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Based in Austin, TX, I'm a certified Life Activation Practitioner with the Modern Mystery School, in There is no time like the present to begin dreaming a new destiny for your life and to begin living it!

I’m not saying that it’s easy to do. There are challenges, fears and limitations we place upon ourselves. But the truth is much more powerful than any of those things that may try to hold us back. Being a scientist, I put myself into the box of skepticism and disbelief of anything I couldn’t measure. That box took me to a place where the only choices I had were to continue suffering due to chronic

Operating as usual


In 2016, I took Empower Thyself. This class is so packed with information and the energy is so high that I am pretty sure that I sat in class with my mouth hanging open in a wide eyed stunned look the whole time, lol.

It was quite the eye opening experience. I didn’t really believe everything I was being taught, but I could see how my life would change it for the better if I applied it. After initiation, it felt like my whole body and mind sighed in relief for the first time in my life.

Being a scientist, I like to test things, so after class I began testing the tools I had received. I used them every day for a month. My anxiety decreased, the chronic pain wasn’t as bad, my apathy decreased, I was able to get out of bed more easily, and I began to feel alive again.

I paused my experiment and didn’t use the tools and found my anxiety, apathy and a vague depression picked back up. Emotional racing thoughts began to call my attention. I got nothing done. I felt like a mess. The tools were helping me live life again and the difference became more and more noticeable over time.

Years later, I still use these tools every day. They have transformed how I see and interact with the world around me. Life has become more of an adventure, even in the hard times. I’ve watch my negative subconscious patterns and masks (the things that held me back in life) began to fall away. The pain that I previously experienced in life no longer controlled me.

Joy in life doesn’t come from a moment of happiness or a string of good events. It comes from deeply knowing one’s self, knowing God and developing self trust.

These tools that have been so transformative for my life I now have the opportunity to share with other. It’s an honor for me to be teaching Empower Thyself this weekend.❤️‍🔥🌟👑🎉🌹


Fairy House making night was so much fun! I loved how creative everyone was and how unique each of the houses turned out. There is going to be another one in October along with Aaron teaching the 12 Magickal Races of Earth. Fairy is one of the races so we usually like to make fairy houses the week around having the class so if you missed this one, you will have another opportunity coming up.

The 12 Magickal Races is also a Healers 1 pre-requisite class. I usually like to audit this class, but I will be out of town this week so make sure to sign up for the class so Aaron knows your coming.

EMPOWER THYSELF is happening September 24-25. I still have 2 spots open. Sarah will be joining us for this class. She is an international Guide and very experienced so you are going to get extra care and attention of two Guides for this one. Its a great opportunity to create a big energetic shift in your life. If you are interested in taking the class, let me know.

Have a beautiful weekend! Go out in nature and say hello to the fairies!

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Rest In Peace your Majesty.


Come celebrate the full moon 🌕 with a beautiful meditation and ceremony. Afterwards, dance the night away and connect. We have tea, snacks, creative shares and live DJs. I hope to see you there!

Find the links to register on our website.

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I’m back from Kabbalah for Kabbalists!!! This was such a massively transformative weekend. I have never felt more alive, more present and more grounded in who I am.

There is a big difference between studying something and experiencing it, grounding it into the physical and expressing it into the world. I had the privilege of looking directly at the things that hold me back in life, my coping mechanisms that keep me safely in the comfort zone and away from growth, and just let them go.

I’m so excited to be back and to bring this new energy into action in my world and to live a more multidimensional life in love and service ❤️‍🔥

Thank you to the amazing teachers Martina Coogan and Divina Theresa Bullard-Whyke for guiding us on this journey. And thank you to Erin Wallace for facilitating.

I look forward to my next climb up the tree but also all the growth I will have by putting these new tools to use.

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I’m not quite back yet but there are events coming up! I can’t wait to share more of this past months experiences with you next week. In the meantime, let’s get ready to welcome in September!!! Check the website for a full list of events.


Obstacles can seem difficult or even impossible, but often there is a way to overcome them if you are willing to be uncomfortable and push through. It’s quite rewarding actually and you learn a lot about your capabilities.

The obstacle is an indicator of the very thing we need to address.
Not addressing it, pretending it doesn’t exist, waking around it or making it unimportant and making excuses as to why it’s insurmountable - means you never actually address reality or improve your life or the life of anybody else.


Just finished 3 days of School of Mage! Mind blown? Yes!!! I’m feeling sad to be leaving my international family but so excited to bring these teachings back with me to integrate into my life and to continue my mission of cultivating inner peace, joy and love so that I can share these gifts with the world.

I transform so much each time I come to programs. I am grateful for this space where I can discover deeper aspects of myself and let go of what isn’t me. It’s a lot of work, sometimes it’s uncomfortable, but it’s been the highest reward in self transformation and I love it!

World peace starts with inner peace. It’s time to share the joy! 🌟

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Warriors of Light was so much fun as always! I love the challenge and the chance to work hard and play hard with my international community at the Modern Mystery School.

I’m excited to announce I received my yellow belt!!! Yea!!!
I learned a lot about willpower this program and how the mind can make things easier or harder based on how you choose to see the situation. Something that seems impossible becomes possible if you stay focused, centered and present within the moment.

Just because the Warriors is over doesn’t mean I’m done. I am taking School of Mage and that’s a whole different kind of work out. 💗😉


Thank you to everyone who donated! Our back to school drive for SAFE was a success!!! We were able to donate 48 backpacks full of back to school supplies for kids in need. A special thank you to Tien for coordinating the drive and to all the amazing people who showed up to help out at .

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Tuesday morning MAX Meditation and tea has become a fun part of my week! It's such a great way to relax early on in the week. I to center myself, clear my mind then have interesting conversations over tea. I even have been exploring more smoky flavored teas which I had no idea were a thing and have been really enjoying.


Saturday at 3pm is the 7 Mystery Schools class!!! This is a really fun experiencial workshop where you get to dive into a brief history, purpose, location and experience a ritual from each of the 7 ancient mystery schools which are the basis for all mystery school tradition.

Come have fun with us at The Modern Mystery School Texas!!!


Meditation is a great way to clear the mind, relax the body and increase creativity and focus.

Come join me for meditation every Tuesday morning at 10am over at West China Tea House. Tea service is available after.


Saturday night after the expo, come join us at The Modern Mystery School Texas for a full moon ceremony at 7:30pm.


I’m so excited to be at the Mind Body Spirit Expo with my fellow practitioners at the Modern Mystery School Texas this weekend. There will be free gifts, a raffle, and mini sessions such as crystal healing, rune reading, light infusions and more.

Saturday night, meet us at MMS TX at 7pm for a full moon ceremony.

Stop by and say hello! I can’t wait to see you there!


How do you get to know yourself?Using your mind only takes you so far. The mind has a way of choosing what it perceives as logical and attempting to align you with that out of fear of rejection from family, friends, society, etc…

There are ways to bypass the mind and create deep and lasting changes without the mental processing using the ancient tools of wisdom which I work with.

The difference is like reading about climbing a mountain vs actually climbing a mountain yourself. There really is no comparison. It’s like that with this work. There is no book to read, no logical approach, no somatic experience that quite compares.

Photos from Modern Mystery School International's post 07/07/2022

Photos from Modern Mystery School International's post


You won’t find your soul’s purpose outside of yourself. No one can tell you what it is., no psychic, no reading, no cards… You must discover it for yourself.

If you don’t know where to start, there is good news. You don’t have to do it alone. There are tools to help you along your journey, accelerating your ability to let go of what holds you back and so you can begin to align with your purpose.

Check out my website to learn more.

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Yesterday I taught Sacred Geometry 1 and Astral Travel! I love teaching this stuff. The process of connecting to the language of God, Nature and the Universe is beautiful in so many ways. The best part is the practical work that can be done with it afterwards to create sacred space for personal creation. The difference between a regular space and one with a Sacred Geometry Temple is palpable.

Astral Travel was a blast! Learning to expand one’s consciousness beyond the physical body opens up the possibilities for what we can experience, connecting us to the essence of God and increases our ability to serve humanity. In addition, it’s fun!!! There is always more to explore.


We react to where we have attachments and trauma. The good news is these give us clues as to where we need to heal and let go. It can be as easy as deciding to move forward, but when the subconscious mind is the one reacting it, breaking out of old patterns can be hard. It’s like a fish swimming in water, you don’t notice your in it.

That’s why I love these tools. They don’t require mental processing, they just work to start breaking you free of those subconscious patterns and responses so you can remember who you really are and align with your souls purpose.

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