Body Energy Connection

Body Energy Connection works with holistic practitioners, coaches and curious intuitives to help the Change can be difficult and full of resistance.

Body Energy Connection helps people who are ready for change. This is where we come in to support you. By accessing your Blueprint of Existence through the Akashic Records, we can help you shift your life, take control of your health and evolve into a higher state of living and being. This takes courage. This takes patience. Most of all, it takes commitment to see the transformation happen in your

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I hate it when...I get stopped by this question

This question blocks, stops and keeps me from taking action. Does it stop you? Here’s 1 tip to help you flip that question upside down.


Super Secret Unboxing Happening at 11:11 am CST

Come and join me for this exciting unboxing! There’s something special I want to share with you and I’m soooooo very excited!


What's coming up in October?

We’ve got great things for our community for this month:

• Free 3-part mini-training
• Free Giveaway
• General Enrollment opens for Become an Akashic Records Guide

Come play with us, learn and win!


October Forecast from the Akashic Records

What does October bring for you? In this livestream, I’m delivering information from the Akashic Records as it’s related to our collective energy. We’ll be discussing 6 key areas of life:
#1. Personal
#2. Health
#3. Wealth/Money
#4. Relationships
#5. Travel
#6 Career and Business

Got questions? Send me a DM and let me know!


What first comes to your mind when you see or hear the word "intuition"?

Whether you see intuition as something you can rely on or just another word in the dictionary, you cannot deny that there is always that inner nudge you sense in certain moments in your life. And these moments are mostly those when an important choice has to be made.

The clearer you can be with your intuition, the better you gain clarity in making decisions.

Do you want to learn how to expand your sensitivity with your intuition? We're currently enrolling for our Fall Program - Become an Akashic Records Guide. If you'd like more information on how to develop your intuition, DM me BARG.


How do you face the choices you have to make each day?

If it's between coffee or tea, perhaps that's not too hard to decide, right? But what about when you need to choose between continuing a relationship or breaking it off, or between quitting your job to do business or accepting the promotion instead?

Nobody says decisions are always easy. And this is what makes the choosing complex. Thankfully, there is a way to make confident decisions that you can truly trust. Grab this guide through this link 🔗 in my bio. Discern your choice by going through the three guiding questions.

Gain that peace of making a sure choice.


What kind of person are you when you make decisions? Do you "go for it" and prepared to be surprised? Or do you get paralyzed by overthinking?

Making confident decisions is not a talent accorded only to some people. It is skill that you can learn once your heart, mind, and soul align.

Perhaps there are blocks that prevent you from making decisions with confidence and ease. Clear those blocks and learn how to make decisions confidently, clearly and trust in the outcomes.


Today is the LAST day of Early Enrollment for our Founding Members offer for Become an Akashic Records Guide!

Students are enrolling for this program and getting access to some amazing bonuses and offers.

I'd like to share this video around Breaking the Ceilling Around Fear if you're interested in this program but you feel held back by fear, worry, doubt or financial constraints.

There's a reason why the Akashic Records are calling you right now and it's an invitation to liberate yourself from the imposed ceiling of limitations.


Are you ready?


It's the LAST DAY to register as a Founding Member!

The Akashic Records CHANGED my life. ⁠

My first reading was in 2007 and it altered the course of my life. I would still be a nurse today, working in a job that I don't like, if I didn't take a chance on myself, my soul's path and business. ⁠

Fifteen years later, I am the Architect and Designer of my life. I create and live in magic daily and I've never felt a greater sense of peace, purpose and joy in serving my clients, teaching my students and supporting their growth.⁠

The Akashic Records calls you because you've got a special path and purpose on Earth to serve and be a light in the world.⁠ The Book of Life invites you to access Universal Knowledge so that you can maximize your choices and decisions with ease, trust and confidence.

If you're interested in learning more about your intuitive gifts, abilities and channel, consider this 8-week live training that will open the doors of the Akashic Records to you.⁠

All the answers you've ever wanted to receive are there for you now. You just need to be shown the way, and I am happy and honored to welcome and initiate you to the Akashic Light School.

Follow this link for more details:


Do you struggle with the choices you've been making? Would you like to learn how to make confident choices that you yourself can trust? Then learn how to find alignment and clarity.

Good decisions can be refined in these three essential questions. Download my free guide: 3 Ways to Clear Indecision. This is available in my bio and also


Fall Equinox Message from the Akashic Records

Join me in this livestream as the Akashic Records and Record Keepers deliver information around six key topics.


🔮🌟 🌎💥 Become an Akashic Records Guide 💥🌎 🌟 🔮

Learn how to connect to your Spirit Guides and receive messages, guidance and support from the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are known as the Book of Life or The Universe’ Super Computer. It contains the records of all things ever created, imagined, felt and experienced on Earth and beyond.

It holds the individual records of all souls from the time it leaves its point of origin until its return. Every soul contributes to the Akashic Records as this field records every thought, word, emotion, and action we generate.

When you learn how to work with the Akashic Records, it can change your life. This 8-week live intensive takes you through training, coaching, practice, and initiation in the Akashic Records.

Fall Enrollment is now open and Become an Akashic Records Guide (BARG) begins October 17, 2022.

Come here for more information:


You are the master of your fate. But if you don't know how to pay attention to your intuition, if you are not aligned with your heart, mind, and soul, you could end up being swayed and mastered by others.

However, when you learn to trust in your self and your ability, when you are able to regain your sense of control, you can live the life you choose that is most beneficial to others and yourself.

Learn how to be the master of yourself and so master the tools that are being entrusted to you, such as your wealth and work. Your Archetype of Light can direct you how to live your Divine self as shown to you in the Akashic Records.

Do you know what your Archetype of Light is? Take this quiz and find for yourself. Simply click on the link in my bio or look at


Oftentimes, the confirmation we need to hear comes from a message that someone said to us, a random email from our supporters, or an inspiring message that you have come across in your social media feeds.

This simply tells us that we need each other to be able to keep going with our choices, goals, and plans. If one message can be that empowering to you, imagine the varied messages that you can learn from the Akashic Records.

Learn to tap into this vast knowledge and find the chestful of treasured insights you can apply for the rest of your life.

I am currently enrolling students for the Fall Program - Become an Akashic Record Guide (BARG). This 8-week live intensive is your PHD training in the Akashic Records. If you'd like more information, DM me 'BARG' and you'll get more information!


Have you always struggled to make decisions? Whether it's the simplest choice of what to eat for dinner or the life-changing decision to marry the love of your life, choices can be really tough to make for some people. And yet, at the end of the day, it will always go back to you and you will always have to select.

While there are many factors that can keep a person from selecting the best option, there are also ways that could strengthen their ability to trust in their intuition.

If you're looking for a way to help the decision-making process easier, here is a FREE guide that you can check so that you can make confident decisions that you can trust. To get this free guide, DM me the word 'GUIDE'.


What happens when you've had a 'bad' reading...

What happens when you get a ‘bad’ reading…

In this livestream, I’ll cover:
• WHAT these bad readings have taught me over the years
• WHY the Record Keepers asked me to teach
• WHAT life-changing program will prevent you from experiencing bad readings again.

Become an Akashic Records Guide - Early Enrollment for the Fall Program is open for one more week only.

Click here to learn more:


If you're at the crossing of a major life decision today, and you feel stuck with your options, there's only one reason why you're not moving forward yet: TRUST.

And yet, trusting yourself could be easy to say but hard to do. It is especially the case if you feel that you have made lots of past choices that you ended up regretting. Are you this kind of person today?

If you want to make confident decisions that you can trust, learn to gain clarity. Your mind, heart, and soul should be aligned so that you know, in the deepest parts of you, that the choice you're making is the right one for you.

Have you been struggling with frequent indecision lately? Download this FREE guide that will show you how to gain confidence in the choices that you yourself make. Simply tap this link 🔗 in my bio.


Learn to honor the story of a person's life, whether it's yours or another.

Our lives are connected to each other in more ways than you know. The life story you live can be an inspiration to someone. The life story you witness from others can also motivate you for your dreams and goals.

Consider your life as a channel of blessings to those who can learn about it. The words you speak could be the words they seek to describe their present situations. So take the courage to be open, be a blessing, and be blessed in return.

In the greater story of the Akashic Records, you will even gain greater blessings when you seek to learn about these. If you don't know how to tap into this field, I have a FREE guide that you can download. Just tap this link 🔗 in my bio.


It's Retrograde Season Ahead

In this livestream, I’ll be discussing:
•How to work with the retrograde season
•3 Actions you can take to deal with this season
•3 ways I’m using the Retrograde season in my life


How often do you open up your life to another person? Sometimes we hesitate to talk about our truths because other people might judge us or think we're just lacking attention.

But your story is not just any story. It can also bear the light for others to follow when they are in their own darkness. You can not underestimate the experiences you gained because someone, somewhere can find the words of their experiences from the story you tell.

If your story can inspire and make impact even to just one soul, then you have made the world of difference in that person's life. So take courage in owning up your narrative. Speak about it and be the inspiration that you truly are.

Do you also want to tap the endless record of the stories of the world? In the Akashic Field, there is so much wealth of knowledge that you can apply to your life. To know how to access the Akashic Field, download this FREE guide. Simply tap this link 🔗 in my bio.


Have you heard it said that experience is a great teacher? What if you could gain access to all different life experiences in the world, not only of your past, but also those of your ancestors'?

Picture the great wealth of knowledge you can gain. See the great changes you can implement in your life. Imagine the progress and growth you can step into if you are equipped with this wealth of information.

If you know your Archetype of Light, you can be guided to the Akashic Records in the way that is specific to your personality and being. Would you like to know which Archetype of Light you do have and how that can help you? Take this quiz so you will find out. Tap this link 🔗 in my bio.


Have you been wondering how you can shift to a mindset of positively looking at wealth and money? If you have grown up believing that acquiring so much wealth is wicked, or that money is the root of evil, or that getting rich could make you greedy, it would be very challenging to embrace or attract a prosperous life.

A mindset shift is not just getting used to a particular thinking pattern. It requires re-framing your beliefs to the way of life that you choose. Are you ready to step into this birthright?

You can AND are able to rewrite your story when you know the imprints of the Akashic Record. You will gain the insights you need so you can live the life you choose. You can acquire this knowledge through this FREE guide that I prepared. Just download it in this link 🔗 in my bio.


Become An Akashic Records Guide Founding Members Launch is officially starting and will go for the next two weeks! Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to level up your training in the Higher Dimensions.


BARG FALL PROGRAM 2022 - Founding Members Invitation Now Open

Become an Akashic Records Guide Fall Program Enrollment - This is open to Founding Members until September 23, 2022.
To register for this program, go here:


The Next Three Keys to Architecting Your Dream Life

In this livestream, I’m going to discuss:

• WHY it’s necessary to replenish and restore your vitality through play
• HOW to make time, money and energy work for you
• WHAT the next 3 keys are to architecting your dream life

Discover how to Architect and Design Your Dream Life and take action today!

Join me for the Founding Member’s Launch for Become an Akashic Records Guide - Fall 2022 Program.


Join me tomorrow at 9 am CST for the 2nd part of the series: How to Architect and Design Your Dream Life

In this livestream, I’m going to discuss:
WHY it’s necessary to replenish and restore your vitality through play
HOW to make time, money and energy work for you
WHAT the next 3 keys are to architecting your dream life

Don't sit by the sidelines and wait for life to pass you by! Grab life by the horns and start architecting your dream life and vision.

You're worth it and the time is NOW!


The guidance you need to live the life you choose is an intuition away. Are you sensitive to your intuition? Would you like to gain more sensitivity? Are you seeking for alignment so that you can rewrite your life in a way that pleases you?

If you wish to learn how to tap into the Akashic Field through your intuition, I have helpful tips that you can use. Download this FREE GUIDE to get you started. Click this link 🔗 in my bio.


Are you about to make a serious life decision but can't seem to trust yourself in the process? The lack of clarity often takes over us when we are facing a major crossroad in life.

But if you're able to constantly align yourself with your intuition, then you are being sensitive to these quiet nudges that lead you to where your heart is truly happy. Making decisions can then be smooth and seamless. Would you like to learn how to strengthen your intuitive sensitivity?

I have a FREE GUIDE that can help you learn how to connect and receive. It's called 10 Tips to Connect to the Akashic Field. To download this guide, tap this link 🔗 in my bio.

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Today is the LAST day of Early Enrollment for our Founding Members offer for Become an Akashic Records Guide!Students ar...
Become An Akashic Records Guide Founding Members Launch is officially starting and will go for the next two weeks! Don’t...
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What kind of transformation are you ready to experience?
Watch this if you want to evolve your consciousness from 3D to 5D... So you can shift into a higher level of manifesting...
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5-Day Intuitive Superpower Challenge
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