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We are here to here to help you change the way you see yourself, with an accent on style!

We are a full service eye care facility that offers a complete array of eye care services, including comprehensive eye examinations,hard to fit contact lenses, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, such as eye infections and inflammations, allergies, dry eyes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more in a professional and modern office settings.We also offer preventative treatments to help your vision improve over time, from cataract and LASIK pre-operative care to post-operative care. In addition we provide emergency services, including ocular foreign body removal and eye injury treatment.
Our List of Doctors:
1. Dr Robert M Allen
2. Dr. Diana Slavin
3. Dr. Eveena Mahal
4. Dr. Paul Colbourne
5. Dr. John Dresely
6. Dr. Tressa Larson

SPOOKY, SILLY, AND SWEET—we love Halloween! Wishing all of our patients a fun and safe evening of trick or treating!

Dry Eye Treatment in | Associates in Eyecare

ARE YOUR EYES RED? Does it feel like there's sand in your eyes? Does your vision come in and out of focus? You might suffer from dry eyes and not even know it. Schedule your appointment today and we can provide relief! Our staff at Associates in Eyecare has met thousands of people struggling with dry eye. We believe understanding the root cause of this condition is essential for proper treatment. 

LAST WARNING for those who are considering wearing costume contacts for Halloween! Please be safe and call us if you have any questions.

DID YOU KNOW you can use your flex spending or cafeteria plan on eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, computer glasses, contact lenses or laser vision correction?! Call us to day to use it before you lose it!

Glaucoma | Optometrist in Virginia | Associates in Eye Care

GLAUCOMA has often been called the "sneak thief of vision." Having a thorough eye exam every year can help detect glaucoma before it robs you of a precious possession - your vision. Glaucoma is a dangerous eye disease that can result in a loss of vision for the patient. If you believe that you may be suffering from this condition, schedule an eye exam at one of our convenient locations today.

WE CAN HELP with a lot of things, this is not one of them! LOL

CRAZY EYES ARE cool for Halloween, but not if they damage your eyes! Here's how you can be safe.

FALL MEANS BEAUTIFUL COLORS! Not seeing the changing leaves as clearly? Come in for an appointment and we'll check to make sure your prescription hasn't changed.

ONE IN EVERY EIGHT women has or is at risk for breast cancer in their lifetime. Support breast cancer research and help give hope to women all around the world!

CONTACT LENSES THAT ARE the wrong size could cause serious problems for your eyes! Always get a prescription before buying costume lenses!

What is Blue Light?

BLUE LIGHT EXPOSURE may result in:
-Damage to the retina .
-Long-term vision problems ie. age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts.
-Suppressing the natural release of melatonin, disrupting sleep.

Blue light, also known as high energy visible (HEV) light, is a type of light with short wavelengths emitting a higher energy. Blue light penetrates deep int...

WHAT CAUSES GLAUCOMA? In the vast majority of cases, glaucoma is the result of pressure in the eye that damages the optic nerve. Unfortunately, there are no warning signs and annual eye exams are the only way to detect changes!

DRY EYES GETTING YOU down? We can help! Ask us how your dry eyes can have their life restored.

PRN Omega 3 Intro - Helping Patients with Dry Eyes Naturally

IF YOU SUFFER FROM DRY EYES, you must watch this video! Something so simple can help greatly, but not all Omega 3's are created equal. Schedule an appointment today to discuss how we can treat your eyes!

Our doctors have evaluated all the Omega 3 Fatty acid supplements and they recommend the PRN omega-3 products which contain both a high amount of DHA and EPA...

Out of Focus - Myopia

IF YOUR CHILD is nearsighted (myopic), and getting progressively worse, we can help. Call us to day to schedule a consultation to discuss myopia control! Help your children see well to live well.

Myopia is one of the most prevalent vision issues, especially in children. Better known as nearsightedness, myopia is a condition of the eye where close up o...

EVER HEARD OF LUTEIN? It’s found in leafy greens & it’s great for the eyes because it acts as a protector against harmful, high-energy blue light that comes from your electronic screens!

DR. JUSTIN BAZAN making the time to share his wisdom with our practice! A special thank you to Bausch and Lomb for sponsoring a fun and educational evening.

A SCHOOL VISION screening doesn’t check for every vision problem that impairs learning, so make sure you schedule a comprehensive eye exam for your child too!

UV EXPOSURE IS LINKED to many vision-threatening conditions, including macular degeneration and cataracts, so make sure you’re protecting your eyes with UV-blocking sunglasses!

Screens are killing your eyeballs, and now we know how

"SCREENS ARE KILLING your eyeballs" according to latest research. We've been protecting patients for years with quality eyeglasses that filter out most of the harmful blue light! Schedule your appointment today to protect your eyes. A new study shows the process by which blue light can lead to eye disease like macular degeneration. How will the consumer technology industry respond?

JOIN US IN SHOWING how grateful we are for all those who served and who are serving to protect our freedom by saying THANK YOU.

L’Shana Tovah! Wishing a happy Jewish New Year to all who celebrate!

IT'S SIMPLE: when kids can't see clearly, learning is difficult! Schedule their eye exams today for a great school year!

Husband dies after wife allegedly poisons him with eye drops, police say

YES, OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS can cause serious harm or side effects! Our doctors are available to advise you appropriately. Schedule your appointment today. A South Carolina man died after his wife snuck eye drops into his water over three days, police say.

HAPPY LABOR DAY! We’re celebrating all of our hard working patients who contribute to the prosperity of our country! THANK YOU for all that you do!

IT'S LABOR DAY WEEKEND! In observance, our offices will be closed. Have a safe and happy weekend!

HOW EXCITED ARE YOU that it’s finally time for school to start again?

Did you know? But they start developing their ability to see color within a week!

Blue light from phones, tablets could accelerate blindness and hurt vision, study finds

BLUE LIGHT, BLUE LIGHT! We've been mentioning it for years, and now mainstream media is exploding with articles like this. Talk to your trusted eye doctors today and find out how to protect your eyes! In a new study, researchers from the University of Toledo found blue light from digital devices transforms cells in our eyes, accelerating blindness.

Eye conditions that can affect children

A school vision exam is not always enough to catch these things as children's eyes are continuously developing. While a loss of visual acuity is often associated with senior citizens, various diseases and conditions of the eye can affect children. The American Academy of Opthalmology says many conditions

Cup Noodles Just Developed Steam-Proof Glasses That Won't Fog Up While Eating

Would you wear these? These steam-proof glasses from Cup Noodles and Zenni Optical are perfect for keeping your vision clear both during and after enjoying a hot meal.

HAVE YOU EVER LOST a contact lens? This woman in the UK lost hers in her eyelid! Call us if this ever happens, and our skilled doctors can help.

How Blue Light Could Damage Cells In Your Eyes

HOW DAMAGING IS BLUE LIGHT from electronic screens? Even Forbes is reporting on this! Be sure to ask us how you can protect your eyes, especially for kids, at your next appointment. New research shows that when blue light hits a molecule called retinal, it triggers a cascade of chemical reactions that can kill cells in retina of the eye

WE KNOW, IT'S NOT PLEASANT to think of contact lenses like this, but it is true!

COME MEET OUR NEW DOCTOR! Introducing Dr. Roshni Patel, a new addition to our family of friendly eye doctors! She is super awesome, and enjoys meeting new patients. Call or schedule on line today with Dr. Patel!

5 Signs You Are Getting Pink Eye

Be aware of the symptoms so you can treat pink eye before it becomes too bad! There are about 3 million cases of pink eye in the U.S. each year, so here are the signs to look out for so that you can recognize and treat it faster...

WONDERING HOW YOU CAN take better care of your child’s vision? We can help! Bring them in this month during National Children’s Eye Health And Safety Month!

DOES YOUR CHILD often forget their glasses at home? Why not pick up a spare pair for them to keep at school? Take advantage of our fantastic Back to School promotion and get that second pair!

DON’T FORGET TO include an eye exam on your back-to-school to-do list! Undiagnosed vision problems are major obstacles to learning!

DO YOU THINK SOMETHING may be a little off with your vision? Don’t be shy; schedule an eye exam today! We’ll take care of you in no time!

WHO’S JAW-SOME? YOU ARE! Thank you for being our patients; we wouldn’t be here without you!

HEADING BACK TO SCHOOL? Don’t forget to make it in for your eye exam so you can start the year with the right glasses and contact lens prescription!

T-G-EYE-F! Thank goodness for Friday and thank goodness for our eyes!

5 Tips For Making Glasses Cool For Your Kids – Oakton VA | Associates in Eyecare

MANY CHILDREN STRUGGLE with getting used to glasses, whether it’s because they fear being teased or because the glasses feel strange on their faces. Here are a few tips to help! Have you been struggling to convince your child to wear their glasses? Many children struggle with getting used to glasses, whether it’s because they

IT’S FRENCH FRY DAY! Go ahead and treat yourself to an extra large order, and post a picture of your favorite fries!!

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