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Delivering exceptional care: inspired people, industry-leading programs, innovation, & strong partnerships within the communities of #Indianapolis #Denver, #DublinOH, #Shreveport #PHX where we manage our inpatient medical rehab hospitals #stroke #TBI etc

We are open to speaking with potential partners regarding inpatient rehabilitation operations and hospital management

Operating as usual

Check our our beautiful new #rehabhospital in #carmelindiana!

Indianapolis Rehabilitation Hospital

Nurses! We need you at our new hospital.

February is American Heart Month - 5 Ways to Healthy Hearts

Take care of your heart! #HeartMonth February is American Heart Month and here are 5 ways to a healthier heart this year!

National Wear Red Day. American Heart Association - Colorado is having an event!

We are excited to launch the inaugural Denver Women of Impact campaign this Friday, Feb. 5! The Women of Impact candidates are change makers, dedicated to making a lasting impact on the health of the Colorado community. We will be introducing the candidates leading up to our kickoff event on Friday. Today, we are pleased to introduce our first two candidates: McCall Fen and Jenna Bell!

TBI people. We see you- we need you- we support you. #braininjuryawareness #BrainInjuries #BrainInjuryRehab

Nominate Your Stroke Hero

Thanks to all the caregivers out there and especially the ones Indianapolis Rehabilitation Hospital and Reunion Rehabilitation Hospitals. Submit by Jan 31

For our #strokesurvivor. #strokerehab. Reunion Rehabilitation Hospitals

Tonight, the Young & Young at Heart Stroke Support Group will be meeting virtually from 6:00-7:00pm MT. All survivors, caregivers, and allies are welcome.

Register here:

Why You Should Still Wear A Mask And Avoid Crowds After Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

Important information. It takes time after vaccination for immunity to the virus to build up, and no vaccine is 100% effective. Plus, scientists don't yet know if the vaccine stops viral spread. Here's what's known so far.

Incredible story about a strong person. #strokerehab #strokesurvivor #andreastrong #tbisurvivor

In October of 2018 my husband and I made the decision to have a baby. It was a tough delivery especially because of Covid and not being able to have family see her right away. On the morning of April 8th I awoke with a migraine which was common for me since I was 12 years old. The headache got much worse so my husband and I decided to go to urgent care around 1 pm. As my husband was calling the clinic to get me checked in because of Covid in advance I felt incredible pressure and let out a horrible scream. I don’t remember anything else until I woke up three weeks later in a hospital in Seattle that specializes in weaning patients off ventilators.
It was a severe bleed that even the ER doctor told my husband that there was a good chance I wouldn’t make it. They immediately transferred me to Tacoma General for emergency brain surgery. After an hour and a half the surgery was over. The doctor told my husband that it went well but the next 48 hours would determine how successful it was. I ended up having a stroke. I stayed in a medically induced coma for almost two weeks. After I got more awake they transferred me to Seattle to the hospital that specializes in coming off ventilators. It was the longest most loneliest time. I couldn’t receive visitors because of Covid. However my wonderful caseworker helped set up video chats with my husband and family. It helped but I was unable to visit my baby girl Emma. Finally after 35 days they arranged to have me see my baby. It was so wonderful that I finally got to hold her again. She became my inspiration to get better so I could come home and be with her all the time. After a couple weeks I got to go home. I did rehab through the summer at home and started outpatient rehab in September and have been going ever since. Since then I was able to run a 5k for the American Heart & Stroke Association, did a workout challenge and grained a lot of muscle. Still a work in progress but this mama doesn’t quit! I’m ANDREA STRONG!”
Andrea thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with us! We can’t believe that you had to wait so long to hold your daughter. Wow! You have come so far 🙌🏻

Andreas full story at

#stromies #truth #stroke #strokesurvivor #strokesurvivors #strokesurvivorsneverquit #strokesmadeusfriends #persister #strokesmadeusstrong #disabled #brainbleed #ischemicstroke #hemorrhagicstroke #ialmostdied #persisterhood #tbi #traumaticbraininjury #abi #acquiredbraininjury #braininjury #mystrokeofluck #strokestrong #strokerecovery #strokeawareness

Happy New Year. Cheers to a #healthylifestyle

The new year is always a good time to commit to improving your own health.

2021 Conference Call for Proposals | ARN

It’s a great time to think about sharing your expertise. #rehabeducation #RehabNurse #nurseceu #ceu ARN 2021 Annual Conference Call for Proposals ARN 2021 Annual ConferenceNovember 9–13, 2021 Rhode Island Convention CenterProvidence, RI The call for preconference sessions/workshops, keynotes, concurrent sessions, and abstracts (papers, case studies...

Take care of your 💜

Your support makes it possible to save more lives. Thank YOU for all you've done to protect the hearts we love!

Starbucks is giving free coffee to health care workers this month

It’s the little things that help! #healthcareworkers #COVID19 #starbucks Until the end of December, a customer "who identifies as a front-line responder to the COVID-19 outbreak" can walk into any Starbucks in the US and receive a free tall brewed coffee, hot or iced, the company said.

WB Development Partners & New Era Companies Break Ground on a New Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital

Our latest #inpatientrehabhospital that we will manage is being built in #Greenfield, Wisconsin! Stay tuned for progress on the construction and career opportunities! #healthcareconstruction “The hospital team will provide care for patients who previously had to travel away from the Greenfield area for this type of rehabilitation

Association of Rehabilitation Nurses

Thanks to the NPs this week and every week. An important role in our healthcare delivery system #nursepractitioner #RehabNurse

We'd like to wish all of the NPs a very happy #NursePractitionerWeek! Thank you for everything you do. Feel free to call out a deserving NP here or reach out to them in person to say thanks! #rehabnurse


Look what we received today!

Stroke Association

Thanks for sharing your story Erin. A #stroke is devastating at any age.

Erin had a stroke in April 2012, aged 29. Erin had felt dizzy during the day and when she got home from work, she says, “there was a contained explosion in my head.”

The hospital initially thought Erin had meningitis until they spotted the bleed in a CT scan. “I had my eyes closed for about three weeks following the stroke. At first, the light was like needles. I was very slow at first, but I was very motivated to get back to it.”

“When I called the Stroke Association helpline I was having difficulties coping with a lot of things. It was a friendly voice at the other end of the phone. They helped me accept that this has happened to me and this is now who I am. It’s like mourning for the person you were. In accepting the new me, I had to accept my limitations, as well as my strengths.”

Erin now volunteers for the charity using her experience as a stroke survivor and feeding her passion for raising awareness of stroke.

Stroke destroys lives. And it’s impossible to rebuild your life without a glimmer of hope. Please, support someone on their journey of recovery, and help them find hope after stroke.

How exciting is this! Reach for knowledge. A new way to reach for networking! #RehabNurses

#ARNREACH kicks off today! What are you most excited for?

Stroke Association

Thanks for sharing Rob and Syreeta and thanks to American Stroke Association Stroke Association and all who help care for #strokesurvivor

Rob and Syreeta were on holiday in Sydney when Rob suddenly had a stroke, leaving him in an induced coma for three weeks.

Feeling very lost and unsure of what to do, Syreeta came across the Stroke Associations website: “I started devouring all the guides and thinking about the future, seeing that there was support out there. I called the Stroke Helpline. I was in very deep stages of grief at that point and just to have someone to listen who understood the complexities of what had happened was golden.

Stroke destroys lives. And it’s impossible to rebuild your life without a glimmer of hope. Please donate today, support someone on their journey of recovery, and help them find hope after stroke:

Nobis Rehabilitation Partners's cover photo

It's #PhysicalTherapymonth Maybe you need a song to energize you to #getactive. Here's a song from way back that could inspire you! OliviaNewton-John Fan Page song Let's Get Physical #stayactive #ChoosePT #1981 #Headbands #legwarmers

Celebrating #physicaltherapist during #nationalphysicaltherapymonth #getactive #stayactive #anyactivityisgood #ChoosePT

Certain group of heart attack survivors at risk for a repeat attack

Protect the heart. INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) -- An estimated 805,000 people across the country experience a heart attack every year. Of that number, 200,000 will have a second one within the very same year after being discharged from the hospital. While these statistics are lower than previous years, the rates of

It's #NationalRehabAwarenessWeek. 'Thank yous, kudos, shout outs' to the #physicaltherapist #physicaltherapistassistant #Occupationaltherapist #speechlanguagepathologist #respiratorytherapist #casemanagers #CaseManagement #socialworker #socialwork #dietician You help our patients return to a life of living and independence #inpatientrehab #strokesurvivor #tbisurvivor #GuillainBarreSyndrome #ALS #spinalcordinjury

More celebrations with the rehab professionals this week. Thanks for how you care for the people in returning them to their best level of living! #rehabtherapy #powerofmedicalrehab #AMRPA #PMR #IRF

It's National Rehab Awareness Week and we celebrate the therapists, nurses, physicians and all support professionals who provide a care environment for those who have suffered a #stroke, #braininjury #neurodisorder #multitrauma #amputation and other medically debilitating illnesses or injuries. Thank you! American Stroke Association American Nurses Association Association of Rehabilitation Nurses American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) American Occupational Therapy Association - AOTA The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association #PMR #physiatrists #powerofmedicalrehab

If you haven't been by our inpatient rehab hospital that is scheduled to open February 2021, check out this view against the Colorado sunset! #healthcareconstruction @PerkinsWillDal Saunders Construction, Inc. @ReunionRehabHospitals Denver Business Journal #PMR #IRF

Stroke Association

Effects on mental health from medical health issues #stroke #strokerecovery #strokerehab #mentalhealth #COVID19

“My mental health has suffered immensely and the stress related to Covid-19 has made it worse. Any progression I had made has been halted.”- Peter Ellis.

Peter is not alone, for many stroke survivors their mental health and wellbeing has suffered as a result of the pandemic and lockdown. Our report published today is the result of a survey of almost 2000 stroke survivors and their carers from across the UK. It found that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of stroke treatment and care, leading to stroke survivors facing significant challenges in rebuilding their lives, no matter when they had their stroke. We need you to sign our Open Letter, calling on governments and local decision makers across the UK to urgently act on the recommendations in the Stroke Recoveries at Risk report.

Click here to find out more:

Indianapolis Rehabilitation Hospital

Sneak Peak at the #IndianapolisRehabilitationHospital opening beginning of January 2021.
We look forward to serving the community in and around Indianapolis!
Stay tuned for career opportunities when our website launches at

Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado

🙏Thank you to all of our Pikes Peak Challenge (PPC) participants and supporters! BIAC is truly grateful for your involvement and effort in this year's PPC. ⛰Together we raised awareness about brain injury, and pushed our physical and mental limits while reminding ourselves of the daily challenges faced by survivors of a brain injury. YOU are the REASON we are here.
👉Please continue fundraising as you will have access to your fundraising page until OCTOBER 1st. The more we raise, the more critical support we can offer survivors and caregivers.
If you did the Virtual hike, please post your pictures on our page or email [email protected].

Don’t accept the unknown!

The cause of a stroke can be unknown – like mine. But I won’t accept “unknown” as an answer, so I work with my doctors to find answers and reduce the chances of another stroke. This guide can help me ask the right questions:

Does My Parent Need a Senior Rehabilitation Center?

Types of care can be confusing when a loved one needs rehabilitation services.
Even those of us in healthcare for many years have seen drastic changes. Not long ago
a nursing home or skilled nursing facility (SNF) seemed to be equal to other post-acute
settings such as Inpatient Rehab Facilities. Healthcare has evolved to truly differentiate
the unique levels of care depending on the patient's needs. Our team is excited
to be part of the evolution in providing acute rehabilitation facilities with new hospitals
opening soon in #DublinOH #Denver #CarmelIN #Shreveport #healthcarejobs #PhysicalTherpay
#OccupationalTherapy #SpeechLanguagePathologist #TBI #Stroke #Oncology #Amputee When a senior needs extra help recovering from a surgery or hospital stay, choosing the right rehabilitative care ensures your loved one has the best chances of regaining their health and independence.

Important to watch for signs of delirium in critical care (ICU) patients. A recent ICU study in 3 #Indianapolis Hospitals showed a higher mortality risk for those in ICU with severe delirium or coma especially when the days of delirium are also high. Another important factor to think about for the very ill #COVID patients who require ICU care. Post-ICU COVID patients are requiring more rehabilitation and careful assessment of risks from ICU delirium. @EskenaziHealth @AACN. #nationalheartlung #AACN @NationalIstituteonAging #CMS #rehab #criticalcare

Brain Injury Association of Ohio

#ThursdaySocial Brain Injury Association of Ohio #braininjuryrehab

Dear all,

We look forward to connecting with you, Thursday, August 13, 6:30PM, for our Social Night! We’ll learn a little more about one another, see how everyone is accessing and enjoying Goose Chase, and continue building connections.

You can join by going to and clicking the box “ACCESS THE WORKSHOPS HERE”.

Our password is wellness.

Our last scheduled Social Night is August 27. NeuroNights Workshops will be back in early fall for another round of wellness workshops.

Please keep coming and tell your friends and family!

Again, thank you and be well!


Stroke Association

Thanks for this. We hear you and glad 'you are hear' for those who need support. #strokesurvivor #strokerehabilitation #strokerecovery

Anita and her daughter became volunteers for our Here For You telephone support service after her husband had a life-changing stroke. She said: “Volunteering for Here for You is so rewarding. You could be that person that makes a real difference to someone’s day”.

Find out how you can volunteer to be a part of our telephone support service and help stroke survivors stay connected:

Our Story

Nobis brings together hospitals, developers, and investment partners to develop, operate, and manage inpatient rehabilitation facilities (“IRF’s”) throughout the United States.

We specialize in treating conditions such as strokes, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, neurological disorders and other complex medical conditions.

People will enjoy working in our brand new hospitals. Patients and therapists will love our open concept hallways.

Our Vision: We will be the medical rehabilitation leader within our communities

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