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Mouth Breathing in Children from Dr. German Ramirez 09/19/2022

Mouth Breathing in Children from Dr. German Ramirez

Great video of why nasal breathing is so important..

Mouth Breathing in Children from Dr. German Ramirez Dr. German Ramirez, a world expert in orthodontics and pediatrics, put together an amazing video explaining on patients develop crooked teeth and how this ca...

Photos from Cari Ebert Seminars's post 06/14/2022

Great language examples for helping with coregulation!'


I have seen many posts and heard from
Families over the past months about the long lines for therapy providers.

I’m so excited to announce that I just moved my practice to a new location (2500 west William cannon drive suite 804) and am even more excited to announce I have a wonderful Speech and Language Pathologist coming on board at the beginning of June. He happens to be male which is a rarity in our field and I think clients and families are going to love him!

That means we will soon be clearing our wait list and will have a whole caseload of slots for Speech and Language Therapy over the next couple of months. I will be doing evaluations and may even open some weekend evaluation slots over the next few months.

I know there are so many great providers in the area and I’m hoping some of you will consider us! We would love to help! Feel free to give me a call to see if we might be a good fit. I’ll do my best to get as many potential clients in as we can have. Thanks so much for reading and please share with anyone you think we might be able to help!


So happy to announce that at the end of the month we will be moving to a new physical location 2500 West William Cannon Drive Suite 804 (in Stonegate 2 Condominiums and next door to Aspire Allergy and Sinus)! We so look forward to the shift and know wonderful things are ahead!!

Timeline photos 01/29/2022

It So important to teach how to organize!

Yes, organization is important but we need to teach them HOW.

The Science Of Breathing: How Slowing It Down Can Make Us Calm And Productive 11/29/2021

The Science Of Breathing: How Slowing It Down Can Make Us Calm And Productive

How you breathe deeply affects how you perceive and experience the world and how you feel inside your body! As a Speech Language Pathologist/myofunctional therapist who works through a somatic/trauma informed lens teaching longer deeper nasal breathing is so important in my work with clients and for myself personally. Breathing is central to social engagement, regulation, organization, and learning. Below is an article that I found some great points within. Also below are my favorite bubble blowers with a longer wider tube that facilitate great blowing and deeper breath facilitation. Happy Breathing everyone!!

The Science Of Breathing: How Slowing It Down Can Make Us Calm And Productive If you’re feeling stressed, the advise to “take a deep breathe” is as cliché as it comes. But even if you know that slowing your respiratory roll really can calm you down and make you feel more rested and relaxed, few people know how this process actually works.


Play is so powerful!!

So powerful. ❤️

via TimberNook

Why A Child’s Behavior Is Not What You Think It Is 10/09/2021

Why A Child’s Behavior Is Not What You Think It Is

behavior and safety through the lens of the nervous system! This is an excellent article with video to learn more...

Why A Child’s Behavior Is Not What You Think It Is We’ve all seen it or experienced it: a child having a meltdown at a store, yelling, kicking, crying and screaming at his mother. As parents, we cringe, worrying what other people will think. We feel embarrassed, knowing that others will likely judge us and think we are a bad parent. We feel angry ...

Photos from School Psyched,Your School Psychologist's post 08/21/2021

Photos from School Psyched,Your School Psychologist's post


I am so excited to share that as of tomorrow Inside Out Speech and Language Therapy is expanding! We have a full time bilingual SLP (English and Spanish) and a Part time SLP starting this week. We also have after school availability. Keep us in mind if you or someone you know might need therapy services in South Austin (290/71 at the Y in Oak Hill). No wait list right now for these two new therapists.

Photos from Inside Out Speech & Language Therapy's post 07/13/2021

I am so excited to officially announce the opening of our new Inside Out Speech and Language Therapy office space at 7225 West Hwy 71 Suite A in Oak Hill at the Y at Hwy 71 and 290. The space feels so wonderful! The current clients love it so far and we are so excited to expand. We will have one and possibly two SLPs coming on around the start of school. One SLP is bilingual as well and loves the little ones (English/Spanish). Among our therapists we now have even a wider skill set and the ability to serve more clients and families. The addition of new therapist(s) means that we will have immediate openings including after school slots which are very hard to come by in Austin right now. It is such an exciting time!! Call now for a free phone consultation to see if we can help or to schedule an evaluation! We are looking forward to an amazing year ahead!! For more information visit or call 512-733-9541


Good visual explaining executive functioning

This is a nice visual demonstrating how executive functions work together in various combinations to help you get things done. Love the idea of various buckets pulling together! Even for EF challenged and ADHD folks, we all have certain executive functions that are stronger than others. Learning which ones you need help with is the key to developing skills and using external tools to support your brain. 🧠💪🏼

Thanks to for creating this visual!

Mobile uploads 06/10/2021

Mobile uploads


YES. Thank you again🌹, Mona Delahooke, Ph.D.


Your tongue acts as a rudder and support system through a fascial line that runs right down to your toes!

In nearly all my patients, I see poor tongue posture, and the links to bad spinal posture, breathing, and other issues are felt right throughout the body.

The simplest way we can see how the tongue is so influential is how it supports proper head posture. When the tongue is down and forward, forward head posture and mouthbreathing occurs.

Over time this associates with a narrow jaw, crooked teeth, and sleep disorders.

But… you guessed it, as always the mouth is a gateway for so many other systems in the body.

The tongue is an extremely complex muscular and fascial rudder system.

It guides all the structures of the myofascial continuity that runs from the inner arch of the foot all the way up through the middle of the body to the tongue and jaw muscles.

Isn’t that amazing?

Actually the tongue is potentially more important for core stability than turning on your actual core.

Our core begins deep under the arch with the insertions of the tendons from the lower leg, especially tibialis posterior.

To find its insertion, feel just under the inside arch of the foot, just underneath and forward of protrusion of the navicular bone you can feel a bit over an inch in front of your tibial malleolus on the inside of your ankle.

This point will respond to a soft-but-energy-rich touch that is held, and also to a more firm and direct fascial release. Pressing here can make a flow of feeling run up the fascial line.

So for better core support, spinal, hip and leg strength, you need to work on your tongue posture.

During exercise practice sealing the tongue to the roof of the mouth, this turns on the fascial rudder to the toes. It takes time and you need to work on making the BACK of the tongue connect to the soft palate. More on this to come.

Photos from Executive Functioning Success's post 05/14/2021

Great Ideas of classroom accommodations!

Home 04/12/2021


Soooo excited to share my new website/landing Page for Inside Out Speech and Language Therapy! Thank you to all who participated, helped, copy edited, and cheered me on!

Home ABOUT INSIDE OUT SPEECH & LANGUAGE THERAPY Inside Out Speech and Language Therapy was formed in 2019 by Angela Murphy MA CCC-SLP SEP. Inside Out Speech and Language Therapy is a holistic private practice that focuses on the whole person and views all areas of speech and language and communication de...

Why Understanding These Four Types of Mistakes Can Help Us Learn | KQED 03/18/2021

Why Understanding These Four Types of Mistakes Can Help Us Learn | KQED

There is a lot of discussion in my therapy room about how mistakes help you learn....what a great article and teaching tool!

Why Understanding These Four Types of Mistakes Can Help Us Learn | KQED By understanding the level of learning and intentionality in our mistakes, we can identify what helps us grow as learners.

Photos from Melissa Berdis Photography's post 03/12/2021

Excited to share these sneak peek pictures from my photo shoot recently with Melissa Bergis Photography! She is amazing if anyone is looking for a great photographer!


Especially right now back to basics. Time to engage in as much self care as possible. Sending love and light and hoping that everyone gets water back soon!!

Photos from Cari Ebert Seminars's post 01/28/2021

Great books to facilitate imitation


As much as I do therapy for speech, language, and communication on a daily basis I think that what is happening for clients emotionally and functionally in life always takes precedence. If we don't have basic needs met and baseline regulation we will struggle to learn and respond to change and new experiences. How we breathe affects how we feel and how we feel affects how we process and interact with the world.

On a daily basis with clients but also within myself I frequently redirect my attention back to my slow nasal belly breathing . I breathe and redirect my thoughts toward where I can respond with love and compassion, where I can create change, and where I can take my next small action. Let's be real. It doesn't always work in one breath and sometimes it can take many rounds before there is any sense of shifting or relief but some relief is possible in any moment when the breath is slow and deep. Watch for it. Watch for the slow shifts in your body as you slow, lengthen, and deepen your breath.

As I write this I am inviting myself back to my breath and I invite you to breathe as well. Breathing may not immediately change the world. However make slow long nasal breathing a part of your life and watch it do wonders for how you feel and respond to the world around you.

Timeline photos 12/03/2020

We have a special visitor today! As you can see he’s already made himself at home! Happy Thursday everyone!


I have so much gratitude today and this Thanksgiving for the clients and families that allow me into their lives. Despite circumstances in the outside world my clients and their families continue to show up, to work hard, to do their best, and to do their work. We have learned together that especially in this pandemic that our "best" changes day to day and sometimes moment to moment and that grace, empathy, understanding, and acceptance are the best gifts we can give each other. Thank you to all of those this year who have and continue to support my practice and allow me to do the work that is much more of a calling to me than a job. Thank you to the parents and caregivers who do the daily work day in and day out creating the real sustaining change. Thank you to my clients who are also my teachers! I have learned so much this year from you about resilience!

Help Your Kids Become Whole Body Listeners: Fun Activities to Do at Home 09/05/2020

Help Your Kids Become Whole Body Listeners: Fun Activities to Do at Home

What great and practical ideas this has!!

Help Your Kids Become Whole Body Listeners: Fun Activities to Do at Home Watching my boys interact with their grandmother made me realize their need for better communication and listening skills, so I thought it might be time to refresh some at-home strategies. Here’s some background on whole body listening and a list of activities to try at home!

Photos from SpeakEasy Community's post 08/11/2020

This seems important as we start distant learning.



I just wanted to reach out in this way and introduce myself and tell you a bit about who I am, what I do, and my philosophy...Thanks for watching and feel free to reach out with any questions or to talk more.


Even though we are in a pandemic we are so excited about the opening of the new office August 1. Even my doggie assistant is helping to shop for the best seating options. GIve me a call if I can help at all with services for your child or teen. I am doing both telehealth and in person visits with high levels of precautions at the office. Some insurances are waiving fees and things seem to be constantly changing so just me a call to discuss possibilities.

Face Mask Friend | Pack of 3 07/22/2020

Face Mask Friend | Pack of 3

Because I am an SLP PPE has become my part time job. I know many are doing pods without it but for those who might want or need it below are a few links to the materials I have heard about or tried that is useful. I have used the clear face shields with glasses with kiddos ages 6-8 and they willingly wear them. The shield pal face shields are visually appealing and some kids wear them. They do have a head piece which some kids like and some don't. Kids who have sensory issues may (if they crave head pressure) or may not (if they don't) like them because of it.

Face Mask Friend | Pack of 3

Photos from Inside Out Speech & Language Therapy's post 06/19/2020

To the families allowing me to treat your kids via telehealth or in person with high levels of precautions I thank you! This is a challenging time and growth is still happening. If you know of anyone who needs a trauma informed Speech Language Pathologist please share this. If your child, teen, or young adult is needing services please reach out. I’m working with clients toward speech, language, communication, and social goals as well as with coping and regulation during this difficult time. I am always grateful to treat clients and am especially grateful to be able to use my unique skill set during this time when we all need some healing!!


I wanted to give an update on my practice. I am still offering telehealth as most insurance companies are still allowing this service. This will continue as long as insurance allows or as long as clients want it if private pay. I am able to treat via telehealth anywhere in the state of Texas.

Starting the later half of June I will be starting to provide some in office appointments with very high levels of precautions. Precautions will include: in depth screening questionnaire, no waiting room, facial shield and face mask after discussion with family re comfort level, washing hands before and after each visit, temperature check, and cleaning of all materials after each use.

I take the health and safety of my clients and families very seriously and will do everything in my power to try and keep everyone safe during these times.

Parents and caregivers, this is a great time to work on goals and areas of need with kids out of school!

Especially now, I am using my training and knowledge of trauma informed care and trauma healing as an integrated part of my treatment to help all of my clients and families during this difficult time. A primary goal of my treatment will be to address the nervous system of my clients to help with regulation so that language, speech, social, and other goals can be addressed with more ease and success.

Call now to see if I might be a good fit for your child, teen, or young adult!


So true!


more free apps

Currently free (4/14/20). With the exception of app developers who made formal announcements on their pages or in the App Store, I have no way to know how long any app will stay free so grab what you want quickly. All were verified as being free in the USA App Store at the time I wrote this post at 2:30pm CST on 4/14/20.
Tiny Orchestra by Bamboo Kids
The Dance of the Little Water Drops by MagisterApp
Holiday Jams by Melody Jams Inc.
Tiny Words Spelling Game by tu Trinh
Puzzlfy – Jigsaw Puzzles by Radius60 Studios (make a puzzle out of any picture. It's a huge motivator for kids with high interest areas in specific characters or in doing puzzles)
The Cat in the Hat Invents by PBS KIDS
And for the adults.... I used this app to remove location data from a picture before posting it. I took groceries to my elderly parents and wanted to make sure there was not any GPS info hidden in the metadata.

EXIF Viewer by Fluntro by Fluntro
Today’s featured freebies on Teachers Pay Teachers. You’ll need to be signed into your TPT account to access these resources. It’s free to sign up.

Somatic Speech & Language Therapy

Angela Murphy, MA, CCC-SLP, is a Speech-Language Pathologist in Austin, Texas. Angela grew up in Houston where she was involved in choir, Girl Scouts, and soccer as a youth. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders from the University of Texas before attending the University of Kansas, where she obtained her Masters in Speech Language Pathology.

Angela has over 18 years’ experience performing speech therapy in a variety of settings, including schools, outpatient clinics, home health, and private practice. She has successfully treated clients dealing with a variety of conditions, including: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Apraxia, phonological (speech) disorders, social cognitive difficulties, and trauma, among others. Additionally, Angela uses techniques including PROMPT, TBRI, and Somatic Experiencing during treatment. Her holistic approach centers around using a wide range of tools to create treatment plans unique to each patient’s individual needs, while also incorporating lightness, humor, fun, movement, and play.

Call (913) 220-0221 or email [email protected] today to learn more.

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