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Dengue cases in the Americas have reached an all-time high

It's already a record-breaking year for dengue in the Americas, setting a new high for cases of the virus. There have been more dengue cases in the Americas this year than ever before, according to the Pan American Health Organization.

Drug Resistant Typhoid Could Become More Common | Passport Health

After misusing typhoid antibiotics for years, drug resistant strains of the disease are becoming much more common worldwide. After strains of antibiotic resistant typhoid spread in Pakistan and India years ago, the disease has only reached more places. By relying too much on the drugs to fight typhoid, many other countries…

Over 1,000 Patients Possibly Exposed to HIV After Hospital's Sanitation Mistake

A sanitizing error left over 1,000 patients in an Indiana hospital exposed to HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Over 1,000 patients at an Indiana hospital may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C after an error in a sanitizing procedure, according to recent news reports.

HIV Drug May Help Fight Zika Infections | Passport Health

In early studies, a drug for HIV has been able to fight the effects of the Zika virus. Still looking for any new method to fight Zika, researchers may have found a breakthrough with an HIV drug. In early studies, rilpivirne has shown the ability to slow down the deadly effects of Zika…

Doctors use deactivated HIV virus to 'cure' rare 'bubble boy' disease

With help from the HIV virus, doctors were able to cure a 'bubble boy' disease. Doctors at St. Jude accepted an award from the Smithsonian this week for finding a potential cure for severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), or "bubble boy" disease.

Measles Can Make Body Forget Past Antibodies | Passport Health

How can a measles infection make the human body forget how to fight other diseases? For years, we've known about both the many dangers of measles. The virus can be deadly shortly after the infection starts, also leading to life-threatening problems later in life. One new long-term…

Virus Outbreak Shuts Down 46 Colorado Schools, Is It Norovirus?

Almost 50 Colorado schools have closed their doors for the week due to a virus outbreak. When the virus may be norovirus, you can’t just ignore-a-virus.

Officials to Sterilize Mosquitoes to Slow Diseases | Passport Health

Scientists will try to sterilize mosquitoes in a new technique to slow down the spread of diseases. Still without a vaccine for many mosquito-borne diseases, scientists are trying a new method to slow the viruses: sterilizing mosquitoes. Sterile Insect Technique has already been used for decades on…

Saudi Arabia’s First Tourist Visas Now Available | Passport Health

In their first month ever offering tourist visas, Saudi Arabia received almost 80,000 visa applications. Saudi Arabia announced this year that they would start allowing tourist visas to foreign travelers. Visitors from 50 countries can now visit the Middle Eastern country without religious or business…

When Countries Get Wealthier, Kids Can Lose Out On Vaccines

As poorer countries get wealthier and closer to middle-income, their citizens get less of the essential vaccines. Childhood vaccines are often subsidized in the poorest countries. But not for those moving up the wealth ladder.

Ebola Outbreak Still an Emergency in the DRC | Passport Health

Ebola is still considered an emergency in the DRC, but lower weekly cases and a vaccine close to approval has created hope to end the outbreak. The DRC's Ebola virus outbreak has lasted for months, but the number of weekly cases have finally started to drop. But despite some success, the Ebola outbreak is still an emergency in the DRC.…

Michigan Farmer Becomes Sixth Person in the State to Die After Contracting Mosquito-Borne EEE Virus

The risk of EEE hasn't gone away with the arrival of cold weather, as a sixth person in Michigan has died from the virus. Michigan Farmer Dies from Mosquito-Borne EEE Virus

Outbreak Worries After Three Plague Cases in China | Passport Health

After three people were recently diagnosed with the plague in China, many are now worried about further cases or a possible outbreak. Multiple confirmed cases of the plague in China have many scared about more cases of the virus. Two people were diagnosed with pneumonic plague recently, while a third Mongolian man was confirmed…

Samoa Closes Schools as Measles Epidemic Kills at Least 6

Over 700 people in Samoa have been infected with measles, causing officials to declare a state of emergency. “This is very much out of control,” a vaccine expert said, as the Pacific island country barred children from public gatherings and declared mandatory immunizations.

China Reports 2 Cases Of The Most Dangerous Type Of Plague

Two patients in China were confirmed to have the most dangerous form of the plague. Authorities have censored Chinese-language news of the hospitalization of a couple who traveled from Mongolia to Beijing for treatment, perhaps to tamp down fears.

Should You Work From Home While Sick? | Passport Health

When sick with the flu or a cold, why do many employees work from home or even come into the office? Many employees around the world don't have a choice when they get sick. Workers will fight through a cold or flu to get into the office or even work from home. But, should those be the options for…

Zero new confirmed cholera cases in Haiti for nine months: UN envoy

After an epidemic that's lasted for nearly a decade, Haiti has now gone 9 months without a new cholera case. Although Haiti is in the “homestretch” of defeating a cholera outbreak first declared nine years ago, the battle is far from over before the country is free of the deadly disease.

Hepatitis A Cases Rise Throughout New Jersey | Passport Health

After only 66 cases at this point last year, New Jersey has already confirmed over 500 cases of hepatitis A in 2019. Much like other parts of the United States, New Jersey is seeing a dangerous number of hepatitis A cases. The state has already confirmed over 500 cases of hepatitis A this year, a significant…

How a virus might protect against skin cancer

Scientists may have found another tool to help fight skin cancer with HPV. A recent study investigating the role of papillomaviruses in skin cancer produces surprising results. These viruses may, in fact, protect against cancer.

Louisiana, Puerto Rico See Early Spike in Flu | Passport Health

The flu season is off to a quick and alarming start in Louisiana and Puerto Rico. The flu season usually takes a few months before regions start seeing dangerous numbers, but Louisiana and Puerto Rico are seeing high numbers early. The CDC confirms over 600 cases of the flu and…

New TB Vaccine Could Save Millions of Lives, Study Suggests

An experimental tuberculosis vaccine has shown improvement, possibly preventing millions of new cases. There are 10 million new cases each year of tuberculosis, now the leading infectious cause of death worldwide. Even a partly effective vaccine could help turn the tide.

Ebola vaccine approved in Europe, in landmark moment for global health

After years of outbreaks and research, we finally have the first approved Ebola vaccine. The European Commission granted marketing authorization to Merck’s vaccine, giving the world for the first time an approved vaccine against Ebola.

First New HIV Strain in 19 Years Identified

Researchers found the first new strain of HIV in nearly 20 years. The surveillance of viral changes persists to keep the blood supply safe

Over 7 Million Malaria Cases in Burundi Outbreak | Passport Health

Burundi's malaria outbreak has already caused over 7 million cases of malaria and nearly 3,000 deaths. The year may not be over yet, but Burundi has already dealt with an alarming number of malaria cases and deaths. An outbreak of the mosquito-borne virus has caused over 7 million infections…

Takeda's dengue vaccine appears effective, but the story is nuanced

A new dengue vaccine shows promise, but still has to clear a few hurdles before it can be widely used. A key hurdle Takeda must clear is to demonstrate that its own vaccine is not hindered by an issue that has clouded Sanofi’s Dengvaxia vaccine.

Influenza Isn’t the Only Seasonal Disease | Passport Health

Seasonal diseases go beyond the flu. Which other illnesses come and go depending on the time of the year? Many people plan for the flu season, getting a flu shot and practicing better hygiene to stay virus-free during those months. But, like the flu, many diseases pose a much higher risk depending on…

CDC: Childhood Trauma Is A Public Health Issue And We Can Do More To Prevent It

Preventing negative experiences as a child could help reduce the risk of chronic disease as an adult. What happens to you in childhood can affect your health for a lifetime. New data show a link between childhood trauma and disease later in life. Prevention is critical, public health experts say.

Why Does Your Arm Hurt After You Get a Flu Shot?

What makes your arm so sore after receiving a flu shot? If you’ve ever received a flu shot, you may have noticed that your upper arm is sore for a day or two afterward. Here’s why.

This Congolese Doctor Discovered Ebola But Never Got Credit For It — Until Now

He may not credit for the discovery, but which doctor started off Ebola virus research over 40 years ago? Dr. Jean-Jacques Muyembe first confronted a mysterious, bloody disease in 1976. But credit for the discovery went to Belgian researchers.

Disease Expert Breaks Down Pandemic Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

Do movies get it right when depicting disease outbreaks and epidemics?

Brian Amman, ecologist for the Centers for Disease Control, takes a look at disastrous pandemics from a variety of television shows and movies and breaks dow...

Spain Declares an End to Listeria Outbreak | Passport Health

After peaking at the height of tourist season, Spain declares an end the country's worst listeria outbreak. As many travelers trekked to Spain for the great weather, sites and food, the country was trying to slow an ongoing health risk. A listeria outbreak in Spain caused over 200 confirmed cases, 3 deaths…

Second Ebola vaccine to be used soon in DRC outbreak

Experts will soon try using a second Ebola vaccine to fight the DRC's ongoing outbreak. The company developing the experimental product, Johnson & Johnson, said it is donating enough of the product to vaccinate up to 500,000 people.

Each City Experiences Flu Season Differently | Passport Health

How does the flu season change between different cities and towns? Big city or small town, across the country people are trying to avoid getting sick during the flu season. But, that doesn't mean the virus spreads the same way in urban and rural areas. Large and…

The Most Terrifying Places on Earth

We are one day away from Halloween, but what are the most terrifying places in the world that you can visit year round? From hell-themed amusement parks to islands covered with snakes, these are some of the scariest spots in the world—visit them if you dare.

New Discovery Could Lead To Universal Flu Vaccine | The Weather Channel

A new discovery from scientists have reignited hopes for a universal vaccine to prevent the flu. Scientists are one step closer to a one-size-fits-all flu vaccine.

Lab Tech Accidentally Injects Herself with Smallpox-Related Virus

Doctors were able to use a drug to fight smallpox for the first time after a lab tech in San Diego accidentally injected herself with a similar virus. The infection caused the tip of the woman's finger to swell and turn black.

Five Items to Help Stay Flu Free at the Office | Passport Health

Which items can help office workers stay healthy and flu free in the coming months? During the flu season, there are few places that create a higher risk for the virus than the office. Luckily, office workers have some tools that they can use to fight off the virus while at work.…

Tuberculosis treatment improves with text-based behavioral nudges - STAT

Because many infected people skip out on treatments, the rise in tuberculosis cases me be a fixable problem. Daily texts to people with tuberculosis asking them to verify they have taken their medications increases the number who complete their treatment.

Japan Imports Ebola, Other Viruses Before Olympics | Passport Health

Why did Japan import dangerous illnesses like Ebola, Lassa fever and Marburg virus for the 2020 Olympics? With less than a year until the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan has imported Ebola and other similar viruses for preparation. Officials are looking to research Ebola virus, Lassa fever and Marburg…

'Milestone' in polio eradication achieved

Achieving one more milestone against the virus, the world has eradicated the second of 3 polio types. The last case of a key form of polio was seen four years ago - but another is still circulating.

Can I Get the Flu from the Flu Shot? | Passport Health

Many people avoid getting the flu shot out of worries that it will give them the virus, but some details in the vaccine remove those risks. Even in the midst of a new flu season, many worry that receiving the flu shot could get them sick with the virus. But, there is actually no chance that the flu vaccine can give a person the virus.…

Get Your Flu Shot Now, Doctors Advise, Especially If You're Pregnant

Doctors advise higher-risk groups like pregnant women and the elderly to get the flu shot now before the season kicks into high gear. Pregnant women and people with chronic health conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease are particularly vulnerable to flu complications yet lag the elderly in getting vaccinated.

Non-Communicable Diseases on the Rise in Africa | Passport Health

Cancer, heart disease and diabetes are among the non-communicable diseases rising at a dangerous rate in Africa. Diseases like malaria, HIV and cholera remain a deadly risk throughout Africa. But, in the last two decades, non-communicable diseases have also risen across the continent. Diseases like diabetes,…

What Causes a Mysterious Paralysis in Children? Researchers Find Viral Clues

A group of common viruses may be the key behind the polio-like illness that's currently affecting many children. In one study, nearly 70 percent of children with the disease had antibodies to common enteroviruses that usually produce mild effects but can sometimes cause neurological problems.

VIDEO: See A Controversial Swarm Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes In A Lab In Italy

We now have the first video of genetically-modified mosquitoes made to stop the spread of malaria. NPR was the only news organization allowed into the lab to witness the moment the releases began this year. The goal is to create a powerful new weapon in the fight against malaria.

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