepsychologicalhook.com When my son was in middle school, his school sent home a permission slip about The S*x Talk. Instead of just teaching sexual information as a normal part of their health class, the school had…

thepsychologicalhook.com 10/22/2019

I’m Afraid To Be Vulnerable with Others

From the Ask Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/im-afraid-to-be-vulnerable-with-others/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: For as long as I can remember, I’ve been afraid of being vulnerable with other people, even good friends. Everyone thinks I’m secretive because I never tell them anything about myself. I only hang…

thepsychologicalhook.com 10/16/2019

The Shrink Next Door is a Cautionary Tale

After listening to the fascinating podcast The Shrink Next Door, I wrote about how such abuses can happen. http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/the-shrink-next-door-is-a-cautionary-tale/

thepsychologicalhook.com Mental healthcare is still a profession shrouded in mystery. As a psychologist, two questions I get asked a lot are: “Don’t you just listen to people all day?” and “Isn’t therapy only for people who…

thepsychologicalhook.com 10/09/2019

My Son is Angry All the Time

From the Ask Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/my-son-is-angry-all-the-time/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: There is something seriously wrong with my 5 year old son. He is constantly angry, even when he first wakes up in the morning. He has major meltdowns, threatens people and is aggressive, sometimes…

thepsychologicalhook.com 10/06/2019

Is a Big Difference in Age Bad for Romance?

From the Ask Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/is-a-big-difference-in-age-bad-for-romance

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: I’m worried about a friend of mine who just started a relationship with a woman 25 years younger than he is. I keep telling him it’s wrong. Other people have too. He admits that…

thepsychologicalhook.com 09/21/2019

How do I Handle My Bossy Mother-In-Law?

From the Ask Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/how-do-i-deal-with-my-bossy-mother-in-law/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: I am a new mom. I love it but I don't trust anybody with my newborn, not even family members. Lately my mother-in-law is really going overboard with her advice on what to feed…

thepsychologicalhook.com 09/13/2019

Why Am I in Love with My Counselor?

From the Dear Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/why-am-i-in-love-with-my-counselor/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: As part of my graduate program in psychology, we’re required to do our own counseling. I found a counselor at a psychotherapy clinic. I felt very comfortable with her and thought I was making…

thepsychologicalhook.com 09/07/2019

Silencing: Look Who’s (Not) Talking

In this post, I talk about the various ways women are silenced both personally and professionally. http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/silencing/

thepsychologicalhook.com The silencing of women isn't a new phenomena but lately it's been getting more attention. When Mitch McConnell forced Elizabeth Warren to be quiet on the Senate floor, the event spawned thousands of Nevertheless She…

thepsychologicalhook.com 09/07/2019

How Do I Deal with a Difficult Dad?

From the Dear Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/how-do-i-deal-with-a-difficult-dad/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: I had a good relationship with my dad when I was growing up but things got bad after my parents divorced. I initially sided with him but he started being nasty. My brother got…

thepsychologicalhook.com 09/02/2019

Bothered by Partner’s S*xual Past

From the Dear Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/bothered-by-partners-sexual-past/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: My girlfriend and I have been together for several years and are ready to move in together. Everything is wonderful except I’m having trouble getting past her sexual history. I know I’m not her…

thepsychologicalhook.com 08/23/2019

My Boss Talks Too Much

From the Dear Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/my-boss-talks-too-much/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: My problem is that my boss likes to hear the sound of his own voice. When I have to ask him a question, he’ll answer it but then keeps on talking. Sometimes he’ll get…

thepsychologicalhook.com 08/18/2019

I’m Bored in School

From the Dear Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/im-bored-in-school/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: I’m in middle school and am bored with my classes. I know a lot of the material already but I’m still forced to do the homework. After school I always ask teachers stuff that…

thepsychologicalhook.com 08/09/2019

Broken Up with By Text

From the Dear Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/broken-up-with-by-text/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: I recently was in a brief but intense romantic relationship with a woman. We were even talking about becoming exclusive when, out of the blue, I received a short text from her saying that…

thepsychologicalhook.com 08/05/2019

Have I Been Dumped?

From the Dear Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/have-i-been-dumped/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: I’ve always heard that communication is so important in relationships but now I’m not so sure. I shared every detail of my last relationship with my current boyfriend because I thought he needed to…

thepsychologicalhook.com 07/30/2019

The Curtis Flowers Case: Racism Made Visible

I'm a big fan of the In the Dark podcast. Their 2nd season really made me think about the problems with race and possible solutions. http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/the-curtis-flowers-case-racism-made-visible/

thepsychologicalhook.com The United States has a problem with race. This has always been true since we’re a country founded on genocide and built by slavery but things have improved since then. We ended slavery and Jim…

thepsychologicalhook.com 07/26/2019

Boyfriend Still Texts Ex-Wife

From the Ask Dr. Hook section of my blog. Co-parenting is difficult, even for the new partners. http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/boyfriend-still-texts-ex-wife/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: I’ve been in a romantic relationship for over a year with a divorced dad with two kids. Our relationship is great but the problem is his ex-wife. She’s still angry about their breakup. While…

thepsychologicalhook.com 07/24/2019

Getting Daughter To Do Chores

From the Ask Dr. Hook section of my blog. I get a lot of questions about how to get kids to do chores. BTW, they ALL should have them! http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/getting-daughter-to-do-chores/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: My third grader has always been difficult but now it’s even worse. She won’t do anything I ask unless there’s something in it for her. I’ve have talked with her about this a lot…

thepsychologicalhook.com 07/12/2019

My Best Friend is Depressed

From the Ask Dr. Hook section of my blog. This topic is important because depression is rampant and kids really want to help their friends. http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/my-best-friend-is-depressed/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: I’m a freshman in high school and my best friend is depressed. Since she doesn’t want anyone to know about it, I only hear about what's going on from other people and I don’t…

thepsychologicalhook.com 07/09/2019

Does S*xual Orientation Affect Gender?

From the Ask Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/does-sexual-orientation-affect-gender/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: My boyfriend and I moved in together because we got along so well. At first things were great but lately he's not acting like a man. He doesn’t handle stress well, he refuses to…

thepsychologicalhook.com 06/28/2019

My Body Image Prevents Me From Being Social

From the Ask Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/my-body-image-prevents-me-from-being-social

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: Whenever I look in the mirror, I think I’m kind of attractive and feel OK about myself. But when I'm out in public or post my picture online, my view changes. I think I…

thepsychologicalhook.com 06/12/2019

My Boyfriend Likes Po*******hy

From the Ask Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/my-boyfriend-likes-po*******hy/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: I’ve been in a relationship with a man for several years and I love him. He’s everything I could ever want except for one thing: he’s very into po*******hy. He watches it every day…

thepsychologicalhook.com 06/11/2019

I Was Angry but Now I’m Depressed

From the Ask Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/i-was-angry-but-now-im-depressed/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: I’ve always been a loner but now I just stay in my home all day without talking to anyone. I also sleep a lot, sometimes for up to 12 hours at a time. I’m…

thepsychologicalhook.com 06/11/2019

My Boyfriend Has a Drinking Problem

From the Ask Dr. Hook section of my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/my-boyfriend-has-a-drinking-problem/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: I’ve been in a relationship with a wonderful man for several years now. He treats me well and has great qualities. The only problem is that he has depression and drinks too much. Every…

thepsychologicalhook.com 05/28/2019

Stories About Abortion Matter

I've seen a lot of women who've had an abortion. Given all the recent abortion bans, I decided to write about it. http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/stories-about-abortion-matter/

thepsychologicalhook.com In the Netflix show S*x Education, one of the characters has an abortion. Since the show takes place in England, the young woman didn’t have to deal with many of the pitfalls the United States…

thepsychologicalhook.com 05/24/2019

How Do I Get Over My Fear of Rejection?

From the Ask Dr. Hook section on my blog: http://www.thepsychologicalhook.com/how-do-i-get-over-my-fear-of-rejection/

thepsychologicalhook.com Question: I’ve never had a girlfriend even though I’m just starting college. Lots of my friends in high school are in long-term relationships but I never even tried to find one because of my fear…




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