"KeyLyme" stands for the "Keys" to preventing "Lyme" disease.

Dr. Richard Horowitz

Something to consider if you’ve been trying to get pregnant and having multiples miscarriages.

My first experience of a patient with Lyme disease who transmitted the spirochete to her unborn child happened almost 2 decades ago. I treated a woman for several years for Lyme and TBD's and she was completely well post treatment. There were no active symptoms. She became pregnant, and suffered multiple miscarriages with each subsequent pregnancy. Each time she lost her child, we tested the fetus. Her fetus was PCR (DNA) positive for Borrelia burgdorferi several times. It was not until we put her on a specific antibiotic regimen (IV cephalosporins, followed by oral cephalosporins and macrolides) that she kept the baby, and gave birth to a healthy term child. (Cephalosporins like Ceftin are safe in pregnancy, as are macrolides like Zithromax, but Zithromax does not adequately cross the placenta). Her story is outlined in both of my books, Why Can't I Get Better? and How Can I Get Better?

Mary Beth Pfeiffer discusses the problems of Lyme and pregnancy and the associated medical politics surrounding this disease in this article in Scientific American. Thank you Mary Beth for helping to raise awareness of the dangers of tick-borne diseases in women wanting to get pregnant. Other tick-borne diseases including but not limited to babesia, bartonella and rickettisia can also affect pregnant women.
Any woman wanting to get pregnant who has symptoms consistent with Lyme and tick-borne disease should therefore be tested for a broad range of tick-borne infections, understanding the sensitivity and specificity of the tests. See the list of symptoms on the Horowitz MSIDS questionnaire, (i.e., HMQ which has been published and validated as a screening questionnaire in the International Journal of Medicine: Empirical Validation of the Horowitz Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome Questionnaire for Suspected Lyme Disease. Maryalice Citera, Ph.D., Phyllis R. Freeman, Ph.D., Richard I. Horowitz, M.D., International Journal of General Medicine 2017:10 249–273) to determine the pre-test probability of having a TBD.
Protecting our future generations must be a top priority in health care. We discussed this problem when I co-chaired the HHS Other Tick-borne Diseases and Co-infections subcommittee. Please see our report on the web site for further information on the diagnosis and treatment of co-infections.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are those of Dr Richard Horowitz, and do not represent the views of the Tick-Borne Disease Working Group, HHS or the United States

Five Stones Healing Arts & Wellness Center

This week we discuss the symptoms of Lyme Disease, it's diagnosis, and how to prevent tick bites!

Five Stones Healing Arts & Wellness Center

Join Dr Martha Calihan at the Rust Library this Sunday at 2pm for a discussion on how to take charge of your mental, emotional and physical health.

Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce

We’re super excited to lead this workshop at the Chamber! Would love for you to join and help spread the word!

Don’t forget to register!

#wakeprayconquer #LCCCHealthy #LCCClivewell #fresheye #keylyme

How often do you feel like you’re running from one thing to the next with NO direction? Join us on February 22nd for a Health & Wellness Workshop: "Wake. Pray. Conquer." Learn about practical tools to reset your life! Register:

Loudoun Chamber Health & Wellness

We are super excited to be apart of the Chamber Live Well, Be Well, Work Well Movement!! One of the keys to preventing Lyme and auto-immune diseases is being proactive with your health! Join us in the movement!!!

#lccchealthy #lccclivewell #healthiswealth #lyme #educationisyourbestdefense

Happy New Year Loudoun County!

The 2019 Loudoun Chamber Health & Wellness Challenge is ON! Our Health & Wellness committee has been working diligently for the past several months pulling together seminars (by area pros), healthy eating tips and tricks (that actually work), educational videos, and a new healthy challange every month to help us all meet our health goals, whatever they may be. Check back often and "Get Your Healthy On"! Were all in this together. We're going to help you make this one stick!

LIVE WELL. BE WELL. WORK WELL. #LCCChealthy #lccclivewell #getyourhealthyon #jointhemovement #Locomakingitstick

Just Eat Real Food

If you have depression or anxiety or know someone who does you probably want to read this:

Tiny Buddha

It’s not too late to come to the Hope for Lyme Music Fest!!! 🎶 🎵 🎶

✔️School of Rock Ashburn starts @ 5pm
✔️ Beach balls, glow sticks! 🎉
✔️ The Reflex starts at 7pm!!

Come out, it’s gonna be fun!!!! And it’s going to benefit NatCapLyme!

Avril Lavigne 'Had Accepted That I Was Dying' at the Height of Her Lyme Disease Battle

Thank you Avril Lavigne for having the strength and courage to speak out about Lyme and educate others.... when you experience this, you feel called to shed light for others.

It’s called the great imitator because it mimics so many other diseases

✔️ MS
✔️ Depression
✔️ Anxiety
✔️ Lupus
✔️ Fibromyalgia
✔️ Rhuemtory Athritis
✔️ ALS
✔️ Alzheimer’s
✔️ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
✔️ Thyroid disorder
✔️ Low magnesium, vitamin D

This disease often goes undiagnosed because it’s misunderstood, misdiagnosed and mistreated. Singer Avril Lavigne "accepted that I was dying" at the height of her Lyme disease battle

Mark Hyman, MD

As a patient, I understand the devastation and hardship of suffering from what I now call Broken Brain. As a doctor, I know that this information will take years to reach the mainstream medical communities. It will take even longer to get this information to you.

Find out what ADHD, depression, brain fog, Alzheimer's, and anxiety all have in common right now in this all-new docu-series. Every episode contains a wealth of information to help you address your Broken Brain and become the healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself.

👉 Watch Episode 1 Now -- Start your journey to better brain health! 👈

Did you know?!?!

A Golden Ticket is hidden North Gate Vineyard!! Thanks Nate for being in our video this morning and hiding a golden ticket!! Find one at North Gate or stayed tuned for clues of other places!!

Also, join over next 10 days as we countdown to the Hope for Lyme Music Fest and learn more about Lyme... Today is #6!

6. Lyme is called the “Great Imitator” because it mimics many diseases - MS, Fibromyalgia, ALS, ADHD, Rheumatory Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, Depression..

7. Dogs can be carriers of ticks. Frontline and other preventive measures work to kill ticks that bite the dogs, but does not prevent ticks from getting on them and bringing them into the house

8. It’s not just the deer tick that carries disease...

9. You can test your tick... click here more

10. Lyme testing isn’t reliable. Just because your test is negative, doesn’t mean you don’t have Lyme disease

Thank you to DryHome Roofing & Siding for your continued support with the KeyLyme's Hope for Lyme Music Fest!! DryHome has sponsored and helped us over the past several years as the concert evolves, as well as organizes the Loudoun Lyme Group 5k/10k/1k race every year! Thank you again Steve & DryHome for all you do!

Did you know?!?!

Join us over next 10 days to learn about Lyme... it’s a countdown leading up to the Hope for Lyme Music Fest.

7. Dogs can be carriers of ticks. Frontline and other preventive measures work to kill ticks that bite the dogs, but does not prevent ticks from getting on them and bringing them into the house

8. It’s not just the deer tick that carries disease...

9. You can test your tick... click here more

10. Lyme testing isn’t reliable. Just because your test is negative, doesn’t mean you don’t have Lyme disease

Did you know?!?!

Join us over next 10 days to learn about Lyme... it’s a countdown leading up to the Hope for Lyme Music Fest.

8. It’s not just the deer tick that carries disease...

9. You can test your tick... click here more

10. Lyme testing isn’t reliable. Just because your test is negative, doesn’t mean you don’t have Lyme disease

Lyme Disease Posters

Out hearts and prayers are with the Bennett family over the loss of their 3-year old daughter who passed away from Rocky Spotted Mountain Fever due to a dog tick bite.

Some of her symptoms included high fever and red spots over her body. Thank you to the Bennett family for sharing your story during this hard time so others don’t endure the same experience.

They key takeaway was that education about the warning symptoms and early treatment is crucial.

More links about Rocky Mountain Spotty Fever are in the comments below.

Please protect your children from tick bites

Did you know?!?!

Join us over next 10 days to learn about Lyme... it’s a countdown leading up to the Hope for Lyme Music Fest.

10. Lyme testing isn’t reliable. Just because your test is negative, doesn’t mean you don’t have Lyme disease

9. You can test your tick... click here more!

Purcellville Offers Lyme Disease Symposium

Town Hall meeting in Purcellville tonight from 7-8pm on Lyme disease. We’ll be there, as well as the Loudoun Department of Health and Parks and Recreation!

We’ll discuss the signs and symptoms of the disease, resources for those who have been afflicted with it and a general overview of what Lyme is. The Town of Purcellville will hold a public forum Friday, Oct. 12, from 7-8 p.m. at Town Hall to educate residents on the ins and outs of the tick-borne disease. Speakers at the event will include Jaclyn O'Brian, a fundraiser for the National Capital Lyme and Tick-borne Disease Association; Luis

Page A23

Thank you Loudoun Times-Mirror and Trevor for highlighting awareness for Lyme and the Hope for Lyme Music Fest to benefit NatCapLyme!!!

#lyme #awarenessiskey #educationisyourbestdefense #hopeforlyme Click here to view this item from

Congratulations to Amy Vargas, who is one of the lucky winners to find a Golden Ticket to the KeyLyme's Hope for Lyme Music Fest!! 🎸🎼

Amy found the ticket underneath the chair at the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Showcase Breakfast yesterday morning!!

There are more hidden around Loudoun County!

Are you lucky enough to find the next one?!?!

Hint: This place in downtown Leesburg has an elephant... if you find it, make sure to post it to our page! Good luck!!!

The Music Fest is on Saturday, 10/20 at Tarara Winery with School of Rock Ashburn, The Reflex, Old Ox Brewery, Ford's Fish Shack Ashburn!
More info about the music fest at:

Thanks to everyone who’s making this event possible to support NatCapLyme and Lyme awareness!!

#lccc #hopeforlyme DryHome Roofing & Siding FreshEye Innovative Solutions Delirium Cafe Leesburg Very Virginia Shop Mcdowell Brew Kitchen Walsh Family Wine North Gate Vineyard King Street Coffee BITES Wine and Grilled Cheese Bar SideBar 14 Loudoun - Home of Fa La La Tarbender's Lounge Stone Tower Winery

Did you know?!?!?

The Hope for Lyme Music Fest Tarara Winery benefiting NatCapLyme is 10
Days away! Over the next day 10 days leading up the music fest, we’re going to share information about Lyme disease, prevention, support, resources, and ways you can be your own advocate...

Stay tuned over the next 9 days to learn more!!

#hopeforlyme #lyme #hopeforlymeva #lccchealthy #education
Arvil lavigne for awareness!

Are you lucky enough to find one of the Golden TICKets to the Hope for Lyme Music Fest?!?! (Pun intended 😉)

Saturday, 10/20 with School of Rock Ashburn, The Reflex, Old Ox Brewery, Ford's Fish Shack Ashburn & Tarara Winery!!

Thank you to Amy Dagliano with Rowan Tree for the beautiful design work!

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne shares her Lyme journey in her new song... kudos for using your experience to raise more awareness for Lyme!

Are you a song writer and want to share your song?! You can submit your lyrics to the Hope for Lyme Song-writing contest!! Winners song will be played at the Hope for Lyme Music Fest!! 🎼🎸🎷🥁🤘🏼

More details at:

#hopeforlyme #lyme #awareness #musiccontest

Today’s my birthday wahoo 🎉 Everyone celebrate with me by sharing my video 💙 I love you all!!

Thank you to all who came out to the Conquering the Storm event tonight! In case you missed it, you can still watch it! ⛈☀️🌈✨

Yet, the CDC continues to insist that a tick must be attached 36-48 hours for #Lyme transmission to occur....

FOX 5 /

Great to watch and gives hope for Lyme!

LYME & REASON FB LIVE: Battles & Breakthroughs Against Lyme Disease

#1: Have you purchased your ticket for the KeyLyme's Hope for Lyme Music Fest ? Don't miss out on the discount!

#2: Have you started your measures for back-to-school tick prevention?
It's a great way to introduce education on #lymedisease to your kids!

#3: Did we MENTION that there is a DISCOUNT on KeyLyme's Hope for Lyme Music Fest if you buy your tickets NOW?

Have a great day everyone!!!

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[09/05/18]   Interested in donating your time/services to this years KeyLyme's Hope for Lyme Music Fest? Contact us and help us raise awareness for Lyme Disease!

Attending Concerts Can Lengthen Your Life by Up to 9 Years, Study Says (Rock On!)

Concerts can help you live longer, reduce anxiety, stress and increase creativity! Good thing the Hope for Lyme Music Fest at Tarara Winery is right around the corner!! 🎸🤗🎫🎤🥁🎸🍾

#hopeforlyme #rockon #lymeawareness And listening to a live gig can also trigger a 75% bump in mental stimulation, too.

Research Shows A Lowered Immune Response Leads To Persistent Lyme Disease Symptoms - Prohealth Research supported by the Bay Area Lyme Foundation reveals a correlation between the immune response, and a patient's ability to recover following 21 days of doxycycline.

Suspended Coffees



#Truth 👌

Dr. Richard Horowitz

NBC did an interview with author Porochista Khakpour and prior Columbia MD Dr Marina Makous. Khakpour's account of her bout with Lyme disease is all too reminiscent of the stories I hear from patients all the time. The two upcoming conferences that I will be speaking at in Colorado at the end of September and at Mt Sinai on October 2nd and 3rd will highlight new developments in the fight against Lyme that should give patients hope.


"Now, 100 percent of the country — all 50 states plus the District — has residents who have tested positive for Lyme, a bacterial infection that can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including joint aches, fatigue, facial palsy and neck stiffness."

Good morning beautiful!!! Here's your uplifting inspiration for the day! Sometimes the darkest storms bring about the most beautiful, most unexpected and even bigger and better change than you could have ever imagined! No matter your struggle, it will get better! Keep pressing forward! You are a fighter and have the strength to keep moving on!! 😘💪🏻👣🦋🌱⛈🌈

#keylyme #keepgoing #thestruggleisreal #faith #lyme #hopeforlyme

Thank you Tina Johnson for inviting KeyLyme to speak about Lyme Disease at the Women's Health & Wellness Summit next month!

We put together an inspiring, educational and empowering break-out session that will help guide people in the right direction... whether you have Lyme or any autoimmune disease. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions... feel free to leave any questions in the comments!

Thank you to experts Dr. Sam Shor, Past President of ILADS and Julianne O'Dwyer with National Integrated Health Associates, for sitting on the panel!

Happy Friday! We are thrilled to announce another amazing track for our event. Thank you to Nurtured Bones for sponsoring our Physical Health Track!

Join us on August 29th to hear all of these very knowledgeable speakers. Purchase your tickets today from the link below.

Use promo code SOCIAL20 to receive a $20 discount!

“In the fall of 2015, I began noticing strange symptoms that I couldn’t explain.”

Tick Chick

The study found ticks capable of carrying Lyme disease were reported in 83 counties where they hadn't been recorded before.
Keep telling people certain areas don't have Lyme.

Want your business to be the top-listed Clinic in Ashburn?

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