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Austin Area Mental Health Consumers AAMHC provides a safe environment for adults to regain knowledge and skills needed for persons livin

The SHAC (Self Help and Advocacy Center) facility provides AAMHC members with a variety of activities including; arts and crafts, peer support, courses that develop competitive marketplace skills, computer lab with Internet, as well as referral services to other community agencies to build self-esteem and empowerment skills necessary for self-advocacy and employment.. The SHAC supports consumers i

n becoming independent members of society and encourages them to act on their own behalf. We help them in their efforts to become self-reliant and thus regain control of their own lives. These services reflect the eight core values of Austin Area Mental Health Consumers, Inc.; empowerment and self-determination, promoting recovery, consumer-control, education emphasis, peer support, advocacy, inclusiveness and diversity, and collaboration.


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Yes, hugs please! 😘



Living life with Love, Inspiration, Gratitude & Laughter, Despite Lupus and Other Chronic Illnesses


We all go through ups and downs in life πŸ’—

If there's one thing I've learned during the time I've created illustrations for social media, it's that this feeling is more common than you think. Everyone struggles, feels weird, lost, alone and messy sometimes. β˜”

Although these awkward and difficult phases can knock us down hard, eventually they make us grow and evolve.

If you're going through a messy phase right now, treat yourself nicely, talk to yourself kindly and be patient. It won't always be this way and you are capable of turning things around. πŸ’—

You deserve good things, keep telling yourself that until you start to believe it. 🌞

πŸ’— Nora



New Poem:

In the still of night, when all is quiet and calm,
The body writhes, wracked with pain and alarm.
The joints, once supple and strong, now ache and throb,
As if the weight of the world bears down like a mob.

The lupus flare, a fierce and cunning foe,
Creeps in like a thief, to steal and to sow
The seeds of suffering and strife,
A burden to carry for the rest of life.

The rash, a telltale sign of the disease,
Spreads like wildfire, causing unease,
A red and angry patchwork, a map of pain,
That marks the body like a badge of shame.

The fatigue, a constant and draining force,
Weighs heavy on the mind, a brutal discourse,
A never-ending battle, fought day and night,
To keep the body moving, to keep up the fight.

And yet, through it all, there is gratitude,
For every moment, every breath, every beatitude.
For the strength that comes from deep within,
For the resilience that refuses to give in.

For the moments of joy, the moments of peace,
The simple pleasures that bring sweet release,
For the kindness of strangers, the love of friends,
For the hope that never truly ends.

And like the lupus flare, that comes and goes,
The strength and resilience continue to grow,
A fierce and powerful force, a beacon of light,
That shines through the darkness, illuminating the night.

So, let the lupus flare rage on,
For I am strong, I am resilient, I am a song.
A melody of hope and grace,
A testament to the human race.

For in the end, it is not the pain that defines,
But the strength and resilience that shine.
And though the journey may be long and hard,
I will keep on fighting, I will keep on my guard.

For I am not alone, I am part of a tribe,
A family of warriors, who never hide,
Who face the challenges with courage and might,
And emerge victorious, bathed in the light.

So, let the lupus flare rage on,
For I am here, I am strong, I am a song.
©️Jenn Schoch, 2023 πŸ’œ





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Your weirdness is wonderful. πŸ’œ



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