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Tomorrow we'll be at Fluxx Audio protecting our hearing! Did you know every day millions of people are suffering from hearing damage? It can happen anywhere you go concerts, sporting events, airplanes, even restaurants.

Working in a loud environment is also always dangerous. If you work with musicians, in construction, or any manufacturing job you need to protect your hearing.

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We've got another day of exciting run & gun here at the Rock. Here's a little clip from yesterday. Fun stages!
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One of the Stages at the USPSA Multi Gun Championships this past weekend. Not a super great match for me, ended up with a lot of penalties, but was 3rd in the ladies for tac-ops.
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A little pew pew and a Texas sunrise!

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We had a blast in Arizona for the Superstition Mystery Mountain 3-gun. Not our best match but one of our greatest learning experiences to date. What a fun match! Twin Biathletes
Thanks to our incredible sponsors-
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Wore my ActiveGuard hearing protection for literally 12 hours straight on Saturday, couldn't have been happier! -photo: Snippets of Life Photography
Talk about a noisy work environment! Sound check and stage hands shouting orders and directions can be very distracting while I try to tune. I use Fluxx Audio musicians earplugs while tuning. They do a fantastic job filtering out all the background noise while still allowing me to focus on the upper partials of the notes I need to hear while tuning.
Fantastic PRODUCT !!!!!!!!!!!! the whole team LOVES it !
LanTac-USA wants to take a moment to thank Fluxx Audio and the awesome people at Hear-Pro....for the awesome hearing protection. The staff at Lantac-USA hooked up and got the best protection in the industry....

How well do you guys work with large factories (1300 employees)?

Hearing Protection for industrial and recreational activities. All products are custom to fit your e ISO 9001:2008 Certified. WEBE. Made in the USA.

At Fluxx, we are committed to customizing and creating hearing protection and listening enhancement solutions for everyone, from everyday listeners to audio pros. Our expertise in sound, technology, and the human ear adds even more value to our high quality, affordable, and customizable product line.


Great to see everyone at NRA 2018 in Dallas TX. What a successful event for … Stay tuned!


Custom engraved earplugs!
FLUXX Audio: Helping people protect their … with style!


Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at FLUXX Audio!


Pittsburgh Police Debut
FLUXX Audio™ COMM & Hearing Protection
~Powered By Microsonic


FLUXX Audio: Helping people protect their as they work.


Handmade in the USA.


To those who answered the call. Thank you.


FLUXX Audio Fits - the Pittsburgh Police.


FLUXX Audio:
Celebrate the colors of fall with our custom-fit earplugs.
Select from a wide range of colors, swirls, and sparkles.
CutsomFit. CustomStyle. CustomCare.


Happy Halloween!

You know what’s really scary? Losing your hearing!


We celebrate the day of the girl everyday!


FLUXX Audio Celebrates:
International Coffee Day 2017 in United States of America


FLUXX Audio: #FromTheHeart

FLUXX Audio: From the Heart
We provide custom hearing protection. CustomFit. CustomStyle. CustomCare.
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FLUXX Audio: Hearing Protection

SonicGuard™ by FLUXX Audio. Electronic Hearing Enhancement & Protection for Shooters

Timeline photos 09/07/2017

Make the environment friendly choice to buy custom ear molds!


Protect in style! Fluxx Audio offers many styles and colors so you can protect the way you want.

Own a business that's loud?! Order our custom earplugs and Fluxx can add your logo.

Custom Ear Plugs – The Environmental Choice 08/26/2017

Custom Ear Plugs – The Environmental Choice

Custom Ear Plugs – The Environmental Choice How could hearing protection and the environment go hand in hand? Seems unlikely, but they are more closely related than you may think! Let’s talk about the average high-noise workplace. At the average workplace, a worker will use and dispose of 4 pairs of disposable earplugs a day. At 15 cents per…

Food for Your Ears 08/23/2017

Food for Your Ears

Food for Your Ears A big part of our culture has evolved into focusing on health and fitness. Actually, the Boston Medical Center indicates that approximately 45 million Americans diet each year and spend $33 billion on weight-loss products in their pursuit of a trimmer, fitter body. But something most people don’t th...

FLUXX AUDIO 08/21/2017



FLUXX AUDIO Millions suffer daily from hearing damage. Are you protected?



Timeline photos 08/10/2017

How do you ?


What foods benefit your ears? 👂

12 Proven Health Benefits of Avocado 07/31/2017

12 Proven Health Benefits of Avocado

12 Proven Health Benefits of Avocado The avocado is an incredibly healthy food and loaded with important nutrients. Here are 12 health benefits of avocado, that are supported by science.

If You Shoot or Hunt, Your Ears Are in Danger, but Fluxx is Here to Help 07/24/2017

If You Shoot or Hunt, Your Ears Are in Danger, but Fluxx is Here to Help

Thank you Wide Open Spaces for this awesome review. Here at FLUXX, we love creating earplugs that are custom fit, comfortable, and colorful. Customize the way you protect today!

If You Shoot or Hunt, Your Ears Are in Danger, but Fluxx is Here to Help This is an amazingly comfortable way to protect your ears. Check out a full review here.

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FLUXX Audio: Hearing Protection





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