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Pinky Anklin obituary 11/23/2022

Pinky Anklin obituary

Pinky Anklin obituary Pinky Anklin, a lifetime Alturas resident. Passed away peacefully on the afternoon on November 2, 2022 in Modoc County. Pinky was a well known and very well liked member of the Alturas Ranching community. Graveside services were held at the Alturas Cemetery on Thursday November 17, 2022.

Rory Joseph Flick obituary 11/23/2022

Rory Joseph Flick obituary

Rory Joseph Flick obituary Rory Joseph Flick born to parents, Charles and Gail Smith on May 6, 1961, passed away on the afternoon of Tuesday October 25, 2022 in Alturas, California. Rory spent the last 16 years of his life in Modoc County, enjoying time as a pilot and out on his fishing boat with his beloved cat Sassy. He wil...

Harold James Harris obituary 11/11/2022

Harold James Harris obituary

Harold James Harris obituary Harold James Harris, 92, of Lake City, CA passed away on October 23, 2022 at Renown Hospital, Reno, NV. Born to Sarah Edna and Ethelbert James on November 16, 1929, at 49 Lane, five miles north of Cedarville, CA. Harold attended numerous schools in Surprise Valley and worked on several ranches as he...

Ethel Mae Dowell obituary 11/11/2022

Ethel Mae Dowell obituary

Ethel Mae Dowell obituary Ethel Mae (Chambers) Dowell 91, of Bieber, California passed away peacefully in her sleep on October 20th 2022. Ethel married Floyd Dowell in 1956. They lived in Bieber in the home Floyd had built for them. Ethel remained in the home that she loved after Floyd's death in 2006. Ethel was an avid gard...

Dixie Myrtle Server obituary 10/21/2022

Dixie Myrtle Server obituary

Dixie Myrtle Server obituary Dixie Server of Alturas passed away from cancer on October 18, 2022 at Warnerview Skilled Nursing in Alturas, CA. She was born April 8, 1944. Her services and obituary to come at a later date.

David C. Englehart obituary 10/13/2022

David C. Englehart obituary

David C. Englehart obituary David C. Englehart passed away at Warnerview Skilled Nursing facility October 3, 2022, in Alturas, CA. He was born on December 26, 1945 to Evelyn Fisher Englehart, the second of 3 children. Older sister Margaret Henson, and younger brother Sheldon Firestone. He was born in Piqua, Ohio. His entire fa...

Peggy Joyce Grove Espil Volny obituary 10/07/2022

Peggy Joyce Grove Espil Volny obituary

Peggy Joyce Grove Espil Volny obituary In loving Memory of Peggy Joyce Grove Espil-Volny Born:10-25-1927 Alturas CA Passed:09-19-2022 Boise ID Pall Bearers: Martin M Espil Jean T Espil Brent Espil Norb Volny Brad Woolledge Ben Galletti Opening Prayer:Father Borlaug Eulogy: Martin Espil Final Blessings/Blessing of water: Father Borlaug Mu...


Davis Wellman passed away in his sleep August 19, 2022. He was 89
years old.

Harry Davis Wellman, Jr. was born April 16, 1933 in Middlesex, CT and lived most of early years in Clinton, CT. He spent many hours with his father, Harry, at Burr Dairy, or hunting with his Uncle Charles. He attended Avon Old Farm school in Avon Ct where he learned how to become a trapper as part of his physical education class. After graduation, Davis headed west to Colorado A&M. After about a year, upon learning his draft number was coming up, he signed up for the US Navy. He was assigned to the construction battalion and got to travel to many places. It was also discovered that he could cut hair, which he also did while in the Navy; a skill he continued to use throughout his life- giving haircuts to his father, son, and grandsons.

After the Navy, Davis moved to Southern California and joined the Mason’s Union. It was also in Southern California that he became a member of the Baha’i Faith. He moved to Alturas in the early 1960’s to join the local Baha’is. It was in Alturas that he met Marietta, his wife of nearly 58 years. Davis joined the Alturas City Volunteer Fire Department shortly after arriving in Alturas and was a proud member for 46 years, retiring in 2010. He was also the Scout Master for Boy Scout Troop 49 for many years.

He is survived by his wife, Marietta, his son Jesse (Martha) Wellman of Reno, NV, Anna Wellman of Alturas, and Ilene (Patrick) Barbree of Loomis, CA, granddaughter Cordilia Wellman and grandsons Thomas and Benjamin Barbree. He is preceded in death by his parents Harry and Susanne Wellman, daughter Loretta
Wellman and grandson Davis Lee Fuller.

Services were held this past Saturday August 27 at the Alturas Cemetery.


Graveside services for Davis Wellman of Alturas, will be held at the Alturas Cemetery, this Saturday August 27 at 11am, followed by fellowship at the park. Please come with your best Davis stories to share.

Mr. Wellman, age 89, passed away August 19, 2022. Obituary to follow.


Vanessa Lynn (Stokes) Calhoun was born June 19, 1996, in Yuba City, CA. She died on Friday August 12, 2022 at her home with her family. She has been a resident of Alturas CA since May 2019. Her death was unexpected and sudden due to Cardiac and Respiratory Failure. She was on Disability for health issues.

She was artistic, musical and fun to be around. She loved to make people laugh. She loved to sing and dance to all types of music. She took great pride and care in her appearance. She wouldn't dare leave the house without her makeup! She was a beautiful human being.

She is survived by her husband, Chad Calhoun, her Mother, Rae Dale Stokes, her Aunt Lyndy Jones, her Uncle DJ Darrh and her Grandmother, Linda Pavlos, living in Alturas CA.

She is also survived by her cousins Michael, Michelle, Pam and Michael Stokes as well as her many friends on Facebook and her many friends living here in Alturas, as well.

She will be forever missed and loved!


Long time Likely resident, Leta Brooks passed away at Warnerview skilled nursing facility in Alturas, California.

Leta is survived by her sister Pat, her children, Michelle, Michael, Linda, and Debbie along with several grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Leta was a woman of faith and and a dedicated prayer warrior, song writer and lover of animals.

A kind and gentle spirit, Leta was a caretaker for many longtime residents of Modoc County. In her final years, Leta stopped crocheting her beautiful afghans. Instead she found delight in assembling jigsaw puzzles in her unique style. The final puzzle was a 4 foot working grandfather clock.

That was Leta! Living life in her own creative way.

So, mom thank you for giving us life and being the best mom you could be!

Thank you for decisions that put our best interest first. C U in heaven. Love always, your family.

Vaya Con Dios


Agnes Boulade, a longtime Modoc County resident, passed away on July 19, 2022

at the Warnerview Skilled Nursing Facility in Aturas where she resided for the past

nine years.

Born Agnes Geraldine Rico on October 2, 1928 to Guadalupe Rico and Elizabeth

(Isabel) Azevedo in Santa Clara, California, she was the youngest of four children.

Agnes spent most of her young life in the Santa Clara and San Jose area where she

received her education. After graduating from High School, Agnes had a dream of

becoming a nurse so she could help others, that’s when she enrolled at the

O’Conner School of Nursing in San Jose, graduating as a Registered Nurse in 1950

and the next year doing her Internship at O’Connor Hospital.

Her sister, Sera, was living in Cedarville in 1952 and suggested that Agnes move

from the big city to Alturas; as Modoc Medical Center was looking for qualified

nurses to work in their hospital. Agnes made the move to Alturas settling into a

rental house on Henderson Street. She fondly remembered that Modoc Medical

Center on McDowell Street was only one-year old at the time when she began

working as a young Registered Nurse, eventually becoming the Director of Nurses

after the prior Director, Bea Steil, retired. Agnes took great joy throughout her

career in helping the ill in her community to get better, the sole reason for wanting

to become a nurse. She continued to work at the hospital for 25 years until her

retirement in 1977.

On October 1, 1955, Agnes married Remy Boulade in a ceremony that was held at

the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Alturas. From this marriage, four children

were born, and as of today they all still reside in Alturas. Agnes and Remy always

instilled in their children that with hard work and respect for others was how they

would succeed in life. The golden rule always applied in the Boulade household,

“the principle of treating others as one wants to be treated,” or “do unto others as

you would have others do unto you.” In 1990, after 34 years of marriage, Remy

passed away.

After retirement, Agnes enjoyed spending time in her huge garden during the

summer months. She was also known by many of her friends to be meticulous

when it came to her landscaping skills. It wouldn’t be uncommon for her to be

outside picking every single w**d from the ground on her hands and knees from

around her house, her famous raspberry patch, or in her garden while stuffing all

the w**ds into a garbage bag and hauling it to the dump ground in the trunk of her

car. She also enjoyed her daily crossword puzzle, word searches, or playing

“Skipbo” with her family, something she continued doing up until a few years ago.

She will be greatly missed by all her friends and family.

Agnes was preceded in death by her husband, Remy, parents Guadalupe Rico and

Elizabeth Azevedo, sister Sera Taylor, Marie Baker, brother Guadalupe “Gus”

Rico (killed aboard the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941) and

sister-in-law Alice Dewey.

Agnes is survived by her four children, Larry (Diane) Boulade, Donna (Rowdy)

Freeman, Harry (Rose) Boulade, Joanne (Bryan) Cain, her four grandchildren, her

six great-grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.

Services will be held graveside at the Alturas Cemetery on Saturday July 30, 2022

at 11:00 a.m. A reception will immediately follow at the Brass Rail Restaurant in

Alturas. The family wishes to thank Dr. Richert and the entire staff at Warnerview

Skilled Nursing Facility for taking great care of our mom all these years; you

treated her like family.


In Memoriam

Anthony Paul Lalancette

September 26, 2002 - July 12, 2022

With great pride in his life and legacy, we sorrowfully announce the passing of Anthony Paul

Lalancette on July 12, 2022, in his hometown of Alturas, California.

Anthony Paul was born to parents Anthony and Rebekah Lalancette in Alturas, California, on

September 26, 2002. Upon his birth, Anthony’s older siblings, Austin and Antoinette, fearlessly

stepped into their roles as prideful protectors of their baby brother. With a brilliant example set

by his older siblings, Anthony returned the favor as a dutiful, prideful, and unconditionally

supportive big brother to his sisters, Aliyah and Ariana.

As a graduate of Modoc High School, Anthony masterfully combined his most treasured

passions in his career – the outdoors, animals, serving others, and working with his hands –

while providing invaluable labor on local ranches. Friends, employers, co-workers, and family

often marveled at Anthony’s intellectual drive and uncanny ability to employ information and

techniques he had learned only moments before. As a self-taught piano player or a favorite

hand to gather cattle alongside, Anthony steadily appeared as a seasoned professional who

had spent decades refining his craft. While this speaks to his work ethic, it profoundly illustrates

the core of Anthony’s being: a gentle soul who always had more to give to those around him.

Many have said children and animals are superior identifiers of those with profound character.

With this in mind, Anthony was an immediate favorite of children and animals alike. However,

nothing demonstrated Anthony’s inherent gentleness and generosity like his inexplicable

connection with animals. Creatures with four legs and a curious gaze often found refuge in

Anthony’s care – and the feeling was mutual.

When Anthony arrived at the ranch each morning before work, the cowdogs would patiently

await their one-on-one greeting with him. After Anthony greeted each dog by name, he would

crouch down, pat their heads, check their paws, and send them on their way. It’s impossible to

estimate who enjoyed this routine more: Anthony or the group of mixed-breed cowdogs whose

rampant tail wagging waved in Anthony’s beaming face while he rose from his lowered stance. If

Anthony wasn’t immersed in a project, he was known to nap with the retired show heifers on the

ranch or softly chuckle as he watched the latest TikTok trends with an audience of curious first-

calf heifers. His soft-spoken charm and calming presence put even the most waspy cattle at


Anthony was the proud father of his beloved Husky, Mafia, and his cat, who invited himself into

Anthony’s care as a kitten off the street. Though the cat remains nameless, it knew Anthony’s

boundless love through their ever-steady bond and Anthony’s affectionate yet generic reference

to the feline as “Kitty.”

As reflected in the naming of his cat, Anthony never required much to find contentment. He

reveled in simple moments – those often overlooked, taken for granted, or used by others as a

means to an end. Anthony had an affinity for nuance and enjoyed being a thoughtful observer in

many settings.

However, this reserved demeanor dissipated when Anthony found himself alongside his best

friends, his siblings. Anthony’s unrelenting and unconditional bond with his sisters proved they

were one another’s soulmates. As a doting brother, Anthony rarely cared what the day brought

so long as his siblings were in tow. He never requested activities that piqued his interests or

found himself bored. Anthony was wholly devoted to ensuring that smiles adorned his sisters’

faces at all times. He found joy in their laughter and a renewed purpose in his duties to guide,

protect, and support them.

Anthony adored his older brother, Austin, and spent his childhood emulating his big brother. If

Austin and Anthony were together, the duo was often heard long before they were seen. Their

gregarious belly laughter could melt the most hardened of hearts – and their tales of brotherly

adventures were worthy of a reality television show, or at the least, a very successful podcast.

Anthony desired to be like Austin in most aspects of life, yet he brazenly surpassed his older

brother in an area that mattered more than most: hairstyle. No family gathering was complete

without an argument about who had the ultimate right to fasten Anthony’s hair into a wig for

themselves should he ever cut it. Fortunately for all, Anthony retained his Lalancette locks and

wore them as only he could.

Anthony had a long list of hobbies that led to his active lifestyle. Playing the piano for his family,

snowboarding, hiking, exploring, and camping were a few of his favorites. Still, several of his

most cherished memories were born when his dad called upon him to co-pilot their epic father-

son road trips.

Anthony will always be known as a beacon of light. He was loyal and resilient. He overcame

seemingly insurmountable odds with grace and dignity while always placing the needs of those

he cherished above his own. He loved fiercely and served boldly. He was a steady shield of

armor and a soft place to land for all who knew him.

Anthony‘s inherent goodness will endure in simple moments. His light persists in the joyous

giggles of his sisters, the kind eye of a curious animal, and the soft keys of a piano. His

boundless love endures in the smile of another, the joy of the morning, and the faithfulness of

resilience. Anthony Paul resides in extensions of grace, the satisfaction of service, and the

tenderness of genuine connection.

For his love, he is made perfect. Then, now, and for eternity. Beloved, our Anthony Paul.

Please join Anthony’s loved ones to honor his life and legacy at 10:00 AM on Saturday, July 23,

2022. The service will be held at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (104 East 13th

Street in Alturas, California 96101), where Anthony’s late mother, Rebekah, and her family

worshipped. A private graveside service will be held for family only.

Anthony Paul is preceded in death by his mother, Rebekah Lalancette of Alturas. He is survived

by his father, Anthony Lalancette of Alturas; his brother Austin Carreker; his sisters Antoinette

and fiancé Ty Pedotti, Aliyah, and Ariana Lalancette; his beloved Husky, Mafia; cat, Kitty; friend,

Caleb Olive; grandmother Catherine Filomeo and husband Ken Skaufel; aunt and uncle

Stephanie and David Larson; cousin Raedyn Larson; and aunt and uncle Judy and Rusty

Stanford, all of whom are Alturas residents.

Written on July 19, 2022 by Rylee Pedotti with love, admiration, and gratitude for the entire Lalancette

family and above all, our Anthony Paul. Always beloved. Psalm 15.


Judith “Judi” Stevens was a caring wife, mother, grandmother,

great grandmother, sister, and friend. She left this world on July

6 th , 2022, at the age of 83.

She was born in Fort Morgan Colorado to William and Anne

Prevost on March 19th , 1939.

After graduating High School, Judi married the man of her

dreams and soon after had 4 amazing sons that were 1 year

apart. They filled her life with complete joy. Her love for

animals made her dreams of owning and running a ranch a

reality. She had many horses and loved to take them to shows

and rodeos. She held many office manager positions that lead

her to become an elected official as the Auditor/recorder for

Modoc County. She retired from this position on 2009 at the

age of 70. Judi is survived by her husband Robert, sons Kevin

(Lori), Troy (Jennifer), Steve (Lisa), and Jeffery (Sally). She had

15 grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren.

Anyone who knew Judi absolutely loved and adored her. She

was kind to all and will be greatly missed.

Services will be held on July 20 th at Kerr mortuary for her

viewing. Graveside services at the Alturas cemetery at 11:00

am. Followed by a funeral reception at the Brass Rail.




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