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What Do Top Chefs in the DC Area Pack Their Kids for Lunch?

Are you packing your children a nutritious lunch? You may want to take note from some of DC's top chefs! Look inside these creative lunchboxes (and you'll wish you were a kid again).

The top 10 surprising health benefits of ginger

Ginger has many amazing health benefits from reducing inflammation and muscle pain to regulating blood sugar. Read more here: Nature's medicine

Running or walking, which is really better for your body?

From heart rate to joints, here's the science behind whether running or walking is a healthier exercise: Exercise experts are here to help you decide which activity is better for YOUR health. Tony Spitz has the details.

How Dehydration Affects Your Brain, Energy Levels, and Body – Ashburn Family Chiropractic

Feeling a little dehydrated? It could be affecting how productive you are at work! Learn more here: By Beth August 7, 2018 0 Comments Blog, Studies chiropractic, energy, nutrition, running, tips, water How Dehydration Affects Your Brain, Energy Levels, and Body Most people know that dehydration is bad for them, but you may be surprised at how it can affect you. Right now, we are still encountering...

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Help your teen to pack healthy school lunches

Packing your children lunch can help them to better understand how to eat healthily -- Read more below: The further they stay away from that cafeteria food, the better!

The top 10 surprising health benefits of ginger

Ginger has many amazing health benefits from reducing inflammation and muscle pain to regulating blood sugar. Read more here: Nature's medicine

Are Functional Foods the Next Wave in Healthy Eating?

What do you think? A look inside the health world's new favorite trend.

Stay-Healthy Travel Hacks From Successful Women

According to Forbes, "Frequent travel can throw a wrench into your healthy eating and workout routine." If you travel often and feel that your health is at risk, check out these helpful travel tips: Frequent travel can throw a wrench into your healthy eating and workout routine. What to do? Here, successful women share the travel hacks they rely on to keep their wellbeing and work performance from taking a hit.

How To Avoid Getting A Cold On An Airplane

People frequently acquire sicknesses when traveling -- Check out this article to avoid catching a cold on a plane: The dreaded airplane cold is one of the worst parts of air travel -- but there are simple tricks to make sure you don't get sick.

No Amount Of Alcohol Is Good For Your Health, Global Study Says

Recent studies revealed that "no amount of alcohol is safe" or good for your health -- Read why below: While the study's authors acknowledge moderate drinking may protect some people against heart disease, these potential benefits do not outweigh the risks of cancer and other diseases.

Is Guacamole Healthy? Here's What the Experts Say

For all avocado lovers: is guacamole really good for you? Find out: Listen up, avocado lovers

How Much Sugar Is It Safe To Eat Per Week?

People often wonder how much sugar is too much, especially when it comes to healthy sugars like yogurt, fruits, and honey -- Find out if you're taking in an excess amount of sugar: Well, at least it's not zero.

10 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin

Turmeric has increasingly become more popular among millennials and nutritionists alike, but do you know what makes this plant-based powder so healthy? Read more to find out: Turmeric is an old Indian spice with a powerful medicinal compound called Curcumin. Here are the top 10 health benefits of turmeric/curcumin.

How to lose belly fat naturally: 5 herbal teas for detox and weight loss

It seems like tea is good for almost anything! Check out these 5 herbal teas to help you lose belly fat naturally: Drinking tea helps boost your metabolism and detoxifies your system. Here are five best herbal teas that may improve weight loss and help fight belly fat.

Bloated Belly: Foods that Relieve Bloating | Reader’s Digest

Uncomfortable stomach pains can happen to anyone from any number of causes. Find out what natural remedies you can use to treat your bloating: Fill your grocery cart with these foods that help reduce bloating naturally.

Foods That Heal Broken Bones | Reader's Digest

If you've recently gone through surgery, check out this list of 12 foods that will help speed up your healing process: Get back in action sooner after a fracture: Eat a diet rich in these foods to make sure your bones knit strong, fast, and firm.

Headache for Days? Try this All-Natural 3-Day Fix

Headaches are often under-diagnosed and under-treated and while there are many natural remedies for curing them, the relief is rarely immediate and only lasts short-term. The trick to curing a headache holistically is to stop it from happening in the first place -- Read how below: Want to tackle your headaches without using drugs — and keep headaches at bay for the long term? Then it might be time to revisit your lifestyle. Here’s a three-day fix that’ll help you tackle your headaches fast while addressing triggers that might be causing you pain.

Do These 3 Things Today To Keep Your Memory From Failing Later

According to MBG, "the brain responds to all the same insults as the rest of the body—stress, poor diet, toxins, lack of exercise or sleep, nutritional deficiencies, and more." To improve your memory and nourish your brain, try these three tasks: You can actually make a real difference.

Prepare now for Fall allergies

As summer comes to an end, it's nearing the time of year to prepare for the Fall and the many allergies and sicknesses that could arise with the changing of seasons -- Be prepared ahead of time: Experts say if you suffer from seasonal allergies to watch what time of day you spend outdoors.

Teens don’t get enough sleep, and that can affect their health

Studies show that roughly a third of American adults don't get the recommended 7 hours of sleep a night and some 50 million to 70 million Americans have a chronic sleep disorder -- Find out how important sleep is to the health of adults and teenagers: Those short on sleep were more likely to be obese and scored higher on other risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

8 Traditional Chinese Medicine Practices That Seem Strange But Work

Many people are wary of traditional Chinese medicine, yet at the same time, are curious about its potential healing abilities -- Check out these natural practices that may be just what you need: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on traditions that have been around for thousands of years. Some TCM practices can seem weird — but they work. Check out these seven.

10 Recipes for Glowing, Healthy Skin

Having a healthy, glowing complexion can be difficult in the summertime when your skin is producing excessive oils and sweat -- If your face needs a detox, check out these great natural recipes for glowing skin: Find your way to healthy, glowing skin by eating foods that have the right nutrients. These 10 recipes have the nutrition to give you beautiful, firmer, and protected skin.

Brain Food 101: Best Foods for Concentration and Focus

You've heard of the healthy foods that are good for burning fat and losing weight, but did you know that there are nutritional options available that could improve your concentration too? Check out the list below to read more on which of your favorite foods may be more than just delicious: Is your mind fit? What you eat today can affect your brain now and later. Whether that’s a positive or negative impact is up to what you put on your plate---or in your drinking glass. Find out the best brain foods and beverages for boosting your concentration and focus.

Blue Diamond Almond Milk recalled for — wait for it — containing actual milk

If you're lactose intolerant or dairy-free, you may want to check your fridge today; Blue Diamond's famous Almond Breeze milk, with a use by date of September 12th, 2018, is being recalled for containing actual milk. The manufacturing company behind Blue Diamond's Almond Breeze, HP Hood, is recalling more than 145,000 cartons of the brand's vanilla almond milk. The reason? Those cartons may contain cow's milk.

The Health Benefits of Standing Desks

According to Livestrong, "The average office worker sits in a desk chair for 7.5 hours every day." Standing desks have many benefits spanning from reduced back pain and increased energy to the ability to burn calories while working. Read more below: Prolonged sitting has been related to an increased risk of heart disease, weight gain, diabetes and premature death. But proponents of stand-up desks rave that all of these conditions, and many more, can be prevented with the use of a standing desk.

8 Signs You Need a Chiropractor

Check out these 8 warning signs that you may need to visit a chiropractor today: Back pain and neck pain are only two of many signs that it may be time for you to see a chiropractor.

10 Foods You Don't Realize Are Packed With Sugar

Some of your favorite snacks may actually be packed with an unhealthy load of sugar -- Find out why these 10 'healthy' foods are worse for you than you thought: Foods that you think are healthy, like yogurt, granola and instant oatmeal, are sometimes packed with added sugars. We provide a list of foods with hidden sugar that you need to watch out for.

How to Read a Food Label

Navigating the back of your favorite products can be tricky but it doesn't have to be! Find out how to read food labels properly below: All the information stacked on a food packaging can be confusing, but we'll show you what you should focus on to really know what's in your food.

How Dehydration Affects Your Brain, Energy Levels, and Body – Ashburn Family Chiropractic

Please check our latest blog post on dehydration. This is a very important topic at this stage in the summer and one that many people ignore too frequently! By Beth August 7, 2018 0 Comments Blog, Studies chiropractic, energy, nutrition, running, tips, water How Dehydration Affects Your Brain, Energy Levels, and Body Most people know that dehydration is bad for them, but you may be surprised at how it can affect you. Right now, we’re hitting the swelt...

Back pain - add this herb to your dinner to prevent lower backache

Changing your sleep position and adding oregano to your diet can help alleviate lower back pain, however, if you feel that you've tried natural remedies and still can't get the ache to go away, give us a call today! We can discuss how to solve the problem in a proactive way. BACK pain symptoms could be prevented by changing your diet or by swapping your sleep position. But you could also lower your risk of lower back pain signs by eating this herb everyday.

Natural remedies for chemotherapy side effects

Chemotherapy can have dangerous and often times intolerable side effects. Check out these natural remedies to help alleviate the pain: There are few herbal remedies which can deal with the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Human longevity might be increasing over time, study says

According to CNN, "After the age of 105, the risk of death for humans slows, plateaus and even decreases in some instances, according to a new study." Read more here: After the age of 105, the risk of death for humans slows, plateaus and even decreases in some instances, according to a new study.

16 natural remedies for headache and migraine pain

Check out these great natural remedies for headaches and migraine pain! Plagued by headaches or migraines but reluctant to take medication? Try these natural remedies out for size.

Perspective | Five common food safety mistakes that can ruin your summer cookout

Be careful at the next cookout you attend! Keep your family and guests healthy with these best practices for grilling and serving.

6 all-natural summer health hacks to keep you cool, comfortable and bite-free

Nobody wants to be sick in the summertime! Check out these 6 natural remedies: Enjoy the sunshine without the worry of seasonal health niggles by making the most of natural remedies

Learn what you can do at home, and when it’s time to call your chiropractor

Are you experiencing an overwhelming amount of pain? Give us a call today. Here’s what to do next if you wake up with neck or back pain, according to a chiropractor.

Here’s how you can avoid getting sick this rainy season

Lately, it feels as though we have at least one rain shower a day! Given the unpredictable weather patterns of the summer, it's endlessly important to avoid getting sick. Find out how: Avoid sick leaves!

Here's Exactly How Much Protein You Should Be Eating Every Day

How much protein should you actually be eating? Surprisingly, it's not a fixed amount and can vary from person to person. Bacon time?

Even 2 Hours of Dehydration Can Affect Your Body and Brain

Dehydration is dangerous on many levels. states that a couple hours of vigorous activity in the heat without drinking fluids or eating can greatly affect concentration, amongst other things. With major heat waves hitting the United States, here’s what to know about dehydration.

8 Healthy Grain Bowls That Make Nutritious, Effortless Meals

We love grain bowls! Check out these great recipe ideas: Grain bowls are the perfect vehicle to get in all your greens, grains, protein, and flavor. Whether you’re a busy parent or in a rush to cook for friends, putting a healthy grain bowl together is pretty effortless. Check out these 8 healthy recipe combos that will have you inspired for weeks to co...

Forget Face Masks—This Sheet Mask Is For Your Growing Baby Belly

Have you heard of face masks for your baby belly? According to, the mask is an "all-natural hydrating sheet that promises to help minimize stretch marks thanks to ingredients like aloe vera and propolis." Actress and blogger Shenae Grimes-Beech just used a HATCH Collection sheet mask specifically designed to treat stretch marks.

How to keep salmonella and bacteria out of the kitchen

With recent salmonella outbreaks in popular shelved items like Goldfish, there's certainly one place you want to avoid the possibility of it spreading: your kitchen. Bacteria can be sneaky. But a well-prepared kitchen will have them beat.

Left your bottled water in a hot car? Drink it with caution, some experts say

Be careful where you leave your bottled water! According to Today, "Some researchers who study plastics recommend against drinking water from plastic bottles that have been sitting in hot places for a long time — such as a car sizzling in the sun — concerned that the heat could help chemicals from the plastic leach into the water." The industry says plastic bottled water containers are safe under a variety of conditions. Not everyone agrees.

Why You Need Aloe Vera If You Have Heartburn or Indigestion

Aloe Vera may be good for sunburns and clean air, but it's also great for heartburn and indigestion! Find out how: No one likes a tummy ache nor the heartburn or indigestion that can accompany it. Beyond the discomfort...

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