Sonrisas Therapies- Pediatric Home and Healthcare Services, LLC.

Sonrisas Therapies- Pediatric Home and Healthcare Services, LLC.


Sonrisas Therapies- Pediatric Home and Healthcare Services, LLC. and Child Neurology Consultants of Austin are two of the AMAZING providers that help EMPOWER our families through their services! VELA Families is GRATEFUL for their sponsorship for our Be The Light Fundraiser. Muchas GRACIAS!
As pediatric therapy practitioners we use theory to guide our therapy interventions for our patients and their families.

Now let's shift the question and consider their needs as learners. "What learning theories do you use to help guide patient and family education?"

My personal favorite: Albert Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory - check out the attached handout to learn more! Share your favorite in the comments below!
A big THANK YOU to Northwest Sertoma, Superior HealthPlan, Sonrisas Therapies- Pediatric Home and Healthcare Services, LLC., IPSSA - Independent Pool and Spa Service Association, Zilker Park Boat Rentals, Tito's Handmade Vodka, GoodPop and Kyo for making Family Fun Day happen for all our VELA Families! Muchas gracias!
Thank you to all who participated in our Ambassadors' Pickleball Classic Benefiting Imagine A Way last Saturday at 5soulwineco and Frontyard Brewing. Rainy day and water sponsored by Richard's Rainwater.

Congratulations to our top two teams who took home wine trophy tumblers and gift cards thanks to Outdoor Voices.

First Place: Thomas and Marianna
Second Place: Sebastian and Tim

Thank you to everyone who stuck with us through the rain and made the best out of that weather, especially those who stepped up to be the unofficial grounds crew of the day.

With your help, this event raised $5000 for children with autism in central Texas. It's always a great day when you get to have fun, while supporting families touched by autism!

Shout out to the rest of our sponsors. Without you, this wouldn't have been possible: Phone Animal, Washaroo Hand Car Wash - Unlimited Car Detailing Packages, Austin Manual Therapy Associates (Brodie Lane Location), Sonrisas Therapies- Pediatric Home and Healthcare Services, LLC., VSS, ATX Event Systems, LLC, Training Wheels ABA, SpeedPro, REM Products.

EDIT: WE ARE OFFICIALLY ON FOR TOMORROW! For all those registered, please refer to the email we sent out this evening. If you have any questions, please let us know at [email protected].

Let's hope for some better weather this weekend because for the second time the Ambassadors' Pickleball Classic Benefiting Imagine A Way is SOLD OUT!

But you can still join us all day at 5soulwineco and Frontyard Brewing where frozen drinks are benefiting Imagine A Way all day long!

Thanks to all of our wonderful participants and sponsors for continuing to support this event through the rain delay. Let's hope we don't have to postpone again...and see y'all Saturday!

Sponsors: Outdoor Voices Sonrisas Therapies- Pediatric Home and Healthcare Services, LLC.Washaroo Hand Car Wash - Unlimited Car Detailing Packages Phone Animal Austin Manual Therapy Associates (South Location) Training Wheels ABA REM Products Richard's Rainwater SpeedPro Imaging Austin
We should be an hour into the Ambassadors' Pickleball Classic Benefiting Imagine A Way. Unfortunately, the Hill Country storms had other plans. BUT, with the help of our wonderful sponsors, Ambassador Committee and participants, we are excited to still host this event on SATURDAY MAY 22 at 5soulwineco and Frontyard Brewing.

This just gives our teams more time to practice so they win the coveted wine tumbler trophies from Fusion Drinkware.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported this event, especially these sponsors: Outdoor Voices, Richard's Rainwater, Training Wheels ABA, Sonrisas Therapies- Pediatric Home and Healthcare Services, LLC., Austin Manual Therapy Associates (South Location, Washaroo Hand Car Wash - Unlimited Car Detailing Packages, SpeedPro, REM Products and Phone Animal.
This Saturday (hopefully) is the Ambassadors' Pickleball Classic at 5soulwineco and Frontyard Brewing! And, if those pesky thunderstorms don't change their mind, we already have a rain plan in the works...don't you worry!

So no matter what happens, we want to thank our wonderful court sponsors for supporting this event and the autism community! Shout out to Sonrisas Therapies- Pediatric Home and Healthcare Services, LLC., Austin Manual Therapy Associates (South location on Brodie Lane), Phone Animal - PH Team, and Washaroo Hand Car Wash.

If this event sounds fun to you, stay tuned for more details on its happenings. If you just want to support the Ambassador Committee as they continue to fundraise, consider making a donation to their team here:

Pediatric home health agency serving Austin and surrounding areas with speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy services.

At Sonrisas Therapies, we provide Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapy to individuals from birth up to their twenty-first birthday. Our services are provided variously in the patient’s home, at a day care, or elsewhere, in the least restrictive environment possible.

Operating as usual


Wishing everyone who is celebrating today Happy Navaratri and L'Shana Tovah tikatevu"

ADRNTX - Austin Disaster Relief Network 02/18/2021

ADRNTX - Austin Disaster Relief Network

ADRNTX - Austin Disaster Relief Network At ADRN, we take God’s command to be faithful stewards very seriously. So, we’re deeply grateful to receive commendations for excellence from two organizations dedicated to reviewing nonprofits and their finances.

Warming Centers – TDEM 02/17/2021

Warming Centers – TDEM

Recent days have seen an unprecedented weather emergency in the greater Austin area impacting many of our team members and the patients we serve.
As our cities and towns work to coordinate their responses, resources are beginning to become available for those in need of assistance.
First, if you are experiencing a medical or other emergency, please reach out directly to emergency services by dialing 911.
For non-emergency assistance, please reach out to the initial listing of resources below.

Public Warming Centers
Austin Palmer Event Center – 900 Barton Springs Rd Austin 78704
Austin Salvation Army Shelter (family friendly) – 501E 8th Street Austin 78701
Williamson County – Contact Williamson Mobile Outreach Team at 512-864-8277
Hayes County – HOME Center 512-270-8344
San Marcos Salvation Army – 300 S CM Allen Parkway Ste 100, San Marcos 512-938-2596
For a full listing of shelters across Texas:
* Note, the current situation is fluid with rolling power outages impacting some shelter’s ability to maintain operations. Please call ahead to ensure that the shelter closest to you remains in operation.

For all other needs, including access to food:
Please dial 211 or visit
For a listing of other local resources organized by resource type and zip code, please leverage:

Warming Centers – TDEM


Good morning! Our team will continue to work remotely to ensure the safety of our team and community. Visits will be offered via tele-health only for the remainder of the week and will resume next week.

BHM Kids' Day + HBCU Day 02/11/2021

BHM Kids' Day + HBCU Day

BHM Kids' Day + HBCU Day Join CarverMuseumATX for Black History Month Kids Day+HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) Day on Saturday, February 27!

HISTORY OF | History of Black History Month 02/02/2021

HISTORY OF | History of Black History Month

Happy Black History Month!

HISTORY OF | History of Black History Month Delve into the history of and learn about the champions and heros who stood up for their rights.Subscribe to our HISTORY Canada YouTube Ch...

Free Trauma-Informed Curriculum | The Change Triangle | Hilary Jacobs Hendel 01/12/2021

Free Trauma-Informed Curriculum | The Change Triangle | Hilary Jacobs Hendel

Free Trauma-Informed Curriculum | The Change Triangle | Hilary Jacobs Hendel Download a free 12-class curriculum to teach emotion education 101 to teens and adults in a group or class setting. From the author of It's Not Always Depression: Working the Change Triangle to Listen to the Body, Discover Core Emotions, and Connect With Your Authentic Self


Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!


Central Texas Food Bank has free weekly meal packs for kids and teens!

Este grupo esta dando paquetes de comida semanales gratuitos para adolescentes y niños!


Estamos dedicados en continuando el esfuerzo de reducir Coronavirus en nuestra comunidad. Sonrisas va a continuar ofreciendo servicios tele terapias mientras que el seguro lo cubre. Aminamos que ustedes sigan utilizando tele terapia si ya lo están usando. Si no has tratado tele terapia y le gustaría intentarlo, por favor llamen la oficina al numero 512-900-7934 y unos de los coordinadores de pacientes le ayudaran.

Empezando el 15 de Junio 2020, Sonrisas va ofrecer terapias en casa con precauciones de la seguridad después de cumplir una serie de preguntas preliminares. Por este tiempo, no todas las terapistas están disponibles para ofrecer vistas en casa y por eso el numero de vistas va estar limitado. Si su terapista no esta ofreciendo visitas en casa, le podemos ofrecer una terapista alterna.

Antes de una visita en casa, todos vamos a cumplir una serie de preguntas preliminares. Las terapistas también van a cumplir las preguntas y necesitan responder NO a todas las preguntas ante de ofrecer visitas en casa.
• Demuestra el paciente y/o pariente/cuidador señas o síntomas de fiebre, infección pulmonaria, como tos, dificultad respirando, o dolor de garganta? (Vamos a chequear temperaturas al llegar a su casa y la temperatura tiene que leer 99.5F o meno sin el uso de medicamento para reducir fiebre).

• En los últimos 14 días, ha tenido contacto el paciente y/o pariente/cuidador con alguien que tiene confirmado el diagnostico de COVID-19, que están monitoreando si tienen COVID-19, o están enfermo con enfermedad pulmonaria?

• En los últimos 14 días, ha estado internado el paciente y/o pariente/cuidador?

• En los últimos 14 días, han viajado en avión el paciente y/o pariente/cuidador?

Precauciones de Seguridad
• Donde va ocurrir la terapia, limiten los individuales presente al paciente, un cuidador, la terapista, y si es aplicable la enfermera.

• Aminamos que visitas sean afuera. Pariente/cuidador tiene que estar presente.

• El paciente y la terapista tienen que lavarse las manos o utilizar desinfectante de mano antes y después de cada visita.

• Las terapistas van a utilizar mascaras todo el tiempo a menos que la mascara interfiere con la terapia (por ejemplo, direccionamiento de sonidos del habla).

• En situaciones cuando la mascara impide la terapia, la terapista puede usar una combinación de mascara clara o escudo de cara.

• Pedimos que todos los parientes/cuidadores utilicen mascaras durante la terapia.

• Animamos que niños de edad 2 y mayor que puedan tolerar una mascara y pueden poner y quitar su mascara sin ayuda, utilicen una mascara a menos que interfiere con la terapia (por ejemplo, direccionamiento de sonidos del habla).

• Su terapista puede utilizar precauciones extra, como un escudo de cara, si su niño no tolerada el uso de una mascara.

• Durante la terapia del comer y tragar o otros procedimientos que generan aerosol, la terapista va a seguir las pautas de ASHA y CDC de usar mascara N95, gafas protectoras, y guantes.

• Solamente materiales de examinación y/o unidades de VitalStim pueden entrar en las casas. Vamos a desinfectar estos materiales antes y después de cada uso.

• Por este tiempo, no es necesario que parientes/cuidadores firmen las computadoras.


We are dedicated in continuing our efforts to reduce the viral load within our community.
We will continue to offer teletherapy services for all patients for as long as insurance allows. If you are already participating in teletherapy, we encourage you to continue with this platform. If you have not tried teletherapy and would like to do so, please contact our office at 512-900-7934 and our patient care coordinators will assist you.

In-Home Therapy Sessions will be offered starting June 15th, 2020 with the following screening and safety precautions. A limited number of appointments may be available due to the fact that not all therapists will be offering in-home therapy session at this time. If your assigned Therapist is not currently offering in-home visits, you may be offered an alternate Therapist.

The following screening questions will be asked, prior to each in- home visit. Each treating therapist will also have to response NO to all of the following questions before offering in-home sessions.

• Does the patient and/or caregiver show signs or symptoms of fever, a respiratory infection, such as cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat? (Temperature will be checked upon arrival at your home and reading must be at 99.5F or below (without the use of fever reducing medication)

• Has the patient and/or caregiver had Contact in the last 14 days with someone who has a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, is under investigation for COVID-19, or is ill with respiratory illness?

• Has the patient and/or caregiver been hospitalized within the previous 14 days?

• Has the patient and/or caregiver traveled by air within the previous 14 days?

Safety Precautions:
• Limit number of individuals present in the space where the sessions takes place to one caregiver, the patient, treating therapist, and nurse (if applicable).

• Sessions that can take place outdoors are encouraged. Caregiver must be present.

• Therapists and patients will wash hands or utilize hand sanitizer at the beginning and end of each session.

• Therapists will wear a surgical mask at all times unless the mask impedes with the therapy session (ie. addressing speech sounds).

• In situations where a surgical mask impedes with the therapy session, therapists may use a combination of clear mask, or face shield.

• All parents/caregivers are requested to wear a cloth face covering during the therapy session.

• Children ages two and above who are able to tolerate a mask and take it off independently are encouraged to wear one, unless it interferes with therapy (ie. speech sounds).

• In instances where your child does not tolerate a mask, therapists may add extra precautions such as protective eyewear or face shield.

• During feeding therapy or other aerosol generating procedures, therapists will follow ASHA and CDC guidelines by wearing an N95 mask, protective eyewear, and gloves.

• Supplies brought into the home will be limited to testing materials and VitalStim Units. All materials brought into the home will be sanitize before and after each use.

• Caregivers are not required to sign therapist’s computer at this time.

Timeline photos 10/18/2019

Timeline photos

🎃 Sugar is very difficult to avoid every day, but especially on Halloween... Here is my thorough guide on how to celebrate, have some for treats, and love your Halloween fun with your family!



Research tells us social and emotional skills, including self-regulation and being able to recognize emotions, are as important to success as academic achievement.


Today we cut our “Vasilopita” made by our very own team member Bia Carathanasis. Cutting Vasilopita (bread) is a Greek tradition for the New Year. Wishing everyone a magnificent 2018!


Making "koulourakia" Greek cookies with our awesome sonrisas team! Happy Friday!


Family Stories

We got to spend the weekend with some of the families that have loved their Family Stories books, and we learned a lot... for example, we apparently make tasty books :-)


Sonrisas Therapies- Pediatric Home and Healthcare Services, LLC.'s cover photo


Weekend work came with a great surprise today from these guys!


We are now in network with United Healthcare!!!


Testimony from today's hearing.


Getting ready for our Sonrisas Happy Hour!


Meeting of the minds! Sonrisas THRPS- PDTRC Hme & Hlthcre


New Hire orientation for our newest team members! Welcome to our team! 05/16/2017

Texas state senators are failing their neediest constituents, by Amy & Jay Turner Acute care therapy provides speech, physical and occupational therapy for kids who, like our son, have birth defects, genetic disorders, physical or cognitive disabilities or those born prematurely. The therapy enables them to function in daily life. The Legislature should restore funding for that t...

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Testimony from today's hearing.
Somewhere in this crowd of over 10,000 OTs is the next Sonrisas Therapies OT. We can't wait to find you!!! Several famil...
Sonrisas Therapies' founder and clinical director Tsambika Bakiris spoke at this morning's public hearing on the propose...
A video from yesterday evening's celebration of the establishment of UT's stuttering institute.




2100 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 5pm
Tuesday 8am - 5pm
Wednesday 8am - 5pm
Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 5pm

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