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Harmonic Speech Therapy


Hello everyone,
I wanted to announce that Tallulah will be a special guest on the midweek Trans Refuge (https://transrefuge.org) Zoom call tomorrow, August 18th at 7:45 PM CDT. She will be discussing the different variables of your voice, do some basic vocal exercises and there will be time for Q&A to pick her brain with any questions you have about training your voice to match your identified gender.

I look forwarding to seeing you there!

Zoom Link:
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“We can be heroes for just one day: Surviving Pride”

Pride is great. We as a community fought in the streets and the great halls to celebrate. It’s great to come out and be who we are but what about the rest of the year. This meeting focuses on a very simple idea, community and fraternity. We’ll talk about how we are heroes in our daily lives. The meeting will focus on simple ideas: friendship, community, and fraternity. Without these pillars as a community pride is meaningless, lost in corporate sponsorships. There will be a very special after meeting where we will pair up and exchange email addresses so we can be connected outside of meetings. I’ll tell you my story and why I say it’s important to do so. Tequila is hard, Transition doubly and quadrupilly so.

Tuesday night 7/13 2021 only on Zooooom


Learn more about us at: https://www.transcendint.org/

Compassionate, effective speech, language, voice, social skills and cognitive therapy to maximize cl Now accepting BlueCross BlueShield of Texas!

Operating as usual


We're now licensed and accepting insurance for gender-affirming voice training in five states, Texas, Michigan, Illinois, California, and New York!

What state should we add to our pie next?


Happy Holidays

Holidays can be hard, but please remember that you are not alone. We here at Harmonic Speech love all of you, and if you need anything please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

-Tallulah, Fiona, Courtney, Madelynne, Kari, Olivia, and Zoe


Hi! I'm Zoe (they/them), a gender-voice specialized speech-language pathologist. I am a q***r, agender clinician who practices trauma-informed, neurodivergent-affirming care. I received my Bachelor's degree in linguistics from the University of Rochester and my Master's degree in speech, language, and hearing sciences from George Washington University. In my free time, I love to curl up with a good book or explore local thrift stores and garage sales. I am so excited to help you find the voice you love!




Hi! I’m Courtney (she/her), a gender-voice specialized speech-language pathologist. I’ve been helping the trans* community find singing and speaking voices they love since 2021. I incorporate my extensive musical background, professional voice, and piano training into my teaching. I empower you to find your voice--one that is true to yourself--and allow your uniqueness to shine through.


Hi! I'm Tallulah (she/they), a gender-voice specialized speech-language pathologist (SLP). I've been helping the trans* community find voices they love since 2014. I'm the founder of Harmonic Speech, where my team and I provide affirming, inclusive, effective, and efficient voice training. I also teach workshops as part of my mission to help all voice and communication specialists learn how to do this important work well.


It feels oddly surreal to need to speak up on behalf of people's right to change their legal name and gender markers, but here we are. Learning that there are 16,000 Texans who changed their gender markers in the last two years should tell politicians that the transgender community needs access to support and resources. If you're a Texan looking for help, UT Austin's law school and Rio Grande Legal Aid offer virtual name and gender marker clinics. And if you want to find a voice you can use at the courthouse that won't get you misgendered, we're happy to help.

Learn to Enjoy Holiday Treats! 12/14/2022

Learn to Enjoy Holiday Treats!


Notice your loved one didn’t enjoy holiday treats with family? Sometimes it’s more than just dislikes. For some people with sensory sensitivities, processing the taste, texture, smell, and even the look of food can make eating challenging.

Read our new blog for food desensitization tips! And if you’re looking for more guidance, set up a free phone consultation so we can help you stop letting food get in your way.

Learn to Enjoy Holiday Treats! Food desensitization can help people with sensory processing challenges tolerate the smells and tastes of the holidays


On Human Rights Day, we need to acknowledge ongoing infringements to the inalienable rights all human beings are entitled to and take steps every day to move towards a more inclusive, just world.

Our right to life is infringed upon when we can’t go to public places without fear of being shot.

Pregnant people lost their right to bodily autonomy when the Supreme Court turned back decades of precedent and allowed state-mandated pregnancy.

Excluding life-saving gender-affirming care from healthcare policies is detrimental to people just trying to live as who they are.

Intersex people continue to face institutional violence within healthcare systems.

When you have the capacity to, stand up against discrimination. Speak up for what you care about. Volunteer and donate to organizations that support human rights. Vote. Take care of yourself so we’re all here to make tomorrow better together.



After I got divorced, I opened a new bank account. I was surprised that they automatically added "Mrs." to all the paperwork. They changed it to the more accurate title of "Owner" at my request, but I shouldn't need to ask. Please don't add a title like Mr. or Mrs. unless someone tells you to use that title. Just use their name.

I also appreciate when people don't assume my partner's gender. Instead of wife or husband, try partner, parents, or relationship. I prefer girlfriend, and if the Supreme Court minds their own business, hopefully someday wife ☺️


***r ***rpride


All STD's are preventable, treatable, and most are curable. To protect yourself and those you love, know your status. There are many free, fast, and confidential places to get tested. https://gettested.cdc.gov/ is a great resource for looking up a testing site near you. Also, search for local, free condom providers in your area so you can save your money for other important things like voice coaching!


We've been so lucky this last year to partner with Little Petal Alliance to provide free gender & identity-affirming voice training. So far this year we've helped 46 of their clients find voices they love. Help support their important work this Giving Tuesday! littlepetalalliance.org/donate


We are thrilled to announce that we now accept Medicare!


Join at the The Wellness In Pride from 12 PM to 4 PM.

This event is brought to life by The Stop To***co Initiative through a partnership between Out Youth’s Transgender Wellness Program and Austin Public Health to support the + community in changing their relationship with commercial to***co and transforming their lifestyle to be healthier and become an advocate for health and wellness.

This event is for YOU if you are:

Seeking support and healthy ways to change your relationship with smoking, e-cigarette use, and other commercial to***co products.
Seeking to build community and have FUN with your peers in learning about health, wellness and prevention practices.
Seeking to energize your community’s efforts to support + youth.


Happy Bisexual Awareness week! 🏳️‍🌈


Needed a picture to demonstrate what virtual voice training was like, so Madelynne and I came up with this. It's the moment she realized she couldn't make her old voice anymore. 🍒💕


I really enjoyed teaching Inclusive Workplace Communication Practices with Fiona Barnhill at the 2022 Texas Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference today! There is so much we can do with our body language and voice to be inclusive in all of our interactions. I often hear people worried that changing their voice or communication patterns means they're being inauthentic. To me, if you prefer speaking and communicating a certain way, even if it isn't how you started out talking, that is your authentic voice. When we choose what we say with our body language and tone as well as with our words we get our whole message across exactly how we want it to be heard. Effective communication. Most important of all is bringing awareness to the unconscious biases that we all constantly make. Pay attention to what assumptions you're making when you converse with your coworkers. The more we understand our biases, the less we let them subconsciously influence us. Let's all get to the core of what we each mean, and not get stuck on how it's said. -Tallulah Breslin :)


Non-binary voices can be distinct from masculine or feminine perceived voices. Many non-binary individuals choose to speak with a unique melody pattern and mid-pitch range that de-emphasizes gender to their listeners. We provide a safe, affirming, creative space to explore gender and voice and develop new vocal techniques to express yourself authentically. Changing your voice can be important to your transition and you don't have to do it alone. We're ready to offer the guidance and tools you need to help you develop your healthy, confident voice. 💛🤍💜🖤

VEED - Intro to Dysphoria Panel 07/11/2022

VEED - Intro to Dysphoria Panel

If you're a parent or youth who has questions about gender dysphoria, you may find this video helpful:

VEED - Intro to Dysphoria Panel Make stunning videos with a single click. Cut, trim, crop, add subtitles and more. Online, no account needed. Try it now, free. VEED

Acoustic vs Conductive Resonance 06/03/2022

Acoustic vs Conductive Resonance

I just wrote up the difference between acoustic and conductive resonance, including a quick exercise at the end you can use to explore your own resonance. I hope it helps! -Tallulah https://www.harmonicspeech.com/post/voice-resonance

Acoustic vs Conductive Resonance Have you tried using forward facing resonance, head voice, chest voice, or other vague terms like speak into the mask? If you've seen a speech language pathologist for transgender voice therapy, these terms might be familiar as they're used in voice therapy. For some they're helpful, but I've found....


Current BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ identifying counseling and therapy students- Hinge is currently accepting applications for $10,000 scholarships: https://hingeadvocatesoftomorrow.com/


Today's creation: whenever one of us says I'm sorry, someone else says "You're great!" Try it today!

Adapting Clinical Practices for Neurodivergent Learners 04/28/2022

Adapting Clinical Practices for Neurodivergent Learners

Neurodivergent learners process sensory information and interact with the world differently. Neurodivergence is present in many people, and is not necessarily pathological. Modifying your teaching and communication styles to play to your client's strengths and accommodate their differences facilitates learning. Some simple steps you can take are to prepare people ahead of time for what to expect, be respectful and encouraging to build trust, and be clear and concrete with your instructions. Many people are self-aware; ask how they learn best and what supports help them. Try that out, observing and following the client's lead, and adapt as needed. Linked below is a detailed list of strategies that will help you provide accessible, inclusive, efficient, and effective services. I hope it helps! https://www.harmonicspeech.com/post/adapting-clinical-practices-for-neurodivergent-learners

Adapting Clinical Practices for Neurodivergent Learners As a behavioral voice specialist, my clients are more likely to be neurodivergent than neurotypical. These observations correlate with peer reports in our 4/4/22 Gender Voice Mastermind and decades of research. For example, in 2020 Warrier V. et al conducted a large scale study of 641,860 people tha...

Google review of Harmonic Speech Therapy by Hathakhm LaFox 04/27/2022

Google review of Harmonic Speech Therapy by Hathakhm LaFox

Aw Hath thanks for the sweet review!

"I've been working with Tallulah for several months now. I think she's one of the most kind, caring and knowledgeable professionals I have ever worked with in a therapeutic setting. She helped me develop a bunch of skills to change the gender of my voice and took my limitations and my uniqueness into account in stride. She knows her craft really well, knows how to teach it really well and adapts it to the individual in meaningful ways until it clicks for them. She's an absolute gem of a human being and I can't say enough good things about her or recommend her enough to others." -Hathakhm LaFox


Google review of Harmonic Speech Therapy by Hathakhm LaFox ★★★★★ "I've been working with Tallulah for several months now. I think she's one of the most kind, caring and knowledgeable professionals I have ever worked with in a therapeutic setting. She helped me develop a bunch of skills to change the gender of my voice and took my limitations and m...


Happy Transgender day of Visibility from all of us at Harmonic Speech!

Photos from Transgender Education Network of Texas's post 03/27/2022

Photos from Transgender Education Network of Texas's post


Any families in Texas looking for medically necessary gender affirming voice therapy for their teen? Let us know.


All of us at Harmonic Speech are strongly opposed to the politicization of essential medical care. Gov. Greg Abbott and the State of Texas' intention to identify gender affirming care for trans and gender diverse youth as "child abuse", and to investigate these cases through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, risks vulnerable children losing access to lifesaving medical care. Ample evidence supports gender affirming interventions, including social transition, change of name and pronouns, and the use of medical interventions for trans and gender diverse youth who have been properly assessed for, and diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Furthermore, evidence shows that trans and gender diverse youth have improved mental health outcomes when they have the support of their family. Data indicate that 82% of transgender individuals have considered killing themselves and 40% have attempted su***de, with suicidality highest among transgender youth. This risk is significantly lowered when there is family and community support, including access to essential medical care. Additional evidence shows that these youth experience discrimination and harm when they enter the foster system. Identifying these treatments and interventions as "child abuse" is not based on evidence and will only bring about harm and disruption to these children and their families.


"When 'I' becomes 'we,' even illness becomes wellness." -Malcolm X

Winter Storm Preparedness Kits — EMBRACE AUSTIN 02/03/2022

Winter Storm Preparedness Kits — EMBRACE AUSTIN

Hi friends! I hope you've been able to prepare for this big drop in temperature this weekend- I see snow out my window!

Out Youth, Austin Black Pride, and Embrace Austin set up some resource kits for Central Texans. You can sign up for Health & Nourishment Kits and/or Survival & Safety Kits at embraceaustin.org/winterstormkits

Remember to check on your family, neighbors and friends too!

Winter Storm Preparedness Kits — EMBRACE AUSTIN  Winter StormSurvival Kits   Embrace has partnered with OutYouth and Austin Black Pride to bring the community Winter Survival Kits to stay warm, sheltered, and safe this upcoming winter.YOU AREN’T ALONE. Two Winter Storm Preparedness Kits are currently available: Health & Nourishment Kit • A...


We hope everyone has a wonderful safe holiday with you and yours



If anyone involved with gender voice has not had the 15+ hours with 7 people we spent formulating our response, please feel free to reference our thoughts when submitting your feedback. Today is the last day to submit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R64A6tDq17ZRYIg1-zssb8I1zxmOAlJQqk6-5fQnQRA/edit

WPATH VOICE CHAPTER COMMENTS WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) recently announced a new version of their guiding document which is used by healthcare providers worldwide to determine the standards of trans health care, likely for as long as the next decade or so. WPATH released a long document wit...

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