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Licensed Professional Counselor Licensed Professional Counselor in Allen, and Plano. I have a genuine passion for providing christian counseling to various types of clients that include; women, adolescents, and marriage.

Licensed Professional Counseling Intern supervised by Carolyn G. Maurer, Phd.D. LPC-S, LMFT-S.

Mission: Helping families heal, changing generational patterns and bringing HOPE to the hopeless.

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Change happens when we decide that staying where we are hurts more than the work/effort of changing. I would love to help you navigate the struggles that face you today.
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It is God’s JOY to love us regardless of the condition we come to Him in. I hope this resonates with you today.


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I still enjoy thinking about the holiday weekend. Family time honoring our homeland is such a treasured tradition. How about you? What is your favorite tradition with your family?
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Saying yes to your marriage is a continuous daily act. What ways can you say yes to your spouse today to show that they are cherished by you?
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The outcomes of life’s circumstances don’t always meet our hopes or expectations. This can be true of Texas winter weather, or on a deeper level with the dreams we have regarding our relationships, careers, children or marriages. In counseling, I use a method of cognitive reframing to help my clients develop a slightly different perspective as they face disheartening realities. There is hope, and a safe place for healing right around the corner @ Believe in Hope Counseling.

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It was such an privilege to be able to celebrate small business recognition with the Allen-Fairview Chamber of Commerce. I love being a part of the Allen Community, and being able to serve the families of the area as a Licensed Professional Counselor for women, men and marriages in crisis.

I heard this the other day while listening to Dr. Cloud. “We can’t get strategic about our emotions until we have labeled them appropriately.” There is so much truth packed in that statement. Identifying our emotions may be harder than you think when faced with difficult life circumstances. If you, or someone you know needs help putting together a strategic plan while facing a hard season of life make an appointment today. #christiancounselor #counselingallentx #believeinhopecounseling #healthyboundaries #drhenrycloud #marriagecounseling

Self care is easier than you may think. It doesn’t have to be a lavish spa day (of course that can be refreshing too) but, the goal of caring for yourself is to incorporate simple things into your daily life. Try a few I have listed here, or share your favorites below. #selfcare #nature #exercise #petlove #homecookedmeals #healthysleep #remsleep #believeinhopecounseling #renewyourhope #christiancounseling #christiancounselor

Believe in Hope Counseling

Enjoying all of the back to school activities, especially getting to support small town football in my work community of Allen. The start of school and all that comes with it are a great source of fun, but can also bring anxious feelings with all the changes and pressure teens face today. If you know of a teen in need of counseling, send them my way. I would love to connect with them to help navigate their middle school/high school journey. #backtoschool #anxietysupport #christiancounselor #fridaynightlights #alleneagles #lovejoyhighschool #believeinhopecounseling

Enjoying all of the back to school activities, especially getting to support small town football in my work community of Allen. The start of school and all that comes with it are a great source of fun, but can also bring anxious feelings with all the changes and pressure teens face today. If you know of a teen in need of counseling, send them my way. I would love to connect with them to help navigate their middle school/high school journey. #backtoschool #anxietysupport #christiancounselor #fridaynightlights #alleneagles #lovejoyhighschool #believeinhopecounseling

If you feel like giving up on your relationship when faced with a crisis take a step back and just breathe. Indecision is normal during this crisis period, but before throwing in the towel, take time to seek counsel. Picking up the pieces may feel harder to face because when spouses have failed one another looking into the others eyes can feel daunting, but healing is possible. Hope and love can be renewed. #marriagegoals #believeinhopecounseling #marriagematters #marriagecounselor #christiancounselor #pickupthepieces #believeinhope #hoperestored

Psychotherapy Networker

This is an excellent article, and a wonderful approach to bullying. Just in time for back to school. I urge teachers, administrators and parents to read this article and implement these proven methods to curtail bullying. #christiancounselor #parentingteens #teachers #backtoschool #parents #article #teencounseling #believeinhopecounseling

After its first two years, this former teacher's anti-bullying project led to bullying ceasing in 47 out of 50 primary schools where it was implemented. Here's how and why it worked:

In relationships, validating someone’s feelings doesn’t mean you have to agree with their view. Take this approach for a spin this week.

In relationships, validating someone’s feelings doesn’t mean you have to agree with their view. Take this approach for a spin this week.

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Human beings have an innate capacity to heal. Let me hold the HOPE for you while we walk through finding your strength with the tools and guidance of the therapy process. #christiancounselor #believeinhopecounseling #marriagematters #marriagegoals

The greatest love stories of our time are the ones in which we are able to be there for our partner in such a way that they feel safe in sharing their vulnerabilities. #marriagegoals #marriagecounselor #christiancounseling

Marriage minute challenge is to randomly, passionately, for no reason at all...KISS your spouse. Yes, for a minimum of 6 seconds. In marriage, we don’t have to be perfect, but we do have to be present. Truly present, without distraction. For some, seeing this call to action may sound trivial, do it anyway. For others this may feel like too much exposure, try it anyway. It will always be easier to let busyness keep us from investing in our marriage, and sometimes that scurry of tasks allows us to isolate and protect ourselves from being vulnerable. My challenge remains, do it anyway, and do it everyday. If this feels too much like a task or fearful in your marriage (or in the marriages of those you know/love) reach out, I have a passion to help marriages revive and thrive through marriage counseling. #marriagegoals #christiancounseling #reviveandthrive #believeinhopecounseling

It is the simple things in marriage that go a long way in showing your spouse that you are there for them. What gesture, or ritual do you show your spouse when you come home, or leave for the day? Move from the roommate stance and be intentional about showing your mate you are there for them. Go that extra mile in your marriage today.

Believe in Hope Counseling Ribbon cutting 2019. Celebrating my dream of being able to provide men and women a a safe place to process and heal from their deepest hurts. #licensedcounselor #believeinhopecounseling #hoperestored

We earn that gray hair as parents, it is a big job in the adolescent years. A great tip along the parenting journey is to keep two words in mind, empathy and identification. Remember teenagers will be just that...TEENAGERS. As we recall our own teen years we are better able to show empathy because we understand. This will help the connection you have with your adolescent because they will realize they are not alone during this trying time. When you are able to identify with the mistakes your teen makes, you will be helping them mature through the bond this creates. #havehope #believeinhopecounseling #teencounseling #boundaries

Save the Date for our Ribbon cutting. It will be a great time for food, fellowship, and a chance to see my office. Getting to see the AMAZING Yeager Allen office building is a treat in itself. #allenchamber #ribboncutting #believeinhopecounseling #yeagerofficesuitesallen

It can be hard and even scary to ask for help. It is easier (or so it seems at the time) to remain self-reliant at all costs. I hope to make the step of reaching out less intimidating, by being a safe collaborative resource for you. Visit my new website to make an appointment @ so we can start your healing journey together. #depression #anxiety #grief #marriage #believeinhopecounseling

Capturing the beautiful sunset that I get to experience as I leave my office after a day with clients @ Believe in Hope Counseling. Blessed to have such a peaceful view. It is a great safe place to bring your hurts. Reach out today, or refer a friend. #sunsets #believeinhopecounseling #springtime

In C.S. Lewis’ “A Grief Observed” he explains grief masterfully through his own grief of the loss of his wife. Thoughts at times come endlessly, while at times not at all. Allow the process to do its work in yourself, and in others. There aren’t “right” answers to grief. Be patient. #griefcounseling #believeinhopecounseling #agriefobserved #cslewis

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Psychotherapy Networker

A return to connection is possible with wounded couples. As you are working through the pain and vulnerability this may feel like an insurmountable reality. But there is hope. I see it in couples as they do the hard work to get there. The beautiful thing about “putting in the work” is that when restoration of connection is realized, the “work” suddenly becomes motivating and invigorating. #marriagegoals #lovingconnection

"It’s my first session with Jeff and Miranda. 'Honestly, I don’t know why I’m here,' Miranda spits out. 'He's cheated on me since we started dating 25 years ago.' Do I tell Miranda to run for the hills? What if Miranda takes a leap of faith and decides to trust Jeff once more—and he betrays her yet again?"

Exciting Reminder...
Spring forward = more sunshine

Sudden loss of your loved one can leave your body feeling like you have experienced a major surgery. Give yourself the time you need, just as you would if you were in intensive care. Allow yourself rest and extra care. Exhaustion is normal.

As a caretaker, or friend you can help by providing healthy food and helping the grieving stay hydrated. Be a listening ear, without being afraid of the moments of silence.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to reach out to a therapist? I know it can feel intimidating. Because I understand this I want you to know these are two outlooks that you will encounter when you reach out to me, I will be hopeful you can overcome where you are, AND I will see the BEST in you. This will be our starting place. Make the call today to get your appointment as soon as next week.

Allen-Fairview Chamber

Love the shoutout from Saundra @ the Allen-Fairview Chamber and Mark Friedman of FriedoNation Productions. It is exciting to be a part of their group. Building my counseling practice, growing one client @ a time.

Check out this latest episode of Allen in Action!
Saundra Midkiff has the all the details about new members and announces upcoming ribbon cuttings: Believe in Hope Counseling, FC Dallas, Catlett Law Firm, Lucas Family Dentistry and @Unify Federal Credit Union.
Rhonda Ptak has the latest on the 2019 Members Choice Awards and Masquerade Gala
And, Sharon Mayer has the details on the next Members Luncheon.

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