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We are a diverse group of therapists who work with clients with many different mental health concerns and also specialize in eating disorder treatment.

We are a diverse group of therapists who work with clients with many different mental health concerns and also specialize in eating disorder treatment.


10 Things to Try Before Giving Up On Your Marriage

When dealing with frustrations within a marriage, a lot of couples want to simply throw in the towel when they find no quick solutions. Saving a marriage is never an easy process but there are some things to try before officially giving up. After you change your mindset and stop the blame game, try these 10 things in this blog: http://ow.ly/MVVB50ynrgA

gottman.com The good news is that if you are willing to put effort into rescuing your marriage, there are things you can do that can give you a fresh start. Here are 10 things to try before giving up on your marriage, based on the work of Dr. John Gottman.

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Loving Our Bodies, Just as They Are

"Body image is the personal relationship we have with our bodies." So what exactly can influence this idea? Many factors can impact on how you perceive your body image. There is a need to know to commit to our bodies and not let outside factors disrupt our own love and admiration for our bodies just as they are. Read more here: http://ow.ly/MRKL50yhgi7

eatingrecoverycenter.com Strengthening our relationships with our bodies is a long and challenging process. However, with commitment, perseverance, strength, hope, and support, we can learn to develop a healthy and loving body image.Thankfully, there are many ways to do this:


Breaking the Pursue-Withdraw Pattern: An Interview with Scott R. Woolley, Ph.D.

Couples can fall into what is called a pursue-withdraw pattern which is, "when one partner wants more closeness or connection than the other." This pattern can often be an underlying reason for divorce, yet people do not realize this can extend into another marriage or relationship if left unnoticed. Read more on how to handle this cycle pattern in your marriage: http://ow.ly/fXbs50yhg8Y

gottman.com The pursue-withdraw pattern is an extremely common cause of divorce. If left unresolved, it will continue into a second marriage and subsequent intimate relationships.


How to Break the Silence in Your Marriage

Oddly enough, silence in a marriage may not be the best way to handle the conflict between each other. Too much silence for too long and avoiding all that conflict can lead to once you hit the breaking point, there seems to be nothing left to say. Learn how to break the silence and communicate with your partner: http://ow.ly/rV5850yhg5x

gottman.com Instead of saying "we need to talk", try using these phrases to break the silence in your relationship.


The Rekindling Desire Course

ESTHERPEREL.COM Revitalize your erotic life.


Pay Attention, for Passion’s Sake

A key to one's relationship with their partner is mindfulness. We want to be able to strengthen with our partner and nurture that love for years and years. In order to do so, we need to seek mindfulness. Paying attention and noticing certain queues that our partner gives us and we give them is essential. A way to accomplish mindfulness can be daily or even weekly meditation together or separately. Read more about paying attention here: http://ow.ly/OQYn50y7fIP

gottman.com Paying attention predicts relationship success.


How to Stop Detached Dating and Create Real Connection

Let's bring it up again: we live in a world full of detachment due to social media and the constant use of our phones. In relationships, we create false realities of what we expect and we distract ourselves often. We need to learn "how to stop detached dating and create real connection". Read more on how to build a deeper connection with your partner here: http://ow.ly/joYY50xXzar

gottman.com Tips for dating in a more meaningful way.


The Anger Iceberg

The feeling of anger, "has been ingrained into our brain to protect us." Think of anger like an iceberg. A lot of emotions that cause anger to occur are underlying beneath the surface. In a sense, anger protects those feelings. We tend to struggle when we feel angry, so we need to find ways to listen to our anger as it arises. Read more about the anger iceberg here: http://ow.ly/mLDq50y7e14

gottman.com What you can see from the surface can be misleading as most of the iceberg is hidden below water. Although anger is a valid emotion on its own, remember that it can also indicate other emotions that need to be addressed or validated.

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Listening to KPRC2 / Click2Houston: Which of all the girlscout cookies are the "healthiest?” The shortbread were rated the "healthiest" because the calories were the lowest? Then the news segment talked about added sugars and saturated fat.
There are no healthier and unhealthier foods. Just like there are no good foods or bad foods. Calories in a food for sure are not a determinate of health. That's like saying spinach is healthier than a carrot because spinach has less calories? Ummmm, no. Looking at overall intake over a period of time (not one food item or meal regardless of calories, vitamins,minerals, macronutrients, saturated fat or added sugar) = Big picture: Balance, Variety and Moderation of all foods. Wondering if you are on track or need adjustments to your food intake? Seek support and guidance from a Registered and Licensed dietitian (RDN). Be careful getting your food and nutrition guidance from your local news station!

The Gottman Institute

Before starting your dating journey, learn how to identify the red flags. Follow the five criteria to help you separate those who are trustworthy from those who are not.

Read more dating tips on the Gottman Relationship Blog: http://bit.ly/2U4tznJ


Dating Your Wife with Kids Under Five

Dating your wife with kids under five? First impression on this thought: we're too busy to consider this! Well, dates are important! Just the two of you time is necessary in any relationship. We love our kids and they are a beautiful addition to the two of you, but that doesn't mean your love together needs to struggle because of them. Read more on how to accomplish dating your wife: http://ow.ly/jrEm50xXy8s

gottman.com Dating will not just keep you both close to each other, but its positive effects will model a strong and healthy relationship for your children, thus creating a happy home.

Have you heard our podcast, Better Wife Better Life? This quote encompasses just a little bit of the idea behind our podcast! Let's #ditchthediet and pursue being a #betterwifebetterlife ! Check out our podcast here: http://ow.ly/Yo9o50xXzx4


The Eight Conversations That Matter Most in Relationships

In a relationship, you and your partner will experience a variety of conversations. The question is: which conversations are the most important to have? Conversations that help you know how your love will last or keep it ignited. Read more about which conversations you should be having with your partner: http://ow.ly/KQgL50xTnwk

gottman.com In the book, Eight Dates, the country’s leading relationship experts share eight fun, conversation-based dates that will result in a lifetime of understanding and commitment.

We wanted to share with you a few events Rock Recovery in Virginia has coming up this month! Visit www.rockrecoveryed.org under the event calendar tab for more information on one or both events!


Coping with Triggers in Eating Disorder Recovery - The Emily Program

One thing that one has to learn through eating disorder recovery, is coping with triggers surrounding you. These triggers can be situational, emotional, social, and more. Unfortunately, triggers cannot be avoided, but you can learn how to cope and understand how to deal with them. Read more here: http://ow.ly/qKMQ50xTnbh

emilyprogram.com It is normal to feel triggered in eating disorder recovery. Exploring your specific triggers and the feelings, thoughts, and urges they provoke may help delay or altogether prevent a disordered behavioral response to them.


The Secret Key | Radically Open

The overwhelming, uncomfortable feeling of stress or anxiety coming on can make anyone restless and almost enter a panic mode. It may be crazy to say that the solution to re-centering your mind and releasing those feelings is: breathing. Breathing when you feel that uncomfortable rise in your mind can make all the difference. Breathing can help you to realize what is occurring and is known as the secret key in many's recovery. Read more here: http://ow.ly/QvkO50xNbH8

radicallyopen.net I was at a book event that included one of my favorite authors. I had been invited by good friends of mine and I was thrilled at the prospect of seeing Glennon Doyle Melton in person. The evening, however, was going much longer than I had anticipated and I was getting uncomfortable, restlessly shift...


Top 10 Gottman Relationship Blog Posts of 2019

As we enter a new year, one thing to try for relationships is to learn how exactly to love better. How to make a relationship stronger and know or acknowledge the challenges at hand with relationships. Here is a blog with 10 relationship blogs that are a step in a good direction: http://ow.ly/t0eO50xNbSt
We also have a youtube video that talks about change in a relationship begins with not your partner, but you. Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZG9Q5KqjZxg
Or listen to it on the podcast! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/change-begins-with-you/id1483349643?i=1000453907365

gottman.com In 2019 we took a look at the things that challenge relationships, and ways to ultimately make the relationships we choose stronger. Here are our most popular blog posts of the year.


Reasons Today's Kids Are Bored, Entitled, Impatient with Few Real Friends

deeprootsathome.com We have the best intentions - to make our kids happy - but the ability to learn delayed gratification is one of the key factors for future success.


Signaling Trust | Radically Open

One thing our teenagers need from us is trust. Learning how to signal trust can be difficult. As much as we would love to be able to know that our child is safe or getting things done, there comes a point where we cannot be hovering as sometimes they need to be trusted to accomplish things on their own or know the right thing to do. Read more on how to signal trust here: http://ow.ly/etC950xNbCI

radicallyopen.net The other morning, as I was drinking my coffee and reading the news, I came across an article describing how many parents are now monitoring, and yes controlling, their college kids’ movements via the app Life360. I was somewhat horrified reading the article, but could understand the pull.

The end of the holidays or the dreariness of the cold put you in a slump? We like to call this time the Winter Blues. Essentially now you have to plan something to get out of this! Here are some of our ideas:
- Indoor crafts with the kids
- Make hot cocoa
- Watch a movie as a family
- Stay in your PJs all day
- Take as an opportunity to slow down
- Plan a summer vacation

We at Harmony Therapy Group wanted to wish you all a happy new year!


Trusted, proven eating disorder treatment for women and girls

As 2019 comes to an end, we wanted to discuss exactly what it means to be "healthy". One of the important parts of this is to realize health truly goes beyond weight and size. In order to feel "healthy", it goes beyond that number and goes into the fact that you need to focus as well on your mental health and redefine health in a sense through a variety of steps. Read more here: http://ow.ly/c3IM50xJcOy

meadowsranch.com A member of the Meadows Behavioral Healthcare family, The Meadows Ranch provides eating disorder treatment for women and girls.


For When You Can’t Stand a Photo of Yourself

Ever heard of the saying "your biggest critic is yourself"? Well, this tends to be true especially when it comes to photos. Photos are sometimes ones worst enemy especially during eating recovery. This article gives some tips on what other thoughts to think of before you criticize that photo you just took: http://ow.ly/mNCE50xEEMm

theeatingdisordercenter.com By Jennifer Rollin, MSW, LCSW-C

Merry Christmas! From Harmony Therapy Group to you!


Mindful Moments with Dr. B: What Verb Tense are you Living In?

As Christmas and the new year approaches, one thing we could all consider asking ourselves is: are we in the moment? A lot of times our minds are wandering off about a multitude of things. Learning to be present in my surroundings and mind is one of my goals this upcoming year. Read more about mindful moments: http://ow.ly/amVg50xEEEc

waldeneatingdisorders.com What tense are you in? Are you in the moment that you are currently having? Have you ever notioed that a lot of our time is not spent in the moment we are having? A classic example is when you get stopped at a stop light.


Eating Disorder Relapse is Common - A Therapist's Perspective - Dr. Angela Derrick

Although the process of finding recovery in one's eating disorder is a long one and people do come out in a better place, there are still chances of relapsing into the disorder. We want you to know that this is still okay. It is hard to acknowledge this fact, but it does happen and one should know how to handle this possibility. Read a therapist's perspective here: http://ow.ly/VuLi50xzTij

eatingrecoverycenter.com Loved ones should remember that they can help identify and contain a relapse. Loved ones, as well as the individual themselves, can: 1) Be prepared, 2) Plan ahead with a comprehensive relapse prevention plan, and 3) Identify action steps and self-compassionate self-talk in advance. Recovery is poss...


How to Find the Time and Space to Disconnect with Care and Grace

Last week we discussed the topic of phones interrupting our lives. In this week's article, it details about a specific app called, "BRB", that can be downloaded and allows you to disconnect for a few moments and engage intentionally in your surroundings. Read more here: http://ow.ly/rEEy50xzTaP

gottman.com In the last couple of weeks on The Gottman Relationship Blog, we’ve been talking about healthy approaches to relationships in the Digital Age.


How to master intuitive eating during the toughest time of the year

Throughout one of the busiest seasons of the year, maintaining recovery may be difficult. In order to stay on track and not become too overwhelmed, one could practice intuitive eating. This ensures that you listen to your body and simply do what makes you feel good. Read more about mastering intuitive eating here: http://ow.ly/KNVU50xzToV

inverse.com Here's your guide to avoiding holiday shame cycles.


Invest in Your Relationship: The Emotional Bank Account

One thing we should consider this holiday season is to be investing this season. By investing, we mean invest in your relationship! The stress of the holiday craziness can take a toll on your relationship. You want to invest and build your emotional bank account with your relationship. Taking the time to understand more and strengthen it can make all the difference. Read more here: http://ow.ly/uMBF50xtLdw

gottman.com Couples who remained married turned toward their partner’s bids for emotional connection 86% of the time in the lab, while those who divorced averaged 33%. The difference between happy and unhappy couples is how they manage their Emotional Bank Account.


Why You Should Put Your Phone Away

Okay I'm going to say it, the one thing that is SO hard for us to acknowledge: we cannot put out phones down! This is a hard thing to change! Sometimes, if we're lucky, we won't think about it during family dinners. Other times, not likely! Here's some not so surprising news: you SHOULD put your phone down! We need to capture the moments around us and be more present. Want to know more as to why? Read this blog: https://www.gottman.com/blog/put-your-phone-away-enjoy-unstructured-moments/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=MM_297_Enjoy_The_Show

gottman.com I don’t want to photograph my kid’s childhood instead of really seeing my child. I don’t want to be thinking about how this will look on Instagram when I should be thinking, “I’m so glad I get to be here.” I need to be present in those moments, and so does my family.


4 Negative Behaviors That May Be Making You Sick

Negative thoughts are the easiest way to tear yourself down. We are all guilty of negative thoughts arising in our head each day. Although it is not easy to avoid these thoughts, it is doable. Learn about these four negative behaviors and how to acknowledge them: http://ow.ly/gale50xo9qJ

gottman.com Research finds that being in an unhappy marriage can increase your chances of getting sick.

If you're into improving your romantic relationship or want to have a healthy one in the future, may we introduce to you our new podcast Better Wife Better Life? Check us out on iTunes! We hope to serve our audience with lots of helpful #relationship, #marriage and #dating tid bits every week. Link in bio. http://ow.ly/Jbuo50xuReK


Black and White Thinking in Eating Disorder Recovery

A difficult type of thinking that can arise throughout recovery is black and white thinking. It is hard to think in a way that is different than all good or all bad, but there are tips to prevent this type of thinking and re-evalute your thoughts as well. Read more here: http://ow.ly/BfcL50xo9nD

theeatingdisordercenter.com By Courtney Levy Daniels, LMHC

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