Sukha Yoga Austin

Sukha Yoga Austin


Sukha Yoga's website is down, but you can sign up for classes through Mindbody today. Classes today with Stephanie at 10:30, Mark at noon and 4:30 Erinn and 6:00 Morgan. So grateful that they continue to support yoga and health in Austin - more than ever during this time!

Will Siri Bahadur be teaching the 6:00 class tonight?
I feel really drawn to share this Sound meditation show with your community. It's been on my mind for weeks now and feel I just had to as I want to get this music out to as many yogis and healers as I can! I shared it with one of my family members who's a Kundalini instructor and she loved it! This show is specifically dedicated to meditation in an audio and visual way. We will be a massive hall, performing with Flute (Rockstar Rockstar Flutist, Sarah Jane Hargis​) , Harp (Andrea Cortez​) , Electronics (all EarthQuaker Devices​) and a live Liquid Light Show (Ether Wave Light Show​ )!!! We will be leading meditations along with music and live art in a huge hall this Saturday!!

I would be grateful if you would share it with your community!🙏🌈
The studio is beautiful, the staff is friendly and accommodating, the classes were exactly what I needed, thank you! I'll definitely be back next time I'm in town!
Mark Herron Here it is: Exuma.
Are you still going to offer a discount for City employees?
Earlier today I arrived about 10 minutes early for class and it already looked like it would be 'standing room only', Erinn said that 15 more people would be joining-- the reaction around me was widened eyes and quiet gasps- quiet- because Sukha folk try to be positive and polite. I just couldn't help smiling . The big silly smile took on a life of its own and plastered itself across my face and this is why: The Erin I have come to know, and love, and trust was absolutely going to hold the space like a rock star. I knew she would create an experience that would not merely be workable but also beautiful. When we have faith in a fellow human fulfilled, we smile.
Thank you to Janet Farnsworth for braving the “winter storm” this morning. The 9am class was really lovely.

Sukha Yoga is a heart-centered, community-focused, Bhakti, & Vinyasa studio located on South Lamar ATX All are welcome. Be here now.

We offer a variety of classes, workshops, trainings & international retreats all aimed to help us be more connected, compassionate, and loving as we interact with ourselves, the people around us & the world as a whole. Our hope is to be able to lighten up your spirit through collective breath, movement, mantra all within a welcome and loving community. Sukha translates to “sweet space” — we welcom

Operating as usual

Photos from Sukha Yoga Austin's post 12/31/2022

2022 - 2023 Reflection ✨

It’s been a long, hard, beautiful, stressful, exciting & complex year. Instead of putting our already limited energy into planning what more we can do or what changes we need to make, we want to encourage all of you to pause and CELEBRATE all you’ve already done. You’ve done more than enough ❤️

Starting a new year and the holiday season can be a exhausting enough. It’s not time to do more or even think of doing more. Take this time of transition to be gentle, curious, loving, forgiving, & compassionate with yourself 🤗

Celebrating you, Sukha Sangha & Maha Mavens 🥳 It’s been such a beautiful year with all of you and it’s been incredible witnessing all of your growth ✨💕


Photos from Sukha Yoga Austin's post 12/21/2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year ✨❄️

We’ve got some amazing holiday specials for you all this season so you can keep taking care of yourself this new year! To purchase, click the link in our bio & use the promo codes on the graphics or listed below ⬇️😍

• $200 OFF our Unlimited Annual Pass - use promo code 2023PASS (all uppercase) at checkout

• $50 OFF our 10 Class Pack — use promo code HAPPYHOLIDAYS (all uppercase) at checkout

If you have any issues during checkout, please email [email protected] 🤗



Mom & dad are back from Costa Rica and they are so excited to see you all. Come do some pre-holiday self-care with us this week 😍🤗

This weeks schedule is about the same, except no 4:30pm class on Friday & a special Christmas Flow with Mark on the 25th at 10am (in person & virtually) ✨

Class highlights —
• Sukha Strong offered M-Th with , , & Mark
• Trigger Point Yin with Meg on Wednesday at 7:30pm

We hope to see you this week ✨



A love note to the Sukha Sangha from Mark ❤️

Thank you for your messages of love and support. It is times like these one is able to witness true community and love. Sukha is a community first…sometimes we practice asanas, sometimes have tea and chat about life, and sometimes we are quiet and at all times we support each other. It’s all yoga. I am in a deep state of grief and sadness and simultaneously can feel so much love from all directions.

My Dad was one of the sweetest souls ❤️ As I sit with the intensity of pain from this sudden loss, I just keep repeating to myself what a sweet man he was and I love you Dad. I am so thankful for his love, care and support. Never did we end a conversation without an “I love you”. From my earliest memories I can remember he’d hold my had across the bench seat of his truck, all the way til adulthood across the armrest he’d take my hand. Always a peck on the lips and the warmest of hugs. I am so thankful that I was able to tell him one last time, thank you and I love you Dad. I will carry his sweetness with me and continue to share it will all. I love you Dad.

Xo, Mark ❤️



Upcoming offerings — which one(s) can you make it to?! 🤩

✨ Thanksgiving flow with Mark & Erinn Leigh (she/her)] on Nov 24th at 10am

✨ The Art of Flow with Dec 2nd at 6:30pm — this liberating workshop is a chance for you to move through acceptance and embody a true free flow state. Experience surrender & let go of storylines through the practice of Tandava, modern research or Flow State, movement & breath 🌸

✨Yin & Sound with Dec 3rd at 2:00pm — an afternoon of cooling Yin postures and extended rest accompanied by singing bowls, chimes & harmonium 🎶

✨ Free Sunflower Club open mic night with Dec 8th — a night of poetry, song, & storytelling with amazing community 🎤

✨ Winter Solstice Yin with on Dec 17th at 2pm — an afternoon of intention setting, turning into the natural rhythm’s of nature within and around us & a deep sweet restful yin practice ❄️

✨Couples Thai Massage with on Dec 18th at 3pm — learn how to give the basics of Thai Yoga Massage to someone you love! We will spend 45 minutes giving & 45 minute receiving TYM, spending intimate time with your loved one 💕

✨ Christmas Day Flow with Mark & Erinn Leigh (she/her)] on Dec 25th at 10am


Photos from Sukha Yoga Austin's post 11/11/2022

Two offerings happening tomorrow!! SEASONAL YIN & RESTORE WITH & BODY ALIVE ✨

• SEASONAL YIN & RESTORE at 7pm with — end your evening by quieting your heart, mind and body through an extended pranyamama and yin practice set to candle light and soothing music & closing with a body-sensing Yoga Nidra. Livestream offering available 💓

• BODY ALIVE at 1:30pm with Jayne from — kick of your Friday afternoon with the ultimate IN-BODYment practice, with roots in yoga, african dance, cardio training, hip hop, capoeira, modern dance and isolated muscle strengthening. Overall you will experience a release of heaviness, a rise in their vibration and achieve the result of being visibly ALIVE and at home in their radiant body. To register, go to page 💃🏼

Seems like a perfect Friday to us!! Hope to see you tomorrow cuties 😘


Photos from Sukha Yoga Austin's post 11/06/2022

Sukha Strong 💪

New class offering with STARTS TOMORROW. Happening every Monday & Wednesday at 7AM ✨

(Weight Use Optional)

This class offers a mindful and thoughtful approach of light weights that help support bone density, muscle growth and strength all the while incorporating the fun, expected Sukha Flow Style. The use of the weights will be optional as the class will be accessible to everyone and all bodies. Come ready to move, groove, sweat and build strength 😎

Who is coming?! Tag your early riser bestie & join us for a class ❤️




Kick off your morning with a Kundalini Costume Practice at 10:30AM! Come in costume to celebrate Halloween, Day of the Dead, and the shift in the season! Giveaways to those who come in costume 👻

In the afternoon at 2pm, join for 90mins or cooling yin postures, extended rest soothing sounds💓

To keep the celebrations going, we’ll be offering a spooky good deal all weekend long — 5 class pack for $65 👀
Use promo code SPOOKTACULAR at checkout! Classes expire 12 months after purchase date. Offer ends Monday at 11:59pm 🎃

See y’all tomorrow for a day filled with costumes, sound & give-a-ways 🤩🎉




Join Cory & Jess, for a Breathwork journey to release the daily grind and experience pure inner peace and freedom 💓

During this transformational workshop, you'll get out of your own head, let go of any stress that has been weighing you down, and feel lighter and connected in your body. In this journey, get ready to… Clear any “stuck” emotions or thoughts and deeply heal from the inside out. Turn overwhelm into deeper levels of clarity and ease. Supercharge every cell of your being and feel more energized. Surround yourself and connect with like-hearted epic humans (Think we’re allll craving more of this after the past 2 years!) Walk out feeling like a unicorn, high on life, and blissed out AF 😜
You’ll do this using a simple yet powerful 3-part breathing practice, RESET Breathwork, with music while laying down, and you’ll be guided the whole way. No prior experience is needed.

Through RESET Breathwork, you will…
• R-ecalibrate your nervous system
• E-levate your vibration
• S-omatically release stored emotions
• E-xpand your consciousness
• T-ransform into your most authentic self

This is more than a slow breathing meditation class. This is like a full workout for your mind, body, emotions, energy, and soul.

Come ready to go all in, stretch yourself, and emerge completely renewed and more alive than ever ✨

Register through our website or new IOS app! 💓



We have officially LAUNCHED our new platform & IOS app and said our goodbyes to mindbody — DOWNLOAD OUR NEW IOS APP with the link in our bio (android coming soon) ✨

If you haven’t checked your email, please do! For current member or class pass holders, you should have received an email with a link on how to reset your password. If you didn’t get that email, please DM us or email us so we can get you taken care of and make sure that information is transferred to our new system. For students that don’t currently have a membership or class pack, simply just create a new account with us when you register for your next class 😘

If you have an android, our new app is coming out soon! For now, book through our website on your mobile browser or computer 😎

We appreciate all of your support & patience during this transition period! Please connect with us if you need any support! 🥹



Exciting news 🥳

We are switching platforms away from Mindbody and, fingers crossed, launching by this Thursday 🤩🤞

What does this mean for you? For these next few days, you won’t be able to pre-register for any future classes or workshops. No biggie! Just come into the studio day of and we can get you taken care of. If you are trying to register for Vanush’s ( ) workshop this Sunday, just send us a DM or email & we’ll get you registered. Once we launch, it will all be back to normal with some extra amazing tools and a smoother experience ❤️

For any active members or folks with a class pack, that information will all be transferred over to your new account 😎All you will have to do is reset your password using the same email you currently use to register for classes. We will send you an email on Thursday morning with a link to reset your password so don’t stress about having to remember to do that 🤗

We know change can be scary & we are just so grateful for all of your patience with us as we transition over to a platform that is more intuitive, modern & will make your experience as a Sukha student a lot smoother ✨

Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions, concerns or need any loving support 💓



Exciting things happening around here ❤️

Which offering can you make it to?

✨ Smoothy Groovy DJ Flow Friday, October 7th with Personal Development Coach] & at 6:30pm — come awaken, empower & soothe your soul with a 90 min groovy flow 🪩

✨ FREE Yoga & Sound at Moody Amphitheater with Erinn Leigh (she/her)]]] & Mark on Monday, October 10th at 6pm — get ready to move, chant, & breathe with your sangha at 🥳

✨ Breathe + Reset with on October 23rd at 7:30pm — join Cory & Jess for a breathwork journey to release the daily grind & experience pure inner peace and freedom 🙏

✨ Yin & Sound with on October 29th at 2pm — prepare for an afternoon of cooling Yin postures and extended rest accompanied by singing bowls, chimes, and harmonium 🎼

✨ Chant Camp Music & Mantra Weekend with Erinn Leigh (she/her)]]] & Personal Development Coach] starts November 4th — this weekend will be focused on building a mantra & chanting practice where we will dive into vocal yoga, breathing techniques & explore the science of singing 🎶

✨ Seasonal Yin & Restore with Erinn Leigh (she/her)]]] on November 11th at 7pm — quiet your heart, mind & body through an extended pranayama & yin practice set to candle light and soothing music 🕯

✨ Yin & Nidra: The quiet practice weekend with Erinn Leigh (she/her)]]] starting November 11th — join us for an in-depth conversation & experiential weekend of Yin Yoga for our emotional well-being 💓

Click the link in our bio to sign up for any of these offerings 🤩


Photos from Sukha Yoga Austin's post 09/29/2022

FREE yoga & sound at Moody Amphitheater on October 10th ✨

Join Mark & for an evening practice filled with movement, mantra, pranayama & sound on October 10th from 6pm to 7pm 🧘‍♀️

Let’s make this a huge Sukha Yoga party — Tag all of your friends & spread the word 🎉🥳



Restore, Relax & Connect with ❤️

Join Vanush this Friday at 6:30pm for an extended restorative yoga evening! We will focus on grounding the body, soothing our nervous systems, calming the mind and spending intentional nurturing time with ourselves. Added bonus, magical touch! Vanush will offer mindful and loving hands to assist & aromatherapy for those who are open to receiving it with consent — all you have to do is place a little heart next to your mat 💓

Click the link in our bio to register for this wonderful and relaxing offering ✨



Who is ready to get their Kundalini on?! ✨😮‍💨🧘

Sukha now has THREE Kundalini offerings every week! Our newest class is happening every Wednesday at 1:30 pm with David, 💓

Other opportunities:
✨ Thursdays with Gemma at 4:30pm
✨ Saturdays with Mark at 10:30am

Which class can you make it to? Come breathe, chant, & awaken your Kundalini energy with your sangha 🤩


Photos from Sukha Yoga Austin's post 09/15/2022


Which dance / yoga buddy are you bringing along? Tag them!! ✨

Join & for a 90 minute flow intended to awaken, empower, and sooth you’re soul. We’ll begin with grounding practices that gently guide you into movement that may or may not lead to a dance party 😜👯‍♂️

We’ll wrap up with sooth propped restorative postures a that calm the nervous system and prepare us for a nourish meditation session 🧘‍♀️

Link in bio to register 🤩



FREE Community Classes for the next 4 weeks ✨

Come celebrate and support our Sukha Teacher Training Grads as they guide us through an hour of care through a welcoming slow flow practice 💓

Upcoming classes: Wednesdays at 7:30pm

✨ September 14th
✨ September 21st
✨ September 28th
✨ October 5th

Tag your yoga bestie who you are bringing to a class!! We want all of you there 🤩😍



Hey Sukha Fam! My name is Gemma Parmar, I’m a new teacher at Sukha Yoga! 🥰 I’ll be teaching Yin & Restore Tuesday nights @7:30pm until Nov. and Kundalini Meditation on Thursdays @4:30pm.

A little about me & my journey - I feel it starts back in dance class as a kid. Something about being in a group of people, moving together, celebrating with our bodies & energies, to all different genres of music and aspects coming from many traditions & cultural filled me with joy!

In college, I stopped dancing but still craved the group environment so I became a group fitness instructor. After college, I felt pretty lost without community. Trying to find myself in the real world, I landed in Austin, which is when Sukha divinely entered my life and my deeper yogic practice began.

The first time I felt safe enough to cry & laugh on my mat (ifyky 🥹) was what opened my mind to the possibilities yoga had to offer. When I learned breath of fire, I learned that I had an inverted breathing pattern further contributing to my anxiety. When I tried singing mantra for the first time, I learned I was really scared to speak up for myself.

This practice has helped me get sober, move through trauma, remember what it feels like to be alive, & find my joy again 🦋🤸‍♀️

It really doesn’t matter what style of yoga we are doing - I love it all!! I find it poetic how many cultural lineages have created mind, body, & energy healing practices that can help us in many areas of our life!

I like to encourage my students to be curious, playful, soft & gentle. I love to combine Qigong with Yin & dance/sound with Kundalini so people can find their own style, what lights them up. It’s about finding the practice that our own heart awakens to.

If I’m not teaching, you can find me or taking class with you ✨ I’m in a season of life where I’m slowing down, taking in each moment of joy that I can. Even when life shifts, our practice is always here.

I hope to breathe & be with you soon 🙏🏽✨🦋🤸🏽‍♀️


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2022 is right around the corner & there is nothing we’d love more than to end 2021 & begin the new year with our Sukha S...
2022 is right around the corner & there is nothing we’d love more than to end 2021 & begin the new year with our Sukha S...



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Home to the Sukha Lounge, full lifestyle retail destination.

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