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[07/01/20]   We have some openings this afternoon for physicals with Cassandra Wood. Give us a call to get on the schedule.

Animals School

Happy Monday. Found a video that should cheer up any Monday or Covid blues you may have today. 😂

This is why babies need dogs 😍.

Please click on the picture for some important info!

We have several cans of Enfamil AR that will expire this month to give away. Stop in to the clinic to pick some up if this is what your child uses. No holds please.

Alliance Children's and Allied Health, Inc

Alliance Children's and Allied Health, Inc

[11/29/19]   Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. We hope you all have a blessed holiday!

Flu shots available from 2-5 today for Alliance Children’s and Allied Health patients! No appointment necessary, but if you know you will be in today give us a call, pm us on here or comment on this post so we can have your paperwork ready!


True parenting hack! 😊

This baby wouldn't stop crying until his dad gave him one of mom's shirt. See how he reacted! 💞
🎥 by @VT

Carrie Underwood

Everyone’s a critic...🤷‍♀️ Mike Fisher Vince Gill 😂

[06/05/19]   We have some openings this afternoon for school physicals! Give us a call 761-1151

Alliance Children's and Allied Health, Inc

Diaper Bank Opens in Alliance, to Expand to Crawford Diaper Bank Opens in Alliance, to Expand to Crawford

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Seems I am a few days late for international happy day!

It's #InternationalHappinessDay and this is the happiest thing we've ever seen. ❤️👶

2 bags full of ice packs available at Alliance Children’s- stop in and grab some. Approx. 50 total


Get it girl 💃🏼

Me realizing it's finally Friday. 💃

We have a pair of glasses that were left at the clinic last week, are they yours?


How precious is this big sister!! 😍

She is taking her big sister role very seriously. 💞

[11/29/18]   While cleaning today, we found a piece of jewelry in one of the rooms. Let us know if you are missing something. If you can describe it, it’s yours.

Proper Manchester

Happy Sunday Everyone! 😃😃

That laugh will put the biggest smile on your face

I’m not crying you’re crying 😭
Cuddle your babies!

Translated from:

Author: Mildred Vuyk

Dear mama,

Could you wake up for a minute? I know it's hard for you to open your eyes - we haven't slept a lot yet tonight. But mama, I kinda need you right now. You see, the thing is, I feel a bit lonely at the moment. I'm laying here in my crib and I'm somewhat cold.

I didn't mean to cry so I'm sorry I did. I've been trying to get your attention by making some noises for a while now but you were in such a deep sleep, you couldn't hear me. I don't know how else to get your attention. During the day, I see and hear you all make noises and I see you respond well to each other. You talk to me like that too. And I try very hard but I don't know how to do that yet. So I cry so you'd listen to me.

Mama, I'm sorry for crying. Like I said, I feel a bit lonely. I just spent nine months inside your belly where I've always felt safe. It's a bit scary to me to be in such a big bed all by myself. I miss your heartbeat, the rushing of your blood, the warmth and the food.I miss your breathing and your hands you put over me to protect me when I still was inside your belly.

So mama, would you please listen to me? I'm calling for you in the only way I'm able to. I feel really alone. I need your warmth and your peace for a moment. I need to know for sure you're still here. So can I come lay with you for a little while to feel your warmth?

Some cuddles first. Mama, this feels so nice. When I feel you holding me while you gently rock me and when I can smell and feel you, I feel so safe. I can feel your hand on my back and my ear is placed just right on your heart. Mom, this is home to me. Do you remember back when we were always together? I always felt like this back then. Sometimes I miss that time. It was so nice to be close to you.

I hear you softly whisper into my ear "Everything is okay little one, everything is fine". Your voice is so soft and familiar. You smell good mom. A bit like me and a bit like you.

Mama, will you hold me just a little longer? I'm really tired and I feel so relaxed in your arms. It almost feels like before. I'm going to close my eyes for a little while, okay? Can I please stay with you here a little longer to enjoy your love and your presence?

And can I drink some more? Mama, since we're laying like this anyway...I'd like to ask you something. I know, it sounds pretty sad because I can't talk like you can yet so I'm sorry for crying again. But mama, can I please drink some more? My throat is dry and my tummy is empty and since we're here anyway...maybe I can have a few more sips? Your milk tastes delicious and is so warm and familiar.

Thanks mom, that's exactly what I needed. I was really really thirsty. Your finger on my cheek feels great by the way. And you're smiling at me. Nothing makes me happier than seeing your smile and feeling your presence. I'll close my eyes again, okay? Please don't put me away straight away, I really enjoy falling asleep here. This feels really good. Can I stay with you for another hour or so?

My tummy hurts. What is that?! Mama! Can you feel this? Mom? My tummy hurts so bad. What is happening? Please help me mama, I don't know what's happening. I've never felt anything like this.

Thank you for rubbing my belly mom. It's late and everyone is asleep. I'm so happy you're here for me. I don't know what I'd do without you mama. My tummy already hurts less and when you hold me like that...I feel pretty tired. Maybe I'll close my eyes again. Please hold me a little longer?

Can I have more cuddles? You won't believe this mama! I'm a bit scared. I just woke up and I didn't know where I was for a second. It was all dark and a little cold again. I know you're tired mama. But I really missed you, can I please be with you again for a while?

Mama, I can see that you're tired. There are tears in your eyes and every now and then a tear rolls down your cheek. I'm sorry mama but I feel really strange in this new world. I miss home. I miss always being close to you.

Sometimes I feel a tear fall on my head while you gently rock me. You're singing me a song so that I can go back to sleep. You softly dry the tears that fell on my head with your hand. That feels nice mom, do that again?

I fall asleep on your chest. You feel so soft, so familiar. There's nowhere I sleep better than here. My legs are pulled up, just like they were back when I still lived with you. I can hear your heartbeat again and I move along with your breathing.

I will learn soon. Mama, you're the best place to be. I'm so glad I get to come to you over and over again. I don't like being unable to just ask either but I'm really happy you listen to me when I call for you.

Soon, I'll be able to be there for you. Or for my brothers or sisters. Or for my friends in school. You're teaching me how to take care of someone. You're teaching me that you listen, even when I can't ask. You're teaching me I'm safe, even when sometimes it feels like I'm not. You're teaching me that you love me, even when you're very tired. Thank you.

And mama, I love you.

Translated from:

Author: Mildred Vuyk


📷: Silver Pebble Photography

[10/03/18]   Alliance Children’s and Allied Health has flu shots available for all ages!

According to the CDC, last flu season in the United States:
•900,000 people were hospitalized with flu
related symptoms
•80,000 people died from flu related
• 180 of those that died were children

Flu shots are given Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:30-11:30 and 1:30-4:30

Lonnie Grant Named Physician Assistant Of Year By Nebraska Academy Of Physician Assistant

Congratulations Lonnie, you deserve this! Lonnie Grant Named Physician Assistant Of Year By Nebraska Academy Of Physician Assistant June 11, 2018 by Kalin Krohe Leave a Comment The Nebraska Academy of Physician Assistant (NAPA) recently named Alliance Family Medicine’s (AFM’s) Lonnie Grant, PA-C, as its Physician Assistant of the Year. ...

This is a great visual as to WHY chest clip placement is so important. The chest clip placement on the left does not keep the shoulder straps where they are meant to be, and could result in ejection from the car seat and cause internal injuries and bleeding to vital organs in the event of an accident. The placement on the right has the chest clip properly placed and the shoulder straps pulled taut, protecting the child from injuries.
Please note - the strap placement in this picture is for a forward facing child (straps should be level with or just above the child's shoulders). In a rear facing carseat the shoulder straps should be level with or just below the child's shoulders.
Please place your child's chest clip properly with the top of the chest clip at armpit level.
#carseatsafety #keepkidssafe


Who doesn’t love hugs!! 😀👶👶👶👶

This is too cute!

[11/23/17]   Happy thanksgiving to you all! May your day be full of love and bellies full of food! 🦃

PopSugar Family

I have the same reaction to Christmas 😂

😍 🎄😍


Such a neat story!

This grandpa proves there's still good in the world

Daily Mail

I would be concerned too if kids were pooping and peeing everywhere!!! 😂😂

This sassy two-year-old hates preschool!😂 😂

Free ice packs. We have 15 of them now and will have more soon.

[08/16/17]   Alliance Children's has openings for school physicals TODAY! All children entering kindergarten or 7th grade need a physical before school starts and any student playing a fall sport needs a physical before they can practice. Call now! 308-761-1151

Alliance Children's and Allied Health, Inc's cover photo

[05/16/17]   Just a reminder, all new students, students entering kindergarten and 7th grade and any student planning to play sports needs a physical before school starts. We have several openings; call now for an appointment!

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