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Welcome to Wholistic Paws! We offer compassionate therapies for your pet in the comfort of your home, including: ~Acupuncture ~Rehabilitation ~Pawspice and Palliative Care ~Home Euthanasia Contact us today at: [email protected]

Welcome to Wholistic Paws! We offer compassionate therapies for your pet in the comfort of your home, including: ~Acupuncture ~Rehabilitation ~Pawspice and Palliative Care ~Home Euthanasia Contact us today at: [email protected]


It's ok to cry. Crying is not something to be embarrassed about, especially over the holidays. Remember, tomorrow is Christmas... may your furry baby Rest In Peace and forever remain in your heart.


Happy Holidays - Pets Add Life and Talking Animals

Share your holiday cheer!!

Wholistic Paws would love to see how your family and pets celebrate the holidays! Please post your favorite Holiday pet picture from present or years past.

Happy Holidays from Pets Add Life and the Talking Animals Channel. www.petsaddlife.org Starring Rory


Be prepared to be asked questions. Family and friends may ask questions about how your doing or how you lost your pet. Be prepared for these questions and know that they are asking because they care.


Prepare for some traditions to be difficult. "Grief Bursts" can sometimes be triggered during remembrance of holiday traditions that relate to your beloved pet.


Talk about your pet loss. Although the holidays are based on cheer, is it ok to talk about your pet loss with those who understand and care.


Winter Solstice Meditation - Guided Meditation - Irene Langeveld

Love, light, and healing on this day of the Winter Solstice 💜

irenelangeveld.com Here’s my special solstice meditation for you: Want more meditations? Sign up for my free meditation series Living In Peace below:


Take a vacation over the holidays. It is ok to take a “grief vacation” over the holidays. Take yourself away on a vacation and enjoy the views.

Christmas Cat Poem

Angels on tree tops,
And tinsel so shiny,
Porcelain Santas,
And reindeer so tiny,
Low hanging ornaments,
Popcorn on strings,
These are a few of my favorite things,
Mom says I shouldn’t,
but I can’t refrain,
I just derailed this cute Christmas train,
The presents are tempting and hard to ignore
The dog is just sleeping and being a bore
I promised to be nice, but I can’t resist,
It may just be worth it, to be off the list!

Near the town of Elgol, on the Isle of Skye, we saw a lovely foxglove while taking a walk. We also saw another one in the gardens at Dunrobin Castle. Foxglove is a highly toxic plant!! Although the parts of the plant that grow above the ground can be used for medicine, foxglove is unsafe for self-medication. All parts of the plant are poisonous. Chemicals taken from foxglove are used to make a prescription drug called digoxin that is a commonly used heart medication.

Just some tips for when winter decides to arrive!!

Here are a 5 easy ways to keep our pets warm during the winter!

1. Dry them off! It is important to wipe off their feet, remove any snow build up between the toes and dry their fur as best as possible after they have been outside. Cold paws and wet fur can lower their body temperatures and give them chills throughout the day or night.

2. Ensure that their bedding is clean and changed regularly. Wet paws or underbelly can dampen the bed easily, leading to a "not-so" cozy bed.

3. Place their bedding away from drafty areas such as exterior doors or below windows.

4. Provide heating on colder nights. This is especially important for older arthritic pets.

5. Use appropriately fitted winter canine clothing and boots to protect their paws and provide warmth while outside.


#holidaygrief #petloss

The national flower of Scotland is the thistle. We saw these guys all over the country as we traveled. I was interested to learn that thistles are medicinal too! Milk thistle is commonly used to support liver health in people and pets but Scottish Thistle has its own benefits. The flowering plant is cardiotonic. It is used in some proprietary heart medicines and the juice of the plant has been used with good effect in the treatment of cancers and ulcers. A decoction of the root is astringent. It is used to diminish discharges from mucous membranes. So, very interesting facts about a plant many might consider "just a weed"- the bees sure loved it!

Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Please keep your pets safe this Thanksgiving holiday!!

avma.org Thanksgiving can carry some hazards for pets. Follow these tips to keep your pets healthy and safe during the holiday.

Just something to think about as you start your day! 💜

Activist, author, and anthropologist. Jane Goodall, just Beautiful.

Killin Falls, Scotland

Let's return to the village of Killin and see the waterfalls from a different vantage point. Such stunning power and beauty, standing there and relishing in the awesomeness that is nature. Take a few seconds to clear your mind, breathe, and repeat this mantra:

“I change my thoughts, I change my world.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Go out there, change your world and do good things this week!!

It's Friday! Have a great weekend!

Puppy You

When you are grieving, holding a stuffed animal or hugging a pillow can help to soothe your hurting heart. Perhaps these pillows could be a good help during a difficult time?

🐶Print your dog on the pillow🐶
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Get yours here👉http://bit.ly/2zBMEVC
Get yours here👉http://bit.ly/2zBMEVC

In Perthshire, Scotland, we were able to visit the Fortingall Yew Tree. This majestic giant is estimated to be between 3,000-9,000 years old!! Can you imagine?

While Yew is notoriously toxic (and lethal), it does have some medicinal uses. The poisonous alkaloid found in the English yew tree - or to use its Latin name, Taxus baccata - contains some very useful chemicals that have been found to help stop new cancer cells forming. Known as taxanes, they do this by disrupting the function of microtubules in our bodies, key players in the process of cell division. This capacity is invaluable when cells are cancerous and doctors are trying to halt the growth of tumors. These precious taxanes are most concentrated in the needles of the English yew between the months of May and October, when they are extracted from the clippings. They're then converted into the chemotherapy drug Taxotere® (docetaxel). Taxotere has proven effective in combating lung and prostate cancer and advanced cases of breast cancer.

Now that you know about the magical Fortingall Yew Tree, take a minute to think about all of the history that this tree has witnessed over the years. Truly humbling!


Hawthorn Oxymel

Here is another great way to incorporate herbal medicine to your daily routine to keep you healthy all winter long!

planetherbs.com Oxymel is one of the oldest herbal preparations. The word is derived from the Latin oxmeli meaning “acid and honey” and indeed it is extracted and made with a base of vinegar and honey. Individually, neither vinegar nor honey separately or alone is preferred extractive mediums, because they are....

Just a reminder that the December Pet Loss and Grief Support Circle is tonight at the Wholistic Paws Companioning Center. This a safe space for anyone who might be needing support. We are here if you need us.💜

CBS Sunday Morning

Happy Monday morning meditation- make this week the best it can be!!

Take a few minutes, turn up the volume as we leave you in waters of the Red Sea, where bottlenose dolphins play. Videographer: Ziggy Livnat https://cbsn.ws/2OfT7vD

If you are in need of support or counseling caring for your aging pet, anticipating the loss of a furry friend, or grieving a recent loss, join us tomorrow for @DayByDay #supportgroup @WholisticPawsVeterinaryServices. Call 484-453-8210 for more information.

@WholisticPawsVeterinaryServices #supportgroup is quickly approaching. Please RSVP here or at 484-453-8210 and join us Monday from 7-8pm #animallovers #furbabies #supportgroup #rainbowbridge #foreverinourhearts

Please join us Monday, December 3rd for a #supportgroup @WholisticPawsVeterinaryServices from 7-8pm. @DayByDay provides support for caregivers and those grieving the loss of a pet.

Have a purr-tastic weekend everyone!

We are grateful to partner with Day by Day Pet Caregiver Support to support our families. We and they are here to support you if needed!

Speak to one of our pet loss professionals today to prepare yourself for the loss. Let’s create a path of least regrets and have you educated on what to expect, what options you have, and who can support you.

Scottish Broom was also all around the highlands. I could not get a good picture but the one attached is from a Google search so you can see it in flower. Broom is both edible and medicinal! According to Plants for a Future (www.pfaf.org), the flower buds are pickled and used as a substitute for capers and can be added to salads. The tender green tops of the plant have been used like hops to give a bitter flavour to beer and to render it more intoxicating. The roasted seed is a coffee substitute.

Medicinally, Broom is a bitter narcotic herb that depresses the respiration and regulates heart action. It acts upon the electrical conductivity of the heart, slowing and regulating the transmission of the impulses. The young herbaceous tips of flowering shoots are cardiotonic, cathartic, diuretic, emetic and vasoconstrictor. The plant is also strongly diuretic, stimulating urine production and thus countering fluid retention. Since broom causes the muscles of the uterus to contract, it has been used to prevent blood loss after childbirth.

(Remember! Any treatment with this plant should only be carried out under expert supervision- these posts are for fun and as an introduction to how much the plants all around us contribute to medicine!!)

Did you know that you can incorporate herbal medicine into your day to day life as a form of your daily nutrition? Check out this wonderful post by herbalist Susun Weed!

Nourishing Herbal Infusions.
An infusion is a large amount of herb brewed for a long time.
Typically, one ounce by weight (about a cup by volume) of dried herb is placed in a quart jar which is then filled to the top with boiling water, tightly lidded and allowed to steep for 4-10 hours. After straining, a cup or more is consumed, and the remainder chilled to slow spoilage.
Drinking 2-4 cups a day is usual. Since the minerals and other phytochemicals in nourishing herbs are made more accessible by drying, dried herbs are considered best for infusions.
More info:

Loch Coruisk, Isle of Skye

One of our favorite parts of our Scottish adventure was a boat ride from the town of Elgol on the Isle of Skye to see Loch Coruisk. This remote outcropping was so peaceful and beautiful- it felt as though few people had tread here throughout time. This is a small stream connecting Loch Coruisk to the Atlantic Ocean. Take a moment to reflect on nature, breathe, and focus on how you want your week to go. Try using this mantra:

“Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.” – Laura Silva

You are indeed getting better and better- have a great week!!!


Opt Outside 2018

Black Friday? Nah- we vote for Green Friday!! Will you #optoutside with us???

PS- yes, I know this is an advert for Ruffwear but look at all the great outside things you can do with your pet!!! Isn't it inspiring?

On Black Friday, Ruffwear will be grabbing our favorite canine companions and heading for the hills with REI to #OptOutside. Instead of waiting in lines, we'...

On Waking
by John O’Donohue

I give thanks for arriving
Safely in a new dawn,
For the gift of eyes
To see the world,
The gift of mind
To feel at home
In my life.
The waves of possibility
Breaking on the shore of dawn,
The harvest of the past
That awaits my hunger,
And all the furtherings
This new day will bring.

Look beyond the food, the football, and the shopping and focus on the little things to be grateful for! We are grateful for all of you! Have a safe and lovely Thanksgiving everyone!! 💜

The Scottish highlands are known for their beautiful heather plants. While we were there, the heathers were at the end of their season but we were still able to enjoy some of their beauty. I was very excited to learn that these are medicinal too! Even webmd.com has an article about them. Here is what they say:

The flower, leaf, and plant top are used to make medicine.

People take heather as a tea for kidney and lower urinary tract conditions, prostate enlargement, fluid retention, gout, arthritis, sleep disorders, breathing problems, cough, and colds. They also take it for digestive disorders such as diarrhea, spasms, and stomach pain (colic), and for diseases of the liver and gallbladder. It is sometimes used to cause sweating.

In combination with other herbs, heather is used for treating diabetes, menstrual discomfort, menopause, and nervous exhaustion. Other uses include stimulation of digestion and regulation of the circulatory system.

Some people add heather to bathwater for treating wounds.

(Disclaimer! This post is meant to be educational but not a recommendation to use this herb. Please check with an herbalist before attempting to use this herb for you or your own pet's health!!)

(PPS The first 2 images are my photographs of the heathers, the other one is from a Google search to help give you a better of idea how beautiful they are at their peak!)

Just a Monday morning gratitude to help us start out the week!!!💜

Won't you get out there and play this weekend? Self care is important- take time to have some fun!!


Surviving the Hollow Days After a Pet Has Died | Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic, Murfreesboro, Goodlettsville, Nashville TN

Just some wisdom for grieving hearts as we enter a difficult time of the year. We are here to help support you if you need anything!!💜

nashvillepetemergency.com Several years ago my canine soul mate, Kito, escaped peacefully from his prison of congestive heart failure. It was late September, the same time of year I had brought him home as a tiny Sheltie furball 10 years earlier.

We saw this beautiful flower every where we went around Scotland. It is called Rosebay Willow Herb. According to author Veronica Galbiati, this plant is very effective against mouth infections, ulcers, sinus infections, and respiratory problems. In some European countries it is used as a remedy for benign prostatic hypertrophy, diseases of the kidneys, and urinary tract infections.

The Russians commonly consume rosebay willowherb in the form of herbal tea and consider it useful for its soothing and astringent properties, also using it as restorative tonic. A good rosebay willowherb herbal tea is recommended in case of laryngitis, hoarseness, pharyngitis and nasopharyngitis. It also has expectorant properties and helps to thin the phlegm. It is also useful in case of diarrhoea, due to its aforementioned astringent properties.

Besides the recommended internal uses (herbal teas and infusions), rosebay willowherb can also be used externally in case of dermatosis or simply as skin cleanser.


We believe every day should be #WorldKindnessDay. 💗

What are you thankful for today? I'm grateful for many things but, today, I'd probably list the little things like good driving music and a warm cuppa!! (PS gratitude for my fur family is always at the top of the list as well!)

I'm very grateful for the opportunity to spend some time with 2nd year Veterinary Technician students at NoVa this morning. They are a lovely, professional, and intelligent group - the future of veterinary medicine looks bright! Keep up the good work! 💜

Killin Falls and Watermill

The town of Killin in Stirling, Scotland has some breathtaking waterfalls as you first come into town. Take a moment to observe the rushing waters and the beautiful scenery. Perhaps this mantra can help you to set a calm and focused mindset to inspire you as you start your week!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

Thank you to all the 2 legged, 4 legged, and winged service members. Your dedication, bravery and service are much appreciated and respected!!!! 🏅 ❤️💟💙 🏅

On #VeteransDay, we express our deep gratitude to the brave people and animals who have served in the Armed Forces. 🇺🇸 If you'd like, please thank a service member in the comments so we can thank them, too. ❤️

Remember the joy of jumping in leaf piles? Try to recapture that this weekend!!

Day By Day Pet Caregiver Support

The holidays can and may be difficult after losing a beloved furry friend. Let’s take a moment to honor their lives in our Holiday Pet Memorial. Please comment below with your pets photo and name. A slide show of all submissions will be created and launched on Christmas Eve 🐾 ❤️ 😇

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Killin Falls, Scotland
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Killin Falls and Watermill
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Penny loves her snufflemat
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Wholistic Paws Veterinary Services was created by Dr. Krisi Erwin and her husband, Jeremy, to provide the following services in the comfort and dignity of your own home: * Acupuncture * Pet Rehabilitation * Pet Hospice and Palliative Care * In-Home Euthanasia We can also offer additional services such as pain management, nutritional counseling, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, and help with treatments such as subcutaneous fluid administration. We truly believe that treatment plans must be tailored to meet the needs of the WHOLE pet and the WHOLE family – hence our name: Wholistic Paws. At Wholistic Paws, it is our goal and commitment to work with you and your veterinarian to provide additional care for your pets that your regular veterinarian may not be able to offer. Throughout the course of care, your veterinarian will be kept informed and involved in the treatment that your pet is receiving. Think of us as one more "tool" to help improve your pet's quality of life and to provide an enriching, loving, and special end of life experience for your pet when the time is appropriate. Wholistic Paws currently serves Loudoun County, Virginia and the surrounding areas. We can care for dogs, cats, and pocket pets (i.e. rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs). We are available by appointment only and we try to keep our appointment times flexible for your family's convenience.

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