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Our highly trained and qualified massage therapists work with you to meet your individual needs, and with hundreds of appointments per week, a visit to Elements Therapeutic Massage in Ashburn always fits your schedule.

The Elements Way® may sound like it’s about us, but it’s really about you. The Elements Way® was created with one goal in mind: to give you, the client, the best and most personalized massage you have ever had. Founded by a massage therapist, the fundamental core of Elements Massage™ is to provide a truly customized therapeutic massage to every client, every session. By taking the time to listen and communicate with you prior to every session, Elements Massage™ studio therapists can tailor your session to meet your needs. Our studios’ therapists combine their skills and abilities to perform the massage that you want. That’s The Elements Way®. The Elements Way® is designed to deliver a personalized experience in every aspect of your massage. Communication about your therapeutic needs begins when the appointment is scheduled. You tell the studio what you want, what you expect and on what areas you would like us to focus. That information allows our independently owned and operated studios to match you with a therapist whose skill set will deliver the massage you have requested. Elements Massage™ studios know what their therapists are best at, and they know that you deserve a therapist who will meet your expectations. The Elements Way® doesn’t stop once the massage begins. Our studios’ therapists conduct regular check-ins and pressure adjustments throughout your session to ensure the massage therapy you receive meets your expectations from beginning to end. The Elements Way® allows studio therapists to best channel the healing and restorative power of massage therapy as a vital component of overall health and wellness. More than a traditional massage, it’s a specialized approach to massage therapy that ensures an experience steeped in relaxation and rejuvenation. The Elements Way® is our difference. At Elements Massage™, we only do massage. It’s therapeutic, handcrafted, and personalized. Our studios’ therapists are focused on delivering a massage that is responsive to your individual needs; resulting in a better massage for you. The Elements Way® provides everything you want most from a massage: Relaxation – You won’t want to leave. Rejuvenation – You’ll feel like a brand new you. Therapeutic Relief – That’s what we do best. Personalized Therapy – You’ll receive a massage that is just right for you. Combine The Elements Way® with The Elements Promise™ and there is truly no better experience in the industry than what you get at Elements Massage™. The Elements Promise™ is our guarantee that the massage you receive will meet or exceed your expectations, or the next one is on us. It’s our commitment to you to provide greater health and wellness. Find out why The Elements Way® is the only way to truly experience customized, personalized massage therapy.

Happy Mother’s Day from Elements Massage! It’s not too late to buy gift cards from our website. #mothersday #mothersdaygift #elementsmassage

Elements Massage would like to thank all of our nurses and first responders. We don’t know where we would be without you! As a reminder, for every gift card purchased, we will donate one to nurses and first responders. If any of our members would like to donate a session to a nurse or first responders, please let us know via dm, or by email to the studio. Thank you! #nurseappreciationweek #nursesweek #firstresponders #massage #donate #elements #elementsmassage #ashburn

We want to take a moment to thank all the teachers helping to navigate the new normal and making a difference in all of our lives. In 2020, we appreciate you more than ever! Happy National Teachers Week. #nationalteacherappreciationweek #teacherappreciationweek #teacherappreciation #massage #elements #elementsmassage

What does your new “normal” look like now? Are you still finding time for YOU? Tell us in the comments how you are staying mentally and emotionally healthy during your time at home. #massage #elementsmassage #wellnesstip #healthandwellness #training #selfgrowth #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #selflove #happiness #wellbeing #spiritual #positivity #mentalhealth

Elements Massage would like to personally thank all first responders and health care workers. For every gift card sold while we are closed, we will be donating gift cards to our first responders health care workers. Please help us support our local heroes! You can buy a gift card by visiting our website: www.elementsmassage.com/ashburn #heroes #giftcards #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocalbusiness #healthcareworkers #healthcareheroes #firstresponders #police #firefighter #nurses #massage #massagetherapy #ashburn #leesburg #sterlingva #elementsmassage

Are your stress levels skyrocketing while you focus on keeping everyone else safe and healthy? Direct some of that care to your self? You can’t pour from an empty cup! #selfcare #elementsmassage #wellness #shelterinplace #standtogether #standalonetogether #alonetogether #massage


Critical studio updates, please read.

Take care. Give care. Critical updates, please read.

app.locbox.com On any given day, the world can throw you for a loop, that much is certain. However, being a part of something truly beautiful—like a strong and supportive community makes you feel like you can

Get outside! Use time outdoors to stretch and gain essential vitamin D, but also to practice mindfulness and gratitude as well. How are you practicing self care currently? #wellnesstip #healthandwellness #training #selfgrowth #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #selflove #happiness #wellbeing #spiritual #positivity #mentalhealth

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Due to the uncertainty with the COVID-19 virus, we will be temporarily closed starting 03/19/2020 and will re-open for business on 04/01/2020. We are thankful for the awesome support of our members and we know that we will get through this together! If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]


Massages Boost the Immune System

We all know how important self care is. It may be more important now than ever. Check out how massage can be beneficial for your immune system.

We have appointments available. Visit our site to book online at elementsmassage.com/ashburn

livescience.com Getting a massage might boost your immune system

Feel like avoiding large shopping crowds and have a wedding coming up? An anniversary? A birthday? No matter the occasion, gift cards are a great option. We make it easy - just head to our website and purchase a gift card! #massage #massagetherapy #relax #wellness #health #massagetherapist #relaxation #selfcare #recovery #massagetime #bodywork #massagelife #therapeuticmassage #relief #holistic #healing #goodvibes #feelgood #wellnesstip #healthtip #healthyliving #healthy #deeptissue #bookamassage #keepcalmandbookamassage #getamassage #soulwork #painrelief #stressfree

We have TOILET PAPER and HAND SANITIZER!! Stop by our studio and receive a roll with any upgrade!!

We’re kidding, of course! Your health and safety are always a top priority for us here at Elements Massage. With the current concerns related to the spread of the Coronavirus, we wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that we are committed to doing our part to keep clients and studio staff healthy.

As a standard operating practice, we regularly disinfect all common areas and treatment rooms. During this period of heightened concern, we have implemented additional preventative measures, including:
• Increased personal sanitation and hygiene procedures for our studio team members which includes washing and disinfecting hands repeatedly throughout the day and before/after interactions with each client.
• Increased cleaning and disinfecting of common areas at the studio including counters, door handles, restrooms, and treatment rooms.
• We've also asked staff to stay home if they are feeling any symptoms of being sick.

We encourage you to also take appropriate precautions and if you are feeling unwell or have been at risk of exposure, please contact us to reschedule your appointment. We are waiving late cancellation fees if you cannot make it due to illness.
We are committed to doing everything we can to keep you healthy and appreciate your diligence in helping us keep our community safe. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.

Your Elements Massage Team

From AromaRitual to Himalayan Salt Stone, we offer a variety of specialty services to enhance your experience. Which is your favorite? #massage #massagetherapy #relax #wellness #health #massagetherapist #relaxation #selfcare #recovery #massagetime #bodywork #massagelife #therapeuticmassage #relief #massageashburn #ashburnmassage #massageinashburn

[03/12/20]   Start changing lives, including yours, TODAY! At Elements Massage we focus on creating positive work environments for everyone.View open positions & apply: http://elementsmassagecareers.com/

[03/12/20]   We are seeking talented, responsible, licensed Massage Therapists to join our Ashburn, Virginia team. Recent graduates are welcome to apply.

We do not hire everyone...we hire therapists who fit our professional, friendly, team-oriented environment. Are you sick of working in a place where you are treated like 'the help'....if so, come experience our difference. We want YOU to help us get even better!


What’s it Like to Work at Elements Massage?

As a licensed massage therapist you have many choices of employment. We know that providing an environment that allows you to thrive is our first priority. Check out why Elements is THE place to work and what we do to separate ourselves from the crowd. #massagetherapist #massage


At Elements Massage, we allow you to shine. Our customized approach to therapeutic massage allows for you to craft a massage that best fits your clientele. #massage #massagetherapy #relax #wellness #health #massagetherapist #relaxation #selfcare #recovery #massagetime #bodywork #massagelife #therapeuticmassage #relief #massageashburn #ashburnmassage #massageinashburn
#wellnesstip #healthandwellness #training #selfgrowth #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #selflove #happiness #wellbeing #spiritual #positivity #mentalhealth

Still suffering from a cold? Try eucalyptus - it helps clear your nose and provides a minty fresh scent. Eucalyptus can be found in our Refresh AromaRitual. #wellnesstip #healthandwellness #training #selfgrowth #personaldevelopment #mentalhealth #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #selflove #happiness #wellbeing #spiritual #positivity #mentalhealth

[03/05/20]   We have a few appointments left for today! Call now
(571) 223-1615

Elements Massage

Hey look... its Mr. Wonderful! (Thanks for the shoutout!)

We are super excited to be growing our team in Virginia. We have 3 locations: Ashburn, Vienna, and Short Pump. Come see for yourself why Elements is rated #1 for therapeutic massage!

Elementsmassage.com/ashburn (Click here to book for our Ashburn Store)

Elemetnsmassage.com/vienna (Click here to book for our Vienna Store)

Elementsmassage.com/shortpump (Click here to book for our Short Pump Store)

Sometimes, less is more. Try to simplify and live a happier life. #massage #massagetherapy #relax #wellness #health #massagetherapist #relaxation #selfcare #recovery #massagetime #bodywork #massagelife #therapeuticmassage #relief #massageashburn #ashburnmassage #massageinashburn #selfcare #life

We get so many questions about Cupping Therapy, but the most commonly asked question is about the "bruising" - it's actually not bruising at all! Read below to learn more about the completely normal ways your body might react to a cupping session and the best practices for Cupping Therapy aftercare!

If you're someone who gets (or wants to get) massages on a regular basis, there's really no better deal than our Wellness Program! You can call or stop in to sign up any time. Paying in advance for one massage each month allows you to unlock all of these benefits:

[02/26/20]   We have last minute appointments available today! Call now 571-223-1615

THERAPIST SPOTLIGHT: Meet Chanda! Chanda has been an excellent addition to the staff since October 2019 🎃.

Chanda’s goal is to help facilitate whatever goal you may have in place, whether it’s simple relaxation or focused work on a particular problem area. 💪🏽

She incorporates a wide range of traditional massage techniques from Deep Tissue to Swedish, and is fun and easy to talk with. Chanda will do everything she can to make you feel comfortable during your session. 💆🏽‍♀️

You can book with Chanda on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and SATURDAY. #lmt #licensedmassagetherapist #massage #massagetherapy #relax #wellness #health #massagetherapist #relaxation #selfcare #recovery #massagetime #bodywork #massagelife #therapeuticmassage #relief #massageashburn #ashburnmassage #massageinashburn

At Elements Massage, we only do massage. It’s therapeutic, handcrafted and personalized. The results? A better massage for you. #massage #massagetherapy #relax #wellness #health #massagetherapist #relaxation #selfcare #recovery #massagetime #bodywork #massagelife #therapeuticmassage #relief #massageashburn #ashburnmassage #massageinashburn

There are many reasons to come in for a therapeutic massage. Relaxation and stress relief are some of the benefits of Massage. #massage #massagetherapy #relax #wellness #health #massagetherapist #relaxation #selfcare #recovery #massagetime #bodywork #massagelife #therapeuticmassage #relief #massageashburn #ashburnmassage #massageinashburn


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app.locbox.com The perfect way to spread a little love and self-care this season is giving a gift that comes from the heart.


Spread a Little Love and Relaxation with $20 Off Elements Massage Gift Cards

Click here to get this great deal starting at $89!

app.locbox.com The perfect way to spread a little love and self-care this season is giving a gift that comes from the heart.

[02/14/20]   It's #feedbackFriday at Elements. See what a client had to say about the last several visits she has had with us.
"In the last few months, I have received therapeutic massage from Joanna, Tricia, and Taylor. I am consistently blown away by the incredibly talented massage therapists Elements hires. Each have their own styles, and all are amazing. It can make it very difficult to choose, but that’s the best kind of problem to have! Whenever I recommend Elements to friends, I am confident in my recommendations. I appreciate the detailed descriptions on the website, so I know to choose the right therapist for my body’s needs. I also appreciate Elements’ membership price structure. It’s why I can continue to take care of myself in this way. Thank you very much to Elements and all the therapists there!" J.H
Call now to book your next appointment with us!

February is #nationalheartmonth & #americanheartmonth so we are sharing a little bit about how massage therapy can promote heart health.

💕Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States, according to American Heart Association. The good news is, decades of research shows that massage therapy is effective in lowering stress and blood pressure, which are contributors of heart disease.

What the research says:
❤️Massage has been shown to acutely reduce blood pressure and heart rate in women.
❤️Massage therapy may reduce salt reds significantly on both physical and psychological levels.
❤️Researchers found that massage therapy may reduce pain, anxiety and muscular tension in cardiac surgery patients.

Source: www.amtamassage.org/articles/1/news/detail/3013/massage-therapy-for-heart-health

#heartmonth #healthyheart #elementsmassage #massagetherapy #love #lovemonth❤️ #instagood #health #healing #hearts #motivation #ashburnva #ashburn #massageinashburn

[02/13/20]   We have appointments available! Call now

[02/11/20]   We have evening appointments available today! Call now

Our Story

The Elements Way™ is our difference. At Elements Massage Ashburn, we only do massage. It's therapeutic, handcrafted, and personalized. Our expert certified therapists are focused on delivering a massage that is responsive to the individual needs of our clients- simply, it is a better massage.

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