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Thank you for taking care of us on such short notice. Friendly and professional. Really appreciate the warmth and courtesy shown AMONG the staff and not just to the patient but to our entire family for the past 11 years:)

Dr. Zia Rizvi is a highly skilled Dentist offering state of the art General, Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Ashburn, VA, including children.

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Ashburn Dental Care offers fillings, crowns, caps and bridges to restore damaged teeth. No matter what your teeth’s condition, we have a solution for you. Give us a call today!

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Enjoy a Straighter Smile Sooner with Invisalign

We at Ashburn Dental Care are dedicated to helping you achieve a straighter, healthier smile. Call Lake us today at (703) 858 1940, or contact us online to request an appointment.


Why choose invisalign

The aesthetic factor. This is a very commonly cited reason for choosing Invisalign. These clear aligners are much less noticeable than the wires and brackets of braces.
You can remove them. You can physically remove the aligner from your mouth if you need to.

Ease of cleaning your teeth. By removing the aligner, you can easily brush and floss your teeth, without having to work around wires and brackets. A 2017 studyTrusted Source also suggests this can improve your periodontal health by reducing the amount of bacteria lurking around your teeth and gums.

Fewer potential problems. Many people with traditional braces have stories about a bracket that fell off or a wire that broke, leading to an emergency visit to the orthodontist. You won’t have that potential problem with clear aligners.

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Watching the clock as you brush your teeth? ⏰ It might be helpful to set a timer or get an electric toothbrush that has a built-in timer!

Keep your teeth clean and sparkly by brushing for 2 minutes twice a day. 😁


Comfortable. High-Tech. Fast.
That’s DIOnavi.

If you’ve had to part ways with one or more of your natural teeth, dental implants can be an excellent option to fill those spaces. Implants allow you to chew food normally and help prevent bone loss in your jaw. They’re more comfortable than dentures, partials, or bridges, and can last a lifetime.

Dental implants are posts placed into the jaw where the tooth root used to be located. The posts fuse with the bone in your jaw and serve as a strong anchor to attach replacement teeth.

Contact us for more details.


How to Tell the Difference Between a Cavity and a Stain

Some people might confuse a cavity with a stain and vice versa.

A cavity, also called tooth decay, is a permanently damaged area on the surface of your tooth, which may feel sticky.

Tooth decay can become bigger and deeper in time, and may create a hole in your tooth, so it’s important to call a dentist.

Stains may resemble cavities but seem to shrink or grow rather than steadily get bigger. They may even disappear after brushing your teeth or changing your diet.

But sometimes, the difference between the two isn’t so clear-cut. Let’s take a closer look at your teeth to help you identify whether discoloration is a cavity or a stain.


The first step in having a smile you can be proud of is to have proper dental hygiene and health. A healthy smile is a pretty smile.

Proper dental care has many other benefits other than a beautiful, confident smile. Healthy teeth and gums have less pain, are less susceptible to injury and infection and require less, expensive dental work in the future.

Proper dental care and hygiene include:

♡Visits to your dentist every six months for an examination and thorough cleaning
♡Brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and a good toothpaste
♡Daily flossing
♡A healthy diet low in foods and drinks that can stain your teeth or wear off your teeth enamel
♡Managing any teeth grinding issues
♡Regular rinsing with water or mouthwash

Taking care of your teeth is just as important as taking care of the rest of your body. The first step in having a confident smile is taking care of your oral health.


Losing a tooth can cause surrounding teeth to shift and bacteria to accumulate under the gum line, resulting in further gum disease and loss of bone and tissue. Significant bone and tissue loss leads to changes in facial appearance including facial shortening and protrusion of the upper lip and chin.

Missing teeth affect your appearance by more than just your smile. Bone and tooth loss can accelerate facial aging, changing the overall structure of your face. Changes to the appearance of the lips, chin, and nose are common after tooth loss. By some estimates, losing teeth can add up to 10 years to your appearance.


Smile with confidence on your graduation day!👨‍🎓👩‍🎓
Congratulations 🎉🎓


Contact us for further details regarding the new fully guided keyless implant system.


A personalized approach to creating the perfect smile using the latest and most advanced dental technology.

An innovative approach to crafting smiles. That is us!

Contact us today to learn more about our latest offers and services.

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Finally when implant placement is completed temporary teeth are attached to restore the oral conditions on the day of the procedure.

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second phase is the customized digital implant for the patient. We use the latest customized DIO NAVI surgical guide to place the implant for more long lasting results compared to older methods. Contact us for more details

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Solution personalized for you and your mouth’s one-of-a-kind shape and function. We check the patient oral condition before we personalize a full arch plan procedure

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Make a smart dental implant choice

Advanced data-driven technology combined with the comfort and speed you want—that’s SMART. And that’s the DIOnavi EcoDigital difference.


Ashburn Dental Care

Introducing Full arch DIO NAVI. The minimally invasive, high-tech way to get the new teeth you need in as little as 2 hours.


A better way to get the new teeth you need—in as little as 2 hours

Minimally invasive. Fast. Comfortable.

Those probably aren’t the first words that come to mind when you realize you need new teeth and begin thinking about dental implants as an option. But with DIOnavi, they will be.

That’s because DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedures are a revolutionary step forward in implant dentistry. By combining advanced technology with unexpected comfort and speed, DIOnavi EcoDigital Implant Procedures get you back to smiling, chewing, and laughing in no time.

Maximized comfort to minimize your stress

DIOnavi is the low-stress, modern way to get new teeth in as little as 2 hours. And it’s done without a surgical incision. That means no incision and no stitches. It’s a comfortable procedure designed to help you heal quickly.
Now that’s SMART.

Ashburn Dental Care Dr. Zia Rizvi is a highly skilled Dentist offering state of the art General, Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Ashburn, VA, including children.

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Did you know that carrots are beneficial for your overall dental health? 🥕

Not only does a raw carrot have vitamin A that helps to build tooth enamel, but there are other benefits as well!

Just chewing on a raw carrot can produce extra saliva, which is your mouth’s natural cleanser.

The saliva helps to wash away food debris and pathogenic bacteria that feeds on sugars and can cause enamel-eating acids. 😁


Removable partial dentures are for patients who are missing some but not all of their teeth.

Fixed partial dentures (also known as permanent bridges) are made from crowns that are fitted on the remaining natural teeth as well as synthetic materials that are sculpted to resemble teeth.

Complete dentures or full dentures are for patients who are missing all their upper or lower teeth.


Dentures give better chewing abilities and greater aesthetic appeal by providing the illusion of natural teeth. What's more dentures can now be stabilized with an implant procedure bringing more comfort and better chewing abilities to the denture wearer.

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Today, Ashburn Dental Care would like to recognize and honor those who have fallen. ❤🤍💙

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Almost everyone can benefit from teeth whitening. Coffee, tea, wine, and more can cause discoloration that can easily be remedied with Ashburn Dental Care ’s teeth whitening procedures. Reach out today to see what we can do for you!

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Before and after dental veneer procedure. Dental veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells that are attached to the front surface of teeth to improve their appearance. They’re often made from porcelain or resin-composite materials and are permanently bonded to your teeth.

Veneers can be used to treat a number of different cosmetic concerns, including chipped, broken, discolored, or smaller-than-average teeth.

Contact us for further information.


Thank you all for the Google reviews! We always love to hear from our patients.


When there's a wedding on the horizon, many brides and grooms want to do more than just their regular routine to maintain those pearly whites. If you're seriously considering cosmetic dental work-like professional teeth whitening or orthodontic aligners-it's important to get a sense of the ins and outs of each procedure and the timeframes they require. Contact us for professional advice regarding your big day.

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Finding a new dentist can be difficult, but we're making it easy for you! 👩‍⚕️

Our patients’ comfort and safety are our utmost priorities. Call Ashburn Dental Care today to see if we’re a good fit for you!

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We’ve all been told that eating unhealthy foods, such as sugary sweets or junk foods, can lead to tooth decay and dental issues over time. 🍩🍬🍕

Although this is true, did you know that keeping a healthy diet is only one part of keeping up good oral hygiene? Regular teeth cleanings are just as important as showering when it comes to taking care of your mouth.

We encourage all our patients to get regular teeth cleanings every six months.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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