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Just a friendly reminder that depression doesn't always look like "depression".⁣

Check on your "happy" friends.⁣

And if you are feeling depressed, please no you don't have to do it alone. Reach out to your friends or loved ones. ⁣

Or call the Su***de Hotline at 9-8-8. ⁣

Your life is important too. ⁣

***de ***deprevention ***dehotline ***deawareness


Our nervous system has a huge impact on our mental and physical health. ⁣

One our system is dysregulated, we may suffer from increased stress, anxiety and depression. It may also cause our immune system to suffer, an increase in chronic pain, muscle tension, appetite and sleep issues, and so on. ⁣

While there are many ways to begin regulating our nervous system, one of the first steps is to re-evaluate and limit others access to you. ⁣

If you struggle with setting boundaries for yourself ⁣and want help in finding and protecting your peace, our new community Finding Peace may be right for you! ⁣

Use the link in the bio to learn more and the code Peace2023! to get 50% off your first month! ⁣



There is a difference between being desired and being valued. ⁣

Desire is a longing or craving to attain something or someone. It is driven by impulse and superficial wants. ⁣

To be valued, is to be seen. ⁣

It is to be appreciated for who you are as a human, ⁣
not a physical body. ⁣

While it feels temporarily satisfying to be wanted and desired, it often leaves us feeling empty after, when what we truly deserve is to feel valued. ⁣

Seek out people who also value you, not just desire you.⁣

Share with someone who needs to know they deserve to be valued too. ⁣


Once you’ve expressed your feelings, wants and needs in regards to someone’s actions, there isn’t an excuse for that behavior twice. ⁣

At that point, they are choosing to behave in ways they know will upset you. ⁣

You deserve people in your life that will go out of their way not to hurt you, rather than people who are more consumed with their own wants to consider your feelings. ⁣

Stay away from people who choose to hurt you. ⁣

Tag or share with someone who may need the reminder ❤️⁣


Boundaries aren't intended to push others away, they are set in order to protect ourselves as individuals from abandoning our own wants and needs. ⁣

When individuals struggle with setting boundaries themselves, they may perceive another's boundaries as a rejection or a personal attack. ⁣

For example, those that struggle with saying no and taking time to themselves when needed, may not understand another individual's request for space. Furthermore, they may assume it has something to do with them, rather that the individual may just be burned out and re-energizes themselves through alone time. ⁣

If you perceive an individual's boundary in a personal way and become defensive, the individual is most likely going to respond by setting an even firmer boundary. ⁣

At this point, what was intended to be a simple boundary to help protect their best interest and to strengthen your relationship, may have now pushed you even further apart. ⁣

If you can look at boundaries as a tool in your relationships, rather than a means of destruction, you can save yourself unnecessary distress and allow your relationships the opportunity to grow. ⁣

Do you struggle with accepting boundaries from loved ones?⁣


You should never have to sacrifice yourself for another. ⁣

You can give to another, support them and love them, without abandoning who you are or sacrificing your own needs. ⁣

Anyone that makes you feel otherwise, might not be someone who has your best interest at heart. ⁣

Leave 👏👏👏below if you agree! ⁣


Just a reminder to stay away from people who make you question your worth. ⁣

Tag or share with someone who may also need the reminder today!⁣


Your energy is an investment. ⁣

The people, habits, places, activities you give your time to can return your investment by energizing, motivating, relaxing you. Or they can drain you. ⁣

When you spend time in activities that benefit your health and your peace, you are making a wise investment with your energy and time. ⁣

On the other hand when you spend time engaged in activities and people that disrupt your peace or increase your stress or anxiety, you're only doing yourself a disservice. ⁣

Be mindful of how you spend your energy. ⁣

Tag someone who may need the reminder. ⁣


I’m going to shoot it to you straight. Healing is really damn hard and lonely at times. ⁣

When you start to heal and learn to listen to your body, you begin to notice that your life may be full of people, places and behaviors that disrupt your peace. ⁣

You have to decide what you’re willing to let go of and what is worth your peace. ⁣

At this point in my life, I’ll choose peace as often as I can. ⁣

Leave ❤️❤️❤️ below if you’re in a season of letting go. ⁣


Just because you know what’s best for you, doesn’t mean you’re ready to DO what is best for you. ⁣

Knowing and doing are two entirely different things. We can know, but still not be mentally prepared to take action. ⁣


Stop beating yourself up for knowing better, but not being ready to choose better yet. ⁣

Give yourself grace for where you are at. ⁣

The rest will come in its own time. ⁣

Tag or share with someone who may need to treat themselves with a little more compassion today ❤️⁣


It isn’t your job to save them, nor could you if you tried. ⁣

We can only save ourselves. ⁣

We can support and love others. ⁣

But when we try to fight their fight for them, we risk losing ourselves and creating our own demons. ⁣

Remember to set boundaries with those you love and to love them from a distance when needed. ⁣

Leave 🤍🤍🤍 below if this resonated with you. ⁣


If healing was easy, the world would be a much more peaceful place. ⁣

You owe it to yourself to fight through the pain. ⁣

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After my divorce I developed an unhelpful belief that I couldn’t rely on or trust others. It was something I hold onto strongly for years following. ⁣⁣
I thought that if I was hyper-independent, if I could take care of everything myself, if I didn’t need others, then I could protect myself and avoid being hurt. ⁣⁣
What I found out, in having this mindset, was that I was actually harming myself more by not allowing myself intimacy and connection. ⁣⁣
I wouldn’t let others in and on the rare occasion I did, I made it clear I didn’t need them. While it isn’t necessarily healthy to “need” someone, our partners want to feel that their presence in our life adds value and they want to feel helpful. When we don’t allow them the space to do so, it creates insecurities within the relationship and stunts the depth in which our relationships can go. ⁣⁣
Not to forget to mention, it isn’t healthy to close ourselves off from asking for help and accepting help, when we need it. ⁣

In order to have healthy relationships with others, we have to be able to release some of the control and allow them the space to feel like an integral part in our life.⁣⁣
You do yourself no good by cutting yourself off to others. ⁣⁣
Leave 👏👏👏 below if this resonated with you. ⁣⁣


As a recovering people pleaser, one thing I still struggle with is overbooking myself. ⁣

And recently, I did just that. In a way I couldn’t fix.

My natural and automatic response was to be harsh with myself. To be unforgiving and hateful. ⁣

But I’ve learned over the years that does no good and usually makes things worse by further reinforcing negative beliefs we hold about ourselves. ⁣

We learn and we grow when we give ourselves the space to mess up in the first place. ⁣

And it is by showing ourselves grace that we are able to pick ourselves up and try again. ⁣

So next time you want to beat yourself up for being human, stop and show yourself a little grace.⁣

Leave ❤️❤️❤️ below if you needed the reminder to go easy on yourself. ⁣


Just a friendly reminder that you won't find what you're looking for if you keep looking in the wrong place. ⁣

Double tap if you also feel a little attacked ⁣😅


I’ve spent so much of my life forcing things out of fear of upsetting others. Compromising my own wants, needs and comfort to avoid conflict or the discomfort of others. ⁣

Even when I felt in my soul that it wasn’t right, I chose to ignore my intuition and continue down roads I no longer felt fulfilled on or felt I belonged on. ⁣

I realize now how much those people pleasing behaviors have held me back and disrupted my peace. They kept me stuck for so long and from coming fully into myself. ⁣

We can’t become who we’re meant to be by forcing relationships, jobs, situations, habits that don’t feel right. ⁣

Your responsibility is to yourself and yourself alone. If something doesn’t sit well with your soul, it’s probably for a reason. ⁣

Stop forcing things that don’t feel right.⁣

Tag or share with someone who needs the reminder ❤️⁣


When we show up, unapologetically, as ourselves, there will always be individuals we are too much for, because they still aren't enough for themselves. ⁣

When individuals aren't able to show up authentically and fully as themselves, out of their own fear and insecurities, it makes them uncomfortable and jealous to see others show up, seemingly so effortless, as their full selves. ⁣

It isn't personal, it doesn't mean you are too much, it doesn't mean you need to water yourself down. ⁣

It just means that is an individual unable to see you in your fullness, because you mirror back to them their own inability to show up in theirs. ⁣

Don't allow someone's discomfort in your presence to make you water yourself down. ⁣

Keep showing up authentically, allow them the opportunity to learn from their discomfort, and allow yourself to find those that think you are just enough. ⁣

Leave 🤍🤍🤍 below if you needed the reminder today!⁣


If you didn't already know, I hate to break it to you, but life is hard and it will always be hard. ⁣

But as we grow and heal, we become less tolerant and more aware of the conflict and hardships that aren't worth our energy. ⁣

And we learn that we have a choice in what we do and do not allow to control our emotions. ⁣

Be mindful of where you give your energy and time, that way when life throws you a curveball, you have the space to process and heal as needed. ⁣

Share with someone who may need the reminder!⁣


A difficult part of my self-love process and coming to accept my relationship status (single as single gets) over the years, has been unlearning irrational beliefs in regards to my value and success as an individual. ⁣

I struggled at first to separate my relationship and parental status from my value, because I had been taught that I needed to be a wife and a mother in order to be valuable and purposeful. ⁣

But once I did, I found myself in this nothingness. ⁣
An in-between where I didn't know where to find my success and purpose. As I began to unpack and explore what success meant to me and achieve my new vision of so, I then found myself uncomfortable celebrating that success. ⁣

It wasn't what I typically new and saw as success. ⁣
It felt silly to announce my achievements, because it didn't seem as important or as big as an engagement or pregnancy. ⁣

F**K THAT. ⁣

What if that isn't what you want for your life? ⁣
Or what if you aren't there yet? ⁣

The hard work, the energy, the effort, the goals and dreams you have fought so hard for, are just as important and as worthy of pride and celebration as anyone else's goals and dreams. ⁣

Just because they don't look the same, doesn't mean you don't deserve to feel immense pride for them. ⁣

Tell the world, celebrate your success, no matter how small or big. Tell your friends you're proud of them and excited for them, not just when they are getting married or pregnant. ⁣

What is one thing you are proud of yourself for? Tag or share with someone who may need the reminder!⁣

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