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Is It Safe to Go Back to the Gym?

As states are starting to reopen, one question is at the forefront of the conversation: is it actually safe to go back to the gym? As gyms begin to reopen, many of us are wondering whether it’s safe, or wise, to return.

Here's How Llamas Could Help Scientists Get Closer to Stopping the Coronavirus Pandemic

Who knew! According to a report published in research journal Cell, llamas' antibodies might be better than human antibodies at killing COVID-19. Here's what that means in terms of the coronavirus pandemic.

If You Have The Option To Keep Working From Home When Your State Reopens, You Should

Working from home? Even as some states reopen, experts recommend continuing to work from home (if you can!). Find out why: And it's still important to continue social distancing even as you go back to work.

Relay For Relief's Virtual Workout Schedule Was Just Released

Tune in to Relay For Relief on May 15th & 16th! Get ready to sweat.

You Can’t Get The Novel Coronavirus From Eating Meat

Some meat plants in the U.S. have been forced to close due to COVID-19 outbreaks, but you don't have to become a vegetarian right now...(if you don't want to)! But that doesn’t mean you should start hoarding.

100 things to do while stuck inside due to a pandemic

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language...during a pandemic? Without leaving the house? Try Duolingo! Experts recommend that even healthy people should stay inside as the coronavirus outbreak spreads. Here are 100 things to do during the quarantine.

‘I Asked The Doctor To Tell Me Everything Patients Usually Do Wrong During Telemed Appointments'

Here's what to expect from a Zoom meeting with your doctor: The doctor will Zoom you now.

Photos of our Tower Garden taken between January and May -- It's already grown so much!

Tower Garden to Table – Ashburn Family Chiropractic

If you've visited us recently, you know that we have a beautiful Tower Garden growing in our office!

Tower Garden lets you easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich foods using a vertical growing system WITHOUT the use of soil. The advanced technology offers a cleaner, simpler, and more efficient way to grow fresh, healthy food for your family.

Check out our new blog up now! By Beth May 2, 2020 0 Comments Blog, Uncategorized Tower Garden Tower Garden to Table During quarantine, a lot of people have taken to starting new hobbies: baking fresh bread, meditating, knitting, and even gardening (it is Springtime, after all!). But, what do you do if you want to flex your green...

Trouble Sleeping? Try This 5-Minute Bedtime Meditation |

Worry and stress keeping you up at night? Bedtime meditation could be your answer. Tossing and turning at night? Try this simple meditation for sleep to help calm your concerns and give you the peace of mind you need to drift off to dreamland.

How Often Should I Do Yoga to Lose Weight? |

If you're struggling to lose weight during the quarantine (or maintain your current weight), try yoga! When it comes to yoga, weight loss benefits may go beyond "just" the number of calories burned, thanks to a gentle approach that integrates healthy behaviors.

10 Best Foods to Fight Off Stress | Everyday Health

Feeling stressed during quarantine? Try eating these 10 foods! What you eat can play a big role in how you feel. Need proof? Look no further than this list of top stress-fighting foods, including fish, nuts, citrus fruit, and dark chocolate. Read about the science behind how these eats fend off stress and anxiety.

Earth Day goes digital with 24 hours of action | Earth Day

Happy 50th Earth Day Anniversary! In the face of global crises, we don't shut down — we shift. Join us as the Earth Day movement goes digital on April 22, 2020.

Can Clothes and Shoes Track COVID-19 into Your House? What to Know

Important!! Transfer of the coronavirus via clothing is unlikely, but experts agree there are a few scenarios in which immediate laundering is a good idea.

How a Pet Can Help You While You Shelter in Place

Pets can help deal with loneliness and isolation during COVID-19 shelter in place orders -- especially for those that live alone. Experts say pets can help people feel less lonely as well as provide joy during the isolation of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Survey: 35 percent say working from home has harmed mental health

According to New York Post, "Among the telecommuters, 35% said their mental health had deteriorated as a result of having to work from home, 50.7% said it had no impact on their mental health, and 14.3% said their mental health had improved." Thirty-five percent of workers who telecommute said their mental health had deteriorated as a result of doing so amid the coronavirus lockdown, according to a survey conducted by researchers at Kei…

Tele-work Survival Guide: Part 3

And here's the third (and final) part of our telework series! Remember: You can work from home without wrecking your back and neck.

4 Meditation Techniques to Help Bust Your Stress |

If you're feeling stressed or anxious, you're not alone. Seriously. Check out these 4 meditation techniques that can help: An expert explains how to meditate and discusses four types of meditation techniques to help reduce stress, including step-by-step instructions for each.

3 Ways to Avoid Picking Up Germs From Takeout |

Trying to support small businesses while avoiding possible contact with coronavirus? Try these 3 things! Is ordering takeout safe during the novel coronavirus pandemic? Heed these expert tips to prevent picking up germs when you pick up food or have it delivered.

Experts Think They Know When Coronavirus Might Peak in the US

According to experts, COVID-19 will hit its apex within the next few weeks. As the world continues to grapple with the harsh reality of the coronavirus pandemic, daily life has drastically changed for most (if not all) citizens:…

The Tele-Working Survival Guide: Part 2

Ergonomics play a major role in avoiding stiffness and injury when you're working from home. In the second part of our three-part video series, Dr. Scott Lamp talks about this and more.

The Tele-Working Survival Guide

Working from home? Make sure you aren't hurting your back, neck and shoulders. Here's how to work comfortably and safely from anywhere.

You Shouldn't Be Wearing Gloves To Go Grocery Shopping

Wearing gloves to the grocery store is counterproductive, and, in some cases, it may even be bad for you. It's totally unnecessary—and it may even be bad for you.

10 Ways to Stick With Your Weight-Loss Goals When You’re Stuck at Home |

Don't let your health and fitness goals be disrupted by working from home! Here are some great ways to stay on track: Just because you’re temporarily cooped up doesn’t mean all your efforts to drop unwanted pounds are doomed. Here, experts share 10 tips to lose weight at home.

At-Home Gym Ideas for Every Budget |

COVID-19 isn't an excuse to STOP working out. (Seriously!) Set up your own at-home gym for free! For less than a year's worth of gym membership dues, you can create a home gym with inexpensive exercise equipment so you never have an excuse to miss a workout.

What Pregnant Women Need to Know About Passing Coronavirus to Their Babies

Learn about vertical transmission below: These are unsettling times for moms-to-be and women who are planning to conceive. As the number of novel coronavirus cases continues to spike, women in…

How Can You Safely Grocery Shop in the Time of Coronavirus? Here's What Experts Suggest

Practicing social distancing at the grocery store can be.. difficult! Here's what experts have to say: As coronavirus spreads globally, grocery shopping has suddenly emerged as an anxiety-producing activity

Stuck in a Workout Rut? 41 Best YouTube Workouts

No equipment or gym? No problem! Try these amazing at-home Youtube workouts! Thank you YouTube gods

Experts Say It's Really Hard To Predict When The New Coronavirus Pandemic Will Be Over

It's the question on everyone's mind: when will the coronavirus pandemic be over? And, the answer depends!

So, for now, go with the flow, stay inside, and practice social distancing as much as you can! Past pandemics have typically lasted 12 to 36 months.

Because one new face just wasn't enough!

Introducing Joselyn:

Joselyn has been working as an administrator for over 5 years while also getting her AA in Science and continuing her education in public health.

She loves working with people and cares deeply about their overall wellbeing. She’s happy she found Ashburn Family Chiropractic where she is surrounded by positivity.

Our family at AFC just keeps getting bigger!

Introducing Certified Nutrition Consultant, Chiropractic Assistant, Tameika Lewis:

Tamekia has had an interest in holistic healthcare & natural remedies for most of her life. She has served in the wellness community as a Certified Nutrition Consultant since 2013. Tamekia joined the Ashburn Family Chiropractic team to expand her skill set. Since, becoming a Chiropractic Assistant, she understands the importance of partnering nutrition with chiropractic care.

Her objective is to help others understand that by combining the two, they can enhance the healing process and reach their wellness goals even faster.

Tamekia grew up in & currently resides in Loudoun County, Va. She has raised two children with her high school sweetheart, and they have been married for almost 26 years. Tamekia and her husband, Erom, share a love for photography, food, travel & spending time with their family.

Thank you, Kathy!

You May Still Spread the Coronavirus Even if You're Not Showing Symptoms

It's still important to steer clear of those showing symptoms, but new information shows that may not be enough. The advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, and other reputable agencies on how to protect yourself from coronavirus is…

You Shouldn't Cancel All Doctor Visits Right Now Because Of The New Coronavirus

Does social distancing extend to regular doctor appointments? Check out this article where doctors break down which visits to cancel—and which to keep on your calendar—in the current COVID-19 climate. It depends what the appointment is.

How to Boost Your Immune System Against Illnesses Like Coronavirus – Ashburn Family Chiropractic

We’re hearing your concern about coronavirus and wanted to let you know…WE’RE HERE FOR YOU! By James March 16, 2020 0 Comments Blog, Chiropractics chiropractic, cold, flu, nutrition, sickness, supplements, tips How to Boost Your Immune System Against Illnesses Like Coronavirus We’re hearing your concern about coronavirus and wanted to let you know… WE’RE HERE FOR YOU! We fully expect...

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