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Foot & Ankle Specialists of Ames

Medical and surgical care of the lower extremity by a board certified podiatrist with a special interest in peripheral nerve pain and wound care.

Operating as usual


When you show up to family pictures….

We didn’t plan this but it just goes to show great mind think alike!

Timeline photos 09/15/2022

Our office will be closed Friday, September 16th for company training. We will resume normal business hours on Monday, September 19th.

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Take it from someone who has been a patient, choosing Foot & Ankle Specialists of Ames is a fantastic choice!

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Saturday was a great day to be a Cyclone fan🎉🎈🏈
If you battled the rain at Kinnick 🏟 to see that win, it was well worth it!

For those of you who went home with wet shoes, we wanted to remind you that foot fungus can grow in damp places like your shoes. Make sure you get them dried out (try newspapers) before wearing them again.

Foot Fungus or Athletes Foot can have many causes; limiting the amount of sweat (or rainwater) collecting around your feet may help. Along with a change in socks and making sure you are wearing shoes in common places like the locker rooms.

If you have signs of foot fungus or Athlete Foot-give us a call today to schedule an appointment so that we can treat it head-on!


𝟮-𝟬 😏


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It seems there are so many changes that occur in the fall: new schools, new jobs, new homes, new routines. Take a moment and watch nature as it begins to shift, notice that in time everything is beautiful.

Timeline photos 09/08/2022

Pumpkin Spice Lattes have arrived, the days are getting shorter, and football is back! It can be easy to forget sunscreen during the fall months because the sun doesn’t feel like death, but here is a friendly reminder to keep reapplying especially when you are at Jack Trice!

Timeline photos 09/07/2022

It can be easy to see before and after photos and think that those kinds of results only happen occasionally. Let us be the first to tell you that Dr. Nelson sees these results regularly when she preforms Lapiplasty surgeries! These are real patient photos from our clinic showing you just how drastic the change can be. Call us today to get scheduled for a Lapiplasty consultation!

Photos from Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction's post 09/07/2022

We have seen these kind of results with our patients and would love to see you for a consult!


We hope you are enjoying a great weekend. We will resume regular business hours tomorrow.

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We love knowing our patients are doing great! If you were waiting to schedule your appointment, today is the day! We have openings available for new patients and would love to meet you!

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At Foot and Ankle Specialists of Ames we strive to provide a comprehensive exam without creating more hoops for you to jump through.

One of the ways that we are able to do this is through having on-site X-rays. We also offer laser therapy in house as well.

Schedule an appointment with us today, knowing we have what it takes to treat you well.

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We love fresh, smooth roads! But like any updating it takes some hard work to get there.

Please give yourself extra time before and after your appointment due to the road construction happening on S. 16th!

Photos from Foot & Ankle Specialists of Ames's post 08/29/2022

***Make sure to view all three different maps***
We knew that our patients come from a variety of places, but it wasn't until we put it on a map that we got to see how many wonderful places our patients come from. We are extremely grateful for each of our patients and are so glad we get to call them part of the Foot & Ankle Specilists of Ames Family!!

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Have you ever stubbed your toe and wondered if you broke it? Have you ever dropped something and been left with a very painful toe that is swelling? If you experience any injury to your toe, it's not weak to get it checked out, it's smart! Too many times we hear “it’s just a toe” or “there is nothing you can do” and that’s just not true!


To all the teachers and students in the world we hope this first week back at school goes smoothly! We are rooting for you.

Timeline photos 08/19/2022

Are you noticing flat feet in your kids?

It can be something that doesn’t affect them at all, or it could be a symptom that needs to be addressed. Not all flat feet are the same. With different degrees of severity and causes, it is important to have your kids’ feet evaluated to make sure they are supporting their flat foot adequately.

Timeline photos 08/18/2022

Our patients make it a joy to walk alongside them!


Heel pain in kids can feel different and have different causes than in adults. Is a child in your life complaining of pain in the back or the bottom of the heel? Are they walking on their tip toes, limping, or avoiding activity?

If a child in your life is exhibiting any of these symptoms, consider calling and setting them up for a consultation. We want children to enjoy life pain free!

Timeline photos 08/17/2022

Do you have a question for Dr. Nelson that you would love to see answered? Throw it in the question box in our stories, comment on the post, or message us your questions. We can’t wait to answer your questions!

Timeline photos 08/16/2022

You can still acess our building through your regular route, just give yourself a little more time!!

Below is the statement from the City of Ames explaining the road construction.

The north (westbound) lanes of traffic will be closed during this stage of the project, which is expected to take five to seven days to complete. Traffic will be shifted to head-to-head traffic on the south (eastbound) lanes with one lane in each direction.
The sidewalk will also be closed.
Access to residences and businesses will be maintained throughout construction.

Future stages of the project will include reconstruction of concrete pavement on South 16th Street each direction of South Duff Avenue, infill of sidewalk on the south side of South 16th Street from South Grand Avenue to just west of Menards, and traffic signal improvements at South 16th Street and South Duff Avenue.

All are encouraged to take note of this construction activity and allow extra travel time as delays may occur. As always, caution should be exercised when traveling through the construction area.

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We hope you’ve gotten to enjoy some wonderful Iowa sweet corn this summer! If not be sure to pick up some before the season ends.

Timeline photos 08/11/2022

The Iowa State Fair is a classic activity in the month of August for most Iowans. We hope you have fun seeing the exhibits, tasting the new foods, and hearing the various musicians that will be performing this year. Wear good walking shoes and have fun!

But if you do find yourself with foot pain after a day at the fair, give us a call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nelson.

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Did you know Dr. Nelson can make custom orthotics and order them for you?

Many off-the-shelf options may not be an appropriate fit or be addressing your individualized issue.

Call us today to get in for an appointment so we can get your next pair ordered!


Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™ corrects the root cause of bunions by fixing the unstable joint in the middle of the foot. This lets patients like Kathleen get back into their favorite shoes (and back outside to their favorite activities)! 👣

Individual results may vary. This experience is specific to this patient only. Lapiplasty® is a surgical procedure. Potential risks include infection, pain, implant loosening, and loss of correction due to improper bone healing. To learn more about the benefits and risks, please visit

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Along with being a board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Nelson also has training in peripheral nerve surgeries (nerves on the lower leg, ankle and foot). Her training makes her a comprehensive provider choice.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to address lingering pain in your lower extremities.

Timeline photos 08/05/2022

If you're grasping for dinner plans, consider whipping up these Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Kabobs. Throw them on the grill and you’ll have easy cleanup too😉

Timeline photos 08/04/2022

We think the best thing we could ever share with you is the experiences of other patients!

Timeline photos 08/03/2022

As sport camps start again, we wanted to remind you to get any injuries checked out before the season gets into full swing. It’s better to get it checked out early than nursing it for a few weeks and then ending up out for the whole season.

Timeline photos 08/02/2022

Being a helpful friend can somtimes come with unintended consequences. Multiple flights of stairs, doorways, and weird objects can lead to a variety of injuries. If you accidently injured yourself this week and are experiencing pain in your feet, help yourself by giving us a call today to schedule a consult.


Call us today for your consultation for bunion pain! Dr Nelson would be happy to evaluate and discuss your treatment options- 515-444-2390

When it feels like bunions may have stripped the joy from life, it’s time to find a solution like Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™. This procedure fixes the root cause of painful bunions – patients are typically back on their feet in 3-10 days in a walking boot.*

Individual results may vary. This experience is specific to this patient only. Lapiplasty® is a surgical procedure. Potential risks include infection, pain, implant loosening, and loss of correction with nonunion. To learn more about the benefits and risks, please visit

*Ray J, et al. Foot Ankle Int. 2019 Aug;40(8):955-960.

Photos from Foot & Ankle Specialists of Ames's post 07/30/2022

It was a beautiful day for the Georges Niang golf outing! We were excited to be a part of a great event raising money for the Boys and Girls Club of Story County. Thank you to @georgesniang and everyone who put in a lot of hard work to make this day possible! Congratulations to team 5A that won the Fast 5 challenge with a time of 50 seconds!


It’s a beautiful day for golf! For everyone participating in the golf tournament today, good luck and have fun!

Just a reminder our office will be closed today (29th), we will resume normal hours on Monday.


It’s quite a busy week for Georges Niang. He is also hosting a basketball camp for boys and girls in 3rd –12th grade.

Being active and participating in team sports changes the way a child faces the future; we love encouraging them to be their best by supporting these types of events.

If your child is complaining of any type of foot pain set up an appointment to get them evaluated today.


We are proud to be a hole sponsor for the Niang Golf Tournament this week.

Niang does incredible things through this Charity event.

If you happen upon hole #13, take a picture and let us know!

We are grateful to work together to support our local Boys and Girls Club of Story County!

*Due to this event the office will be closed on Friday the 29th.*

Photos from Foot & Ankle Specialists of Ames's post 07/23/2022

A beautiful morning for a 5k and a great cause! @thelemonaderace For the kids!

Amazing Grace Lemonade Race is Saturday in Ames, has raised $109,000 for Blank Children's Hospital 07/23/2022

Amazing Grace Lemonade Race is Saturday in Ames, has raised $109,000 for Blank Children's Hospital

Grace’s Lemonade Race is TOMORROW! We hope you have your shoes ready, and your smiles prepared. We hope to see you there!

Amazing Grace Lemonade Race is Saturday in Ames, has raised $109,000 for Blank Children's Hospital Grace McCunn, a senior at Ames High, is holding her 6th annual Amazing Grace Lemonade Race on Saturday, which has raised more than $109,000 so far.


We would love for you to have the same experience! Don’t hesitate to set up an appointment.


Teachers, just skip past this post, we don’t want to add unnecessary stress for you;)

As much as it pains us to say, the school year is right around the corner and so is the fall sports season. If you, your children, or even your friend are suffering from lower extremity pain or foot problems, schedule an appointment to get it addressed before it interferes with your practice schedule or any important events you have planned!

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To all the teachers and students in the world we hope this first week back at school goes smoothly! We are rooting for y...
Heel pain in kids can feel different and have different causes than in adults. Is a child in your life complaining of pa...
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Enjoy a smile on us today!
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