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Learn how to use essential oils, which are safer, cheaper and more effective than traditional solutions!


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Defining your target market

Be more effective with your online marketing by QUICKLY defining your target market


Adaptiv and Ylang Ylang Uses - today's BOGO

Two great calming and mood enhancing oils! Watch to get some ideas!


Omg this is lighting me up this morning! Earthy (Siberian fir), magical (patchouli) and uplifting (petitgrain).


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Sugar scrubs are a wonderful way to exfoliate and soften the skin and can easily be customized using different types of sugar, salt, oil, and essential oil. This festive fall sugar scrub is gentle and has a delicious, spicy fall aroma. This scrub is naturally white in color, but it can be changed with natural, skin-safe food coloring:


Don’t miss out on this amazing deal! Rose essential oil is sourced in Bulgaria and takes about 10,000 blossoms to produce a 5 mL bottle .


Bring that fun fall feeling into your home with these amazing oil blends!


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Stephanie's Essential Suggestions


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Lots of discussion about hypnosis and emotional healing on my very first Ask Stephanie LIVE! Questions? PM or put in comments. The next one will be September 3, then weekly Thursdays noon Eastern.



Your chance to pick Stephanie's brain on hypnosis, oils, all things natural for emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing!
Bonus: Come at 12:30 in person for a free bioimpedance scan!

Noon: Zoom ID 856 5248 3835 or here Limitless With Stephanie Greene Live
12:30 @loudounhypnosis 20130 Lakeview Center Plaza, Suite 400, Ashburn VA
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Stressed kids and families - easy, safe fixes
Kids are feeling stressed and worried, and with everyone at home, everyone’s emotions are merging. If you or your kids are highly sensitive or empaths, all the more stress. Help yourself and your kids with home hypnosis and essential oils. Teach boundaries and how to talk about your feelings so you can move on and feel relaxed and happy.

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Life can sometimes be a little crazy. Show me your day in emojis, and I’ll try and guess what happened, and suggest an oil to help you feel better!


PURSUE 2020 | doTERRA Global Connection will be held on September 10–12, 2020. Sign up by July 1 to take advantage of our early bird pricing! This is a customer-oriented event which I guarantee will educate and inspire. WATCH PARTY ANYONE???

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Today only, buy Turmeric 15 mL, get dōTERRA Cheer® 5 mL!
Use turmeric to improve immunity and metabolism, workout recovery and even spot treatment of blemishes! Cheer is great for feeling.... cheerful! Use it when you feel a bit low, because we don't have TIME for that!


Oil of the day: OREGANO for emotional detachment

Oil of the day for emotional and spiritual healing is.... OREGANO! To release attachments to people, situations, our own bull-headed thinking and need to be right! Please watch for the details. And please like, follow, share and all that! Much appreciated!

Please only use CPTG oils for purity and safety. If you need oils, I’d love to help you, and you will get special invites to members-only classes, readings and events. Schedule a consult if you need help deciding.

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Limitless With Stephanie Greene

Would you like to be more in control of your emotions and sleep better... without side effects?

Join me online this Saturday morning for Stress, Sleep and Emotions with Essential Oils! Register at


Loudoun Hypnosis and Aromatherapy is reopening for in person sessions next Monday, July 6! Video sessions are effective and remain available if that is your preference. Appointments and complementary phone consults available at


Limitless With Stephanie Greene

Do you manage your mood or does it manage you? This was my bedstand in the hospital following a major cancer (5 years in remission) reconstruction this weekend. As soon as I feel sad or anxious, I am grabbing oils. I want you to embrace the idea that your feelings should be acknowledged for their validity, you should take the action they call you to, and you should use oils to feel better so you can be more effective. A pity party is a waste of your valuable life energy after about 10 minutes. What oils help you?


Turmeric essential oil is a great option for skin care. Turmeric essential oil can help to promote clear, smooth, and radiant-looking skin. Try this fun DIY Turmeric face mask to leave your skin glowing:


Immortelle is the perfect product to help keep your skin looking radiant and youthful by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age. Be sure to get yours for free this month by placing a 200 PV order! Order on your LRP and also get free Niaouli!


Oils & Angels Reading - Bring it to light with Passion and Green Mandarin

What do the angels have to say to you today? And what oils do they say would help you?


Too many zoom happy hours? We’ll show you how to keep your body cleansing! Register at


Turmeric essential oil is a great option for skin care. Turmeric essential oil can help to promote clear, smooth, and radiant-looking skin. Try this fun DIY Turmeric face mask to leave your skin glowing:


With so many benefits, it’s no surprise that plants have been used since ancient times to help humans perform everyday tasks. Check out the doTERRA dōTERRA e-Book about essential oils for beginners to help you get started:


Haha! This is DEFINITELY in my morning routine! If you haven't tried it, wonderful for puffy eyes. What would be your worst oil to spill?


Limitless With Stephanie Greene

We have so much fun together, and learn lots of empowering info. Join us!

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Defining your target market
Adaptiv and Ylang Ylang Uses - today's BOGO
Oil of the day: OREGANO for emotional detachment
Cleanse starts Monday! Here’s a preview. Order the Cleanse and Restore kit on your whole LRP order or ask me how to get ...




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