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SOAL Home Health Services LLC


Muy buena compañía Soal home estoy muy con tenta con sus terapista de mis niños han aprendido bastante son muy amables Jackie y Aissa y dinella ellas les an dado terapia amis niños son unas muchachas muy amables .gracias aellas y a Soal home
My pt,Daniel,has been receiving speech therapy services with Kristen,and we could not be happier...Daniel has been able open his mouth wider,eat by mouth and able to swallow with ease...thank you Kristen for all your hard work.
Estoy sastifecha con alejandra y yakelyn ya que ellas son muy buenas maestras para mis Ian y emely
Since Jackie has been working with my daughter Emily with her speech. I have noticed a difference in how she pronounces words by prounoucing them correctly, but does have some trouble with some but over Jackie has done an outstanding job with my daughter. She is very nice, explains thoroughly what was worked on in the session for that day and has patience with her. Thank u
Yo recomiendo a jackie es una exelente terapeuta que habla los dos idiomas aparte de que es amable hace un trabajo exelente
Recomiendo Soal, porque mi hija Daisy, ha tenido mucho avance con la terapias en casa, y le han ayudado mucho.
My daughter loves her speech therapist Heather! She gets so excited to do her homework and she has definitely improved within weeks. I highly recommend Soal services!

Soal Home health Services is a team of professionals who offer Physical, Speech, and Occupational th

Soal Home health Services is a team of professionals who offer Physical, Speech, and Occupational therapy in Austin and surrounding cities.

Operating as usual

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“J” was excited to have Show and Tell time describing his monster trucks” in ST today! This can be an easy home activity to work on with your child. Goals addressed:

🛻 describing object using adjectives
🛻 describing objects using verbs
🛻 “wh” questions (what, where, who, when, why)
🛻 objection function (what does your monster truck do?)

“Show and Tell gives children an opportunity to stand up and speak about a topic that interest them or share something that they love. It builds confidence and helps children develop effective communication skills.”


2.22.22 Happy TWOsday ✌🏼

Today’s OT sensory activity is about Proprioception.

👉🏻 What is it? Proprioception is the body’s awareness of its position in space.
👉🏻 Proprioceptive SEEKING may present as a child playing rough with others or toys, frequently climbing, jumping or stomping, poor body awareness (sitting or standing too close to others), frequently chewing objects, plus many others
👉🏻Various ways OT provides proprioceptive input in order to regulate a child’s sensory system is by doing obstacle courses, providing compressions, jumping on a trampoline, or by bouncing on a ball as you see “A” and Mrs. Josefina doing in the video. Look at how much fun he is having!

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Wrapping up “LOVE WEEK” with L in speech therapy! Goals addressed:

♥️ letter /k/ /g/ articulation “what’s inside the box?” activity
♥️ hearts game working on colors and counting
♥️ 3-4 word phrases with adjectives and verbs
♥️ 2 step directions

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It’s Valentine’s week! 😍 “I” worked on sun catchers made out of coffee filters in ST! Goals addressed:

🧡 fine motor skills
💜 irregular past tense verbs
❤️ sequencing while painting
🧡 correct grammar in conversation

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❤️ Valentine’s Post: Sensory edition ❤️

OT frequently utilizes sensory bins for many reasons such as play, engaging interest in activity, tactile aversions, fine motor skills, plus many more!

Mrs. Josefina made this adorable Valentine themed bin for “J”. It’s filled with rice and has fun and safe objects for the child to dig through and find 😃


Drumroll please! 🥁

Our sweet “J” has graduated from speech therapy! What a great way to start the year achieving goals left and right! SOAL could not be more proud of this little one with her sunshine personality!

Little “J” mastered…
🌼2-3 word phrases
🌼Labial sounds in 2 syllables
🌼Identifying 100 common objects
🌼Following 1-2 step directions

Congratulations to our little Rockstar! ⭐️


“E” and miss Kendyl have been working hard at improving balance and trunk control. By using a hurdle, E has to stand on 1 foot, requiring core strength and stability to maintain balance.
Using a puzzle, or other highly motivating toys, allows for repetition and keeps the activity engaging. 🧩 🔴🟩


Let’s talk SENSORY! During the month of February, we want to highlight various types of sensory input that OT utilizes to help regulate a child’s sensory system so he or she can be more independent in their environment.

This week is about input. The vestibular system’s job is to provide awareness of movement and balance. A child may seek vestibular input by constantly moving, shaking their head back and forth, have difficulty leaving the swings or slide on the playground, or poor balance. Vestibular input also helps to improve general clumsiness and low tone.

“V” and Ms. Kimberly did a vestibular warm up to start the OT session by swinging on a platform swing.

Other ways to provide vestibular:
- Slides
- Scooter boards
- Turning upside down
- Rolling on a therapy ball
- Rocking chair


“A” really wanted to play with the basketball but couldn’t reach the net, so we brought our step outside to help! As you can see the first attempt was unsuccessful, but with better foot placement and a little determination he made a basket! 🏀🏆

In this activity we are working on:
🏀 attention to task
🏀 hand eye coordination
🏀 dynamic balance
🏀 core stability
🏀 hip strength
🏀 shoulder stability

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“S” had a great speech therapy visit today working on:

💚signing “more” and “please”
💚 pointing at different colors
💚using joint attention while stacking the rings
💚 requesting by looking and sign language
💚seated activity for 2-3 minutes


🌟 Therapist Spotlight! 🌟

Kimberly is a bilingual Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) for SOAL and services in the south Austin area. She has been a part of the SOAL family for 2 years but has been a COTA for 8 years!

Kimberly said, “My favorite thing about working in home health is interacting with people in their natural environment or setting, that way I can better understand and help them. Working with kids is never boring and makes for a fast paced day.”

She also enjoys spending time in the kitchen and making healthy meals! (YUM!)

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✨💫 OT Activity Spotlight 💫✨

Mrs. Josefina’s favorite activity are these awesome shape matching eggs. This activity helps to improve fine motor, visual motor, visual scanning, and bilateral coordination skills.

The eggs can be used as a simple seated activity or a fun scavenger hunt!


Woohoo! JH and JH graduated from ST 🎉 They targeted these goals:

✨ identification of initial sounds
✨ rhyming
✨ retell of past events
✨ analogies

We are so proud of their hard work and wish them the best ♥️

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❄️This cold weather has us inspired to make more winter crafts! ❄️

“D” and Mrs. Josefina made snowflakes during OT this week. This activity is packed full of skills!

▫️Strengthens hands by crumbling tissue paper and squeezing glue.
▫️Requires pinch and precision to glue the tissue ball onto the paper.
▫️Helps to improve visual motor skills and spatial awareness by copying the snowflake design and staying within the shape outline.
▫️Multi-step activity to help improve attention to task
▫️Can be upgraded by requiring to follow a specific color pattern!

Swipe to see how the activity came together. We hope everyone is staying warm!

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So proud of our little Speech Therapy graduate “D”👩‍🎓 When she grows up she would like to be a “Tooth Doctor.” Keep striving for your goals and dreams! 🦄

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New Years’s fireworks activity in ST with L!

🎆labeling colors with paint
🎆labeling verbs in phrases
🎆 requesting for help or more
🎆 fine motor and gross motor skills while using scissors and toilet paper roll

Photos from SOAL Home Health Services LLC's post 12/29/2021

Only a few of our favorite OT moments in 2021. It’s been a fun year and we can’t wait to see what 2022 brings! 🎉

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“R” and “H” made holiday trees! 🎄
By standing on different surfaces it not only challenges balance and ankle stability but also provides proprioceptive input.


“R” and “H” made holiday trees! 🎄
By standing on different surfaces it not only challenges balance and ankle stability but also provides proprioceptive input.

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Z and Ms. Neda working on an Olaf fluency ring toss game! ⛄️

❄️ Taking deep breaths when feeling “stuck” and “frozen.”
❄️ Meditation and yoga while standing still like a snowman
❄️ Identifying the differences with “bumpy” and “smooth” speech during the activity
❄️ Balance, coordination, and pausing for slower speech

Photos from SOAL Home Health Services LLC's post 12/15/2021

☃️❄️ Winter Theme OT Activity ❄️☃️

“J” and Mrs. Josefina got crafty and made a paper chain snowman during OT. This activity addresses many skills …

☃️ Scissor skills to cut lines
❄️ Visual motor skills to copy the design for snowman’s face and learn how to connect the paper links
☃️Pinch and precision to glue the paper ends together to form a link
❄️Attention to task

We can’t wait to see everyone’s favorite winter craft activity!

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👗👚Dressing Skills in OT 👕👖

“R” completed this fun sticker activity that promotes learning about articles of clothing and dressing for various occasions. It is an important skill for kids, of many ages, to learn in order to become more independent. This activity addresses:

👚 Identifying articles of clothing
👖Learning what clothing is required for school, bedtime, cold weather, warm weather etc …
👗Learning orientation of clothing, which item to put on first (ex: socks before shoes), and which body part the item belongs to (ex: mittens go on hands)
🧤Making choices
🥾Requires pinch and precision to place the sticker
🧢This activity was graded by placing the static sticker on the table in order to pick up more easily. Static stickers will stick to most flat surfaces and are easily removed and can be used again!

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The theme this week is about giving thanks and ALL of the turkey related activities.

“J” created a turkey using craft feathers during OT with Ms. Jessi. This activity requires pinch, precision, and visual scanning to insert the feathers into the styrofoam ball. Swipe to see how the activity came together!

Other ways this activity can be graded:
🪶Taking turns
🪶Following instructions (ex: insert only the orange feathers)
🪶Gross motor: Squatting down to retrieve feathers from floor level.
🪶Oral motor (ex: blowing on the feathers to make them wave)

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🦃🍂 “A” and Mrs. Josefina are gobbling up all the fun Thanksgiving activities during OT 🍂🦃

This fun craft is stuffed full of skills …
🔸Visual motor skills - constructing a design by copying a picture
🔸Fine motor skills - using pinch to hold the clothespins for painting
🔸Tactile and messy play in order to reduce food aversions
🔸Attention to task

Photos from SOAL Home Health Services LLC's post 11/11/2021

“Wacky” Wordy Wednesday with H and Ms. Neda working on sentence flip cards! 🙊

🌟 Grammar and language
🌟 3-4 word phrases
🌟 Labeling funny sentences
🌟 Yes/No questions
🌟 Pointing to letters/words
🌟 Picture to word recognition
🌟 Nouns,verbs, prepositions, adjectives and more!
🌟 “The frog swam in the shop.”

🛍 You can purchase this on Amazon: Junior Learning Sentence Flips Toy for $10

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🌟OT activity spotlight! 🌟

OTA Jessi’s favorite toy to utilize during sessions are Bristle Blocks. These blocks are multifunctional and address many skills like bilateral coordination, hand strengthening (by grasping to pull apart), attention to task, and pretend play!

“L” had so much fun playing with the blocks and made a T-Rex 🦖 and a truck 🛻


It’s “Siblings Saturday” 👯‍♀️
M and N worked on a categories and prepositions activity in ST with Ms. Abby!

-Categories with animals and colors (cat, bat, duck, chicken)
-Prepositions while glueing where the cat, pumpkin, and bat are hiding (pumpkin is on the grass)

Photos from SOAL Home Health Services LLC's post 11/05/2021

Frankenstein Friday! 💚
“I” was working on an articulation activity with Ms. Angie in ST:

-labeling body parts in Spanish (ojos, boca, nariz)
-working on colors and letter /b/ words in articulation

Photos from SOAL Home Health Services LLC's post 11/03/2021

“J” and Ms. P exploring the MANY benefits of using Play-doh during OT 👇🏼

🦖 Hand strengthening - it helps to strengthen little hands by grasping, pinching, squeezing, and pressing into the texture.
🦕 Sensory - It can be helpful to reduce tactile sensory difficulties
🦖Visual motor - by creating various shapes using play-doh mats
🦕Scissor skills - The soft texture is perfect for little ones to learn how to use scissors!

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