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With hundreds of travel clinics in North America, Passport Health is your one-stop shop to get travel immunizations, travel medicine, yellow fever vaccinations, typhoid vaccinations, travel health advice and passport and visa expediting services before your international journey. Certified Yellow Fever Vaccine Provider, Passport and Visa Expediting Services, Travel Vaccination & Consultation

Greece to restart tourism from 15 June

Is Greece your first destination after COVID-19? Greece's Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has unveiled plans for tourism to reopen across the country.

Madagascar: A Cornucopia of Beauty

Join in a visual tour of a mystical and tropical paradise. Join us for a visual tour of the island nation of Madagascar, about 90 percent of whose flora and fauna is found nowhere else on Earth.

Malaria 'completely stopped' by microbe

The enormous potential a microbe has to stop Malaria. Scientists say the microbe - found in the wild near Lake Victoria - has enormous potential.

Mt Etna: The most active volcano on Earth

Learn about the fascinating, most active volcano on Earth! Mt Etna looms large over daily life in Sicily. And for the people here, living in its shadow is a complex and emotional undertaking.

How the fight against polio was won

We won against

When a mysterious and deadly virus swept America beginning in the early 20th century, scientists succeeded in developing a vaccine, a triumph that researchers are working to replicate in our battle today against COVID-19

10 of the best novels set in Italy – that will take you there

Take a journey around Italy through literature. Elena Ferrante’s Naples, Umberto Eco’s medieval mysteries, EM Forster’s Tuscany … Italy comes alive through these great books

When Public Figures Make Questionable Health Claims, Do People Listen?

How do we react when officials talk health...take it in or question? President Trump is one of many leaders and entrepreneurs, past and present, who have put forth untested and even potentially dangerous proposals during a health crisis.

Disease Has Never Been Just Disease for Native Americans

How a disease is different for Native Americans. Native communities’ vulnerability to epidemics is not a historical accident, but a direct result of oppressive policies and ongoing colonialism.

How Medieval People Tried to Dance Away the Plague

Dance the pain away! It was a warm June day in 1374 in the medieval town of Aix-Ia-Chapelle, present-day Aachen, Germany, when the dancing started. It was the holy feast of St. John the Baptist, which aligns with the pagan celebration of Midsummer during the summer solstice. Traditionally, St. John’s Day was a day of ...

Malaria could be about to make a comeback - and the coronavirus is to blame

Could we be looking at a Malaria comeback caused by COVID-19? COVID-19 disruption to anti-malaria programmes could cause deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa from malaria to double, warns the WHO.

How well do you know the flags of the world? Take our quiz

Test your flag knowledge! Will you be a standard-bearer or struggling down at half-mast? Test your knowledge of weird and wonderful flag facts

What Is WHO And What Does It Do?

Learn more about the organization we've been hearing so much about. The organization at the eye of the coronavirus pandemic is taking heat from U.S. critics. Here's a look at its history, its mission and its role in the current crisis.

Bali’s day of quiet reflection

How Bali is slowing down and switching off just for a day. Can the rest of the world learn something from Bali, Indonesia, where slowing down and switching off is already mandated by law – if only for a day?

Cities Could Turn Public Spaces Into Al Fresco Restaurants to Prevent Coronavirus Spread After Reopening

Is this the answer to eating out in a post COVID-19 world? Lithuania's capital is opening streets and other public spaces for restaurant seating and New York City might consider a similar approach.

Puerto Rico Is Putting on Live Tours so You Can Take an At-home Vacation

Want to visit Puerto Rico? Now's your chance! Jorge Montalvo, from Patria Tours, will host a series of three live guided tours of Puerto Rico during National Travel and Tourism Week, May 3 - 9, helping people feel like they’re really there too.

Fast and lethal, the Black Death spread more than a mile per day

Pandemics have been happening for centuries. How did the Black Death affect Europe? Roughly one out of three people died as this medieval plague quickly traveled along European trade routes, devastating communities along the way.

My kayak trip to the world's most remote guesthouse … in Papua New Guinea

See an amazing journey not many will ever see. Smith was persuaded that if he built a homestay, tourists would visit his island. Twelve years later and Kevin Rushby is first to sign the guestbook

These are the countries gradually lifting COVID-19 lockdowns

What countries are slowly returning to normal life? Some countries have begun to cautiously ease lockdown restrictions as they report a drop in new confirmed COVID-19 cases.

How to Reserve a Hotel Room in a Pandemic

In changing times, how do we go back to simple travel tasks? If you’re booking a room in late spring or early summer in hopes that travel restrictions will be lifted, pay attention to the fine print and book closer to your travel date.

People Are Recreating Travel Photos at Home With Hilarious Results

How does it look when you recreate travel at home? Well...take a look and see! People around the world are recreating their favorite travel photos at home while stuck in quarantine. Here are some of the best.

One Vaccination, Under God: When George Washington Kept a Smallpox Epidemic From Costing Him the American Revolution

How the president protected his army during a time of chaos. Smallpox vaccination was banned in America during the Revolutionary War, but George Washington was determined to protect his army no matter what.

Lockdown learning: 10 great ways to be ready for your next holiday

Get prepared for the trip you've been dreaming of! Discover online courses in languages, cookery and photography (even scuba and sailing) as you prepare for a future adventure

Adding A Nylon Stocking Layer Could Boost Protection From Cloth Masks, Study Finds

There are many ways to make your mask more below to find out more! Scientists who tested a variety of cloth face masks found that a nylon overlay significantly boosted how well they work. Researchers not involved in the study praised the finding.

How Do You Do Contact Tracing? Poor Countries Have Plenty Of Advice

Learn how countries are tracing who has came in contact with those infected. As parts of the U.S. aim to move out of lockdown, a key tool to contain coronavirus cases will be contact tracing. It's something health workers in low-income countries have lots of experience with.

Five-thousand-year-old Egyptian tomb opens for virtual tour

No travel doesn't mean no tours! Egypt’s classical wonders are off limits but a royal tomb is one of four sites where 3D modelling gives us a fascinating glimpse of antiquity

The loneliest road trip: I drove across the country during coronavirus. Here's what I saw.

What one saw during a solo trip across the country that was shutting down. My stepfather died unexpectedly. Then coronavirus hit. Cramped in a studio apartment amid the quarantine, I felt marooned. So I decided to drive home.

Smallpox – the only infectious disease we've ever eradicated

How did we get rid of smallpox? Smallpox is the only infectious disease that’s been successfully eradicated. It was eradicated by a collaborative global vaccination programme led by the World Health Organization.

Experimental Chikungunya Vaccine is Safe and Well-Tolerated in Early Trial

Early Chikungunya vaccine trials go well! Chikungunya, a mosquito-borne disease, has no treatment beyond supportive care, and no vaccine. An experimental chikungunya vaccine has been shown to be both safe and confer durable immune responses in healthy volunteers, researchers report in a paper published this week in The Journal of the Americ...

WHO Sets 6 Conditions For Ending A Coronavirus Lockdown

WHO has set conditions for the end of lockdown. The easing of shutdowns is a hot topic, as economic output is now stalled in many countries – including the U.S. But ending a shutdown too soon could backfire, the World Health Organization says.

65 Years After Massive Polio Vaccine Trials, We’ve Come A Long Way

We've come a long way...what have we learned from the outbreaks before us? 65 years later, medical researchers are racing to develop a vaccine for the 2019 novel coronavirus.

Will sports fans need a health passport after the pandemic has passed?

Will this change how we view sports? A British cybersecurity company is pitching a passport app that tracks tests and vaccinations, allowing a fan with a negative test to purchase an even...

Keep Your Kids Entertained from 9 to 5 with Our Virtual Travel Itinerary

A day full of travel-inspired fun for the whole family! It's guaranteed to keep little ones busy and adults entertained, too.

San Francisco's 1918 Spanish flu debacle: a crucial lesson for the coronavirus era

A glimpse into San Francisco's 1918 Spanish flu debacle. The Spanish flu of 1918 carries an important message for the Bay Area in the coronavirus era. San Francisco celebrated the end of the Spanish flu in 1918, throwing masks in the street when the threat was far from over.

Opinion | The Dangerous History of Immunoprivilege

How immunity affects the treatment of others. We’ve seen what happens when people with immunity to a deadly disease are given special treatment. It isn’t pretty.

Coronavirus: What is herd immunity and what does it mean for COVID-19?

Learn what experts are saying about herd immunity as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. What is herd immunity and what does it mean for this novel coronavirus? Here's what experts say.

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42882 Truro Parish Drive Suite 206
Ashburn, VA
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Loudoun Walk In Medical Center Loudoun Walk In Medical Center
44320 Premier Plz., Ste 120
Ashburn, 20147

Allergies ,Sprains/simple, fractures Minor burns ,Bumps and bruises, Colds and flu ,Cuts and minor lacerations ,Urinary tract infections, STD evaluation an

Dr Michael J Bermel Optometrist and Associates - Ashburn, Virginia Dr Michael J Bermel Optometrist and Associates - Ashburn, Virginia
43330 Junction Plz, Ste 120
Ashburn, 20147

We are a longstanding optometry practice in the Northern Virginia area with four locations. We offer un-surpassed technologies to our patients.

Ashburn Pain Management & Wellness Center Ashburn Pain Management & Wellness Center
20955 Professional Plaza Suite 320
Ashburn, 20147

Dr. Tara Urschel, DC is a chiropractor treating patients in the Ashburn, VA and surrounding areas.

Renew Health and Wellness Ashburn Renew Health and Wellness Ashburn
20925 Professional Plaza, Suite 340
Ashburn, 20147

We specialize in helping women control the effects of menopause and in helping men combat the effects of aging.

Insight Into Action Therapy Insight Into Action Therapy
44340 Premier Plz, Ste 230
Ashburn, 20147

Insight Into Action Therapy is an outpatient practice providing Mental Health, Addictive Behaviors Therapy, Couples, Play Therapy including Psychological Evaluations and Medication Monitoring for individuals, couples and families.

Assisting Hands-Serving Loudoun County Assisting Hands-Serving Loudoun County
20130 Lakeview Center Plaza, #412
Ashburn, 20147

Our mission is to offer our clients the very finest personalized non-medical care, allowing them to live safely and comfortably in their own homes.

Healthy Kids Pediatric Center Healthy Kids Pediatric Center
44365 Premier Plaza Suite 220
Ashburn, 20147

NOVA Hand Therapy Center NOVA Hand Therapy Center
20925 Professional Plz, Ste 300
Ashburn, 20147

NOVA Hand Therapy Center offers highly skilled treatment by Certified Hand Therapists who are proficient in the treatment of upper extremity pathologies.

Medicap Pharmacy, Ashburn VA Medicap Pharmacy, Ashburn VA
44081 Pipeline Plz, Ste 210
Ashburn, 20147

Medicap Pharmacy in Ashburn Virginia is a family owned independent pharmacy that specializes in compounded medications, nutritionals and homeopathy.

AID Performance Physical Therapy, LLC AID Performance Physical Therapy, LLC
20925 Professional Plaza, Suite 110
Ashburn, 20147

We help active people of all ages who are injured & help them return to their active lifestyles faster, without the use of pain meds, injections or surgery.

Medical Learning Center - Ashburn Medical Learning Center - Ashburn
20609 Gordon Park Sq
Ashburn, 20147

The Medical Learning Center is a local leader in healthcare education with over 15 years of service to the Loudoun County Community.

Lifetime Vision and Contacts Lifetime Vision and Contacts
44345 Premier Plz, Ste 100
Ashburn, 20147

LIFETIME VISION & CONTACTS, Suite 100, 44345 Premier Plaza Ashburn, VA 20147-5054, Ashburn Eye Doctor, Ashburn Optometrist. Ashburn Eye Care, Ashburn, Contact Lenses, Ashburn Eyeglasses, Ashburn Eye Disease, Ashburn Frames